Best Happy Birthday Greetings for Lovers

Best Happy Birthday Greetings


Best Happy Birthday Greetings: We have come up with a lot of text messages for birthdays. The messages are precisely in the form of a love poem, except a few lines that contain the normal birthday greetings and prayers.

1. In the calmness of my heart flooded with your love, I found my comfort, in the glance you cast on me, I feel like I’m in paradise.

2. Greetings to my ocean of passion, greetings to the woman I love. I have to greet you well today because it is yours.

3. When I wish to celebrate my flower garden, I will buy the whole world to celebrate the love of my life.

4. Without your smile, I don’t think I’m sane. I really feel bad like a rotten onion threw into a bin. I love you.

5. Today marks another year in the life of a woman of passion, her love never ceases to arouse my spirit.

6. We have been so calm since this week until the fire of your love suddenly burnt my heart deeply. Good day to the celebrant.

7. In the eyes of a lover lies a magnificent beauty. I see your majesty in beauty the first day I set my eyes on you.

8. Look at this beautiful gazelle, she is the lady that captured my heart in the cell of love and passion.

9. Birthday greetings to the lamp of a smile in my life, she is the fire that burns in my heart. I wish you touch me from where you are.

10. Birthday marks a day sun rose from even. The death date signifies the day a precious rain finally went into the earth.

11. She has always been that medal in my heart, her voice is made of diamonds, her lip is made of honey and her eyes are made of pearl and jewel.

12. O you lady, the very first attempt to meet you was not possible, and I felt so bad, I felt so weak because you are my strength. Happy birthday.

13. Like the breeze coming from the north, you blow my heart so high with ecstasy, you pull my soul together with your powerful love.

14. No one understands why I have so much fallen in love with you but within me is a pathway that leads your soul to mine. Happy birthday.

15. O the love of my life, come to me, come to your lover, I will take good care of you; I will give my life away to save yours.

16. To the much love in this world, to the best angel of my life, to the one that brings happiness to my life. Happy birthday.

17. Could it be that I am lost in a street of love? Does it mean that I can no longer get myself because of the love I have for you?

18. Because of the light that comes from you, I became blind in love, because of the excess beauty that engulfs your soul, I became stagnant in awe.

19. The wave of your smile is so powerful that it knocks me out several times. You are a year older today, may you smile throughout the year.

20. I have found a rose flower whose fragrance is a blessing to me. I have found a reason to be happy forever.

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21. In the eyes of my love, I see pleasure. The pleasure with the true mind. I see a tree of joy growing in the speed of light.

22. She is my mahogany, broad shoulder, tall legs, spacious arms like a damsel angel rising from the east. Happy birthday.

23. Whenever I think of you, I am always lost in thought. I wonder why my eyes have seen a lot of men but yours captured my heart.

24. O my precious, you are my flower, if I pluck you, it will surely be for good. Stars are singing, the moon is smiling all because of your day.

25. You are a lily, so strong, so precious, so nice. You have everything it takes to make this day a lovely day.

26. I bleed love in my heart because of the aura of your powerful smile. Come and hug me to put a smile on my face.

27. We are love birds flying in the time of love, we are love birds, kissing in the middle of the night. We are love birds in love with each other.

28. From the chambers of my heart, I beseech you to look towards my side, embrace me with your smile.

29. I realized that your smile has its own hands, through them, it hugs me when I am down. I love you so much.

30. In love, in pain, in joy, in success, in every way I will stay with you. I will always be there for you. I love you.

31. Let the world understand that I am in love with you, let every minute count in my life that you are my love bird.

32. The bliss of this day shall reach the depth of your heart, it shall make you happy because you are precious.

33. The way she blows my mind with her amazing love is way too high for me to comprehend. She is the light that lights up my heart.

34. She is the woman divinely sent down to put a smile on my face, she is my grace, my joy, love, and happiness.

35. The mountain of love is already overwhelming me, she is capturing my heart every minute. I wish you the best of birthdays in the world.

36. I derive great joy in falling in love with you. I cannot even forget you for any reason because belong to me.

37. Oh you, my maiden angel, look at your eyes like a silver panel, so white, so pure. Today is your day, you can swim in happiness.

38. In jubilation, I celebrate the love of my life, happiness; I hail the most beautiful bird in the love garden.

39. I am your garden; you are the water that spreads across my garden. I love you beyond the realm of love.

40. Love is something special; love is a light that can be found in the heart of lovers only. I am in love with you.

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41. Love has occupied my soul, my soul wonders in a field of light, I can no longer think straight because the madness of your love overshadows my thinking.

42. I can do everything for you no matter how it threatens my life; remember, my heart belongs to you in love.

43. I am your love river; I can flow to any corner as you wish. I can wash away your pain with this love I have for you. Happy birthday.

44. From the light that gushes out of your eyes, I found joy. I find that calmness that gives birth to my pleasure.

45. Today is a twilight day, happy birthday to my love. You are always welcome in this pathway called heart of mine.

46. The heart of mine is in love with you. The sense of love that cannot be erased no matter what anyone does to get rid of it from my heart.

47. My sincere greetings to the love angel that came to give my heart a precious love, happy birthday to the champion of my life.

48. I have always wanted to touch your heart with something significant, but it happened that you are the one touching my heart.

49. Since the day I fell in love with you, everyone could not understand me anymore. It could be because I am madly in love with you.

50. Happy birthday dearest love. How did you do it that my heart is chained to your love? You have captured the innermost strength of my heart.

51. I am coming close to your heart inch by inch, span by span. One day, I know you will totally belong to me.

52. Safety is a blessing that has few limits, may your life be guided by the Lord this season. Happy birthday.

53. I thought I would be fine without you, but as soon as I met the love of my life, I realized that delay is dangerous.

54. It is as if I have completely possessed you; it is as if you are already wrapped in my arms. My greetings to the angel of mine.

55. There is a street in my heart, it is called the true love I have for you. I wish you a happy birthday.

56. In the spirit of love, in the passion that rains carefully, I found a reason to smile again. Happy birthday.

57. Whichever way, there is one thing that will not easily live my heart—it is your love. Happy birthday.

58. I finally found a reason to smile with you, I will be happy with you in every aspect of life. I love you.

59. Good to have met you in this world, good to have seen you in this wonderful world. I love you so much.

60. To the man chosen by me; to the flower that entices me the most, I am sending you this greeting in love and passion.

Latest Trends of the Day

61. Since the day I met you, I have found a new life. I have found a new reason to be happy once again.

62. When I drink, I see you, when I eat, I see you, when I think of you I see the paradise I have been searching for.

63. Could she be the woman? I already have no doubt again. She is the woman of my life. Happy birthday.

64. They have not even seen you but they have already known almost everything about you from my eyes.

65. There is lots of beautiful scenery in this world, but there is no more beautiful scenery like you in my life.

66. I shall flood my poem page with your name; I shall bless my pages with your story because you belong to me.

67. Every minute, every moment, I feel a strong urge that makes me happy every day. I later realized it is caused by your love.

68. Wishing you the most blessed moment in this world, may the Lord continue to shower your face with brightness.

69. Today is your day, it tells a lot about you; it makes you special. Your day is worth celebrating.

70. There is no moment that doesn’t connect you to me; so precious, so nice, I will always be glad to have you.

71. There are many reasons we met; reasons we cannot even explain because everything began in the speed of light.

72. When I met you, I met the love of my life; when I met the love of my life, I met everything that concerns me.

73. A change, yes, a change, that’s what I call her. She is the change of my life. She is the path that leads to my heart.

74. Grace cannot be stopped when given, a blessing cannot be voided when released; your success cannot be broken from now on. Happy birthday.

75. The flame of joy will not let me rest until I text this sincere message to you. I love you so much.

76. In your patience, I found a reason to remain with you for the rest of my life; because of your love, the world had seen my teeth.

77. If there is anything that makes me happy, it is the remembrance of every moment we shared together.

78. Whenever I remember the love songs we sang for each other, tears of passion grabs my heart and send me down to an illusion lane.

79. I see myself in a world clearer than the 3D screen, everywhere is full of light, I couldn’t recognize anything until I set my eyes on you.

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80. Your smile gradually opens up, your beautiful smile, your blessed smile that arouses my heart.

81. My heart is calling for your love; my soul is yearning for your attention; come to me, let me shower you with my love.

82. You may not understand why I keep coming back to you like a parabola. The fact is that I cannot stop loving you.

83. I may look insane, but the truth is that I am already madly in love with my angel. She has a spirit of joy in her.

84. Her face brings light to me; her heart is a dwelling place for those who really want to spend the rest of their lives in peace.

85. Could it be that you are the bliss of my life? I realize that my heart jerks up whenever I set my eyes on you.

86. There is a burning flame in your eyes, blue, red, yellow, boozing with passion for me alone. Happy birthday.

87. I so much adore her because her eyes contain the passion that touches the walls of my heart. I salute my angel.

88. I offer a salutation to my garden flower; I offer my salutation to the mother of my kids. Happy birthday.

89. The amazing thing about you is that I cannot even control myself from falling in love with you.

90. I fall in love with you several times a day; just like the taste of honey, your presence mesmerizes my soul.

We are coming up with more classic poems; we believe you will love them. For now, you can text these available ones to your loved ones on their birthday.

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