20 Long Freaky paragraphs for her copy and paste

Cute Freaky Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste


Freaky paragraphs for her


Freaky paragraphs for her. Have you ever gone freaky before, don’t you know how it used to turn you on again? Now, you remember that pleasure to roles down your heart when you get freaky, that’s exactly what is about to happen to the one that will receive these messages. 50+Sweet Freaky Paragraphs to Say to your Boyfriends, 50+Dirty, and Freaky Paragraphs to Send to your Boyfriend.


Freaky paragraphs for her copy and paste

1. You got me served, you made me wet underneath and I am cool at that because that’s exactly what will lead to us getting our first kid. Your chest is well curved, well arranged like a mountain top, I am sure, you get the code of what I mean. Your face is as smooth as the Stainless Steel tray, pure, nice beautiful, and soft to touch. Your backsides are all amiable, this is another evidence that I was smart enough to marry a woman like you. Gorgeous, sweet, lovely, and in fact, delicious. You are the epitome of joy and happiness. Your skin is as spectacular as the bridge of beauty. Charming, killing point of passion, the most beautiful lady in the world. I love you. I love your face, your cute voice, and everything that is related to you.

2. What’s more beautiful like to have a pretty angel as a wife? Look at your beautiful face, shining like a diamond, your soft neck is so sweet to taste. It’s one of the sweetest things I have ever enjoyed in life, you are cute, there is no doubt in this. You are precious, there is no single argument about this. Your hands are pearls of beauty, they are irresistible, charming, and powerful. I don’t think anyone can make you sad with your excess beauty you have the power to turn a man into your slave. I will be loyal to your face, body, beauty, and character. You are the gorgeous angel everyone talks about. That pure love I cannot possibly forget. You are a special person, worthy of being loved forever.


3. Your tiny tongue is hotter than sunlight while you are in the mood. Your soft lips are the most delicious apples ever bitten, your eyes are charming that I can’t even help myself with the aura. Talking about the most beautiful smile ever cast on earth, yours is the number one. You are a pretty lady, a lovely angel, and the best of the million women in the world. I love your smile, pure, nice, beautiful enticing, a peculiar angel, worthy of being a queen forever. You see your eyes, so blessed, it turns me on wherever I set my eyes on you.


4. I am not the type that gives up that easily, the asset you carry in your body has to be mine at last. Don’t you see how beautiful you are? Am I an angel to resist this powerful thing you carry around? This makes me think very fast to try my best to make you a wife in my home. I love your cute smile too.


5. You don’t know how your presence nearly makes me fall on the floor. At a glance of your eyes, my feet tremble like an earthquake. Whenever you smile at me, I see the flood of passion all around. You are just like a tree of beauty, no one can withstand your beauty because it is not given of man but of the owner of beauty. You are a super flower, your stomach is so beautiful that no man can resist the temptation. Your cuteness is as good as the pleasure itself. Nice-looking gorgeous lady, I am waiting for you in my bed.


6. As long as you are my wife, I can flirt around with you, I can say dirty things to turn you on. I am yours, take me as you like, eat me as you want, touch me as you wish. Your face glows in great light, your lips, are sweeter than chocolate, I swear, I can’t deny your charming face, your gorgeous look is very irresistible, I am sure you have got the best cups in the world, even your vee boots are extraordinarily beautiful. I love your lips, they can be called the home of sugar. A tasty chocolate cake lips.


7. There has always been a reason why people cannot resist the charming beauty of a woman. They are created for us, they are the purest ever, the most beloved partners for men. Loving a woman like you is a privilege no other person should have. You are mine alone. There is one other thing I want to tell you, it is your face that shines like the sun itself that makes me tremble anytime I set my eyes on you. Can’t you see your gorgeous look, it is a powerful tool on its own, and it turns me on.

Except I have not seen you, then, I will be easy on myself I love your voice it sounds like honey. I love the way you walk, it gives me full confidence that an angel is mine at last. Thanks for being a beautiful person to me. I am in love with you as a squirrel is in love with palm kennel.

8. I don’t think you know what it means to be a person in deep love, no wonder I am always horny anytime I see you. I have become something else for you alone. I am now your boy, just send me on errands and I will go because your charming look is really driving me crazy. I wish you are in my heart to hear the sound of my heartbeat for you. It gives me the joy to have you around me. I love the sparkling face. It is the idea behind my happiness in life. Thank you.

9. I am right here in my nightgown, waiting for you to join me. I can’t wait for enough to squeeze your cups, I am fully activated to get down into your pot. I don’t mind using s*x to warm up my wife when she is hot. Remember how we used to settle with kisses and romance. That’s exactly what I want right away. Come and make me happy. Come and turn me on with your magic hand.


10. You may not know how much your soft body touches my heart whenever I see you. You are just very gorgeous that your look is equivalent to turning me on. I love you so much. You are cuter than pearl, lovely as a rose, and the smell of your body is fantastically romantic.


Freaky Paragraphs From Him to Her


11. I noticed that my heart beats strongly for you. I’m really in a deep love for you since the day I set my eyes on you. What I need right now is the charming smile that emanates from the beautiful enticing face.


12. My imagination for you is great that I see your naked body rather than the cloth clothing you. I have this strong drive for you because I have accepted you as my wife and heartbeat. You are the most beautiful treasure that dwells in my heart, your face is paradise, it is endowed with a lot of pleasure. A kiss from you is hot enough to keep me warm. I love you, don’t even have a doubt about this.


13. If being in love is to have someone like you as my wife, I think pleasure will not end in life again. Your pure face shines like sunshine bringing everlasting joy to my heart. I miss your queenly face, that powerful smile that cannot be taken for granted. You are the apple of my eyes. The chain that links to the innermost part of my body. Thanks for being destined to be beautiful.


14. Cute lovely angels are known for their smiles that drive away stress and sorrow. You are such an angel, your eyes are created with light that entices the heart of a man in deep love. You are more than just a lady, your heart is filled with lovely roses and lilies for me alone. I believe it so because it is now impossible for me to doubt you after the love you have shown to me. I love you.


15. You are the joy of my life, the one I will always love no matter what it takes. I am highly interested in getting down with you tonight. Just come around and enjoy some cakes with me, and then we call it a day.


16. I will rather hold you to the wall, and get some serious job around your chest. The truth is that I need more of you like I need sugarcane. You are pure bliss, I love to hear you moan before me. I love you. I need your hands around my job, they are very important tonight.


17. I don’t know why all I think about is how to take your back to the floor. After all, you are my wife, I am free to pull you gently from behind, I have the right to kiss your neck, touch the touchable, and set you on s*xual fire. I can decide to start with a deep romance, or just find a way to make you happier than ever. I love you.


18. Giving up is a sin when it comes to a legalized s*x, I am aggressively waiting for you tonight. I want to reach down to the holy land you have. I want to taste the honey whose taste cannot be found anywhere in the world.


19. I am in the mood to make you happier every day, my concern is to see you happy every day and night. I love your tongue especially when it rubs against mine. It is the most tasteful sugar ever. I love it, I cherish the taste.


20. I don’t know how to smile before you, because whenever I see you, I just want to laugh. I want to laugh for uncontrollable excitement. I want to grab you, from every angle. You are more than just a woman, you are the most beautiful lady in the world.


Sexting Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste


21. All I think right now is to have s*x with my wife. I just want to have it all for myself. I love her like never before. I want to suck her out of her senses, I want to hear her cry for me while I squeeze her curvy cups like a wild lion trying to tear his prey apart.


22. I am wet already, it will take only willpower to have myself into you tonight. Your beauty is too excessive that I can’t even resist it. I love you like never before. Thanks for being a smart wife I love you.


23. If your lady is good in bed, just shout hallelujah, you have got machinery for a good s*x life, she is going to give to you as you want. She will make you go to the extreme of s*x and then, you will be glad throughout the day.


24. She is your pleasure, the one sent to you. She will always make you happy as she is the most beautiful woman you can see for now. I love my life because I met the best lady in the world. She is to be a treasure of love, the most beloved one in my life. I need you to put a smile on my face with your natural assets.


25. If I misbehave, it is because I am already addicted to your beautiful body. I am a lover of peace but there is no peace on my mind right now, all I want is to eat you raw tonight. I want to c*m in you so it will manifest into the most beautiful child in the world. I love you.


26. It is my pleasure to come close to you every inch by inch. I just want to be close to you, side by side. You are an extraordinary angel, your cuteness makes me run mad. I love you.


27. I need you so much because you are the best in this world. I love you like never before. Thanks for being a great lady that is cute enough to be called a wife.


28. I will always long to have another round with you tonight, I am the unsatisfied one since having it with you is super fantastic.


29. Just call on me whenever you are horny, I will be right there with you. I will make you happy as you wish. I love you.


30. I will be there in a few minutes. Just warm up as I find my way home. Prepare my favorite, put a smile on my face. I love you.


31. You ar3 more beautiful compared to the peacock. If there is any other way to let you know that the best thing I have ever seen in my life is your joy.


32. The flower of your eyes cannot be found anywhere else, this is a great fact that cannot be denied. It is a fact that has been living with you since the day you were born. You are more precious when it comes to having a treasure. The way your eyeballs role mesmerizes my heart with the full condition.


33. I hope that you find endless peace on this special day. Truly, there is no reason to separate with something beautiful. You are so sweet and the truth is because you have that powerful love every man needs. The power of your beauty is too hard to take for granted.


34. If I have my ways to make you happier than you are now, I will do so to tell you how much I have fallen in love with you. Sometimes, it baffles me that I cannot even tell why I have become so close to you like never before.


35. You are the reason why I keep smiling. I just want to let you know that in your heart dwells lots of love I cannot finish fetching. I love you like never before.


36. The role you are taking in my heart is making me feel like a superman, you need to come and dwell in me to enjoy the mountain of joy you have created in it. I love you so much, my blessed wife. It is no crime to enjoy the woman of my life tonight.


37. In no time, you will realize how much you have changed my life because I will ensure you enjoy the result of the good impact you have made in my life. I love your lips, they are the best chocolates in the world, I love your body, they are the most comfortable place on earth.


38. You are my hope and the most beloved woman. You are more special to me than every treasure I have ever seen in the world. I love you.


39. Anytime I look at your gorgeous eyes, I see the beauty that grows until eternity. I see a never-ending beauty that cannot be replaced anywhere else. You are the most wonderful person I will always love all the time. I wish you more and more love in life.


Romantic Long Freaky Paragraphs for Her

40. You are special, your eyes are special, your body is special, your lips are gorgeous, well carved, and brown like chocolate. I realized that the power of your beauty is such an amazing pearl, dripping the fluids of passion in my heart and then causing the heat of love, joy, and continuous ambiance of happiness around me. I love you.


41. Your smile alone is one of the biggest assets in life. All I need to enjoy a whole day is to see you smile. I want to be your wings so that anytime you fly, I will always be there to see your powerful smile. You are such an interesting angel, your beauty fills the sky and the earth and this is one amazing thing that makes me happy the most.


42. Wishing you more love and happiness in your life. I hope to see you happy all the time. If I have my way, I will be glad to be with you all the time. I will never let you down for any reason for you have made away in my heart that makes me smile the most. I love you and there is no doubt about this. You will always be the one for me.


43. I am thinking about you right now because I am sure how much you will enjoy this very moment in life. You are my passion and I am yours forever. I love you beyond what you will ever expect. Thanks for always be there for me.


44. The truth is that you are too cute to be taken for granted. Any man that owns you and then sees you as insignificant has done a lot of wrongs to himself. I love you and will always want to be with you for the rest of your life.


45. You know what; it baffles me that you are always the freshest person in my life. You are all I want, all I need, and the blessing that keeps running all over my blood. I love you and you will not believe this. I wish you the best of lucks.


46. Why are your eyes shining like diamonds? Why are they so gorgeous that I can’t even see anything else save them? Baby, I swear, you are too beautiful, well behaved, well carved and well created. I wish to let you know that you are my dream comes true.


47. The kind of love I have for you cannot be measured by an ordinary mind. You need a supernatural mind to know the exact value of the feelings I have for you. I love you to the core and hope you understand this very well. Good to have you in my world.


48. I am willing to be yours all the time so that I can enjoy the power of love and success while they exist together in a heart. See how lucky I am to have you around. You are my apple and I will always keep good eyes on you for you belong to me. You are all I have, all I am proud of. Thanks so much for showing me, true love.


49. If love is a crime, I will be glad to stay with you forever. I will never let you down for a reason as you have changed every pain around me into joy and happiness. I will always love you until eternity. You make me smile by the power of your character, beauty, and calmness. I love you.


50. The day you smiled at me, I realized how good it is to have someone you love. Someone that will always let you be happy no matter what; someone that will give you that happiness you have been looking for. I love you so much and hope you understand that all the time.


51. You don’t understand how much you have been loved, you don’t know how much your love has been nurtured in my heart and it is the reason why I love you every day to let you understand how much you have captured my heart. I wish you the best in everything you do.


52. To me, you are a kind of treasure that illuminates my heart with peace and passion. I just want to be with you all the time so that you can always enjoy the fact that I am close to your heart like never before. You are all I have and I wish you the best you wish yourself. Thanks for always being there for me.


53. Having a blessed woman like you as a wife is like winning something more treasured than the entire treasures in the world. Things may be extremely hidden, but the light your love brings to my heart can see the darkest part of a tunnel. I love you.


54. In the beginning, I thought there is no unique love not until you showed me what the power of love is all about. I hope you understand how much you have reached down to my heart and how you make me feel anytime I miss you.


55. A day without you can make me sad. It can make me sick. You are already very close to my heart. We have reached that point in our relationship where people will see the resemblance in us due to an old passion that has gone deep into us. I love you, sweetheart.


56. The hope I have in you makes me happy. I am very sure that you don’t know how much you have occupied my heart with deep love and that impact has been living with me for so long that I cannot let you down for any reason. I love you.


57. You make me smile all the time and the reason is that your heart is pure for me according to my knowledge about you. Let no one come between us, for you have been given to me and I am ready to be with you forever.


58. Less I forget, you owe me a lot of love. You are going to enjoy everything I worked for because you are my hope and the most interesting woman in my life. I love you more than you can ever think. I am happy today because you make me smile all the time and your character is something worthy of being appreciated.


59. Let the breeze of passion emanate from your heart to mine. I am so much in love with you and hope you will understand this forever. I love you and hope you understand it too. You broke into my heart like a thief and stole everything away. I am in need of my heart but it is busy falling in love with you.


60. I hope you will enjoy this special moment in life. This moment promises lots of good, lots of love and joy. I will always remain yours all the time for you have captured my heart in such a manner I cannot forget. Your presence makes me happy day by day and I love you for that.


61. The walls of my heart never want you to escape my heart. I wish you understand the secretion of passion your love causes in my heart, angel, my happiness is seen in you and that’s why I will smile forever. I wish to be there for you.


62. I cannot forget a special person like you because in all the days of my life, being in love with you has been one of the truest feelings I have had. The chamber of my heart beats smoothly whenever I set my eyes on you. I want to be there for you all my life.


63. There is no reason to sleep if I can’t hear from you. I feel like this world will be another place of sorrow if you are not by my side. I love you and there is lots of truth attached to this fact. I miss you and wish you are already here to make me happy.


64. Being with you has always been my hope until we finally agree to spend a moment together. I began to fall in love with you better than ever. I appreciate your love in this world and my heart is always there for you. I miss you so much.


65. For the days I have spent with you are the best days of my life, it shows that you are the most beloved and truest lover of my life. I need to see that shiny face of yours to be able to smile once again. I really miss you and that’s the point I want you to get.


66. This life is meaningless to me without you until I can see you or make you happy once again. I want us to spend the rest of our life loving and caring for each other. I miss those power smiles of yours, those jokes and love songs are not left out of what I missed about you.


67. The love of my life, it seems you are far away in this world but in my heart, you are the closes lady. I want to appreciate you for the entire love you show to me. I want to love you to the end and to appreciate the special love that never stops.


68. The day you came into my world, I realized that you are the angel sent to me, you are the pearl of wisdom I needed to wipe away my sorrow. I miss you dearly and wish to meet you at any moment from now. You are the best woman I can always be proud of.


69. Do you know that being in love with you is one of the things I cannot forget for the rest of my life? This is because you have always been the only woman that understands me and my feelings. I wish to see you all the time.


70. Love is sweet when you have it with the right person but bitter when it is the wrong person. I found the right person like you in my life and that’s the reason why I am happy today. You are the only lady I can lean upon when I’m sad.

Freaky Paragraphs for Her Summary

Here are the most powerful freaky text messages you can send to your loved ones. They are naturally touching and as such will be a good means to make your woman happier.

We are for each other just like rain and earth. You will notice that I can’t do without thinking about you all the time because you belong to me. I will always be there to put an endless smile on your face. I love you to the end.

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