What Is a Relationship About in your Perspective

What Is a Relationship About? Have you ever asked yourself what is relationship about? Humans have different perspectives about a subject matter. To some people, a relationship is worthless while some people see a relationship as more valuable than a diamond. The category you fall in is what I don’t know, but for sure you must be in one of the categories listed above.

what is a relationship about

Today, I will talk lengthy about a relationship, what it means, how to maintain a relationship, the causes of failures in a relationship, specific types of relationships, and how to avoid taking our relationships for granted.

Based on the scope of this article, what is a relation about? Is it about money, fun, love, sex, or just a play? You will know before the end of this article.

At first, what is a relationship?

There is a need to define what the dictionary means by the word “Relationship”. This will serve as a reason to further talk about it. The dictionary defines a relationship as a way in which two people are connected or the state of being connected to someone else either emotionally or in another form such as business affairs. In the scope of our write-up, this connection has to do with emotion, love, passion, and compassion. So, what are the various types of relationships we have?

There are many types of relationships that involve emotion and bond connecting two or more people together. These are the types of relationships I have to talk about:

Family Relationship

The family relationship comprises of the parents and their offspring. This type of relationship involves strong love between the parents and their children and the children may equally share strong love among themselves. This relationship can be carved into two types of emotions—the intimate emotion and the bond emotion. I formulated these two words above in order to explain what I mean by what I formulated.

The Intimate emotion is shared between the father and the mother while the bond emotion is shared among the entire membership of the family. The intimate emotion in most traditions of the world is restricted between the father and the mother due to the abomination it can uproot when shared with the other family members or within themselves. So, in a family relationship, there is a limit to which your emotion can reach.

The Friendship Relationship

A friendship relationship is usually shared between two or more people. Some friends could be the same genders involved while some could be mixed genders. What friends do is to spend time together, or do a lot of things together in a mutual circle.

Some friendship relationships are very strong to the extent that those involved may be seen by outsiders as bloodlines. This type of relationship also involves love and emotion but there is no sex included.

Romantic Relationship

Just as the name suggests, the romantic relationship involves the sharing of bonds or passion between two opposite sex that are in intimate love with each other. This kind of love involves romance, dates, and a lot of moments shared together.

This type of relationship can be flexible since it also allows the consent of the parties involved. Some romantic relationships don’t include sex until the couples finally get married while some of the couples may involve sex even when it may not end up in marriage.

Professional Relationship

I personally classified a professional relationship as the type that involves two or more parties emotionally and intellectually engaged in business or institutional ideas. This type of relationship is not romantic but can share mutual feelings with those involved. There are some companies whose staff becomes friends with each other. So, a professional relationship is also emotional.

Now that I have explained certain types of relationships, it will also be ideal to state some certain conditions that can either negatively or positively affect a relationship.

How to Save a Relationship from Failing

No matter what type of relationship you are involved in, there is a need to learn how to maintain it, and the first golden rule in maintaining a relationship is for the people involved to possess patience and great character.

How do I mean by patience and great character? Every relationship always involves two or more people with different backgrounds and perspectives about life. So, there is no way anyone can escape differences in character or belief about a subject matter. This kind of issue uproots conflicts between or among people involved in a specific relationship.

Take, for instance, you are in a romantic relationship such as a marital relationship, and then realized that your spouse has an anger issue, what role will you play to help in controlling his anger issue? The answer is to be patient with him, and then study things that get him angry from there; you can communicate to know how to handle the issue together.

Some Relationship Needs a Strong Leader

As a partaker in a relationship, you must understand that every relationship needs a leader. Who is a leader in a relationship?

A leader in a relationship is that man or woman who makes the relationship stay firm and continuous. No matter how busy you are, you must as well find the time to lead your family. You can lead your spouse and if you have children, you can equally lead them together.

Some family needs someone to take care of the moral standard. What are you doing as a father? As a mother, what part are you taking to ensure that the family maintains the appropriate moral life expected of humans?

There Must Be a Navigator

For a relationship to stay on the right track there must be a navigator. A trip without a navigator will definitely end up in an unpleasant route.

The navigator in a relationship is that person that observes the health of the relationship and then looks out for innovative or intuitive ways to get things to work well. For example, there are some partners who don’t know how to take note of their own behavior in a relationship and how it affects it but if you are a navigator in a relationship, you will quickly recognize a red alert and sort out how to manage or find a solution.

Take Your Relationship Seriously

No matter the type of relationship you are involved in, always take it seriously. Some people allow their childhood days to affect a serious relationship. I am not saying that you shouldn’t joke in your relationships; in fact, having a sense of humor makes a relationship workable.

The problem with some relationships is that the partners don’t value each other. How can you be in a relationship where you don’t value each other? There is no need to still remain as friends or whatever you both agreed to be. This factor of not having value for your partner in a relationship is very destructive and can spoil a relationship’s vigor.

Things That Cause Relationship Failure

I have observed a lot of relationships since I was in college and then realized that things that most people take for granted in a relationship are what cause the failure in an actual sense. I will mention some certain matters people don’t mind that actually make them fail in all types of relationships.


Every relationship demands attention. In fact, if you don’t mind your relationship, what you are inviting is nothing but break up. This is a very common problem in most relationships especially this modern day. Most homes and businesses are not working just because the members involved lack the discipline of attending to each other or the work involve as at when due.

For instance, a romantic relationship will not work when all the attention of the partners is focused on things that are not worth it.

A man or woman may not understand how Social media can destroy their relationship. By the way, I am not saying that you shouldn’t use social media because you are involved in a relationship. However, don’t abuse it. When your partner needs your attention, give it to him or her.

If you go to many homes today, you will shake your head over how people live separately. There is no family gist, no gatherings, or even on the dining table, some family members hold their cell phones while eating. This is indeed an indiscipline act that should be abolished in every family setting.

Human Right Violation

A relationship will not work when there is a human right violation involved.  A wise man once said something “Be careful with the human mind”. There is a lot of wisdom in this statement. If you studied the human mind, you will realize that it holds grudges. These characteristics of humans can make things hard in a relationship.

If you oppress any of your family members, there is a need to ensure that you both settle any issue between you. This act alone will make peace reign again. Most of us don’t mind the consequence of oppressing others, but I must tell you that it is dangerous in any type of relationship.

Impatience and Intolerance

The problem of some relationships is impatience or intolerance. Most of us listen with the instinct to reply rather than the instinct to understand. If that’s your way of life, there is a need to work on yourself. Many homes and relationships are in chaos today all because there is a lack of patience and tolerance.

What to Do to Prevent Relationship Issue

On a true sense, there is no way an issue will not arise in a relationship and the reason is that human is not perfect. Even as a human is not perfect, you can still manage your relationship by following some etiquettes designed for it to work.

Understand Each Other

The beginning of the success of every relationship is when the people involved understanding each other. Without understanding, there will be a lot of conflict in a relationship. Take your time to study each other. Some couples can enroll in a relationship canceling program as a means to help understand each other’s psychology so the marriage can work.

Love Each Other as One

Abraham Lincoln said “A house that is divided against itself will not stand”.  Imagine a relationship in which there is no unity. What will happen in the end? Separation of course! The way some relationship of this kind ends is always fatal.

Discuss Your Mind

I once experienced a relationship where my girlfriend doesn’t like talking about what is bothering her about me. This very relationship didn’t involve sex and I am sure it was one of the problems she had with me.

I defined the relationship never to involve sex. What point am I trying to pick out here? I found it very difficult to understand her feelings so, it really disturbed my emotion. Some people may in fact, leave this kind of relationship without hesitation.

Spend in Your Relationship

I have heard about people who claim not to have interest in their partner’s money or wealth but deeply in them, they are suffering from the lack of things they need. You don’t have to be shy in a relationship when necessary.

Spending in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t know what to do with your money. It can help solve some problems for your partner. In fact, many companies are successful because the owners spend a lot to make more wealth.

In any relationship you are involved; ensure that you spend when necessary. The one that spends mustn’t be the male alone in a relationship; even the female should do the same.


Our relationship with others really matters. If you are longing for a good ending, it means you need to involve in a good relationship with the people around you.  Ensure that you leave a good legacy in any relationship you find yourself in, by so doing, even when you are no around anymore, your good memory will last in the heart of humans. The choice of the kind of relationship you want to involve yourself in with you but always ensure that it is healthy.

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