The Problem of Marriage and How to Avoid It

The Problem of Marriage: Most of the problems in a relationship are products of our own mindset. The way we think about our marriage will determine the outcome. The moment you realize this mistake that people make in their marriage, you will find it easier to manage your relationship. In this article, we will be talking about various problems of marriage and how to avoid or even find solutions.

The Problem of Marriage

Your sorrow has found its ending today if you are on this website because I am going to ensure I explain in detail what you need to improve your marriage.


Negligence is one of the issues that occur in a marriage relationship. It is so unfortunate that many homes don’t mind this self-created phenomenon that is hunting their peace negatively. In my observation, I realized that many of these issues arise from the behavior of the couples with the way they make use of their cell phones.

In the past, negligence of your spouse is not common compared to this modern-day where social media has occupied the mind of the people. If actually, you want your marriage to work, there is a need for you to work on how you relate with your spouse. Your Family should be first in anything you do.

Negligence has a psychological effect that can affect a person negatively. It can cause depression and low self-esteem in a person that suffers from it. If you are currently experiencing a failure in your marriage, it is better to check if there is any negligence issue between you and your spouse.

Anger and intolerance

The intense impact of anger on a relationship is always severe. Anger can cause grievous damage to any marriage. For instance, the couples involve may injure each other either by dangerous objects such as knives, bottles, or anything similar. Anger can cause a spouse to utter hefty words that can affect their partners negatively.

Another issue of marriage is when there is no tolerance between the partners. You must, first of all, understand the humans are not perfect and we all come from different backgrounds. If your concept about human behavior is not channeled to critical thinking, there will be a problem managing your marriage.

Anger and intolerance are two tools in any marriage that can crumble at the speed of light. It is very important to accept your spouse the way he or she is and then never give up trying to find a solution for any issue that arises either emotionally, financially, health,y or otherwise. The love between you both should be genuine so that anger and intolerance will be drastically removed from your marriage experience.

Financial Problem

This is one of the major reasons many young people don’t want to marry. They think of how to cope when it comes to the financial aspect of a marriage. It is true that every relationship needs finance to stay focused but it shouldn’t be a reason why couples have issues in their marriage. This issue can be managed by the couples involved. It all begins with patience. In most marriages, the financial problem has been a big barrier to its progress. You have to clothe yourself, buy basic things such as soap, and then pay bills but if you can’t afford these things how do you manage marriage successfully? Cooperation!

Children Issue

In some settings where bearing of children in a marriage is a high priority—not bearing children will be a major issue in such marriage. There are lots of marriages that the couples involved are facing this issue and I really feel for them. This issue is often emotional and the female suffers the consequence the most.
In most African cultures, if the issue of childbearing is the problem in a marriage, the pressure is always much on the female couple.

The children issue in a marriage shouldn’t be restricted to childbearing. Some children’s issues may involve how to manage our bonds with the children and then still maintain the love between us and our spouse. It is so unfortunate that many marriages failed due to the arrival of the kids. Most couples focus their attention too much on their children and neglect the bond that brought them together in the first place.

The love you have for your kids shouldn’t be a reason why the “love for your spouse has to die”. Try and strike a balance between the attention you give your kids and your spouse.

Busy Daily activities

It is unfortunate that most of the couples these days have no choice but to stay busy throughout the day in order to cater to the family. Some of us engaged in daily jobs that leave no single time for us to spend with our spouses. This is a very disturbing issue in a marriage. What can we do to stop this issue or manage it?


This aspect of the marriage issue is very funny but very dangerous. It is funny in the sense that little things uproot anger and fight but dangerous because anger and fight can lead to a homicide. There are some spouses who don’t understand each other. If this is an issue in a marriage, definitely there will be no peace in such a home.

How to avoid Marriage Problems

Marriage issues occur naturally. This means you can only avoid them but can’t stop the issues—marriage is all about leadership. Anytime a challenge arises in a marriage, you must adjust to it and then find a way out of the issue. I am going to discuss some tricks on how to avoid the marriage problem.

Practice Negligence

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that negligence is among the issues of marriage. This tool in a marriage can work in two different ways—negatively and positively. Negligence can be useful when applied positively in your marriage. How do you do this?

Psychologists explained that when you have a younger brother that is rude to you, the best way to manage your relationship for peace to reign is to avoid him. The same trick can work in the marriage too. If you noticed that your spouse is the type that loves to raise issues unnecessarily, you can practice negligence. Anytime your spouse tries to trigger your anger, neglect him or her either by remaining silent or leave the scene. This action will suppress the promising anger and chaos that could have occurred.

Start a Good Communication

Communication is beyond just talking to each other, texts, or calls. You can both learn how to relate with each other through what you have learned about each other’s behavior. It is very important to take note of what your spouse likes from what he or she dislikes. Tell each other about what you need to know. Little things have destroyed a lot of marriage and these things can be linked to a lack of good communication.

When your spouse understands what you dislike, it is his or her responsibility to follow up appropriately in order to avoid conflict. Remember, the resolution for every conflict is found in its root. What is it that you know about your spouse?
You can both create a means to communicate better. Some couples can go for a picnic together as a means to create the chance to know more about each other, while some married people can enhance their communication skills via a marriage counselor. No matter the way you chose to improve your communication skill, the most important thing is that both of you should learn a lot about each other.

Create time for your family

People that become so stressed and think they can transfer the aggression on their spouse have chosen the wrong path. Time-bound is not only meant for business organization, it is meant to reshape your married life too. No matter how busy you may be, always create that special time to spend with your family. It is very important.

In the case study of some families who practice self-value, no matter how busy they may be, find a means to spend time with each other. Some couples choose the night before sleep. If they have children, select a time after they are all far asleep. Some couples can choose another different time like in the evening after work. As potential married couples, you are advised to spend some moments with your spouse as a means to improve how you know each other and to equally boost your attention for each other.

If you can practice this art in a relationship, there is a big chance that such a marriage will succeed. There will be no issues of attention in the family.

Get something doing

Especially the husband, you must have a way of providing for the family. Luckily enough, in this modern-day, women are very hardworking and also can go out for work and then provide to support the family. If the husband has something doing, it could be working under private or government sector or having your own business which is more advisable.

The inability of a husband to provide what the family will eat or use in form of soap to wash clothes, bathe, electricity, and others, can cause issues in a family. This is the reason why it was advised that you should be capable before getting married. Ensure that there is a stable means of income. If this is actually taken care of, you will definitely live in a happy home in that regard.

Investigate before you Judge

Some couples get angry with each other probably they heard something negative about each other and then failed to investigate the truth about it. As a married couple, if you want your marriage to be free from constant issues, learn how to investigate before you believe anything told to you by anyone.

This is actually very important. I have heard of many homes that are destroyed through heresy. You don’t actually know who loves you from who hates you; this is why you need to make a further investigation concerning any matter discussed with you about your spouse. There is a possibility that it is all cooked story.

Love and have mercy for each other

If you visit some family, you will think the husband and the wife are two opposing poles. Concentrated enmity reigns between them. This will force you to think about how they agreed to marry in the first place. I will always advise people to learn how to love each other genuinely. Some of us think we can just tell someone we love you and then it ends there. Before you utter the word I love you, it must be from your mind genuinely because, in a real sense, you are making an oat that no matter what, you will always be there for such person.

What about a situation where the former love you used to have for your spouse dies? It is very possible. This is where mercy should come in. remember, when love dies, hatred is expected to rise but if you have sympathy, pity, or mercy for your spouse, it will overshadow the hatred and as such, peace will reign. Love brings two people closer together emotionally. Love each other genuinely and then practice sympathy so that your marriage can last long.


A lot of marriages have unresolved issues and there is a need to find a solution for these problems so that the moral standard why marriage is established can manifest. Many homes are experiencing all I listed about the problem of marriage. I realized that there is a need to help people find solutions for their problems so; I decided to create this article through my experience about marriage issues noticed by various couples out there.
The steps mentioned above can go a very long way to help manage your marriage by preventing unnecessary issues from arising. There are lots of ways to avoid marriage problems, but the tricks mentioned can as well promote the wellbeing of the family.

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