90+ Best Dua Jumma Mubarak Messages

dua jumma mubarak

Dua Jumma Mubarak for Muslim Ummah. Dua Jumma Mubarak: People are interested in sending prayers to their loved ones every Friday being one of the greatest days in the Muslim community. This day is special because that was the day Adam was created and many other powerful events of the Last Days will occur on Friday as selected by Allah Himself, of which no one knows the day save Him.

We have brought some powerful dua or prayer messages for you to evaluate and then text to your loved ones on Friday to cheer them up and also a means to pray for them.

Cutest Jumma Mubarak dua English

• May Allah bless us this day a very blessed day, may His infinite mercy reign in our lives forever. Jumma Mubarak.

• May we continue to find peace and harmony in all we do, every single day of our lives will be endowed with success.

• Our Lord, you are the one who spared our lives to see this day, we ask you to bless our hustles in all ramifications of life.

• Lord, you are the matron that everyone depends upon, you are the most blessed Lord whose Light encompasses the entire creation, bless us this day and accept our Jumma prayer.

• As we return from Jumma, may we have a reason to thank Allah for accepting our dua. Jumma Mubarak.

• I wish you all the best in this world as you are now part of the ummah of the greatest Prophet who ever set foot on this earth.

• May the Lord continue to bless you in abundance; each of your endeavors shall be made perfect for you. I wish you all the best.

• I thank Allah for this day of happiness and blessing, may His mercy enter our house this day. Happy Jumma.

• Ya Allah, you are the owner of this world and every other world, you are the owner of honor, please honor us now and forever.

• Lord, you are the most amazing deity, please help me become the most amazing of my friends.

• My dear sister, have you performed your muslin, what about surat kafi, have you read it? May we meet in Jannatun Firdaus.

• I ask Allah to grant us happiness, joy, and blessing now and always. May He grant us all the best on this earth.

• We appreciate God for everything He has been doing in our lives, we praise Him for this blessed day.

• Ya Allah, you are the most wonderful God, the one I worship, I pray you to purify my heart to stay steadfast in your religion.

• May Allah continue to grant us endless joy, may He forgive our sins, wash us with water and patience, and give to us to drink from the water of Kausar.

• Lord, you are perfect, my Lord, you are marvelous, I handle my life affairs to you, take care of them.

• Brothers and sisters in Islam, today is the best day of the week, don’t forget to thank Allah for your life, and may we succeed in our deen.

• May Allah open the door of success for us, and may He continue to protect us from the afflictions of a day that there is no doubt about.

• Our Lord, you are the most wonderful, the perfect and there is none like you on this earth, in heaven, above it, and anywhere entirely. Bless us, and grant us the key to Jannah.

• My Lord, forgive me, bless my parents, and give them a befitting death the day you will take their souls. Jumma Mubarak.

Dua jumma Mubarak for the Brothers and Sisters

• We thank almighty Allah for sparing our lives till this special day, may we witness many of it.

• Ya Allah, taqabamina inaka anta semihu baseer, bless us and our offspring so we can be elevated on the day of kiyama.

• May we find peace and harmony starting from this blessed day, may Allah continue to bless our family and friends abundantly.

• Today is Friday, hope you have read your Qur’an, there is great protection for reading suratul Kafi.

• Assalamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuhu to all Muslims in this group, may the blessings of Allah reign in your life forever.

• Our Lord, bless us and grant us everything we needed to be happy now and forever. Grant us happiness and promote us for everything we want.

• Ya Allah, you are the best, we worship you with all our hearts and only your guidance is the true guidance.

• There is no deity worthy of being worshiped but Allah, dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please, worship Allah.

• Juma Mubarak to all my friends, may the mercy of Allah circulate your homes and the Light of Allah will purify your heart.

• I pray that Allah admits each of us to Jannah, may we not be in problem on the Last Day. Jumma Mubarak.

• Our Lord, you are the only deity that will gather humans on the last day of which there is no doubt, we ask you to protect us against the fire of Hell.

• Our hope is upon Allah alone, we beseech Him for our living and also ask Him to bless us abundantly.

• Allah, you gave us happiness, joy, and success, we beseech you to continue to protect us against the fitna of this world.

• May we find happiness in all we are doing, and may the Rahma of Allah prevail over His wrath in our lives. Jumma Mubarak.

• My sincere greetings to all the Muslims ummah, I ask Allah to accept our Jumma prayer as an act of Ibadah.

• The most merciful God will admit every one of us into His paradise, Amin. I salute all my well-wishers this Jumma.

• This is a day of the gathering, may Allah make it a perfect day in our lives. Allah will continue to bless you.

• I wish you the most wonderful things in life, thanks for always being a backbone in my life, may you find endless peace this Friday.

• God will continue to bless you forever and ever and there will be no reason that will take tears out of your eyes. Jumma Mubarak.

• I just want to say Jumma Mubarak to the entire Muslim community, friends, and family, may the nur of Allah reach your homes.

Dua for Jumma Mubarak for family and friends

• Ya Allah, I commit my loved ones in your Mighty Hand, may Allah bless you with all you need. Jumma Mubarak.

• I appreciate your love and friendship in my life, I pray that Allah protects you and me from the trial of al dajjal and save us from the punishment of the grave.

• We ask Allah’s favor in our lives and pray He admits every one of us into the garden of pleasure on the Last Day.

• You are the best friend of life, may your life serve as a good example for the best. I wish you all the best in this life.

• You are the glorious Lord, the most amazing God, and the one mighty in power, please bless us with children that will worship us.

• Bless us with children who will give us joy in our lives, give us children who will listen to us, and also hold on to your religion firmly.

• Our Lord, we call on you on the Day there is no better caller but you, we ask from you a favor none else can give but you.

• We pray you to grant us everything we need to be happy, we ask you to bless us with greatness and success that will lead us to Jannah.

• Open good way for us to pass to Jannah, keep it firmly in your religion, do not turn away from us, do not forsake us. Amin.

• Protect us ya Allah, bless us, guide our ways, promote our hand works, and grant us beautiful wives without fear of you.

• Open doors of success for us our Lord, bless our hearts and insert your Light in it, and grant us joy and happiness for the best.

• Our God, forgive us of our sins of the past, the current, and the future, do not take our souls until you are pleased with us.

• Give us beneficial knowledge, make our time on earth proficient, and admit us into paradise without any reckoning.

• Count us among your people, purify our hearts, and draw us close to you every second. Jumma Mubarak.

• You are the most blessed God, the greatest and the most wonderful deity in life, we worship you and hope you give us the best in life.

• Ya Allah, you are the most precious and perfect God, bless my family and father us together in Jannah in the hereafter.

• Do not be displeased with us, take good care of us, and put endless smiles on our faces. Happy Jumma friends.

• O Lord, do not leave me with my bad deeds in my grave, bless and honor my death, and put a light in my grave.

• Let the blessing and mercy of Allah continue to rush into your homes, as we observe the Jumma prayer, may we have the privilege to enter paradise.

Jumma Mubarak dua in English for mom and dad

• You people are the best in my life, may Allah continue to bless you forever and ever, I wish you the best of luck.

• I pray that Allah will always bless you now and forever. I appreciate you for all you have done in my life. Allah will continue to protect you from all evil.

• I cannot pay you back, but I will try my best to put a smile on your face with my sincere dua for both of you.

• I ask Allah to continue to sign your promotion in anything you want, may He bless you with endless peace of mind.

• It is in the remembrance of Allah your heart finds peace, may you always find peace in your life. Jumma Mubarak.

• May we excel in anything we do, we pray to Allah to save the Muslims of the world from the sufferings afflicted upon them by the Oppressors.

• May Allah improve our parents’ health condition, and count them among His righteous servants in the hereafter.

• We ask Allah to guide the soul of our father to the right path, purify his grave with light, and give him great comfort. Jumma Mubarak.

• Ya Allah, you are the most wonderful God, the greatest and the most amazing Lord that has no comparison, we thank you for everything you have done in our lives. We ask you to bless our parents.

• My mother served as the ship that drove me to this earth and my father was the navigator selected by Allah, we beseech Allah to provide for us so that we can take good care of them.

• The Lord is the Most merciful, the greatest, and the best, we pray for all the best on this earth for our parents.

• Jumma Mubarak to my beloved father and mother, may the blessing of a special day come upon you now and forever.

• As we finish this Jumma prayer, we want to thank you for being the reason why we are alive. May you live to eat the fruit of your labor.

• The greatest gift you can ever get as a man is the gift of parents, we thank Allah for the kind of parents He gave us. Your life will serve as a good example in sha Allah.

• May the most beautiful deity be pleased with you, beautify your life, and grant you endless joy, now and forever.

• I pray for greatness in your life, hope for happiness that has no bounds, and also seek long life and prosperity for the great people that gave birth to me.

• Lord, you are the one that can bestow greatness to people, bless my deceased parents aljannatu Firdaus.

• Bless my mother the day she was born, the day she will die and the day she will be resurrected. Amin.

• You are the only permanent being that cannot be replaced forever, please, make my parents the best forever and ever.

• Shower your mercy in the life of my parents, keep protecting them for your deen, and admit us all together in Jannah.

• We ask Allah the most merciful to grant us all the best things in life, and grant you the success you have been waiting for.

Jumma Mubarak dua messages for brothers and sisters

• As you begin to read for your next paper, may you find it very easy to pass your papers. Jummah Mubarak.

• My regards to everyone at home, you with success you will never leave without success in sha Allah.

• I ask Allah to bless you with all your needs, and grant you happiness, joy, and complete love, you are sweet.

• Lord, you are the most perfect and there is none like you, please make my sister unique among the rest.

• Jumma Mubarak, may Allah accept our ibadah and count us among the best companions in Jannah.

• Whenever we enter the end time, may we not join the evil ones to do evil. Happy Jumma brother.

• Happy Jumma to my wonderful sister, Allah’s Rahma shall follow you until eternity. I wish you the best.

• May the entire wonders of this life be part of our life, I appreciate Allah for always being there for me, and you. May we witness more of this blessed day.

• Ya Allah, you are the greatest, the best, and above all, the most wonderful person on earth, may the reward of this Jumma prayer reach your home.

• You are simply more than special, nice, best, and above all the most interesting bloodline on earth, may your worries be washed away for you.

• Happy Jumma to my brother, may your day and night be blessed with the Kudirat of Allah, and your life, and death be blessed with the nur of Allah.

• May you be lifted on the last day to an infinite level in Jannatul Firdaus. Happy Jummah may Allah continue to protect your interest in life.

• We ask Allah to provide your needs and our needs, bless us, and guide us alright. Jumma Mubarak.

• Happy Jumma to all that are close to my heart, I wish you the great good things preserved by Allah for us on the Last Day.

• Ya Allah, I commit the life of my brothers and sisters in your Hands, bless them with great honor among mankind.

• You are simply the best, the most gracious the most merciful, show mercy upon my siblings and bless them with ease in life.

• This is another opportunity to get close to Allah, you should all thank Allah for everything He has done in your life, and may He continue to have your time.

• The love of Allah is beyond imagination, may He put your love in the heart of your colleagues, and settle the misunderstandings between you.

• We pray we find the kind of peace that will stay with us forever. We appreciate Allah for what He has been achieving for us.

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 Jumma Mubarak Dua in English

• It is another Friday the best day of the week. We ask Allah to help us benefit from the blessing of a good day like this.

• May the Honor and blessing of Allah come to play a very big role in our life this Jumma. We pray for long life and prosperity.

• May the Light of Allah shine upon every one of us to give us the confidence to spend the rest of the day in peace and harmony.

• We seek the help of Allah in all we are doing, we pray our Lord answers our prayers as soon as possible.

• Ya Allah, you are the mightiest, the greatest, the most merciful, we ask you to continue to bless us in greatness and success.

• Your power encompasses every one of your creature, and you are the mighty one. we call upon you to purify our hearts to do good deeds.

• Protect us against the trial of Aldajal, cover us on the Last Day, and bless us with your mercy on the Day of hopelessness.

• We are helpless ya Allah, we ask you to continue to make us happy all the time. We thank you for everything.

• Lord, you are the highest, the blessed. We ask you to promote our rank in the hereafter and bless our Duniya with rahma.

• We are powerless, only you are the most powerful. Empower us in whatever we do, bless us abundantly, and grant us endless success in life and hereafter.

• You are the most excellent, the perfect one that has no ending. The blessed one that has no beginning.

• Your grace is the best, we ask you to come to our rescue. We call upon you to bless us with grace and honor.

• Shower your honor upon us, promote us, and grant us endless success in this world. Jumma Mubarak.

• Every day and night, we search for greener pastures and rest, ya Allah, make it easy for us.

• Give us endless joy in this world, promote us, and bless our hustle in this wonderful world.

• May the blessing of Allah reach every home on this blessed day of the week. As we observe our Jumma prayer, may we find the Face of Allah.

• Ya Allah, please raise our status, overlook our shortcomings, bless those we have offended, and cause them to forgive us.

• The best moment of the year is fast approaching, may we continue to find a way out of every trouble. Jumma Mubarak.

• Protect us, bless our deen, and accept our prayer. Count us among the best and the residents of Jannatul Firdausi.

• Your honor is the most permanent. Honor us today and forever. Your blessing is the most appreciated. Bless us on this Jumma.

• We hope for many good things in life, we hope to see that you accept our demands and requests with your merciful heart.

• Allah is the blessing and mercy of the world and the entire place that exists after this world which doesn’t know. We beseech you for your mercy and blessing this day.

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