I Miss You Poems for Him in Jail 2021

I miss you poems for him in jail. Missing a person will make you feel as if you have been too far from each other. You understand how much you can be happy together in terms of love but now, they are not even around to say words of love to you or make you smile. You can always revive your man’s spirit so he doesn’t give up hope that there is someone out there who really cares about him.

I Miss You Poems for Him in Jail

• I miss you so much. It warms my heart to hear your voice and know that I can always come home to you. When I wake up in the morning I know before I even get out of bed that I will get to see your handsome face. You make every day better than the day before it could even be.

• I miss you. I still can’t believe you’ve left us. You are the best husband in the whole world. You always make me smile, but now every time I do it reminds me of you. There won’t be another man like you. No one will ever love me as much as you love me and no one will ever treat me as well as you do. I feel dead inside without you here – missing your touch and kisses. Oh, how I wish you are close to me now.

• I miss the way you used to look at me with your red eyes, so tired from work. I miss how you used to kiss me so deeply it took my breath away. I miss the way you would hold me all night long even if we both were dead tired from working hard during the day. I miss our late-night walks or just sitting on the bus talking. I miss everything about you and our life together.

• I think of you every second of every day. I miss your voice, the way you smell, the way you snore, the way you breathe. I miss sleeping next to you, holding you in my arms. I ache to touch you again and to fall asleep with you holding me. You are a part of me now and I am lost without you.

• I miss you more than the stars miss the sky, I long for your arms against me and your warm embrace. I say we should get married every day because that’s how much I love you. You are the one who threw butterflies in my stomach and made me feel like never before. It seems like forever since we first met each other, but it has only been a month apart from that. From then on our love was magical. Mornings are not complete without hearing you whisper I love you.

• I really miss you and wish that I could have one night back, just the two of us. Preferably in my bed. I looked for you all day. No emails or texts, no phone calls, nothing. It hurt my heart as if someone was ripping it out of my chest. I love you…and will always do.

• Your absence still feels strange. I mean I can still feel you in the bed, next to me. I know that your spirit is still here. It’s as if a part of you is missing and it can never be found again. And it makes me sad and mad and happy all at the same time. Some beautiful I miss you poems for him in jail.

• I miss you so much. I miss your laugh. I miss the way you kiss me with passion and desire. Most of all I miss your touch. I so long to feel you in my arms again so that I can embrace you and never let go. Love is a two-way street, please find it in yourself to forgive me for my mistakes and give me another chance.

• I miss you like crazy. I miss your arms around me and nuzzling my neck. I miss the way you smell, and the things you say. I miss the taste of your kisses and that look in your eyes. I’m trying to be strong, but you come to mind each night. I know you are not gone for good, just “meant to wait”. But still, tears sometimes stream down my face whenever we say goodbye. I know time will bring us back together.

Sad I Miss You Poem for Him in Jail

• I miss you so much that my chest feels tight and I can’t breathe. I have forgotten what you looked like, how it feels to kiss you. My heart is aching so badly and I know I won’t feel any better until you are back by my side.

• Dear my love, My whole world revolves around you. I love every breath you breathe, every beat of your heart. In the depths of my despair, I remember our laughter, your smile, and the way you kiss me with so much passion it takes my breath away. How can I go on without you? I can’t express how profoundly your love touches me. You are my everything.

• You are the love of my life. To know you is to love you. I am so lucky to have met you. You are the most amazing man I have ever known. I prayed for someone like you for years before I met you. You bring me so much joy that I feel like I’m floating on clouds. When you’re gone I miss even the air around me, and when you’re next to me, I notice even the faintest changes in the air temperature around you.

• I don’t know how I would do it without you, you are my best friend. I can’t wait for me and you to be together again. You are the love of my life, I wish that I could hold you in my arms right now. Your kiss makes me melt like butter, and your hugs just make me feel so wonderful. I miss your poem for him in jail for the hope.

• I miss you. You’re all I think about. I love you and always will. Don’t do anything stupid while your away. I know you have it in you to be a great father and husband, as well as an incredible provider. Know that I love you through this dark time and am waiting, patiently for your return.

• I miss you. I hope that I can make your days not so bad and that you are getting some sleep, food, and exercise. I wish you were here, but I am glad that you are safe. I love you more than anything in the world. I can’t wait till it’s over and we can be together again.

• I miss you and I think of you all the time. You are my everything and I am not complete without you. I cry myself to sleep at night wishing that your arms would hold me like they used to. Our love was only meant to be but somehow it was broken, and now I’m searching for a way to fix it. To quote one of your favorite quotes,’ if it’s real then it will never break’.

• I am going to be so real with you because you deserve it. I miss you, I love you, and I’m scared. The only way I can get through the days is knowing that soon we will be together. It’s not easy to do by any means, but every time our phones connect it feels like a little piece of heaven.

Tough I Miss You Poem for Him in Jail

• You are the love of my life, you have shown me what it is like to truly be in love. When I think about you all I can do is smile, and I miss that smile so much! When we are apart a piece of me is missing and I can’t wait until we are together again. You complete me. I miss you. I can’t be without you.

• 3 months without you, My love, My everything. I miss you every second! I feel nothing but pain now that you’re away from me. The pain of not knowing what is ahead for us. I wish more than anything I was there with you to wipe those tears away. I love you and always will.

• I miss you when I wake up, I miss you every night and every day. The love we share goes beyond the skies, and all the words in this world can’t describe how much I miss your smile. I can only hope from here you are happy and free. Knowing that soon you will be home again my love!

• I miss you so much, my love. It feels like a part of me is missing. When your here I am happy and our life is complete, but without you, everything is dull and feels incomplete. Some days are easier than others, but I promise to wait for you and hold on no matter how long it takes. Our love will only become stronger with time and distance.

• I think about you every second of the day. I miss your kisses, your hugs, and your touch. You’re so amazing and perfect in every way. I can’t help but fall more in love every day. Even though we’re apart, you are always with me. I’m forever yours.

• I miss you more with every passing minute. All I want to do is hold you and kiss you. You are my world, my heart, my soul, my everything. I love you so much.

• When I close my eyes at night I fall asleep with you on my mind. When I wake up in the morning I want to see you there next to me, filling my embrace. You leave a smile on my lips, and joy in my heart. I miss you so much. You are the best thing that ever happened to me!

• Uh. I miss you. like crazy. so crazy that sometimes I almost see stars. as the days pass by, my love and feelings for you only strengthen. I love you with all my heart and the hope that one day this will last forever.

• On our first date, I knew I had found the one for me. You were so handsome and smart & funny. But I didn’t know how special you truly were. I didn’t know that without you my life would be duller than a broken pencil. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, showing you how much you mean to me, and how special love like ours really is!

Cute I Miss You Poem for Him in Jail

• I hate that you are in jail. I feel helpless and nervous and sad knowing that you are behind those cold walls. I pray for you to be strong. I miss you very much, but as time goes on I know we will be okay.

• Sitting here behind bars, I think of you. I think about how much I miss you. How much I want to feel your touch, and how much I want to hear your voice. Even with us being away from each other, my heart tells me that everything is going to be okay. No matter how lost I feel, just seeing your face smiling back at me gives me the strength to continue on.

• I miss you. I just want to be with you. I wish you didn’t have to go, but I know you will come back soon. I love you and will see you soon.

• I miss you more than words could ever say. I love you more and more every day and I can’t wait to see your face tomorrow morning. Every moment that passes by without you here is agonizing, I can’t wait for when the pain subsides because my heart will be filled with so much joy once your arms wrap around me again.

• My love for you is like a river, never-ending. When our love first started it was a small trickle, but now it has grown into a powerful river. No obstacles will ever stop me from loving you, our love is that strong. I fell 1000 times deeper in love with you this year and I could see marrying you and having children with you in my future. I hope your luck changes soon so that you can come home to us. I miss you every day!

• My life with you is better than anything I could have ever dreamed. When I first met you I never knew how perfect my life would turn out. You are so strong and so brave, my favorite man ever. I love your laugh, your eyes, your smile. I love everything about you! And for that, I will forever be grateful!

• As the days pass by, you are all I can think about. You are my life, my love, and my heart. You fill me with so much joy that it just brings tears to my eyes. I’m not sure how many times I can tell you how much I love you, but every time I say it makes me fall a little more in love with you.

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