Sweet Happy Birthday Soulmate Poem

Birthday Messages For Love from him

Happy Birthday Soulmate Poem

Happy Birthday, Soulmate Poem: We can establish a strong relationship with our loved ones by sending them romantic text messages such as birthday messages, wishing them well, and making them understand how important they are to us. You may like to read: A good happy birthday message for him or her, best happy birthday greetings for lovers.

We are always ready to satisfy you with our romantic birthday messages. Count on us and you will never regret striking deal with us. We call it a deal because you are so much important to us.

Here are some birthday messages for your loved ones.

I Love You Birthday Message For Him

The power of love has descended upon my heart, since the day I met you. Now I realize I can’t stop loving you, this is the reason why I find every opportunity to show you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday my Love!Happy birthday to the love of my life, I wish you long life and prosperity. I pray that the Lord bless your new age and sustain every fortune you acquired in your life.

Like a star, may your new age be filled with glory, like a moon may your destiny be brightened with prosperous light, like the diamond, may your handwork be honored beyond expectation. I wish you long life and adorable success, happy birthday!

Your special day has come to my dear love; all I wanted now is to see you smile. You are the hero that keeps me strong when I’m weak. You wipe away my tears when I’m sad and you care for me when there was no one to lean my hands upon, happy birthday to you!

I am so lucky to find a gem like you because you have touched the deepest part of my heart. I must say happy birthday to you, my love!

With your thoughts always in my heart, with your love growing in every second in my mind. I can’t wait till this special day of yours so I can tell you how much you mean to me. I love you, happy birthday!

A special day is made only for special people and today you became plus one- the success in your life will continue to multiply without limits. Happy birthday!

You are the sunlight that I have in my heart. You light up my heart with your sweet love. I pray that in this new age of yours, whatever you lay your hands upon will become a success. Happy birthday!

You are the flower in my eyes, the vanilla that saints my heart and gives it more reason to live better. How I wish you know how happy I am knowing that you are plus one today. I may not be able to be present but my passion will accompany you with success. Happy birthday, my love!

Whenever I see the white dove playing with their wives, I smile and remember how far better you showed me a priceless love. I am so lucky to be the chosen one for you. Now that you added a new age, I wish you a happy family life ever after!

Romantic Love Sweet Birthday Messages For Him

The cute prince of my life, I want to assure you that you are too sweet because no man has ever turned me on in love as you do. You have pleased me with all kinds of passion and affection. Today which is your special day, I must appreciate you and let you understand how much you mean to me, happy birthday! You are the most beautiful treasure I have ever found in my life. A man that worth more than one man. An epitome of passion, a romance master who switches on the light of my heart. You left me wandering in my heart with a burning love fire. Happy birthday, my love!

Everything I think about at this moment is you. The very reason is that my hero is plus one today. I love you the man of my heart, I am wishing you a happy birthday and prosperity.

Your elbow has been strengthened in this special day of yours. All the love you gave to me is not in vain because I can feel the impact in my life. I am happy that you are mine and I’m yours. Happy birthday my hearth-robber!

The joy I found in my heart is you, the strength I found in my body is still you- the love I feel all over me is yours. The special passion that connects us together will continue to be strengthened until the end of life. Happy birthday!

When it is dark, I see you. When there is a sun, you are with me, when it rains, you never get far away from me, in this case, you deserve to keep my heart with you- it is safe. I love you and happy birthday my love!

Sometimes, I shed tears which no one else understands but me because it is specially established because of you. Why won’t I shed tears of passion, when you do not make me lack anything? You shower me with love and adore me with your kindness. Happy birthday!

The sunshine dwelling in my heart! How are you doing? Today is a special day in your life and I pray that it comes with your fortune. I want you to understand how much I love you because of you one in a million kind of gems. Happy birthday to you!

I must confess that you have taken my heart away to a place where it has been filled with love. Now I live with endless waves of passion, affections all because you love me, happy birthday!

The love of my heart whom I cherish so much, the best of those who show true love which I have ever met in my life. Thank you for loving me, your kindness has changed my life and I am grateful for your impact. Happy birthday!

Sweet Love Birthday Messages For Her


Happiness comes only into the heart that is filled with love- joy dwells in a heart that found a special day like yours. Your impact in my life is wonderful because you touched my heart with passion. Happy birthday! The most important matter I have before me now is to see you smile in this new age. I ask the Lord to shower you with endless mercy, blessing, joy, and prosperity. Do have a day full of roses, I wish you a happy birthday my love!

Your thoughts in my heart can never escape my mind because you are the treasure I keep in it. Nothing is so much special in this life to then you are. I love you, my sweetheart, wish that you realize the power of my love than I do. Happy birthday to you!

The most beautiful rose is set aside for you on this awesome day of yours. You deserve the best of flowers because you are a special lover whom my heart has chosen. Loving you can never be a burden to me, you are a superhero and I love you, baby. Happy birthday!

For the most cherished woman of my life, the one I give a big portion of my heart to, I think today will bring lots of smile to your face because I’m gonna spoil you with many gifts and they are my kisses, hug, love, passion, and affections. I love you and happy birthday to you.

With your love in my heart, be rest assured that it is safe. The bond that keeps us together will never slack. I am okay with you and want our love to last till the end of time. Happy birthday!

At the beginning of my joy, I found your face everywhere around me, you give me the love which is ever not easy to get from anyone else. I love you, my dear angel, because you are a special kind of lady in the realm of love, happy birthday to you!

Did you know! When there is no light in a tunnel where I found myself, the light of passion you installed in my heart led me out? You became my companion when there was no one to lean upon. You are the best lady I have ever come across in my life. I promise to love you until the end of time. Happy birthday dear!

Sweet chocolate love only comes from sweet and interesting people like you. A real princess like you is hard to get but now I have you. I want you to know that I love you dearly and happy birthday my angel!

If you have not come into my life, I wonder how restless I would have been. I am so happy that you are part of me, with you every sorrow vanished and all good things showered upon my life. Today is your new day. I ask the Lord to Fulfill all His Promise upon you!

Love Messages For Her From the Heart

Every time I look at you, I fall over and over in love with you. There is a power smile on your face which impresses me and captures my heart whenever I set my eyes on you. You are beautiful my angel, happy birthday to you! All that I need is a smile from you because, in it, I find love, passion, joy, and more reason to stay longer alive. You are the treasure that I have always wanted in my life. I must confess that I love you with all my heart, happy birthday to you.

I can’t forget your kindness in my life. You came and then took away my sorrow. Now I am free once again because you never let me down. You see me more like yourself and please my heart whenever I need you most. Happy birthday my love!

Happy birthday, angel! You are my best friend, My best love, my greatest joy, and my best achievement all rolled up into the best woman of my life. I love you, dear princess!

From the beginning of this special day of yours till the end of it, will I try my best to make the best since we met? You are such a beautiful and interesting angel. I salute your power smile. Happy birthday!

Today I am sending the best of kisses, hugs, passion, and love to you. The reason is that you are always special and it is even more special. You are the best treasure I found in me, the rose that grows in my heart, happy birthday to you!

Every day and everything is special to me but no day is as special to me like the day you were born. Your birthday is so special to me, therefore, I send you every special flower in this world. Happy birthday!

It is like a newly planted flower, your love grows in my heart every day. Every new age of yours only gives me more reasons to love you the more. I pray that the rest of your days be full of prosperity. Happy birthday my love!

I love everything about you, your eyes, legs, smile, face, and what have you. I love you passionately because you are a special angel with a glowing look like the sun radiant. You twinkle medium eyes spark like a beautiful diamond star. Happy birthday!

I am wishing the best birthday wish ever. I am sending you the best greeting ever. Today marks an extraordinary day in your life and I am so glad that I’m part of its celebration. Continue to live in peace and harmony. Happy birthday my love!

Brief Love Story For True Lovers


Brown was on his course to get married to Julian when he realized his mistake why it was not working out. He, fortunately, came to a conclusion- to become romantic, loving, jovial, respectful, and special. One night, he summoned the courage to speak to Julian about how he felt for her. Luckily for him, he called her and proposed to her. Julian who was so joyful that day, gave Brown a last chance. He did not end the call, so he told Julian to close her eyes and imagine a world of love.

He started his love story through images. I saw you suddenly before me, he said to Julian. Then I realized you are meant for me because I have never seen a beautiful and well morally trained princess like you. Julian smiled and continued to listen to this romantic fellow. Then, we hold hands and walked down a garden full of roses. We were so pleased with each other because we really enjoyed ourselves.

Julian quickly cut in and said, ” O Brown, is this how romantic you are?!” He smiled because now he had realized his dream to be with the most beautiful woman of his life. The next morning, they both saw each other but now in a passionate manner, they approached each other.  “Let us go to father so he can bless our new relationship”. Julian told Brown. He was somehow reluctant but didn’t show it out for her to see. They both went to the king of the town who was Julian’s father. The king has always wanted to see his daughter happy, fortunately, he saw her overwhelmed with joy. How are you my daughter, the princess of Rome? The king was referring to his daughter Julian. She smiled and quickly replied to her father, I am all fine dad!

Now, the story is about to change, the king who saw Brown an ordinary man with his noble daughter turned his face toward him and something happened!…

For all kinds of romantic love stories created fro the heart, always count on us. We are always at your service!

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