A Good Happy Birthday Message for Him or Her

The Latest Trends for the Day

A Good Happy Birthday Message

A Good Happy Birthday Message: Every moment really matters to us, not only the day we win an appointment but also, the day we were born is also a very important day in our life. Here are some of the text messages that we have for you. Enjoy the trends for a while.

Trends for the Day


1. Enjoy the day you were born, success is yours and you need to party it to the best. Happy birthday.

2. Your precious face is endowing, your day is more than special. We celebrate you on this wonderful day.

3. The light of a new day in your life shall not switch off again. You shall be celebrated before kings and great men.

4. Congratulations on your birthday. I am wishing you all the good things the Lord has surrounded this world with.

5. A lamp of honor like you is very important; the river of success that is flowing in your home will never stop again.

6. Happy birthday to my dearest love, your interest shall be honored in every aspect of your life. You shall be celebrated like the sighting of a new moon.

7. The tree that produces your happiness shall not die; your face shall continue in glory and prosperity.

8. May your joy never stop increasing in this world; I am so much happy because you are part of my life.

9. I wish you more joy in this life than I have ever wished you before. You are a flower that smiles a lot.

10. To the best friend that can sacrifice everything to make me happy—I just want to say happy birthday to you.

11. The day I set my eyes on you, I feel a great impact on your personality; your maturity is so nice to me. Happy birthday.

12. If we can bring joy to each other, it will be the most important thing in this world because we can’t forget those who loved us.

13. Happy birthday, my beloved, you have been so precious; I hope the Lord shall continue to bless you in a more precious way.

14. Good to have found a wonderful person like you as a friend, may your Lord bless you in great happiness.

15. Lord, give success to my beloved angel, bless her and protect her dignity before everyone in this world.

16. The most beautiful day of your life is here, you shall be protected in the most beautiful manner ever.

17. I want to wish you a treasured life from this day on. Happy birthday to my wonderful angel. You are just the best.

18. Whatever makes you happy is what I love the most. I hope you will enjoy this wonderful day of your life with great happiness.

19. Let this day showers its light upon you, let your happiness continue to rise in great abundance. Happy birthday.

20. We have been hoping for a special day that will befit your reward. Happy birthday dear lovely angel.

The Trend of the Day

21. Love is special because it finds you. Love is nice because your beautiful smile is healing power for me. Happy birthday.

22. Our love for each other keeps growing like a brim of light. Someday, it will be transformed into a very big light.

23. Your love spreads like wildfire in my heart. It has completely burned down the chambers of my heart, no wonder I go insane about you. Happy birthday.

24. Love can turn your brain into something else. You may even forget your own self. Love makes me want to celebrate until I can’t anymore.

25. The elixir of your love is so powerful that I can’t even resist it. Anytime I see you, something strange strikes my heart in the form of passion.

26. No option than to celebrate this day, you have been so lovely and I am always glad you are. Happy birthday.

27. Life may be tough sometimes, that is the reason why we were created to conquer a world full of challenges.

28. Wipe away your tears because you don’t need them. Summon the courage to achieve great things in life—happy birthday.

29. Success like shower, happiness like rain, joy like ocean shall follow you all the way. Happy birthday, dear.

30. Your smile lips. I have seen a lip that smiles due to the excess sweetness of its taste. Happy birthday, dear.

31. Enjoy this season, enjoy the cloud of joy that burns the heart with love and passion. Happy birthday.

32. Every season comes with unique things, this season comes with your birthday. Happy birthday my dear.

33. My heart is roaming in the street of love because you chose to love me. I can see that you are happy today, that’s how it is supposed to be.

34. Your eyes are the shade of beauty, so beautiful that I cannot even resist the excess magnificence from them. Happy birthday.

35. Through my heart I see you. I see your heart full of hope for us to meet again. I may act like I’m strong enough to wait for you but the truth is that, I am missing you.

36. May the light of a new day come straight to your home. Happy birthday to the most handsome man in the world.

37. You shall experience a series of breakthroughs in your life, joy, and happiness will not be your burden by His grace.

38. Thank God for everything that has happened in your life; nothing happens without the awareness of God.

39. This day marks a very important day in your life; may the Lord in His infinite mercy bless you with great joy.

40. As you are trying to protect your dignity, may the Lord continue to make it a possibility in this world for you.

The Goodies Sprouting for the Day

41. The day of joy shall reach you in peace. As you are plus one this wonderful day, I pray the Lord to bless your hustle.

42. Wonderful creature, your eyes are lamps of honor, this day is purer than snow, whiter than sand on the seashore.

43. Your blessed eyes are the aroma of the love I have for you. I can’t resist the aura of this beautiful smile of yours.

44. It is my joy that I have you in this world. There is no moment that doesn’t bring your diamond smile back to my memory.

45. I have chosen to love the paradise I was given, I will live in you for the rest of my life. I love you so much.

46. I may not understand myself anymore but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the special love you have for me.

47. I am happy because you are plus one today, many stars have faded away but look at you, how you shine all the time.

48. All I know is that you are beyond my heart a wonderful treasure. Happy birthday to my silver soul.

49. Have you ever seen a paradise before? That is exactly what she told me. She asked where I said before me. she sighs not realizing she is my paradise.

50. There is a Garden of Eden in your eyes, so beautiful. I love you as a small goddess, so nice, so special in my life.

51. Living with a gentleman is nice but living with a precious man like you is the nicest experience in my life.

52. In your eyes is the river of pleasure. There is no time I look into those two diamonds, except that my heart returns in joy.
53. Every single day is a special day in my life, you are more blessed in this world than any woman I ever met.

54. It is with great pleasure that I am sending you this text message. I wish you all the best on this earth.

55. Thank God for everything that exists on earth for our own good. Today is one special day we cannot forget.

56. The day I set my eyes on you many things crossed my heart, many of which is the love I have for you.

57. Let this wonderful day mark a very important day in your life. I beseech the Lord to make this day the beginning of your joy in life.

58. The prominent angel, how do I celebrate you this day? I am happy because of you today. Happy birthday.

59. Light is here, I can see in his face a paragon of beauty. Happy birthday to the most wonderful man of my life.

60. The sea of love in my heart does not give me the chance to think of any other person but you. I want to say happy birthday.

61. Every day and night, every now and then, I will always be yours for the rest of my life. I wish you all the best.

62. Anytime I see your precious face, I bleed joy and happiness. It is a blessing that you belong to me. Happy birthday.

63. No matter what, being in love with you is more precious to me than every treasure on earth. Happy birthday.

64. I can’t be tired of you because you are more like a deep pleasure that will never end in my life. Happy birthday.

65. Day and night cannot separate us because we are glued together in passion and love. The fire of your love never leaves my heart.

66. O the one meant for me, the angel without wing but still can fly above the sky. You are my superman.

67. Great is this day you were born, I have no choice but to put a smile on your face on this precious day. Happy birthday.

68. Living without you is one of the most beautiful things ever experienced. I am happy about everything about you.

69. Goodies shall reach your home on this day; honestly, we are happy to celebrate your new age. Happy birthday.

70. Godly people are rare this day, they are all gone but it baffles me that you are pious. Happy birthday.

Trends and Spring Words

71. Since the day I met you, this world has presented a new chapter to me. I now realize that life is not always how we want it to be.

72. Your gentle talks, your words of wisdom, and many other things about you make me shy away from you.

73. Good to have a wonderful person like you in life; as a matter of fact, you are simply the most beloved person in my world.

74. I have always wanted to show you how much you mean to me. Just like yesterday, I realize how beautiful you have become.

75. In the end, you have become the most precious person in my life. I wish to be yours all my life. Thanks for everything.

76. If I have my way, I will be happy with you for the rest of my life. I will not let you down for any reason.

77. The moment I set my eyes on you, I realized that everything I have been searching for in a woman is in you.

78. We shall always be the happiest because you are one of the most beautiful angels in life. Happy birthday.

79. God knows I am happy this day but what makes me sad is that I cannot even celebrate you beyond texting a message.

80. When your day comes, we shall be happy about everything that has happened in our life. Happy birthday my dear.

81. You are my best friend and at the same time my helper. I will always be with you for the rest of my life.

82. Being with you is a blessing because your light illuminates my heart, it gives me that joy no one can easily talk about.

83. The moment I realized that you are the most important person in my life now. I decided to do everything to keep you for myself.

84. We shall always be with you for the rest of your life. We are celebrating this day with you in good anticipation.

85. Happy birthday my darling, you will always be the blessing that the Lord showers upon me. Happy birthday.

86. I feel more secure being with you than being in the comfort of my home. You are my love garden. Happy birthday.

87. Love is my power, I am so calm because your love is now dwelling in my heart. I am pleased to celebrate this day.

88. We are here today, all because we have been there for each other, we never gave up on each other. I love you.

89.  It is now clearer that there is no me without you. I have realized that you are created for me. I love you.

90. Your day is like a shining sun, but this time around, instead of the sun being hot, it is cool on the body. Happy birthday.

We have composed these messages for the benefit of those that are willing to text birthday messages for the love of their life. Be free to explore our messages, it is always free.

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