Best and Romantic Cute Sorry Quotes 2020

Most Beautiful and Cute Sorry Quotes

Cute Sorry Quotes are the latest quotes on our platform. We are confident that you will actually love to text them to the ones you hurt. Kindly follow up as you read along. Apology Text for Her to Reconcile, 70 + Saying Sorry to Someone you Hurt.

Nice and Cute Sorry Quotes for Best Friends

1. I am sorry for the pains I might have caused you. I am sorry for the entire moments I failed you. Thank you for being patient with me.

2. I know it is not easy to remain silent even when the best of your friends hurt you but still, you find that happiness that makes me happy.

3. You have been a very good friend and I want to use this opportunity to say I am sorry for hurting you.

4. Sorry for what happened on our platform yesterday. I didn’t realize it will erupt like that. I thought I was doing the right thing.

5. I don’t want what happened yesterday to define our new state of friendship. I value your friendship so much and I will not be happy to see that you are angry at me.

6. My prayer has always been that we should remain a good friend all the time. You are more than special and I miss you.

7. I miss your giggles, I miss your way of life and every moment shared. I am sorry for everything. Just overlook my mistakes.

8. When you were trying to prevent me from error, I was wrong thinking that being an opposition is the right thing to do. I am sorry.

9. If I knew our fight will occur the other day, I would have prayed to God to put a smile on my face. I miss you.

10. You are nice; you are sweet and above all, the most amazing angel of my life. I wish to remain with you all my life.

11. Thanks for your love for me, you are nice, sweet and lovely and I will always be yours as a good friend.

12. Thanks for being a good friend. You are my best friend and for this reason, we are not supposed to keep malice. I am sorry.

13. I know you are not happy with me right now, but you just have to overlook my mistakes and accept me as your friend again.

14. I cannot imagine that this is already happening to you and me. Remember those moments we shared together in peace and harmony.

15. You are lovely, you are nice, you are cute and above all, the most interesting friend I do love to be around. Please, don’t be angry at me for what happened.

16. I miss your advice, I miss your companionship. I swear I didn’t do it. I can’t betray you for any reason. I love you as a friend and a brother from another mother.

17. Tell me why I have to betray you despite all the good things you have done in my life. I need you in my life, so it will be hard to do what they accused me of.

18. You are my best friend, the only friend who makes a lot of sacrifices just to see me happy. I miss you and it is the truth.

19. You are my happiness, you are my love and the most amazing friend I am always proud about. Please, forgive me.

20. I don’t want to imagine that we are no longer together. You are so nice to me and I will always miss you forever.

Cute Im Sorry Quotes for Husband or Wife


21. I know I have really hurt your feelings for yelling at you. I am sorry for this as far as I am concerned.

22. You have been taking good care of me and my kids, so you deserve a lot of love and care. I am sorry for hurting you.

23. You are worthy of being loved with a full heart. This is the reason why I became so unhappy having realized that I hurt you.

24. You will not know the value of your husband until he is upset with you after several years of patient.

25. You just need to pardon me so that our love for each other will be stable. I promise to try my best to keep with your wishes that are good.

26. There is no way we can be in the same place, meeting each other every day and then expect peace always. It is not possible, please be patient with me.

27. I just want you to know that I am really sorry for what happened. I will always remain with you all the time.

28. I am really sorry for everything you went through all because of my bad attitude. I will forever change by His grace.

29. I want to let you know that you are lovely, you are nice and above all, the most amazing wife, the most amiable mother. I love you.

30. You need to forgone those horrible moments you experienced in the first year of our marriage, I will never intentionally hurt you in my life again.

31. Loving you has been a very interesting thing. It has always been a cute thing to celebrate. Please, give me another chance to love you more.

32. If you refused to smile at me. it is like you are crushing my stomach with a knife. I am really sorry about everything.

33. It is my joy that I have found someone as special as you are, I love you to the point I fell into a passionate comma. Only your kiss can revive me.

34. I am sick right now but the name of the sickness is ‘let her kiss you’. I am really sorry for disappointing you, please come and kiss me.

35. Your heart is beating in me. This is the power of the love I have for you. This means you need to forgive me so that my heart will be safe.

36. You stole my heart away and then set a barrier between us. Please, forgive me so that I will no longer be restless. I love you.

37. When the only one that can make you happy is not happy with you, how will you cope with this life? I am sorry.

38. You are so sweet, nice and beautiful. I wonder what people will say about me if they get to know I fought with a damsel angel like you.

39. There is no husband as gentle as you are since the day I married you. If you are upset by my action today, it means it was too terrible. I am sorry.

40. You need to understand that I am in love with you with all my heart. I am not also as happy as we are. Please, let us reconcile and teach our kids how to be happy.

Some Cute Sorry Quotes for Friends


41. Hello friends, we have been in this game for so long, if we can remain with you in forever, it doesn’t spoil anything in life.

42. You guys are superheroes; your presence in our life has been a great turning point. If we can forgive each other, it will do us a lot of good.

43. There are no time friends will not fight, the worse thing in life is to have a heart that does not forgive. I am sorry.

44. I value our friendship and I don’t want it to just go like that. I am sorry for my ends. I will try my best to maintain the status of a good relationship.

45. Good friends’ fight doesn’t last more than a second. They fight and immediately hug each other for a better moment together.

46. You are a good friend and that’s why I want to always be with you. I want to remain your best friend for the rest of my life.

47. You are nice, sweet and special. You are my love and the most amazing person in this world because you have proven it recently. I am sorry.

48. Friends cannot stay together without misunderstanding. That’s the sign of true friendship. We must tell each other the truth.

49. You don’t know how much I miss you. A good friend like you is rare and it is the very reason why I miss you badly.

50. Thanks for your love for me. I really appreciate everything about you. I love you and it is the truth. I so much miss your fun time with me.

51. What a good friend, please don’t be upset with me. I couldn’t make it to your place due to a slight headache.

52. I will so much miss you. it is just the truth, I know you are a special friend and you will find a way to reach out to me. I am sorry, I couldn’t make it.

53. The reason why I will never forget you is that you are always the best friend I have. Sorry for every moment I couldn’t share it with you.

54. You know you are a blessed friend. I believe you will be missed so much. I need you as though everything depends on you. I am sorry.

55. I miss your motivations, your advice since the day we had a fight. I am sorry for hurting your feelings. Now I have come to understand that I was wrong.

56. You have to forgive me so that I will be happy again. Since that day we had a fight, I cannot live a normal life. my conscious mind keeps disturbing me to apologize to you.

57. How is it possible for me to be happy when you are not happy with me? You have to accept my apology if you value me as a friend.

58. I cannot force an apology on you because I am on the wrong side. If you can reason with me, you will realize that I am missing you already.

59. Babe, why are you this way? Despite all the signs I showed you that I am sorry, you still don’t want to pardon me?

60. You don’t know how much you mean to me, probably is the reason why you still delay our reconciliation.

Cute Sorry Love Quotes for Him

61. Honey, you are nice, you are a premium husband and I am not ready to lose you for anyone at all. I am sorry.

62. You refused to eat my food all because I hurt your feelings? Why are you doing this to me? I love you.

63. You should understand that loving you is what makes me smile the most. Anytime you are not in a good time with me, I feel sad.

64. You are my dream comes true. You are all I have in this world and I will be glad to be with you for the rest of my life.

65. A good husband like you is not common, what will be my gain if I lose you to another woman, just because I couldn’t acknowledge a simple correction?

66. You are so sweet; you are my loveliest angel and the one I can’t possibly forget for the rest of my life. I miss you.

67. It is my pleasure to have met a nice man like you. Your patience kept us together up till this moment I finally realize how wrong I have always been. I am sorry.

68. I know you are not happy with me but how do you want me to feel if you remain upset with me? I am sorry dear.

69. You just need to understand that loving you is one of the most amazing reasons why I am alive. Sorry for everything I must have caused you.

70. You are so cute, so nice, so precious and above all the sweetest man in my world. I just want to say, I am sorry.

71. You make me happy all the time. You are the most beloved person in my life and this is one thing I can never forget. I am sorry.

72. Your presence in my life has changed a lot of things about me. It makes me happy whenever I set my eyes on you. I am sorry.

73. You are the most handsome man in the world, though I have not once traveled the entire world. I am sorry.

74. Can’t someone joke with you anymore? Was it not a joke I was making even when I almost hit you with a spoon? I am sorry, please darling.

75. I give my heart to you, I want you to take good care of it. I need you to make it a special organ in your heart. I love you.

76. It is my luck that I found the most handsome husband in the world. A beloved husband who I cannot lose for anyone else.

77. Meeting you makes me happy, it makes me smile and I will always be happy with you all the time.

78. I feel like loving you till the end of time. I miss you and surely, it is just the truth because you are more special to me than any woman ever met.

79. You make my life shine since the day I got married to you. This is one special thing I cannot deny. Please, let’s come back together.

80. You are nice. You are lovely and more patient than I used to think of you. I will miss you a lot. Sorry for the pains I caused you.

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