The Best Good night Happy Quotes 2019

Good night Happy Quotes for Him or Her

Good night Happy Quotes
Good night Happy Quotes : This is the latest Goodnight Quotes that make the biggest sense this year. You can explore to see for yourself. You may want to read: Special Good Night  Messages for my Joy, Sleep Well Messages for her to Smile.

1. Thank you for always been there to keep me warm at night. I have never been so lonely in my life without your presence and it kills me. I can’t wait to see your pretty face again. Goodnight.

2. I want to dedicate the millions of stars that shine so bright across my window tonight. You are the apple of my eye and the best thing that has ever happened to me. Goodnight to my one and only.

3. I prayed for such an amazing partner all my life and then God sent me you. It’s an exciting thing to see both if happy and in love and tonight, I’m going to make sure the world hears my heartbeat. Goodnight my dear.

4. Making my bed and thinking about how beautiful you might be tonight. I miss your smile and I miss your scent. Please make me happy by smiling all night so I can dream about you.

5. Hey there, I just wanted to wish you a happy goodnight as you shut your eyes and go to sleep. I want to be with you from now until there is no breath left in me. Good night my love, I miss you so much.

6. You are special to me and there is no way I could be happier with anyone else. I miss you and I always want to be by your side. Tonight will be a long one for me but it is always worth the wait once I see your face again. Goodnight and have a wonderful evening.

7. Just thinking about you is nothing short of happiness and joy. It is a feeling I cannot resist because, with you, my future seems bright enough for me to survive even the harshest times. Goodnight love.

8. You give me confidence with your smile and a lot more of bliss and unlimited affection. There are days when we might quarrel and there are days when we get to face life’s toughest trials. The most important thing is that we are always together. Goodnight and Godspeed. I love you.

9. I am always proud to call you sweet because you are the only one who makes me feel so fulfilled. Life has thrown so many tests at me, but the blessing still found a way to my doorstep. Thank you for always making me feel lucky. Goodnight babe.

10. A night without you feels like a thousand years of sadness. Sooner or later, I will have to learn to survive nights like this because it is not going to be possible to be with you every second of the day even if I wanted that. I just wanted to remind you of how you make me feel. Goodnight

11. Goodnight to the most cheerful and heartwarming person in the whole wide world. I wish you a thousand sweet dreams and a million more to come. Goodnight and sweetest of dreams my love.

12. If only there were another million ways of saying how much I love you, I will go to any length to prove it to you. It is a beautiful and wonderful feeling to have such an amazing experience of falling so madly in love. Sweet dreams babe.

13. It’s a good time to say our praises and wishes as to the start glitter so gracefully tonight. It is a good time to appreciate those who have made us so happy we don’t even know where to begin to explain it. Goodnight babe.

14. Goodnight to you my sweetheart, my mentor, my soul mate, my best friend, my heartbeat, my happiness, my princess, my queen, my diamond, my wealth, my life, my everything.

15. I can never have any other feeling as amazing as the one I have right now. The one that makes me feel lucky and longs for more. The one I have for you buried in the deepest part of my heart.

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16. I wish you a merry happy good night wish as you set into Dreamland. I just wanted to let you know that you will always be in my heart for being such a revelation and a dream come through.

17. Goodnight to my one and only angel. For some time I thought you were sent by God to come to bless my life and take me to heaven. I wasn’t mistaken at all. The beautiful stars tonight remind me of how you make me feel. They shine as bright as your smile!

18. The darkest part of my heart belongs to you because in it, it buries my deepest secrets and my weaknesses. Only with you I feel happy and secured. Only with you I feel whole and fulfilled. Goodnight my dearest.

19. I am starting to think that there might be heavens on earth because that is exactly how you make me feel whenever you smile. It’s amazing to have fallen in love with the perfect partner. I just wanted to wish you the best night of your life, you deserve it all.

20. If I had a hundred lives to live after this, it will still be spent with you. Someone who has easily made life worth living for me. Someone who has made me see the sweetest parts of life when I thought all was a fairytale. Goodnight to my precious diamond.

21. Wishing you a good night message will not be enough to pacify the loneliness I feel right now. I wish I could always be by your side to hold and squeeze you tight. Loving you is like the most romantic story ever told.

22. The time for a sweet and heartwarming message is now. A time where the skies are beautiful and the air is cool. You are every beat of my heart and every reason I thank God for life. Goodnight and sweet dream dear.

23. There are lots of gifts and blessings in this world and no one matches the one you give to me. A day without your smile makes it hard for me to get a good shut-eye. It’s an overwhelming task to love you and I can’t get enough of it.

24. If there were other names to call you apart from gorgeous, sweet, amazing, priceless, and beautiful, it would be most
gorgeous, sweetest, most amazing, most priceless, and most beautiful. Goodnight my heartbeat.

25. I want you to make you my soul mate and the bank where I save all my feelings, trust, love, care, and affection. Tonight I just want to remind you how happy you make me feel and how courageous I am when I think of a future with you by my side.

26. They said love is blind but I was very aware when I consciously took the jump and fell deeply in love with you. I
think about you all the time and it makes me happier than ever. Goodnight babe.

27. Goodnight to one of the most amazing things to have ever happened to me. I find it hard to wait to muster an ounce of patience when you leave my side for a minute. It’s crazy how all still makes me love you more and more.

28. There is a part of me that wants to spend the rest of my life with you. There is another part of me that makes me that aches to make you the happiest person on earth. I miss you and want to always be there for you. Goodnight dearest.

29. Your face is the first thing I want to see when I go to bed and the first I see when I wake up in the morning.

30. I feel so much love, respect, and adoration for you and it still makes me feel like the luckiest man on earth. Goodnight to the most awesome person I have ever met. I love you.

31. I want to take you around the world and back. I want to take you to the galaxies and beyond. I love you for who you are and there can be nothing in this world that will separate you from me, my dear. Goodnight to my super

32. I just wanted to thank you for always been with me and advising me with so many life lessons and experiences. You are the reason for even the slightest smile on my face and I wish all your dreams come through tonight. Have a good night’s rest.

33. There are no doubts about the massive feelings I have for you which is kept safely in the deepest parts of my heart and soul. You have been a revelation for me and a life-long dream. You deserve all the best things in life because of how you make me feel.

34. I am a life-long prisoner of your heart and I can’t stop to praise God for gifting me which such immaculate blessings and wonders all in the form of you. Goodnight dear, may your tomorrow be filled with laughter and achievement. I love you.

35. Hearing your beautiful voice keeps me happy at heart, mind, and soul. I miss you twice the time you miss me and thrice the time you love me. You are the other part that completes me. Goodnight to my queen.

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36. Tonight is another time to raise my hands in the air and pray for the durability of this everlasting love we share. My thoughts are always lingering on us and what will make me love you. Goodnight to my dearest angels and the queen of my heart.

37. I wish to say a small prayer for you before you sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams my love. I pray the light of the
Lord bless and elevate you through the darkest moments and the highest hurdles

38. I fell in love with you and everything felt like a classic love tale straight from a William Shakespeare collection. I
want to fall in love with you over and over again for making me feel happy and fulfilled at all times. Goodnight to my beautiful one.

39. Goodnight to my sweetheart. You always seem to take my breath away with your presence and I still can’t resist the sight of you. Yet here I am today, still breathing and smiling. It is crazy how it took me just a few seconds to fall in love with you. I love you till forever comes.

40. You, my dear, have always been in my thoughts, my memories, my heart, my aspirations, and my future. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Goodnight to you my dear. May the Lord always be with you. Goodnight

41. I just wanted to remind you that you are my number one choice in a million lifetimes to come. You are the reason for my every happiness and that is an understatement. I want to make you so happy you will forget about all the troubles of the world. Goodnight babe.

42. You are unbelievable for been such a good-hearted person to everyone you meet. Like the flu, our smile is contagious to anyone who comes close to you. You are a thing of beauty and confidence and I dedicate my whole night to you. I can’t wait to dream about you tonight.

43. I just wanted to say Goodnight to my sweetheart and loving angel. I can’t wait to see your pretty face tomorrow when the sunlight crosses your face shines. Your smile is enough to keep me company for the night. Goodnight my dear.

44. I want to spend my every second with you because I cherish you like a large chest of gold. You will always be in my thoughts and memories for the unforgettable moments you have showered on me. Goodnight my love, do have yourself a wonderful night.

45. You have made my life better and more appreciated with all your care love, affection, passion, adoration, and understanding. You are full of endless beauty and determination that makes me fall in love over and over again

46. You make me happy every second, minute, and hour of the day. When I am treated to your presence, everything seems better and I am more confident. I just wanted to say goodnight and have the sweetest of dreams.

47. Goodnight to my knight in shining amour. I wish to see your magical smile every day and every night. Have a great night to yourself.

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