100 Plus Surprise Cake Captions for Instagram

Although there are several keys to a successful caption, at least one should be about this cake. For example, “Yum yum!” or “Whatever this is, it looks delicious!” also work fine as a caption for surprise cake captions for Instagram.

1. Surprise! Who wants cake? 🍰

2. Surprise! I made you a cake. 👏 🎂

3. TTC: Cake Smuggling Team ! ! ! ! ! ! #surprisecupcakes

4. Surprise! It’s your birthday 🎉

5. Surprise! A birthday party. And cake. And candles lit in anticipation of a sing-along. Happy Birthday to the one and only, BFF.

6. Three words: birthday cake pancakes 🎂🍰

7. Surprise! 🎂 Happy birthday, to our favourite daughters / bffs / colleagues / sisters ❤️ . 🎂 We can’t believe you’re turning (insert age here) this year. You’ve grown up so

8. Who says having a birthday cake has to be scheduled down to the minute? It’s easier to have one delivered 👊

9. C’mon, it’s your b-day. We can’t have you ending this year without a little…cake 🎂

10. Getting ready to celebrate with friends and family—join us in our kitchen! 🍰#likecakeslovefriend

11. Surprise! Surprise! The cake that no one knew was a surprise until it showed up at the party.

12. Surprise! It’s a birthday cake! 🎂

13. Surprise! Cake is always better with friends. We all scream for ice cream cakes.

14. Surprise! It’s your birthday and we’ve got a cake for you. 🎂 🍰

15. Everybody loves a surprise cake, especially when it’s this supremely chocolatey 🍰 🥂 😜

16. When you order a cake and it arrives looking like this, you can’t even be mad. 🍰

17. We love celebrating the big moments. And every day, really. No matter what you’re celebrating or how you’re celebrating, cake makes any occasion better. Eat cake. Because it’s your birthday. Because it’

18. Surprise! We’ve got something sweet for you today. Preview what’s coming next week at Delish.com. 🍰

19. Celebrating all the little moments that make life worth celebrating—especially dessert. Enjoy with someone you love. ✔️

20. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy Belated Birthday to You! Oops we made the cake batter and the frosting but we forgot to buy a cake 🎂.

21. Surprise! Three layers of perfection in one very accessible cake 🎂 #BelGioiosoFreshMozzarella #TastesBetterThanSurpriseParty 😉

22. Surprise coffee cake? You just made my day @starbucksofficial 😋

23. Surprise! It’s your birthday. You don’t look a day over

24. When you gotta hide it quick, hide it in a cake. We’re celebrating the 14th birthday of our original layer cake with two new flavors 🎂🤩

25. Life is short. Eat cake for breakfast “just because” 🍰

26. Surprise! You’ve been adopted by a family of animals for the day.

27. Birthdays are the best reason of all to celebrate with friends and family. If you didn’t believe us, we made this special birthday cake just for you. Happy day!

28. Think outside the box—and then savor every single bite.

29. I’ve been a good boy all year. Now it’s time to celebrate with a carrot cake cookie 🎂 #CookieMonster #HappyBirthday #DigIn

30. What’s better than one surprise? Two surprises! 🎉

31. Surprise your best friend this year with a birthday cake from The Cheesecake Factory. #birthdaycake #surprisecake #ad

32. Surprise cake. 🎂 #cakeday

33. Surprise! We made you a cake just for the fun of it. This one doesn’t have any themes or meanings behind it, but don’t think that makes it any less special. We just wanted to say that we love

34. How many layers of surprise are too much surprise? One more than this cake 🍰🥧

35. Delight your besties with a surprise cake. 😊🥰

36. Surprise! It’s your birthday… even if no one has told you yet.

37. Surprise your friends with our new Cozy Feast Collection, now available to #hugandkiss. For more information.

38. Surprise! Happy Birthday!

39. Birthday cake for breakfast…

40. It’s my birthday again. I’ll see your slice of cheesecake and raise you a piece of yellowcake. *folds arms*

41. Surprise! It’s your birthday — and we hid a beautiful cake for you in the store. Find it and get a slice at any time on Saturday or Sunday.”

42. We just baked you a cake. Don’t worry, it’s not an actual surprise, because you are looking at this Instagram post. Do you want it? Here you go. Have a great day!

43. Surprise your friends or family with this welcome home chocolate cake #homedelivered

44. Surprise! Celebrate in style with a special emoji cake – featuring an emoji that you choose. 🎂 👯♂️👏

45. Getting a birthday cake from your mum is always a special day. You think she’s just going to the shops for milk, and then BAM! Cake! 🍰

46. Surprise! What a great way to brighten someone’s morning.

47. So much cake, so little time. Happy Birthday!

48. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood baker _ _

49. I baked a cake and it’s already made. Here’s a song to make you smile while the cake is making.

50. Cutest thing to have ever happened. 🍰

51. Surprise birthday cake is the best birthday cake! 🎂

52. What do you get someone who has everything 🎁? ✔️ A gift card to pick out their own gift ✔️ A cake with a surprise inside

53. It’s always nice to see you… and even better to see you with a surprise cake. 🎂

54. She’s a surprise all right. We’re just not sure who will enjoy the―(BOOM)😳!!! #cake #surprises #happybirthday #annie #annieclaire

55. Sweet surprises know no bounds. Celebrate today’s special moments with a piece of birthday cake. We’ve got you even more covered.

56. Surprise! You’re the sweetest… 💗

57. A surprise cake for someone who put their best effort into taking great care of you all year or for that person that is really close to you.

58. Delightful #surprisemadelephantcake made with three different layers of chocolate cake, buttercream frosting, and peanut butter filling. The perfect treat for any elephant lover!

59. Surprise! 🍰

60. Calling all coffee lovers! The cake you’re looking for is here 🎂

61. Life’s a cakewalk 🍰 It’s your birthday. #birthday #cake #cakewalk #surprise

62. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Celebrate the milestone moments you wish to commemorate with cake and hugs. 👑👶

63. It’s your birthday and we know this gorgeous cake is the only thing you want to see on your special day. Surprise! It’s time to celebrate ☺️🎂 #starbucks

64. His girlfriend smeared a layer of frosting on a slice of cake and took a picture. The only thing he hates more than surprises is frosting.

65. Surprise! (and happy birthday).

66. Having a crazy week? We can make it better. ##cake

67. *drumroll* — It’s a [name] cake!

68. When you’ve got an office birthday cake to share, make sure there are plenty of forks. Happy birthday!

69. “Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.” -Louis Hector Berlioz #nostalgia #cake #🎂

70. May this weekend be filled with unexpected moments of happiness, like stumbling upon the perfect birthday cake.

71. Which one is the best surprise birthday cake? Try this baby and see if they notice!

72. Surprise! It’s our 2nd birthday! And it came with a cake… 😱 We can’t wait to spend the day celebrating with you. Thanks for being on this ride with us. 🤗 #Happy2ndYear #Sur

73. Surprise! No one can wait until your birthday. Happy birthday, baby!

74. Surprise! Happy Birthday to youuuu. #HappyBirthday ##

75. Surprise! It’s our 10th anniversary today. Thank you for always staying true to your values, for supporting childhood nutrition around the globe, and for never taking yourself too seriously. We love you! The Barefoot Contessa.

76. @laurabodash surprised me with a cake today. here’s to many more happy birthdays together! 🍰

77. Get into the spirit of #internationalwomensday by making yourself a cake!

78. Need a small escape? These celebratory desserts are a bit of a surprise. Celebrate a special occasion with them today.

79. Surprise! It’s a 🎂 we could all use to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

80. Oooo a surprise birthday cake? I’m not worried. I’ll just take a short break from this delicious slice to blow out the candles. 😋

81. Life is a party and the birthday girl will always get a surprise cake.

82. Surprise! We’ve baked you a cake. And it’s covered with buttermilk and blueberries and chocolate and vanilla frosting, so nothing too crazy.

83. Congratulations! You’ve won a free cake! 🥂

84. Penny starts to look a lot like a birthday cake 😃 #pennysbirthdaycake

85. Which one will they see first? The cake or the balloons? 🎉

86. It’s your birthday. We’re going all out.

87. Need candles for a cake? You can find them in the cake isle.

88. Happy birthday! May every year bring more joy than the last. 🎂💥 #cake #birthday #hbd #sprinklecake

89. Oops sorry I dropped the cake 🎂

90. To the people who bake with us every day, everywhere, this sweet little surprise is just a reminder of how much we love you. 🍰

91. Ahh yes, in honor of your day let’s release a surprise cake. #eatcaketocelebrate #cakeonthego #eatcakeforbreakfast

92. Who doesn’t love a surprise?! So happy to pop in for my friend’s 🎂! Cake anyone? 🍰 ~~~~~~~~~ Celebrating your birthday!

93. We’re all about celebrating the little victories—that’s why we invented cake. Happy #NationalCakeDay! #CakeMeUp

94. Pretty sweet how we make the most out of celebrating your birthday and surprise you with a cake. #Sweet16 #Sweetest Day.

95. Surprise! Celebrating a birthday or anniversary is all about showing your loved ones you care.

96. Delight your Valentine with this adorably chic cake 🍰😋 That’s what you get for making us wait until the last minute to get a gift. We’re just kidding—we’re not mad 😉

97. Surprise! Take a virtual trip to @foodelevator this Saturday for our debut of 🍰flavored yogurt.

98. How do you celebrate this weekend? We’re doing it with some cake.

99. Time to surprise your mom on her special day! Happy Birthday, Mom 🎂🍰

100. Who knew (company name) could work its magic on just about anything? Break bread with us.

101. Surprise! It’s your favorite cake 👏

102. Waiting for your birthday cake can be filled with a lot of emotions. Happy birthday!

103. Hubby’s birthday cake this year was a huge hit! He still can’t get over how good it looks.

104. Surprise! It’s our birthday – hope you have a sweet one. 😃👍

105. It’s almost your birthday. What do you want? A ROUND CAKE, YES PLEASE! 🎂

106. It’s no secret we love breakfast at the bakery, but we also love to celebrate any reason and every season. So in honor of our annual birthday celebration, we baked a cake and we want to share it with you…”

107. I’m not only making the birthday cake but also am one. Happy happy of you🎂 ” _ Eira

108. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary every year with a big slice of chocolate cake. Yes, we’ve been married for more than 9 years and no, we’re not tired of chocolate. 😊 #mocoff #cake

109. Cotton candy. Pineapple upside-down cake. Strawberry shortcake. And an ice cream sundae bar. Count us in! 🍦

110. Surprise!

111. Surprise! We know life’s full of surprises—and so are our cakes.

112. Surprise! I made you a cake 🍰.

113. Who’s up for a delicious surprise breakfast cake? Make yours the first day of fall at

114. Surprise birthday cake for my best friend @jackie_marie ! I hope it tastes 💕 as good as you look.

115. What’s better than cake? Cake with someone you love. 🍰🎂 #cakepic

116. Happy Anniversary! Surprise party to celebrate your 1st Anniversary with balloons and cake. #anniversarycake

117. Birthday weekend plans: sleep in, eat cake, watch Netflix. Happy birthday to me! And to anyone else who shares a birthday with me today 😉👩🍰

118. I’m surprised you remembered my birthday…! (Look what I made for you!)

119. My cake pop!!

120. What’s so special about today? Why, it’s my birthday, of course! #HBD

121. Surprise! We brought cake to celebrate this special day with you. Let’s do it again next year, shall we?⁣.⁣#happybirthday

122. Surprise! It’s your birthday! Here’s a cake… and a kitten party 🎂🐱

123. Surprise! It’s your birthday. We’ll get you a slice of cake. 🎂

124. Surprise! What smells so sweet? It’s a delicious cake for our iced partnership.

125. Well look what showed up early! Happy Birthday, Mom. #cake #celebration ##

126. Cake to you, too! Come celebrate [your friend’s] birthday soon. 🎂

127. Special anniversary surprise for my lovely wife #kingandprize _cake. Thanks @_ggg_s Thanks @hardcandyteam #moshi

128. #CakeAt5 – Cake Boss will be on TV at 5! Don’t miss this special episode of Cake Wars.

129. What a surprise party cookie cake is made of 🎂🍰

130. Is it your birthday? HBD to ME. Happy Birthday, me! Today is my day and all I need is cake 🎂 (And maybe a book or two, don’t @ me).

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