Funny Question for Couples to Ask Each Other

Funny question for couples. Couples can be engaged in a lot of conversation in fact asking each other some funny questions is not out of it. Sometimes, these questions come naturally, you guys discuss matters and all of a sudden one of you may begin to ask some funny questions. What is the question you have? Have you ever asked your husband or partner a question that they burst into laughter? Well, this article has been prepared to handle that aspect of your relationship.

Funny Question for Couples

You can ask your partner these questions

Do you know how to make pizza?

These kinds of questions can trigger a conversation that makes the environment goes lively. At first, asking your partner a question like this poses a challenge to him or her. If your partner can make pizza, he or she will take their time to explain to you. If they can’t make it, tell them it is a challenge they should overcome.

Have you ever been embarrassed?

This question is as funny as it sounds. There are some embarrassing moments that get us into laughter whenever we remember. Asking your partner about the most embarrassing moment will spike up a conversation that will leave you both on the happy end.

What was the first meal you taste?

Wow! What a funny question? Well if you ask me the first meal I take, I will just laugh it out loud because the first meal I tasted is my mom’s b**b’s milk. The only thing I can’t remember is how delicious and soft it was when touched. Let’s come back to the business, you can tell your partner the first food you tasted when you become mature if you can remember it.

How often do you eat a day?

Well maybe you are in a long-distance relationship and you just feel like asking a funny question, this question will be perfect for that. I have some friends that can eat mountains of food three times a day. What category did you fall in? Tell your partner and laugh it out.

Can you ride a bicycle?

Imagine asking your partner that can drive a car if he or she can ride a bicycle. How does it sound to you of eventually you know how to ride it? It sounds funny of course. You want to immediately display your talent saying you can let us give it a try.

Have you ever painted your house before?

I remember when I bought a bucket of paint to paint my room on my own. I spent up to 2 weeks painting just two rooms. Imagine when your partner is not a professional painter but still hasn’t ahead to paint his own room. It is so funny.

Do you love ironing your clothes?

One thing I am lazy about is pressing my clothes with an electric iron or anything similar. Your partner could be the same so asking him this question will make him laugh and then the conversation will start as he will tell you 1001 reasons why he can’t do that routine.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to space?

I have always heard the story of how amazing space is and as such I am curious about getting there someday but the money to get there may not be possible to acquire. Let’s assume your partner is as rich as I am too, and then you suggest if you both can travel to space, hear what he is going to tell you.

What drives you crazy about me?

Hmm! Nice question. You actually want this guy or lady to tell you what drives them crazy about you? No issues, it is a good idea. Your partner must have one thing that drives them crazy about you. You will be amazed how your partner leaves your mouth opened, after telling you what drives them crazy about you.

What’s the dumbest thing you have ever done in life?

This kind of question is a great conversation starter. Imagine a person asking you about the dumbest thing you have ever done. If you have one story to tell, I am sure it will pop into your memory immediately. The same thing can happen to your partner.

What is the most sinful lie you have ever told?

Is this not funny? What is the most sinful lie? Wow! Yes, we all know telling a lie is a sinful act but I salute some people when they tell a lie. There was a time I caught a girl under my custody hugging a guy, so when she came back home, I challenged her but she denied she isn’t the one. I almost found myself in a mental Pluto that day.  I was shocked she could deny it.

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

When George Bush said to his late wife “I can climb the highest mountain for you”, I thought it was easier than done. Mountain climbing is for men, not males or boys. How on earth do you expect your partner to have climbed the mountain before? Well, lucky enough, some of them might have climbed it.

Have you ever dated a short man before?

May be after marriage or now that you are both partners, you decided to ask your wife if she has ever dated a short man before you got married. Lol, she might burst into laughter but be careful, who knows if the last short man broke her heart you should be ready to pet her.

What was the funniest dream you had as a kid but didn’t pursue?

Many of us dreamed of becoming a pilot, some a medical doctor but today we are either bloggers or writers. We just had those dreams but didn’t work towards achieving them. Most of us diverted our attention due to pair pressure or loss of interest along the way.

If you had the opportunity to live this life alone what will you do?

I remember when a Nigerian Musician called two Face sang the song “If Na only me” meaning if I am alone on this earth. He said he will live large, comfortably. Hear what your partner has to say if given this opportunity.

What is that thing you will like to change about me?

Maybe your girl or woman has a funny character you wish you can stop not because you dislike it about her but stop her from attracting other guys due to good jealousy as I wish to put it. I guess you will quickly tell her. As usual, she laughs and you are like, what kind of girl is this.

What would you do if you are given 20,000 dollars?

Many people will tell you a lot of funny things about what they will do with such an amount, I have once heard about a man who spent 10,000 Naira on cow and marriage in Nigeria. That amount as at that time should be equivalent to 1m Naira today.

Have you ever been chased by a dog before?

Anytime I remember the story of how a black horrific-looking dog chased a friend of mine, I couldn’t laugh but little. He was scared at the moment but when he was telling me the real-life joke, he couldn’t laugh less.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Lol, if we are to talk of this, I don’t think anyone can give an accurate answer. We all received our first kiss either from a stranger you will never meet in your life. You know where I’m driving too? That’s when you were a baby. Now, what about the first person you kissed as an adult?

If I asked you for money how much will you give me?

You already know your partner and he knows when you are joking. Definitely, he understands that you are only trying to crack a joke. You both can enjoy your moments together.

What do you like about my appearance?

Some women have dimples that make them attractive to a man while some of them have open teeth that spark the joy of men. Maybe you are a kind of gorgeous lady and you want your man to reconfirm it, hmm, you want to blush I guess. So, what’s holding you from asking this question? Have fun with your spouse.

Can you be on coding?

Coding is common knowledge this day, have you ever done coding before? It is usually exciting doing it. You may want to tease your guy if he has the knowledge of coding to hear what he has to say. This is a good idea.

Who was your best friend in college?

You want to take your partner to the past memories; it is actually possible to do so by reminding them of their good old days in college. Your partner must have one best friend he or she cannot forget in life. Perhaps they missed contact or death separated them. This question can operate in two ways you cannot control; it may trigger sad emotion or an exciting emotion so you just need to play the game.

What’s your favorite sport?

Some men or women love football, some of them love basketball while others love wrestling and other games not mentioned. A person will be excited to discuss what he or she loves, so asking them about their interests make them more comfortable with you.

Have you ever thought of becoming the president of this country?

This kind of conversation comes along with other side discussions like the reason why he wants to become the president or the reason why she is not interested in becoming the president of her country someday.

Do you like watching movies?

Sometimes we may be bored this question can raise other conversations like causing your partner to narrate some interesting movie they have seen before. You may in fact learn a lot from this gist.

Can we go for an outing?

Imagining how interesting an outing could be is fun on its own. What about causing your partner to visualize beautiful places you can visit together? This is one good thing you may want to try. Ask your spouse out for a trip to some nice places and you will be surprised how this act alone can improve your love life.

How often do you go to the cinema?

Many couples enjoy spending time at the cinema. You can as well enjoy going there too. Maybe you are at the stage of getting to know each other better in your relationship asking this question only add to the fun you can catch together.

When did you start driving your own car?

Driving can be fun despite it is risky as anything can happen at any moment while driving. Your partner may be happy to talk about how he started driving; the fun and challenges will be discussed with you. You will enjoy the moment with him.

Can you tell me about the cars you know?

I personally love the gist about the latest cars. If I have a spouse that is well acquainted with the knowledge of the latest sports cars, I will be happy to spend a lot of time with her. She will in fact be my best friend, gist friend, or what have you.

Can you make a joke?

Having a humorous spouse is indeed a gift. Some spouses live together in a room as if they are enemies some are even so. As couples, create the atmosphere for humor and constructive joke. This will connect you both stronger. There is an Igbo family in my area are known for their true love and jovial attitude for each other this attitude makes them happy together. The kids have adopted this lifestyle which makes them good members of society. Be kind to each other as spouses and learn how to turn arguments into jokes.


This article focuses on those awesome but fun-filled questions to make your relationship stronger than you can ever imagine. As couples, you need such questions to renew the passion fuel in your relationship. We are coming up with more of these questions in the next articles to round up our project temporarily.

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