Tricks on How to Get Your Wife in the Mood

How to get your wife in the mood. Getting a woman especially your wife in the mood is a skill that can be acquired. Women like their men counterparts are not easily sexually aroused you have to do some assignment to achieve that golden state in them. Some of these skills are physical touch while some are verbal. I will reveal the secret in this article. Keep reading and relax as what you demanded is right here before you.

How to get your wife in the mood

Find the Right Time for Bed Pleasure

You have kids fine, but they can’t stop you from having your pleasure together as couples. You need to let your kids understand that there is a time a husband and a wife need to be alone. I am not saying that you should tell your kids directly that you want to have sex but let them understand that you need sometimes to be alone.

This tradition of excusing the children for your pleasure time is normally practiced among the early Muslims and some modern Muslims still hold on to it. The early Muslims fixed this time after 8 O’clock by banning the kids from coming to the matrimonial room. This is not a religious thing alone, none Muslims or even atheists can practice this tradition to help keep the flame of their passion burning.

Touch your wife Gently

She is your wife. Touch your wife gently to get her in the mood. Caress her back gently, play with her hair and then kiss her neck. Hold her waist close to your stomach and whisper the normal sexual jargons in her ears.  This act can get her in the mood.

Praise and flatter her

If you already have the intention to have sex with your wife at night, you can start flattering her before it is dark.  Tell her how beautiful she is without her makeup; mention that part of her body that drives you crazy and how it will forever make you go mad in love with her.  Touch her hands, pet her, kiss her forehead.

Keep the atmosphere fresh

Keep your bedroom clean and fresh every time. Spray your bedroom with a nice scent; this will help her focus on you rather than being turned off by the smell of your bedroom or the scattered pillow and clothes on in the bed. Women are special creatures, so you have to treat them specially.

Have a gist about sex

It is not abominable to talk about sex as spouses. This discussion should be done regularly. It is shocking how most couples don’t talk about sex. Tell your wife about your expectations; let her tell you hers too. Open up about what you love most about sex and she should let you know what turns her on most whenever you are having sex with her and this will help you both improve in your sex life.

Talk about sex when you desire it. this shouldn’t be something you are shy of. It is sweet to surprise her with sex but better to allow her to prepare physically and emotionally.

Kiss your wife passionately

Help your wife by kissing her passionately. Don’t turn her into a p*rn star or rough handling her when I said passionately. She is not a whore, so give her a gentle kiss but should be deep. Ensure that she loves what you are doing. This move should turn her really on for the best.

Ask her what makes her happy

It baffles me how some spouses live under the same roof but will never discuss these things. Ask your wife what turns her on. She may not be aware of what turns her on and sometimes she may be aware. It could be from the perfume you wear, how you dress, or how you touch her.  Sometimes it could be related to mental. Help her think deep, she has to figure out what turns her on.

Do foreplay with your wife

I often imagine how local some men are. Sorry to say. You don’t jump on your wife and start having sex the way some animals do. In fact this modern-day, animals have improved in their sex life. I used to see how dogs and other lower animals used to start sex with foreplay let alone a human. You are not a cockerel—I call it rapist or Rough Rider—this animal forces its female into sex according to me.

Kiss your wife, touch as many places as possible, make her wet, and then enjoy your sex with her in your home or anywhere morally acceptable.

Help her happy always

It is almost impossible for a woman to get in the mood when she is not happy. Perhaps she has a load of worries in her mind—being her husband, you must be able to help her happy. Ask her about what is wrong with her, try convincing her to tell you, if you are lucky, you may be able to solve the problem for her, and then she gets in the mood.

Some men love to boss their own wife for that matter. You can help her with some tasks to reduce the millions of thoughts in her head. Observe your wife know when she is not happy. Check your wife’s mood and gesture every blessed day in a similar way you check your car before going out in the morning.

Sometimes, your wife might have engaged in some negative or emotional conversations with friends and family, these things can affect her mood so you need to help her take them off her memory. Be a supporter and counselor husband at home and in turn, you enjoy every moment with your wife. Tell her kind words, overlooking most of her mistakes, and then correct her politely in fact with compassionate words.

You can also help her process her feelings. Most women love to be alone to handle their feelings, train themselves to be that man that gives his wife the time to stay alone handling her feelings.

Share your feelings with her

Most women love a man that tells them how he feelings about them. This makes it easy for them to adjust their attitude and behavior accordingly. This kind of gesture does not only ease the way your woman relates with you but also gets her in the mood.

Tell her you to trust her, she is the best wife on earth, and that she has been doing well since the day you married her. This is the key to unlocking the heart of a woman. She will get in the mood and make life a better place for you to live. Get close to her emotionally, understand her feelings, and how to help her trust you more or feel at home with you completely. Let her understand that she is part of the family and that she is now your blood.

Ask you to trigger the conversation; let her know your mind too. Open up to her; tell her your dreams, what makes you happy or things you are excited about too. Tell her about things you love since you trust her and let her know things you hate as well.

Be kind and gentle with the kids

Kids have tremendous ways of affecting a marriage. They consume most of our attention and at the same time rob us of rest at home while we are trying to put them on the right track. As a man, you have to be kind and gentle with the kids.

Correct the kids’ mistakes judiciously so as to not trigger your wife’s emotions negatively. She understands what it feels to have a child than you think, I know you spend a lot too but she went through physical pain to give birth to those kids so you have to be empathic about that.

If the attitude of the kids is consistent and you realize it is the normal nature of kids, you can as well ignore them until they pass that stage, they will change. Warning! Don’t keep quiet on a child taking the path of hooligans try your best to put him or her through.

Another way to be gentle with the kids is to play with them too. You can’t expect your wife to spend all the day with the kids and then in the night when she is set to relax have time to have sex with you. Please, think for a while, can you accept such a condition? Let us be kind to these women they really deserve our kindness.

Be soft and kind to your wife

The best of men are the ones that are the kindest to their women. Kindness is cheap unless you want to complicate the whole thing. Show her some love, respect and help her in the house chores. Don’t allow the workload to be too much on her.

You can ask her about her wellbeing, help her get things in the market and also ensure you buy her unexpected things from the market. Shock her with unexpected love and caring. She will quickly get in the mood. Believe me; you will enjoy your wife if she is sensible.

Joke or laugh together

Have you ever seen couples showing some hard to get the gesture of a kind?  Lol, they make me laugh. How can you be spouses and still be waiting for who to start the joke? In my case, I don’t have a problem joking with my fiancée, and I am lucky enough to realize she responds too. Be jovial with your wife. Laugh together, she is not your slave or servant.

Until some men begin to think that their wives are supporters rather than slaves or servants as portrayed by some of our forefathers, they will not enjoy the opportunity of being a nice husband. A man used to pass by my street with his bike; his eyes are always heavy, as though he is trying to break some palm kennel seeds with his teeth. I couldn’t laugh less; imagine how such a man will be with his wife at home.

Please, smile with your wife. She will quickly get in the mood. Stop behaving like an alien or probably one local man in a village unknown to anyone. Oh my God! Grab her from anywhere morally accepted, kiss and joke with your wife.

Play some games together

Sometimes I wish to ask some men or women if they are not planks. Sorry for this language but it has to be featured for a better understanding of my intention for this post. You need to be romantic. Get your wife in the mood by having some games with her. It could be hide and seek game, or other fun-filled games.

Go out for shopping or hair making

You can help your wife happy or get her in the mood by taking her out on a surprise shopping on hair making. This is why I urge men to learn how to study their wife’s mood—not only the mood but things they love or do. This act alone will give you a clue on how to give her a surprise. Maybe your wife loves making a particular hairstyle and you realized that sometimes, she hasn’t made it and you are sure it is not for any reason, you can take her out for a surprise hair making. To make things easier, snap that her favorite hairstyle, and show the hair designer.

Take your bath together

Another way to get your wife in the mood is to shower together. Help her scrub anything scrub-able and she does the same. Bath her the way the mother used to bathe her when she was small. She can bathe you too. Enjoy your moment in the bathroom but in my case, I don’t assume sex in the bathroom to be ideal.

 Shave, shape, smell nice and look good

Shave your pubic hairs, take care of your beards if you have, and wear beautiful perfumes. Some men smell so bad to the extent they switch off their wives quickly. Is your wife a plank? You don’t expect her to be in the mood while she is struggling to hold her breath. Learn how to refresh your body and breathe as soon as you are back from your working place.

Women like guys who love taking good care of themselves. Honestly, I must tell you the truth, you need to work on bathing up, looking neat always in order to get your wife in the mood. Don’t forget she studies everything you do. Women are just very amazing.

A lot of men don’t know how to go about getting their wives in the mood. Imagine how some men get their wives angry in the morning without apology and still expect the same wife to be in the mood at night. It is impossible, offending your wife without tendering an apology is like forming two like poles magnets, they will repel.

Show some kindness towards your wife, help her with things she needs, help achieve her dreams for her and also give her freedom of moral speech. Don’t break her but be gentle with her always. Correct her mistakes politely, go out with her, and above all, be her best friend.

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