Cute 50 Romantic Good Night Messages For Him And Her

Best Cute Good Night Messages For Her

Romantic Good Night Messages

Romantic Good Night Messages: Love is a great force which exists between a man and a woman and humanity. It is an amazing bond that settles every difference between two people or more. There is a need, to always express our feelings for those who are very close to our hearts so that the love that holds us together will be stronger.

Love should not only be expressed or shown in the morning but also in the night when the brain is cool and relaxed. For this reason, we resolve to bring to your table, many romantic good night messages to make your lover’s night.

Here are some cute good night messages for your superstar. The one whom you love so much.

For my jewel whom I love so much, for the treasure of my heart whom I cherish with all my life. I want you to know that night is a garment that covers our stress, a flower of vanilla that saints every corner of our hearts, a dove that brings peace to the soul. I am sending this cute night message to ensure that you have a sweet night dream, my dear angel.

You may not know how much you mean to me, I miss you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you. If I can change the hands of time, would have love to share every moment with you forever. Good night my love.

I am yet to find the word to express the meaning of my love for you. On the wings of love, you belong to me and I am yours forever. Believe me, when I said ” I will always be yours until the end of time”. Have a sweet dream.

What else can I thank you for, the joy you make me feel in my heart or the selfless love you shower upon me? When we met, I was afraid that you might fail me but now I realize how lucky a person can be having you as a partner. I will always be grateful that you are mine. Good night dearest.

Night time is the best because it brings peace to our minds, it purifies our souls for a great day to come, gives sound health to our body. Have a nice dream.

I give little concern about nightmares because your thoughts in my heart make me feel more comfortable with myself. Thinking about you makes my night the best, so therefore good night my heartbeat.

I can’t stop thinking about you whenever you are far away from my sight. The sweet memories we shared keep coming back to me. With you in my heart, I am sure to have a sweet dream tonight.

Every night I dream about you because it is the coolest experience every man should have. Good night dear.

I am happy because you came into my life to teach me how to love. You brought into my life a memory worthy of been kept forever. I will continue to be yours until the end of time. Good night.

finally, it is night time, I pray that the blessing comes along with it descends on you. May the tranquility that surrounds the night cover you all through the moments of your sweet dreams. Have a sweet dream.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Him

Since the day I met you, I knew that have found the right person. The one whom my heart is pleased with. How I wish you can see how pure my heart is for you wishing you every good thing in life. I love you, good night my Hero.

I love you. Believe me, it is the truth, there is no doubt in it. The tears that flow down my chicks tell more about how much I have missed you. I just want to wish you a peaceful night.

The important thing in life is to find someone who will love you with all his heart. I have found you and this has accomplished everything I ever need in my life. Good night my superhero.

Good night the father of my kids. I hope I can express how much your love has changed my life for good. I will continue to miss you until you come back home. Journey mercy dear.

In the dictionary of love, nothing else love means but a good life spent peacefully with you. My King the treasure of my heart, have a sweet dream.

Happiness means a moment spent with you. Joy means a smile coming from you. Life means the day you came into my life. Good night my love.

Nothing else can separate us, not even distance can tear us apart. I live my life for you, to fulfill the covenant of the One who joined us together. I wish you a good night.

Night has fallen, now I am alone in my bed thinking about you. I can’t stop loving you my angel, have a sweet dream.

Everything in life comes and goes. Sunrises and sets, Winds starts blowing and stops blowing, river rises to the top and goes down to the sea level. All these things may act the way they are but my love for you will never change. Have a sweet dream.

This night comes with lots of blessings and breakthroughs. They just left my home, so I instructed them to come and descend on you and our kids. Good night, until after my journey.

Fantastic Good Night Messages For Your Loved Ones

I feel happier with myself whenever it is night time, the reason is that you never seize to make me happy with your night stories. I love those beautiful song lines of your love stories.

I just want to say good night to the princess of my life, the one whom I cherish so much. I hope you will have a great night.

Your thoughts never leave my heart for a second. You have become so close to my mind that I never wish to miss you for a day. I love you, have a sweet dream.

With you in my heart, the night is sure to be cool. I can’t wait to close my eyes so I can dream about us.

Thinking about you every night gives me more strength and hope. It assures me of a peaceful night. Good night dearest.

Every now and then, your love is safe in my heart. I can’t share it with anyone so I chose to think about you in my heart. Good night.

May you find peace in your heart this night. Night comes with good and I am sure it will find its way to your home. Have a sweet dream.

I am lucky that you came into my life. Your presence gives me a beautiful day and a peaceful night. I wish you every beautiful thing in life.

Tonight, I will send you a special gift, so if you open it will you find; love, peace, tranquility, strength and good night dream.

For my jewel, the one I love and wish every good thing of life for. The treasure and reason why I am happy. Nothing can separate us but a sweet dream which reunites us in a special world designed for only Queens and Kings.

Sweet Dream Love Messages For Your Love one

I wish you a sweet dream at night. If you looked into the sky you will find a star beside the moon. You are the star and I am the moon. The star and the moon will continue to appear every night forever.

I want you to understand that you are the only one my heart has chosen. You bring peace into my heart. I love you, good night.

Every second I spend with you means everything to me. I am happy to be yours. Have a cool night’s sleep, my love.

Whenever you are weak, know that I am there to give you strength. I will always be available to support you, my love. GOOD NIGHT!

Life is incomplete without you. Life is beautiful because you are part of it. The night is cool because I am thinking about you.

You are the one I love because everything about you brings peace to my heart. You are the mirror that puts a smile on my face whenever I watch you. Have a wonderful night’s dream.

If love is a house I will live in it forever, If love is money, I will never get tired of spending it but if love is you, I will keep it until the end of time so I won’t lose it to anyone else. Good night.

I love my life because you are mine. This night is a special one designed for a special person like you.

My dearest angel, how I wish you are here with me, this night will have been filled with beautiful love stories.

When I first met you, I thought only little that you will be the best for me. Ever since I realize How wonderful you are, you have never ceased to amaze me. Nice dream!

Lovely Night Messages For You And Her

How are you doing my angel, hope you had a great day? I want to say Good night to you. Have a sweet dream.

The moon in the night smile at you, the stars in the dark sky sing for you. They do so because I begged God to instruct them. Have a peaceful night.

All I want to express this night is the special love I have for you. I wish you can see how tears roll down my chicks. Your absence kills me but all the way good night.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again. I have missed you too much. Hoping that another day comes so we can see it again. Good night darling.

Hope you have seen the package I sent to you this night? Please open it, because you are about to find peace and rest of mind. Good night.

You are a wonderful love whose kind is not common. Your kindness has no bound, you shower me with love. Good night my angel.

You are worth more than a thousand women. You are a special angel chosen for me. All I need to tell you is a good night.

Flowers are beautiful, therefore we adore them. Fish can survive in water, therefore it chose to live in it. I used to be incomplete until you come into my life, therefore I chose you. GOOD NIGHT!

Have a wonderful night my love. A day without you comes with sadness. I hope we will be together forever so my face will shine until the end of time.

A day with you means a million treasure, a smile from you means every good thing life can bring but a night without you brings tears to my eyes. Have a sweet dream, my superhero.

I am wishing you a special night with lots of special thoughts on my mind for you alone. May the Lord bless and protect you forever.

You are simply the most amazing angel of my life, you gave me love and happiness, joy, and grace for always being there for me.

I am so glad to have you in a world like this, good night, I appreciate you for the true love you show to me all the time.

May you enjoy the love that will suit your heart this night, you are so special, lovely and above all the best ever met in life.

You gave me every good reason to smile, I wish you all the best and pray you continue to excel in your life. Goodnight dear.

Good night my love, I just want to say you are the best for me. I wish you a perfect night that puts a smile on your face. Good to have you around.

Happiness shall be yours for the rest of your life. As you prepare to sleep tonight, all my prayer is to see you smile when you wake up the next morning.

I will surely miss you in this few hours we are going to spend without each other. I wish you the cutest night in the world.

Cheer you beloved ones up with these wonderful text messages for them to be your best companions ever. Enjoy this wonderful texts.

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