120 Beautiful and Adorable Friday Prayer Quotes

120 Most Beautiful and Adorable

Friday Prayer Quotes

friday prayer quotes


Friday prayer quotes: Friday is a special day in the life of every Muslim that cannot be taken for granted, in fact, some scholars of Islam have passed the ruling that Friday is also a Festive period for a Muslim like the other two Festive periods named Hid Adha and Hid al-Fitr.

Happy Friday Prayer Messages

Today, we shall be writing our text messages to suit this wonderful Friday so that our Muslim brothers that believe in sending messages to their loved ones on Friday will have it made easy for them to do so.

You are just in the right place if you find yourself here. You may also like to read our previous quotes and messages: Dua Jumma Mubarak Messages.

1. Glory to Allah the Cherisher of the universe that gave us the privilege to witness today. May His endless mercy shine on us and our entire family!

2. Jumu’a Mubarak to everyone, we wish you a wonderful life to live, a peaceful family to lead, and good children who are beneficial.

3. May Allah the Lord of the universe answer our prayers today and forever; Jumu’ah Mubarak my brothers and sisters in Islam.

4. As Allah finally ease the affairs of the Prophet and gave him victory over his enemies; may the same be repeated in your life; Jumu’a mufidah.

5. Today is Friday; I beseech Allah to protect you and your entire family as He protected His sahabas against their enemies.

6. May you be counted among the righteous one and be loved by everyone in a miraculous manner. Jumu’a mufidah.

7. I pray that the abundant mercy of Allah that is blended with this beautiful and best day of the week be showered in your life.

8. Every day has its own special glory but I have not seen a day as special as this Friday. I pray that your life is blessed especially with taqwa.

9. Jumu’a Mubarak, I pray for the Shifa of Allah on every one of us. May He be pleased with us and accept us into al-Jannah.

10. Ya Allah, ease our worldly affair; turn not against us on the day of judgment. Forgive our sins and overlook our shortcomings.

Beautiful Jummah Quotes in English

11. Happy that today is jumu’a the best day of the week. I pray that Allah should purify your heart and wash your heart with the water of subrun.

12. I beseech the Almighty Allah to shine His Light on our life, forgive us, protect us against all evils and accept our du’a. Jumaah Mubarak.

13. Ya Allah, do not turn our hearts away from the truth after it has accepted it. Do not leave us helpless, have mercy on us and count us among the righteous ones.

14. Forgive us our past misdeed and protect us against the future one. Bless us with sound faith and never let us lose our faith in you.

15. Our Lord, uplift us in this life and in the hereafter, save us from your Punishment and from the Hellfire. Bless us, forgive us and purify our souls.

16. Our Lord, you are the highest God please raise our status to a high one, never let us come last among our peers. Make us the leaders of the people and honor us on the Last Day.

17. As we observe the Jumaah prayer today I ask Allah to take care of every one of your affairs and bless you and your spouse.

18. I may not be able to give you a tangible gift but I have a special gift that is better than every worldly gift and it is the prayer that Allah should admit you into al-Jannah.

19. Nothing can be better than when Allah is pleased with us. I pray that Allah should be pleased with every one of us. Jumu’a mufidah.

20. May our sacrifices are accepted; I pray that our du’ai be admitted into the home of blessing. Jumu’a Mubarak.

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21. O Allah today is Friday, lead us to the straight part, and never let us go astray as we aspire to be among your righteous servants.

22. Whenever you hear the calling of the Friday prayer, never hesitate to go to the masjid and worship your Lord.

23. Have you recited surah al-kahf today? Please clip your nails and put on your perfumes to attend the Jumu’a prayer in best of your dresses.

24. When the time of prayer comes, believers call each other for success. I hope you are ready for Jumu’ah prayer?

25. Listening to Kutbah is a great practice. Never lose the chance of being mentioned among the best creatures of Allah this Friday.

26. We pray that Allah should provide us with every good that we deserve and have mercy on the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

27. Jumaah mufidah to everybody in the group, I hope you have clipped your fingers’ take your bath and go to the Masjid.

28. Those that are righteous grab every opportunity to please Allah. Please do not forget to recite surah al-kahf.

29. Ya Allah! forgive us all our sins, have mercy on us and accept our du’a. Admit us into your Garden, overlook our shortcomings. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

30. May the blessing of Allah that is blended with this beautiful day of the week be showered on you and your entire family! Jumu’ah mufeedah.

Quotes on Friday Prayer for Ummah

31. We ask Allah to protect us and our family members including the entire ummah on this special day of the week.

32. Stand up and leave everything you are doing to proceed to the masjid. It is Friday again, make sure you stay holy.

33. True believers are always conscious of this best day of the week. I pray that Allah should count us among the true believers.

34. Ya Allah, indeed you are the heart turner please turn our hearts from evil to good and purify our action to lead us to Jannah.

35. Forgive our sins; make this Jum’uah a source of the acceptance of our prayers. Bless us and open doors of success for us.

36. You are the Alpha and Omega, the Cherisher of the Heavens and earth. We beseech you today to crown our efforts.

37. Indeed Allah and His angels send salat to the prophet (p) true believers is this not an opportunity for us to send too? Jumu’ah Mufeedah.

38. We thank Almighty God for bringing us back alive on this special day of the week. May His Glory and Mercy shine on us forever!

39. Thank you ya Allah for the entire love you have been showing to me and my family. We glorify your name.

40. Jumu’ah Mubarak to everyone here, we are happy that today is Friday, however, the best deed is to be close to Allah.

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41. Ya Allah, we pray that you should make this Jumu’ah a wonderful day for us, bless us with abundant success and prosperity, and forgive our mistakes.

42. We beseech Allah to lead us to the straight part, protect us from all evils, and make us a good leader to our people.

43. Our Lord you are the Cherisher of the Heavens and the earth; raise our status in the society, never diminish our character among the people.

44. Wishing everyone the best of the week and praying that the Lord Almighty should count us among His righteous servants.

45. Make our children Muslims submissive to your command and honor us with endless faith that will please you as supposed.

46. Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah has commanded us to leave whatever we are doing and proceed to the masjid once we heard the call of the Jumu’ah prayer.

47. Recitation of surah al-Kahf is a wonderful practice. I pray that Allah protects us from all evil, Jumu’ah Mubarak.

48. We thank Allah for waking us up till this moment. I wish every one of you all the best on this special day of the week.

49. Jumu’ah Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world. We thank Allah for giving us the privilege to see this day once again.

50. May you find rest of mind wherever you are! Remember, today is Friday, worship Allah and supplicate to Him to grant you your heart desires.

Good Friday Prayer Quotes for Muslims

51. We ask the Almighty God to bless our actions this special day of the week and crown our efforts with endless love.

52. Today is Friday and I am praying that Allah should grant you your entire heart desires and purify your soul for righteousness.

53. I pray that Allah should bless you with abundant prosperity and make you one of the best leaders of our time. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

54. Thank you, Ya Allah, for waking us to see this beautiful day. Shine your light on our lives and make us one of the best on earth.

55. We send salutation to the prophet. Ya Allah, please return it to us in the form of endless blessings. Be pleased with us, pardon our shortcomings.

56. You are not yet a true believer until you love for your brother what you love for yourself. I ask Allah to raise us among the righteous one.

57. Indeed, the Punishment of Allah is severe, we pray that He should be pleased with us for the entire evils our hands have acquired.

58. I beseech Allah to forgive our sins and draw us close to Himself. We beg you, Lord, to come to our aid when things are getting worst.

59. Please do not let us worship you in vain as those before us wasted their entire life thinking they are worshipers of the Highest God. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

60. Friday is the most beautiful day of the week because in it the man was first created and in it, we find the Friday prayer. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Quotes

61. The patient is the key to success and when we have it we have everything. I pray that Allah should bless us with patience. Jumu’ah mufeedah.

62. Remember today in your prayer. Success, love, happiness, joy, and prosperity are all found on Friday.

63. Wear the best of your clothes this Friday. It is Sunnah to do so. Wear the best of your perfume and walk down to the masjid. Jumu’ah Mubarak brother.

64. If you recite suratul kahf on Friday, Allah will protect you against all evils starting from that Friday down to the next Friday.

65. Whenever the Jumu’ah prayer is been called, the true believers are encouraged to run to the masjid for prayer.

66. O Allah, teach us what will benefit us and increase us in beneficial knowledge. Make us good people to our neighbors.

67. Those who with knowledge cannot be compared to the unlearned ones. Let’ appreciate Allah by searching for knowledge.

68. Ya Allah! forgives us our entire shortcomings and bless our parents the living and the dead. Put my father in Aljannatu Firdaus.

69. We ask Allah to protect us, our children and properties against the rebellious ones. Have mercy on our beloved prophet. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

70. Friday is indeed the best day of the week. We beseech you, Lord, to bring special things into our lives. Jumu’ah mufeedah.

Friday Morning Prayer Quotes for Muslimoon

71. Ya Allah no one can challenge you in your Might, please handle our life affairs for us; provide with food to feed our children.

72. O Allah, we pray that you should not leave us helpless in this life and in the hereafter, make us firm in your religion and admit us into your Great Garden.

73. We acknowledge you O Allah for everything you have done in our life since the day you created our father Adam. No one can return your kindness. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

74. I aspire to everyone a day full of delight, a pious meeting with our Lord the highest. I beseech Allah to forgive us of our sins.

75. We are all sinners, I pray that Allah should pardon our sins and count us among us He forgave and purified.

76. O our Lord, we beseech you with all your Might and thank you in the highest manner. We are weak, please give us strength. We are sad, please make us happy.

77. I beseech you Lord our God to protect us from all evils. Accept our prayers and count us among those you are pleased with.

Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Duas

78. O our Lord to you belong the south. To you belong the heavens and the earth and everything in between them. Forgive us and purify our hearts.

79. You are the owner of the womb that houses the child, o Lord open the womb of our sister to give birth to bouncing baby. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

80. O, my Lord! Raise my confidence and give me eloquence that has no crookedness. Love me and mention me among your angels. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

Best and Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Duas

81. Our Lord the Almighty, here we are today. Give us that which belongs to us and make us one of your beloved servants and slaves.

82. We are proud to be your slave. Please guide us on the right path and make our steps be far away from the footsteps of Satan.

83. You are the most beneficent the most merciful. O Lord here we are before you. Bless us with endless love and complete piety. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

84. Allah is the greatest and for this reason, we ask Him to protect our lands from the reach of those with an evil mind.

85. Bless us yah Allah. Have mercy on us and make our effort be appreciated by everyone around us. Jumu’ah mufeedah.

86. Our Lord, you promised to admit us into Aljannah if we worship you sincerely. Lord only you can make us worship you sincerely.

87. O our Lord, forgive us our sins small or big. Give us victory over our enemies; make our children the best among their peers.

88. You are the Giver and the Cherisher. Bless my wife with children and never forget those who seek your help for children.

89. You are the greatest God the highest in every angle of this world. Bless us and make us your loyal servants until the end of the Day.

90. Put us on the right-hand side of your great Sight on the Day when no one will know his fate. Forgive us and draw us closer to you.

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91. You are the most beneficent the merciful. We ask you to remove weakness out of our body so that we can worship you to the best of our capacity.

92. O Allah, your promise does not change. We beg you in the most humble manner we can to fulfill your promise in our lives. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

93. We love you but you love us better. We are humble to you but you are humbler to us. You are the most unique being ever. Jumu’ah mufeedah.

94. We pray to Allah on this special day of the week to take our soul only when He is pleased with it. Purify our heart and make us triumph.

95. Break the shackles of regret and sins away from our lives ya Allah. Protect us against the fitna of al-dajjal and aid us in crossing the bridge of Sirah on the Last day.

96. O our Lord, you are the gatherer of mankind on the Day in which there is no doubt. Please gather among your righteous servant.

97. Make us one of your righteous servant to whom you are pleased with. Lift us higher in life and hereafter. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

98. Love us, be pleased with us, and forgive our shortcomings. O Lord, yours is the distance between the North and the South. Distance us away from all evil acts.

99. You are the most merciful God, have mercy on us and turn on your Light in our heart so that we will be counted among your righteous servants.

99. Ya Allah, we cannot please you until you are pleased with us. We cannot worship until you accept our Ibadah. Save us from the Punishment of the Day of Judgment.

Beautiful and Lovely Jumma Mubarak Duas

101. Ya Allah, cause our hearts to fear you and protect us against the Punishment of the grave. Forgive us and provide for us angels of mercy.

102. You are the only God I can trust and besides you, there is no one worthy of being worshipped. Have mercy on my sister and give her a good husband soon.

103. I have pleased to you this beautiful prayer on this day. I pray that Allah should admit you into His Garden along with the righteous servants.

104. O Lord, never turn my heart away from your love. Never make my heart deviate away from your fear. Maintain my piety till I die.

105. I beseech the Lord to protect you against all evils and bless you from the day you were born, the day you will die and the day you will be resurrected.

106. Ya Allah, here we are before you in your awe and fear. Please accept our cry and tears. Bring food to those who lack it. Jumu’ah mufeedah.

107. We appreciate you, Lord. We are here before you humbling ourselves that you may forgive us our sins.

108. Let’s pray to Allah to forgive us now and forever. We ask Allah to accept our prayers and admit us and our entire family members into His Mercy.

109. Lord! Bless us with blessed wives and children. Make responsible sons and husbands to our parents and wives. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

110. Forgive us, have mercy upon us and make us one of the most righteous ones of your beloved servant. Jumu’ah Mubarak.

111. We beseech the Lord of the universe to bless us and increase our knowledge of the deen. We pray that He should remove all evils from our hearts.

112. Ya Allah, you are the most humble and the most beautiful. Make our heart humble towards everyone and beautify our faces with your Light.

113. Our dear Lord, you are the Master of the Day of Judgment. Please look at us with your eyes of mercy and pardon us of every evil we have committed.

114. Ya Allah, there is nothing you cannot do, we ask you to cause us to say a word that we admit us into Jannah and protect us from evil tongues.

115. Indeed, dajjal is your servant and creature, you have the power to break him down and make him powerless towards us.

Friday Jummah Prayer Quotes Powerful

116. We seek your mercy before the day in which there is no doubt in it. Forgive us and have mercy on us. Jumu’ah Mubarak everyone.

117. Allah is the Lord of the universe. We pray that He should always be pleased with us. Strengthen we already weaken hearts.

118. Blessed is the name of Allah the most beneficent the merciful. We ask you O Lord to bless us beyond imagination.

119. Glory is to the Lord that created us and our environment. We are here before you to protect us and accept our ibadah.

120. No one is more unfortunate in life and hereafter than the one whose ibadah is not accepted. Ya Allah protects against such evil.

Friday prayer quotes for my father and mother

121. As you took good care of me when I was nothing, I pray that Allah blesses both of you with abundant love and success.

122. May the Lord—Allah in His infinite mercy bless you for the rest of your life. Thank you for always been there for me. I beseech Allah in His endless mercy to bless and encourage you in

all you are doing. Thank you.

123. Whatever you need shall be granted to you in all aspect of life. You shall be blessed with love, joy, success, and happiness.

124. The most merciful shall not be tired of you all your life, you shall be protected with angels of Rahma.

125. Allah will not in any way get tired of you; he shall love you every single day of your life. Thank you, dear parent.

126. Ya Allah, everything on this earth belong to you, whatever that is in heaven also belong to you, I ask you to accept my parents as part of your good servants.

127. May you always smile for being able to please Allah with your actions? Lord, thank you and bless my parents.

Friday Prayer Quotes Islam Sunnah

128. Your success in this world will have no limits. You are the most merciful, the greatest of All. Let your Names be adored.

129. May you have a perfect reason to enter paradise; may Allah smile at you whenever your soul is presented to Him.

120. There are many reasons why I love you so much, you are the best parents in the world. May Allah protect, you against all evil.

121. The Lord with you I put my trust because there is no one more reliable than you are; I ask you to bless my parents.

122. God, you are the most merciful, the one I worship, I pray that you accept the prayers of my father and mother.

123. You are the one I will always ask to protect me; you are in all ramifications the most merciful. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

124. There is no one that can reach your height forever and ever; I am begging you to put my parents in a height no one has reached before.

125. God, your perfection has no limit. You are marvelous, and the most precious Deity in the entire world. Bless my mom.

126. Mom, you are always on my mind, you belong to me and I am yours forever. Thank you for all you have done in my life. May Allah bless you forever.

127. There is no other female human more interesting as you are to me. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon you—now and forever.

128. In all your doings in life, in all your endeavor, may you be blessed in an abundant way you don’t need to change before it works perfectly well for you.

129. Every day of your life will capture good thing, as we enter the new blessed day of a nice Friday, may you be abundantly blessed by Allah.

130. I ask Allah to bless you today better than you were blessed today. Thank you for the life of my parent.

Quotes about Friday prayer and praises for Allah

131. There is no one worthy of praise better than you. You are the most praised by all tongues, the most worshipped by all generation.

132. God is the only deity worthy of being worshipped; there is none that deserves the respect you have. Happy Friday to all friends.

133. May your beautiful Names be a reason for my elevation in life? You are the best and the one I can trust with my eyes closed.

134. Truly, the Lord in His mercy shall reign forever, there is no one that can stand beside Him, heaven and earth.

135. On my knees I am calling upon the most merciful, you are the infinite God whose Might no one can understand.

136. I stretch my hands towards you this morning, praying and begging that you consider my life and boost it with endless love.

137. May your love continue to reign in my heart forever. Ya Allah, I will always praise you for all you have done in my life.

138. I hope in you and pray that your mercy comes to my rescue on the Day that will have officially pronounced as doom, for me.

139. You are perfect, you have no parents, you were uncreated, and no one will ever create you forever. Happy Friday to everyone.

140. May the Lord protect us against all odds, you are the one I will always be happy about because your promise is always true.

Quotes on Friday prayer for friends

141. As we worship Allah on this beautiful day of our life, I pray that we meet His mercy in all we are doing.

142. The Hand of Allah true which He uses to bless mankind will never be waved away from you; may you find the blessing of this day flowing in your home.

143. Every day and night, I call upon the most merciful to bless every one of you—I beseech Him to be the reason for your success forever.

144. The One in whose Hand is my soul shall have mercy upon you now and forever. He will never forget you all your life.

145. The most beloved God, the one Mighty in power shall bless you in all that you hope upon. Your desires will always pay.

146. I will forever be grateful for having you as a friend, this is Friday, I pray you to enjoy every bit of it. Jumah Mubarak.

147. Ya Allah, yours is the most beloved names in the world, you are the best, and the one that every tongue praises.

148. There is none like you in this world and in the hereafter. You are the most blessed God and there is none like you. May the Lord use this praise as a reason to bless you.

149. In all phases of life, you are the best I will never forget. I ask the most wonderful God to bless your hustles this day.

150. Ya Allah, your mercy prevails over your wrath—I ask you to ensure that the entire heart desires of my brothers and sisters are given to them.

These prayers are powerful, especially when said with sincere hearts. Allah will accept your prayers no matter what. Just keep saying them for yourself, family, and umma of the prophet.

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