40th Birthday wishes for wife from husband

Best of 40th Birthday wishes for wife


40th Birthday wishes for wife


40th Birthday wishes for wife: These are the newly written messages for you to send to your wife or lover. You will be happy that you read them. You may also like these: 50+ Good Morning Sweetie Images for Boyfriend or 100+ questions to ask your Girlfriend Dirty for Love and Romance.



  • My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. Have you ever seen any woman as gorgeous as she is before? I don’t even want to see her because she does not exist. Happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday wishes to the most beautiful wife ever. Your smile is a powerful tool that can put an endless smile on a person’s cheek.


  • I wish you all the best in this world, may your new age be blessed for you. I am happy that you are in this world for me.


  • This day is a wonderful day because it was the day an angel was missing in heaven. The sky cried and the earth was happy. Happy birthday, sweetheart.


  • I want to thank God for giving me the gift of a wonderful wife, today she is plus one, may her life be blessed with lots of love.


  • Wishing you the most successful life ahead. This day of yours will not be a waste in your life. happy birthday my dear angel.


  • Happy birthday, my dear, I love it most whenever you are happy. May you continue to enjoy the favor of God as you are plus one today.


  • Lord, I call upon you to bless my dear wife with new glory for this wonderful day of her life. Happy birthday to you.



  • It is not easy to clock this age of wisdom, as you open a new chapter in your life, may you enjoy it to the end. Happy birthday.


  • Life without you is difficult. I ask God to be with you now and forever. May you find endless peace in your heart now and always.


  • May the Lord bless your hustles and give you the kind of peace you deserve. I will try my best to put a smile on your face.


  • When you are together with a wife that puts you first as part of her priority, it means you will find peace in your heart. Happy birthday.


  • I know you will be happy today. this is the reason why I am also happy about sending you this wonderful message today.


  • Thank God for your life, I ask God to protect you against all evils; may you be blessed abundantly and your success will forever remain with you. Happy birthday.


  • Sweet love, I am sure you understand how much you mean to me. From the beginning to the end of my life, I want to be yours always.


  • Happy birthday to the sweetest person I ever met in my life. Now that you are fortieth, I pray for a new beginning for you.


  • May your happiness never end; you shall be celebrated for many other things in life. Congratulations on your fortieth birthday.


  • Thank God for having a precious wife like you. You put a smile on my face and give me plenty of reasons to love you every day.


  • I just want to say congratulations to the mother of my kids. May you live longer than expected. Happy birthday, dear.


40th Birthday wishes for wife from him



  • When a woman clocks this age, you need to respect her more. She is now a fully grown-up adult. A sweet lady for that matter.


  • Age of wisdom. This age is special and it is the reason why I am wishing you that very goal you have been searching for. Happy birthday.


  • May your new age profit you. You are a good woman therefore, I am sure it will not be hard for you to excel in life. Happy birthday.


  • Thank God for having you in my life. I love you so much and that’s just the truth. There is no doubt in what I say. Happy birthday.


  • Loving you is my number one priority this morning and I also want to use this opportunity to thank you as a good wife that supports her husband in times of joy and sorrow.


  • The other day, I told you how important you are in my life. I will always respect you for what you are. You are the best for me.


  • I needed an angel’s wing and the Lord sent you to me 25 years ago. Today, you are 40th may the Lord increase your wisdom.


  • I am happy to have you as a wife. This is great luck for me. I will never stop loving you for the rest of my life. You are the best for me.


  • I miss you so much; you are the reason why I asked God to wake me up today so that I can see your face before the birthday party.


  • Do you know that you are the nicest woman in the world? There is nothing I needed that you didn’t give to me. I love you so much.


  • I miss everything about you and pray that every single day of your life will be blessed with endless joy. Happy birthday.


  • I can never stop loving you. This is because you have done something only an angel can do. Thank you for a wonderful wife.


  • Now and for the rest of my life, I will never forget you. I will try my best to be with you anytime you need me. Happy birthday.


  • Thank you so much, my dear Lord, you are the most wonderful one in my life. I will always love you until eternity.


  • No one understands the level of my love for you but it is the truth. I have become a nice person to you. I love you for all I care.


  • Whoever has a good life should always thank God every day. Your life will never remain the same. Happy birthday.


  • I am happy today being the very day my wife was born, I hope that everyone here will cheer her up for me. Happy birthday, darling.


  • The age of wisdom for a woman of my heart. May the Lord continue to be happy with you. Happy birthday my love.


  • I have come to realize that the only true way to enjoy this world is to have a woman of good character by your side. Happy birthday my dear.


  • Wishing you a nice day ahead. May you find it easy to reach your goals this year; may this year be a new day of your success. Happy birthday.


40th Birthday wishes for wife from her



  • Good to have you in this world. Anytime I see your face I see the happiness of my life. You are my missing rib and now that I found you, no one can take you away from me.


  • She is the perfect match for you. You can’t even be happy until she is. You just want to be with her all your life because she is compatible with you. Happy birthday.


  • God knows you are good for each other and then, he brought you together as one. Your destiny is well fixed together so wish her a good happy birthday.


  • This is her 40th birthday as a woman. She is your wife the woman that has been enduring with your in time of storms and rains. Happy birthday.


  • Don’t ever make the mistake of taking your woman for granted. You are perfect for her and it the sole reason why you met. Happy birthday.


  • Cute you, my baby. Say these kinds of words to her. She deserves your sweet mouth. You think your sweet mouth as a man is just there for nothing? I wish her a happy birthday.


  • I want to stay with you all my life. You are always the best for me. You can be the one I cherish to the core. Happy birthday my dear.


  • You are the one I cherish with all my heart and the reason being that you are a good wife, a treasure that gives full support to her husband. This is the kind of word a man should say to his wife. Tell her happy birthday.


  • I can’t do without thinking about every moment we shared together in the past. You left a trace of deep love in my heart. Now that you are 40th may your life be brighter than ever. Happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to my wonderful wife, she has been the true companion to me since the day we met. My sweet wife a happy birthday.


40th Birthday wishes for wife from son



  • The only true mother that can sacrifice everything for her children is plus one today; I am wishing her long life and prosperity.


  • I am happy today, the Lord of mercy shall protect you forever. You are the best mother I can ever boast of in life. Happy birthday.


  • Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a sweet mother whose mission is to make me happy all the time. You are special my dear mother.


  • I am wishing your all that you desire this day. May you find endless peace in your heart. I beseech the Lord to bless you every day of your life.


  • The Lord shall protect you and make this new age a benefit for you and humanity. Happy birthday my dear angel.


  • Willing to be yours for the rest of my life. I need you to be with me all your life; mom, my fear is that I don’t want to lose you without you enjoying the fruit of your labor.


  • I miss you, mom. Today, I am sending you these messages as an appreciation for the kind of life you have built for me.


  • There is no woman like a mother. She fights for her children and makes them happy in the end. Happy birthday my love.


  • Wishing you the best on this day you were born. May you be blessed all your life; happy birthday to my wonderful mother.


  • Mother, you are that precious woman I will always be proud of. Your love in this world is the most beautiful experience for me.


40th Birthday wishes for wife from daughter


  • I have been looking up to you as my role model. Today you are fortieth, this has to do with the age of wisdom, may you find peace in your heart.


  • Happy birthday my mom. I hope your cake is ready. I am coming back home to celebrate you as the most amazing mother in the world.


  • I wish my beloved mother the best wishes from the deepest corner of my heart. I love her like never before. I love so much my sweet mother.


  • Mother, I will never forget you all the time. You are my true friend and the best advisor I have ever come across in my life. Happy birthday.


  • Wishing the most gorgeous mother and woman in the world a happy birthday. Thank God you didn’t remove my fetus the other day.


  • Thank you, Lord, for the life of my mother. I will always be grateful to her. She is one of the strengths I have in this world. Happy birthday, mom.


  • May your new day be a complete blessing for you? You shall not for any reason be forgotten forever. Happy birthday, ma.


  • Enjoy this joyous day of your life. May you always be the most wonderful mother in the world. Happy birthday sweet mother.


  • No one knows why I love my mother deeply. She is a woman with an outstanding character. I so much love her.


  • Thank God for the life of a precious mother. She made it to this time in life. I will always be happy that I have you as my mother.


  • You are the best woman life has brought to me. Thank God for this great privilege. You are the rose that saints in my life. I wish you the best of birthdays in life.


  • A woman like you is the most amazing gift a man can have in life. I wish you the most blessed things in life. Happy birthday my darling.

Celebrate your wife with us and you will thank us later. We have a lot of these messages on our website, so try and enjoy the rose smell.

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