New Good Night Quotes For Older Sister

Goodnight messages for older sister


This is the latest goodnight messages bulk to be sent to you older sister whom you love so much with passion ready to sacrifice your entire life just to make her happy (Smile) I hope you will enjoy dying as a hero for you darling sister? Hmm. This is just an opportunity to begin that special quest. Lolz.

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1. “Goodnight my sweet and lovely special older sister, I pray that you lay your head in a blissful passion of your soft pillow, and may tomorrow bring you much joy and delight.”
2. “A loving sister like you does no other thing on my heart than the fact that you glow like a diamond treasure. Goodnight my beloved sister.”

3. “You are the finest sister ever seen in life. And I’m sure that there can be no other princess like you. Goodnight my sweet lovely sister.

4. “I love your gesture because you are so good and caring. You understand my silence and tears. You understand my inner pains. This is the reason why I love you, my lovely sister, and goodnight.”
5. “I love you, dear sister because you are my best friend and helper whenever I am in need. Thank you forever been there for me when I need you most.

6. “Since we were born and been growing together, you have been my key competitor in the family and this is a pleasurable event in my life because it only makes me love you more. Goodnight.

7. “distance may not allow us to see each other or hear to each other once in a while, but your thoughts in my heart will never stop coming every and then with warm memories of the times and moments we have spent together. Goodnight love.

8. “I love you more because you are a peacemaker. Even when we had the worst fight, you know how to humbly fix the issue and return us back to a normal state. Thanks for being the sweetest sister ever! Good night.”

9. “It is my pleasure to let you know that you are my favorite sister because you have always there when I need you most. You have always been my role model and I have been your secret admirer and I will always cherish you forever. Good night!”

10. “I miss your laughter whenever I tell you my funny stories, I miss your face and the anger mood that makes you look more beautiful –I love you more when you pick out my added honey and sugar in my stories. Good night!”

Good Night Quotations For Older Sister

11. The distance cannot stop me from loving my darling sister because she means the world to me and has always been there whenever I need her most. She cares and worries about my life; goodnight my dear amazing sister.

12. As the shining of this night star, my prayer is to see you have a wonderful night’s rest and lots of dreams about those who love you and you love too. Please don’t forget about dreaming about me—goodnight.

13. Having a funny and beautiful elder sister like you brings lots of joy to the heart and I am very sure you are the prettiest lady in the whole of the universe. I love you, miss you and will like to say goodnight.

14. You are the sweetest sister in the world and that’s why I cannot sleep in a day without thinking about you. You have changed my mindset with your powerful words of wisdom. For this reason, I will always love you. Goodnight.

15. What a gorgeous lady I have as my beloved sister? She always cares for me no matter the difference that comes between us once in a while. Thank you for loving me; I know how much you care for me—goodnight.

16. You are such an amazing star and this baffles me to realize that someone as special as you still exist on this planet. I will always cherish you because you are my best friend and a good companion. Goodnight.

17. I don’t know what to do to make you understand than you worth been celebrated till the end of time. If I bought you’re a flower—the flower will fade. If I bought your mansion one day there will be no mansion again but if I show you love; love will last forever. Goodnight.

18. You are a special companion and I have chosen you as my favorite sister because time without number, you have shown me how kind you are. A rare gem of the family; I will always cherish you with passion. Goodnight.

19. I don’t know what to compare you with. If I compared you with a rose—rose will die. If I compared you with a dove—dove will fly away. If I compare you with a pea-cock—peacock will run away in pride so I compare you with you so that you can be with me forever. Goodnight.

20. I have really missed you so much and I hope that one day, everything will be fine between you and me; I love you and pray that you will excel in whatever you are doing wherever you maybe. Goodnight.

Good Night To You My Older Sister

21. This night, you thought came into my heart and I feel like it is necessary to reach out to you because just like a diamond treasure you stroke my heart with lots of excitement. I miss you drastically my dear lovely sister.

22. No matter what, always live positively wherever you are. No one can discourage you from whatever you have undertaken except if you want them to do so. Be strong and have a great night’s rest.
23. You are so special and I bet that you are the kindest sister in the world. You impress me with your gentle character and changed me into a caring lover. I will always love you until the end of time. Goodnight.

24. For the rest of my life, I will always be there for you whenever you need me. I promise to always be your good younger sister because you really tried about my life; lots of sacrifices you made; just to see me happy. Goodnight.

25. You are a darling, and as such I will not stop loving you no matter the condition or the state of mind we share in a moment. Blood is thicker than water and you are that same blood. I love you, goodnight.

26. Whenever you want to close your eyes to sleep, always remember that I am there with you whispering lots of words of comfort in your ears just to make you have the sweetest dreams in the world. I love you more than you can ever think.

27. There is no one that can stop me from loving you but God and I are sure that He does no other thing but well. Thank God for having a wonderful sister like you in my life—I will always cherish you forever be the kind of person I wanted i=around me. Goodnight.

28. With you around me, everything goes smoothly the way I wanted because you show me the kind of treatment that my heart needs. You encourage me to me strong whenever I am feeling weak. I love you, my dear angel.

29. No matter how far we may be, your thought will never cease to exist on my mind. Every day and night, I keep on thinking about the adorable moments shared together. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. Goodnight my love.

30. I wish I can always be where you are so that you will feel the closets impact of the kind of special love I have for you. A good sister like you deserve to be celebrated in every single moment of this life; goodnight.

Goodnight I Love You Quotes For Older Sister

31. I want you to rest assured that no matter how the people behave towards you—whether good or bad, someone somewhere and somehow loves you more and cherish you better than the rest and I am that boy. Goodnight.

32. Since the day that I have been making friends, I haven’t met the one as special as you are. In every single aspect of my life, you make me feel special about myself. I will always love you until the end of time. Goodnight.

33. You are my sweet sister, and truly nothing can stop me from loving you because blood will always be thicker than water. I wish that we are together now I will have told you the best of stories so far.

34. Like a flower, I adore you in my heart so that as a gentle dove, you will grow to the fullest size to spray your fragrance on my mind. I want to live the rest of my life to always hear from you. Goodnight.

35. Sweet sister, I know you may be surprised about my text at this late hour of the night but always remember that you are so special to me and as such won’t be able to sleep without reaching out to you. Goodnight sweet sister.

36. I hope that you have watched your favorite soap opera today, I’m sure you have done so because there is a need for you to always be happy because your happiness is special and so lovely. Goodnight my beloved sister.

Goodnight Wishes For Older Sister

37. You are so special my dear elder sister. Truly, I must confess upon your selfless moves in my life; I will always appreciate you forever been there for me. I love you as my sweet sister and I will always be pleased to be yours forever. Goodnight.

38. For your love is a divine gift, I thank God for giving you to me as a sister and friend. I love you beyond your imagination. I hope that you will always be fine with anything you are doing. I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you. Goodnight.

39. Goodnight to the most beautiful sister in the world. I pray that the almighty God be with you always, protect you against all evil and endow your life with endless joy and happiness. I love you so much, my dear sister. Goodnight.

40. I have really missed all the days we shared together. I miss the love we shared together and the once in a while fight that bonds us better after. My wish and hope are to see us at end living happily ever after. Goodnight.

41. May you find everything about you easy and lovely; this night is a special one that comes with lots of comforts, so I am sending you the sweetest and the most peaceful of the comforts. I love you my dear angel—goodnight.

42. As the light of the moon shines on the surface of the earth lighting your path to the next level in life; may God make this night mark the beginning of your breakthrough on this earth; I pray that your success will be recognized in the whole world. Goodnight.

43. You are my dream friend my sweet sister the true companion that I have been searching for. I love you more than you think because you are my joy and happiness. I cherish you more than you can ever think. Goodnight.

44. Nothing can stop me from thinking about you in a day because indeed, I am already addicted to you. For the rest of my life, I will always be grateful to the Lord for making you part of my life story. Goodnight my sweetheart.

45. Wishing you a very wonderful night’s sleep and I pray that the blissful moment of the day is your portion from now till the end of time. I beseech the Lord to always give you the best reason to live on earth comfortably. Goodnight.

46. At this night hour, all my wishes for you are to see you sleeping in sound condition and waking up in the best position. I am sending you a warm hug and peck because I love you so much as my sister. I just want to say, goodnight.

47. You belong to me my dearest sister and I wish you all the best on this special night. I love you beyond your imagination because to me no other sister is as special as you are; you are always there for me when I need you most.

48. There is joy in everything I know about you, in terms of storytelling you are the best among other storytellers. I admire your style of living—indeed a simple way to excel in the midst of the world’s strongest people. I love you goodnight.

49. No one will like to be far away from someone as special as you are; I love you as you are and will always do for the special person that you are in my life. I cherish you with passion because you are my best friend.

50. May this night shower upon you the Glory of the Lord that comes with it; I pray that your sleep will come with comfort, joy, and strength to continue with the daily routine tomorrow. I love you so much, my dear sister. Goodnight.

With these beautiful messages, we are leaving you with, you should be able to touch the heart of your loved ones with the immense power of words.

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