50+Sweet Freaky paragraphs to say to your boyfriend

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Freaky Paragraphs to Say to Your Boyfriend Short Paragraphs


Freaky paragraphs

Freaky paragraphs: This is the latest article for you to text your boyfriend. He is going to be happy with you there is no doubt. I hope to will enjoy sending the messages to your loved ones too: 50+ Dirty and Freaky paragraphs to send to your Boyfriend, 50+ Congratulations on your Marriage Wishes and Messages.

Sexting Paragraph for Him to Smile

1. You don’t know how precious you are to me, I love the way you touch my hands gently. You are so sweet and I love it so. I need you all my life. You are the best for me.

2. Your face is so cute that I can’t even resist it for any reason. You are the most beloved angel of my life. I love you so much.

3. I need you to understand that you are so cute and irresistible, charming pure love, I wish you the best in this world.

4. You are my diamond love, my precious person who I cannot risk to lose. What a nice angel you are.

5. I just want to be your baby girl, I am yours all my life and can’t wait to receive your kisses tonight.

6. I am right now on my beautiful nightgown waiting for my beloved to come. I adore your body so much.

7. What a nice guy, your smile is powerful that I cannot even resist it at all. You’re so sweet and I can’t deny it. You’ve changed a lot from me.

8. Hello gorgeous, you are cute, sweet, nice and above all, the best man in my life. I love you like never before.

9. It makes me happy to have you around me, especially when your hand is around my waist. You are a good husband.

10. Lately, before we got married, I knew you as a gentleman, but the first night of our wedding revealed you are a super player in the bed.

11. I love the softness of the hands that move like a serpent around my chest, it is a sensational movement from a sweet husband to his wife. 50 Cute and Romantic I Love you Memes for him or her.

Freaky Paragraphs That Touch the Heart


12. Loving you is pure beauty and happiness, I will always be happy as long as I am yours. I love you so much much.

13. Thank God for being there for you, you took your time to make me smile. I love your brightness, it affects me in a royal way.

14. Loving you is my joy, it is a very good reason why I will always be with you forever. I love you to the highest degree of my passion for you.

15. If an electron were to be love, I will form a hundred percent affinity for you. I live you and that’s just the truth.

16. Thanks for being my heartbeat, I always blur upon a glance at you. I love you, my dear precious angel.

17. Do you know why I am so deeply in love with you? You have touched a part in my heart which no one has ever been able to reach. I love you my best friend and lover.

18. When I suggested being your friend I knew what I was doing, you are so special, and being your friend will make our relationship stronger. I love you better and better every day.

19. You may not understand the kind of passion roaming in my heart for you, I hope to feel your tongue against my neck tonight

20. When I am lonely, I am sure the reason is that you are far away. At the glance of your eyes, I feel like having you for myself forever. Thanks for being a good friend, love is all I  see about you.

Paragraphs to send to your boyfriend to turn him on


21. Anytime I see you, I imagine that you hug me from behind, I imagine that you are already in me like never before. I am so much in love with you, so hard that I will always be happy at a glance from you. You are the precious reason why I never give up.

22. Falling in love with you is more interesting it makes me happier every second. Your body is well built, and it is also one other reason why I am gallant.

23. Thanks for always being there for me, I cherish you as an element has an affinity for electron. Please, I’m already at home waiting to see your face.

24. It is like you don’t know how charming you are, peaceful, lovely, nice, and interesting. You are all I have, and my choice is to get married to you as soon as possible. I love you.

25. To the sweetest guy ever hugged, your body was soft to touch, this is exactly what I have wanted for you. I love you like never before and pray that your already handsome face glow

26. In my heart, I have kept you because you are all I need. I used to enjoy the sweetness of your voice as it makes me happy as though I will just lay on your chest forever.

27. Sometimes, If I looked at your chest, I imagine it to be a big room where a queen can relax her head. You are my comfort, and I love you for this. I miss you like never before. Thanks so much and I appreciate you.

28. To the one I look up to, your freshness is really killing me. I don’t know how to control this strong feeling I have for you. I love you, dearest. You are the best for me.

29. In this world, we have seen a lot with our eyes, we have seen things that really matter to us, as for me, your matter is what actually matters to me. I love you.

30. You are above all the most handsome man. The way your face is built is as if beauty is falling down on the floor. I never believed you are more special than I thought.

Sexting Examples for Him Paragraphs That Rocks Well


31. In no time, I will always come to you, to teach me what the power of love means to you. I will let you understand how strong your thoughts are in me.

32. I just want to be your woman, to be the one that actually loves with deep respect

33. If I can find comfort in you, what else do I need in life? All I need is your precious face. I love you, thinking of you all the time.

34. Whatever it takes to make you happy, is what really matters to me. I love you like never before. Thank you.

35. Day abs and night, I imagine you stand before me, giving me comfort that I deserve. I love you, and it is the truth.

36. Why not give me a kiss so I will be happy through today. I need you to know that you are more than just a man.

37. I wanted a friend and I was given the most loving guy in the world. I never knew the love I have for you will be larger than life.

38. Don’t be sad, it is my ultimate goal to see you happy. What a great man you’re. I love you. I need you and cherish you as though the world will be hard without you.

39. I love the chocolate love that emanates from your eyes, I can’t help but imagine your lips rubbing against my back.

40. If I am wet all over, it is because I had a thought of you touching me in a cute way. The fragrance of your love for me is sweet to smell.


Freaky paragraphs For him to wake up to


41. Good morning sweetheart, I hope you had a sweet dream last night. Have a nice day with your family.

42. If loving you is the only thing left on earth, I will stay behind to let be you forever. I don’t mind the consequences. I love you.

43. The morning is so fresh, I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest. Good morning dear love. I appreciate your effort in trying to make me happy.

44. If I have my way to your heart, I will never let go forever. I will love you all my life. I miss you too.

45. What I need most is a smart smile from your face, it actually sends sweet sensation to heart. I love you, darling.

46. What makes me attached to you is more than one. There are endless reasons why I fell in love with you.

47. Indeed, one day without you makes me feel bad. I hope to feel better soon when I set my eyes on you.

48. Whatever it takes be yours, I will do so you will be glad for me. I am so much in love with you like never before.

49. I just want to be sure that you are my heartbeat, my pearl, and the most beautiful lady in this universe. I love you.

50. I needed you to know that, your presence is a great impact on this world. It is one of the reasons why I am happy today.

51. Thanks so much, darling, you don’t know how deep my heartbeats upon hearing your name. This signifies how much I am in love with you.

52. If you can smile, I will live you for that, I will cherish you as though it will always be that we live together forever.

53. Nice meeting you, your love has changed my life is a way I cannot comprehend. I love your hands touching me.

54. Indeed, I will be glad to hug you tonight, I just want to give you the coolest kiss ever. I love your lips.

55. If you make me happy, I will make you happy too. I will cherish you like never before. I will stand by your side.

56. I was in need of someone to talk to, and then, I found you becoming the love of my life. I love you so much.

57. What really matters to me is that you are specifically interesting. You are pure, nice, lovely, and fresh. I miss you.

58. Please be pleased with me, make me smile, I want our affection to be stronger than ever. I love you and there is no doubt.

59. I have been knocking on the door of your heart, and finally, you opened it for me to dwell in. Thank you so much.

60. I may not understand why you are here on my mind, but I understand that I fell in love with you the other day.

Sexting paragraphs for him copy and paste


61. Kiss me like never before, rub against my body as if you want to eat me up. I love it that way. I need it hard my beloved husband.

62. I have a package for you, a nice one that involves being in bed together for some minutes. I love you so much.

63. I don’t know how to make you happier than this, but the truth is that you are the most adorable man in my life.

64. The last man standing, the best of them, I am happy to have you in this world. I wish you all you desire.

65. Thank God I have you, I appreciate your kindness, in your heart, I wish to live forever. I love your lips so much.

66. Never forget the kind of love I have for you. It is my pleasure to make you happy this night. I want to keep you warm.

67. In my heart, I have a special space for you. I have a cute face this morning all because of you. Good morning

68. I need you every second, every minute, and all the time. I love you so much. You are a great angel.

69. What matters most to me is that you are close to my heart. I love you, wish you are here to make me happy tonight.

70. You may not know how much I have really fallen in love with you. I am blessed to have you. Thanks for making me happy.

Detailed sexting paragraph to a guy


71. If you have true love, you have all it takes to be happy in life. I have you and found everything in the world.

72. I need you to know that I fell in love with you the first day I set my eyes on you. I am wishing you all the best.

73. With you, I am sure all I ever wanted in the relationship will be possible. I need a man that will stand as a friend, lover, husband, and brother to me.

74. When you finally meet the right person, everything will begin to be fine with you. I love you so much.

75. I’m happy today because I found you loving. You are the kind of man I need in my life. Thanks a lot.

76. More of your love trend in my heart. No wonder I can’t sleep well without you. Your sacrifices are brave enough to make me melt for you.

77. The aura of your beauty is beyond what a mere word can explain. I will just give myself to you as the full version of what love means.

78. You are my lily, my heartbeat, you are my rose, my thoughts now and always. I love you and there is no doubt.

79. I hope to have you for myself, right now. You really turn me on at a glance. I love your body, it is charming.

80. What really matters the most is to have a beautiful wife with good characters. You have acknowledged this in me, so all I need is a husband like you.

Cute Freaky paragraphs for him copy and paste

81.  I love the smile that emanates from your handsome cheeks, they turn me on anytime I set my eyes on you. I love the brightness of your face; they are like a lamp that brings joy to the heart. I wish you a night packed with my thoughts. I will never let you down for any reason because you are my dream comes true.

 82. To this handsome man, the prince of my soul, the gift of love and passion the Lord sent to wipe away my sorrow, I feel like to lay down with you today because you are the most handsome husband in the world.

83. The way your smile captures my heart is really amazing. I will not tell a lie to you, anytime I set my eyes on you, I see the passion that is very rare in life. I see the most enticing eyes on the surface of the earth.

84. The way you make me feel whenever I look at you is very amazing. I must tell you that you are such an interesting man with a lot of romantic waves of love in your heart. This is the reason why you were able to capture my heart.

85.  I am really confident in you because you are the very reason why I cannot look at any other man. I see you as a man of happiness and this has given me the confidence to be with you for the rest of my life.

86.  I see that you are more important to me than any other person on this earth. You are the most amazing love of my life, the one that gave me happiness all the time. I love you so much.

87. Do you know that there is a light coming out of your eyes? The light of compassion and companionship; you are so magnificent and that’s exactly what I need about you. I love you so much.

88. This smile of yours is so powerful that it makes me tremble whenever you cast it at me. I am so happy for you because you are the most amazing person on this earth for me. I love you so much because you are my husband.

89. A life without a prince of passion like you will definitely be a boring life. I am so lucky because you are an example of what true love is talking about. I appreciate your true love for me.

90. Every sacrifice you took to put a smile on my face cannot go in vain. As my lover, I want you to know that I am ready to do everything for you. I wish you all the best on this earth.

91.  I can’t forget the first day I had my first kiss with you in our matrimonial home. I wish we can continue to have that very kiss that opened the bond between us. I love you like never before.

92. May the bond between us last forever. I am so much into you like never before because the pattern through which you love is very amazing. I love you like a very serious cat.

93. I have been searching and searching but there is no man like you. My joy in life has to do with the way you treat me.

94. You always make me feel like a princess. This is the key reason why I am falling in love with you all the time. You are just the best for me.

95. There is no woman that will not hope to have a man like you. When it comes to talent, you are simply the best. I want to be yours all the days of my life.

96. You are my black diamond, black silver, black everything I have ever seen in my world. Black is a beauty that never fades.

97. The first time I experience true love from a man. You are just the truest guy I have ever met on this earth. I love you so much.

98. Who will be able to love me more than you do? No man again. You have done all freaky things, you have shown all true love.

99. I don’t want to lose a gem for any reason. I will always be there to make you smile, happy, and enjoy this world with me.

100. Your eyes are the paradise on earth. I know what I am saying because anytime I see your eyes, I become elated. Thanks for the love you share with me.

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