50 Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her

Best Good Night Love Messages For Her: Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her: love messages are like a pot full of honey, anytime you dip your finger into it; your tongue will always testify. It is a good habit to often remind our loved ones about how much we love them, care for them, and how much they mean to us. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to communicate with them through text messages. Related article: Cute 50 Romantic Good Night Messages For Him And Her

Here we are giving you some romantic text messages for the queen or king of heart which you have selected already.

Good Night Love Messages For Her

Baby, I want you to know that you are the lily that I adore, you lighted my heart with passion. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see a large lilac growing altogether in the shape of a love cone, this night is specially made for you so I am sending my luscious kiss to complement it. Good night my love!


The love I have for you revolves around an ultimate burning desire that will last forever, no doubt my baby- I am happy to be rid of worries this night because you are already in my mind and I will make sure you don’t escape even an inch till the next day when I will see your beautiful face once more. I love you, good night!


Among many flowers, I single you out as the best of roses, with the most charming color. Not in the slightest do I want to lose you. My angel, no matter how many times I write the story of your love, will never have a slip of pen because you are so special to me. I love you, baby- have a sweet dream!


By the dint of your endless love, I keep smiling and happy every day, in this dark hour your love lights up my heart to see you through my inner eyes. Right now, your thoughts fill my heart hoping to see your beautiful face soon, good night my love.


No one can perish the beautiful thoughts of love I have for you, no matter how far our distance may be, you will always remain close to my heart. You are such a special kind of gem made for me alone. Look into the sky tonight and find me among the stars smiling at you. Good night love!


Permit me to extend my unending gratitude to you this night, showing my gentle appreciation for the love you show me since the day I met you. From the bottomless part of my heart, a feeling of passion that I have for you is wishing you a fantastic dream. Good night love!


Dear wife, more and more will my love ever grow for you because you are so special- a lily of passion that dazzles me as I have always wanted- that is what you are, this night is a blessing for me and you and will, therefore, send my kisses to you the angel of my life. Good night and have a sweet dream!


For the helps you give to me, for everything you have done in my life, for all the love you’ve shared with me- I am willing to show unstoppable gratitude so you may understand that I love you with passion. Good night dear!


Let me tell you something baby, you are all in me and I always have it in mind to make you happy. Now that I have the opportunity to put a smile on your face, take all my romantic kisses and hugs to complete your night. Good night!


With your thoughts always in my mind, I can’t sleep until I hear your beautiful voice. Every second of my life I want to spend with you, my dear angel have a sweet dream!


Love Good Night Messages For Her

I will always be happy to have more and more of your love. For the moment, you alone is in my thoughts, had it been you know how much of you I care, you will be amazed to know how deeply I am in love with you. Good night angel!

Ever since the day I met you, have been doing nicely with my life. You are so lucky because you got the nod to every door of the inner part of the passion of my heart. This night I am assuring you that every good fortune will descend upon you. Good night my heart!


Every nook and cranny of my heart is dying for your love, it may be that I may go down if I can’t see your beautiful face in the next 24 hours. All my wishes this night is to wake the next morning and see your beautiful face once more!


Every night your thoughts in my heart is of note, I don’t joke with your words because you are such a beautiful lily in my heart. Every now and again, I stumble in love with you more and more, now it has grown to the nth degree where I have no more control over it, dear baby- I love you, have a sweet dream.


When you look into the sky, will see a lot of stars telling you how much I love you, already it is an open secret that I passionately need you in my life. The Jewel that persuades the light of my happiness. Have a wonderful night!


Every night, whenever I ponder about the kind of attention and love you show to me, my heart grows to a peak where it understands no other language but of joy, happiness, and passion. At this moment, I will like to appreciate your efforts in my life. I pray that every good fortune descends on you this night. Sleep tight!


Ever since I realized that it is permissible to love and be loved; I have always done so for you endlessly in my heart, now I want you to permit me to show you some part of the passions I have always kept in my mind for you. I want you to understand that even if you are in a port in a storm, I will be there for you. Be calm this night, and have a sweet dream!


If you can sit back and read the lines between the love I have shown to you, will realize that it is indisputable. In reality, no one can stop me from loving you, so be rest assured that you are mine forever. Good night!


Without prejudice against any other woman, I tender my heart for you alone. Can’t you see how beautiful my heart has become? The reason is tha,t in it, there are roses, lilies, and all kinds of the most beautiful flowers planted for you. Baby, I just want to say good night!


What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Right now, I am thinking about you, hope you are doing the same. Anyway, I’m just kidding, our hearts are already connected and become one, whatever you think I think, whatever you feel, I feel. Good night love!


The Good Night Messages For Love

With you my baby I want to savor every moment of my life, I wouldn’t say no to your wishes, thank God you came into my life. You deserve every kindness I may possess. This night, I am sending you my romantic kisses so you may find a sweet night dream!


I am the love chosen for you to keep you happy every day of your life. Everything I have, I want it to be yours coz I love you with passion from every nook and cranny of my heart, good night baby!


Sharing love in the night is the sweetest when it is you because you are ever as sweet as chocolate, romantic like Beyonce and hot like Bieber! Good night, I love you!


With all the love you have shown to me, I can’t forget you so easily. Every day and night, I think about you, and always wish we could always be together forever. I want to say good night to you my dearest!


I can see a flower, well created and exclusively beautiful- white and red it is, made for you as an appreciation for how caring you have become.


Love comes in the form of light to remove the shadow stocked in the heart of the owner. Your impact on my life changed me and I will always be grateful to you. Good night!


Love is wonderful and above all the most important in a blessed life, I am glad you are here with me in my heart. Without you my life is incomplete! Good night!


In the silence of the night, I think about you. No matter how far you may be from me, you are closer in my thought. I want you to know that I love you. Good night!


In as much as you are always there for me, I will be there too, even if you are not with me, I will always be close to your heart. You are a special kind of lady, I love you. Take this my little kiss, good night!


Even in the darkest of the hour of the day, I will always find a reason to love you. I will be happy to be with you forever my angel. Good night baby! Related article: New Good Night Quotes For Older Sister

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