The Best Strawberry Picking Captions

Strawberry Picking Captions for Instagram – A collection of captions that describes the activity of one or two adults or older teens and a group of pre-teens/young teenagers searching for and picking ripe wild strawberries. Depending on the size and maturity of your group, you may be able to make several trips on foot to several farms over the course of a couple of hours. It’s possible on some farms to arrange for a hayride to more remote parts of their property where berries tend to grow larger.

Strawberry Picking Captions

1. strawberry picking season is here!

2. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, hand-picked strawberries. Celebrate summer with these three easy recipes!

3. When the sun is out, the strawberries are ripe for the picking 🍓

4. Strawberry season brings with it the sweet scent of summer and warm evenings spent picnicking under trees 🍓

5. Get the freshest, sweetest strawberries you’ve ever tasted – just by following us. 🍓

6. Curating cuteness for this weekend’s epic #StrawBerryShortcake selfie.

7. Your little gardeners will love these tools for their pint-size farm. 🌱

8. When you get that craving for something fresh and sweet, just get in touch with your berry side.

9. Good enough to eat Fresh picked goodness, hand picked just for you.

10. Keep your fruit fresh all day. ✔

11. Strawberry season is just around the corner. So put on your boots and come and pick some with me!

12. The sweetest days are those spent outside, with friends or family, strawberries in your basket 🍓

13. Let’s go pick some strawberries ladies! 🍓 Today is going to be a great day.

14. So real you could touch it—the all-natural sweetness of the real strawberries we pick by hand, then freeze with no added sugar or preservatives. 🍓

15. Hit the road for an easy day trip to sunny Florida. This stop is a must! @_thatredhouse_ has beautiful plants, herbs, and plants you can cut fresh from their garden. Next door they have a cute little strawberry field with

16. A vacation, something to eat, time with your family, quality time. Strawberries are things that make your heart happy.

17. Who else is ready for some fresh, homemade Strawberry ice cream with cake batter crumbles? 😍

18. We can all use a reminder that there’s more to life than the hustle and bustle of city living. 🍓👨👩👧 #dontwasteyourberry

19. When life hands you a summer full of rainbows, you throw them into a basket and make a delicious summer salad 🍓

20. The closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more I’m thankful for farmers’ markets and farmers’ sons. 👨🍳

21. The best strawberry picking is with friends. Get ur bffs together, pack a cooler of good food, and don’t forget the straw!

22. Fall may as well just be called Strawberry Season. #strawberrypicking

23. On a bright September morning, strawberry picking with these babes. 🍓

24. Having an amazing day with my favs. #strawberrypicking #family #dirt #🍓

25. This was the best adventure ever! We picked so many strawberries and had such a great time that we didn’t even mind the sunburns ☀

26. Summer may be ending, but that doesn’t mean the berry fun has to end too. Get out, get picking and have some strawberry adventures ✌🏽️

27. Celebrating #NationalStrawberryDay 🍓 who’s ready to hit the picking field? 🍓

28. Get out this summer and pick some fresh strawberries. (Ripe ones, of course) 😋

29. Savor the simple things. Strawberry season is just around the corner.

30. Gather your fellow berry-pickers and head out today for a picnic…wherever you may be. 🍓

31. Strawberry Picking season is back, and it’s the perfect time to pick up an ice cream cone, take a stroll through the garden, and enjoy what summer has to offer this year!

32. Surprise your loved ones with strawberries picked from our very own patch at Strawberry Fields. We promise the fresh fruits will always be worth the fuss. #StrawberryFeels

33. Let’s pick those plump ripe strawberries and make something delicious to eat.

34. Hilltop Orchards is open year-round, but each season brings new surprises. Our Summer Strawberry Festival kicks off the season with fun activities for the whole family! Click the link in our bio.

35. Strawberry season is here and it’s time to get your hands in the mud and make some jam 🍓

36. There’s a harvest close by—California is a berry basket! 👀 🍓 🍌

37. Growing up in Massachusetts, my family would often come together to celebrate the end of summer with a trip to pick fresh berries at one of our many local farms. My mom was an amazing baker and would make pies, tarts, crisps, cr

38. Weekend goals – When your plans include eating a gallon of #strawberries and reading a book.

39. Swapping the office for wide open fields and sunny skies, this week it feels like you shouldn’t be working.

40. A few bags of SP have never tasted so good.

41. Be the first one in your group to find the biggest, ripest strawberries when you go strawberry picking at your local patch!

42. It’s that time of year again, when the perennial back-breaking labor of spreading straw over strawberry beds is rewarded with picking enough strawberries for three weeks of smoothies, baked goods, and jam. Yum!

43. Lived in Brooklyn, New York for the past eight years, but my love for our state’s bountiful harvests will never fade. We picked a ton of strawberries this year that we’re excited to be sharing with you

44. We picked out the ripest strawberries and put them on our new seasonal waffle. Get yours while the picking is good.

45. Summer isn’t over just yet! Grab a basket and head to the patch for some seriously sweet strawberries. 🍓

46. This year I’m growing my favorite fruit—strawberries 🍓 and I can’t wait to pick them right in my own backyard!

47. When the summer’s over it’s time for strawberries😍

48. It’s strawberry season! Check out these tasty recipes featuring our new favorite fruit.

49. Can you smell them? Fresh strawberries. Bittersweet. Sexy. We’ll have a private picnic, come join us.” – Kathleen Hanna, Princess Nokia

50. Packed our bags for a weekend in the woods to pick wild blackberries and spread a little sweetness. 🍓 ##

51. It’s strawberry picking season. 🍓 Will you be our partner in crime on this venture? Branch out with us toward new experiences and adventures ✨

52. Here’s to crazy nights, new friends, old friends, great stories… and strawberry picking with your bffs. 🍓

53. This strawberry is a-peeling!™ #derbycitysucculentgarden #locallygrown #driscollstrawberries #pickyourown

54. I close my eyes and all the stress and unsolvable problems of my life disappear. All that is left is peace and quiet, and me and my strawberry patch.

55. Feeling productive, helpful and grateful by picking strawberries with the family! 🍓🍌

56. Picking fresh berries this fall is a delight, but all summer long is nice, too.

57. Just picked 10 pounds of fresh strawberries to make some strawberry shortcake with @jennielynnjuggs 😋 🍓

58. Because #farmersmarket season has arrived and this is a major score.”

59. Picking the last of the raspberries this week at @beckervanhooks_ , We have a big group going this weekend , if anyone wants to join us let me know . Lets Go Nuts 🍓 . Photo cred Joe

60. You know summer’s over the moment you bite the first melting strawberry on your waffle at brunch. * 📸: @makenna_jeanne

61. Capturing the feeling of strawberry picking

62. Strawberry picking at the local patch is the perfect time to get out and enjoy some quality family time.

63. Picked fresh, picked juicy. The best time of year to enjoy strawberries is now 🍓

64. We’re ready for harvest season with a week jam-packed full of activities, including picking our own fresh strawberries!

65. Here are some great ideas for what you should do with your fresh strawberries…

66. Picking out the first of the season strawberries. There’s nothing quite like them 🍓🍏

67. Eating more fresh fruit doesn’t have to be hard. Dispatch allows you to find nearby pick-your-own farms and schedule a day for your family to go picking. Find a farm nearby at Dispatch , visit for a day of fun, and

68. Freeze dried strawberries #nofilter

69. We’re smelling like strawberries! 🍓☀️🍓☀️ smelling like 🍓

70. 👁🌾We all know you can’t resist that juicy, sweet taste of juicy fruit. -👃 *

71. Whether strawberry picking with the fam or doing it by yourself, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and grab a basket and head on over!

72. This strawberry picking experience has been a top pick 🍓

73. Strawberry picking is the #1 way to spend a Saturday. Check out our strawberry recipes for this summer! .

74. Grab your family and friends and head to the strawberry patch ☀… …and make memories that last all year long.

75. Picking our favorite little red gems is the best way to kick off summer! #strawberry picking…

76. This weekend, get outside with your sweetheart (or single friends who like to snack) and pick some of this year’s most strawberry-licious, tried-and-true varieties.

77. Heading to the strawberry field soon? Take time to pick your own (and follow these instructions)…And you don’t need to be up early. 😉

78. Off to the strawberry patch, ready to pick some juicy berries 🍓!

79. Come pick with us! There are so many ways you can use our fresh strawberries. 😍

80. It’s strawberry season and we’re ready to get juicy. 🍓 We’ve got all the tools, tips and recipes you need for backyard berry bonanzas.

81. It’s strawberry season—pick your patch, grab your straw, and find our what makes you happy. This one is for the Instagram @lila_themouse.png

82. Things just got real. It’s strawberry season, and that means it’s time to pick some berries 🍓 😎

83. I’m the type of friend who brings a straw so you can pig out on all these strawberries after helping me pick them. 🍓

84. Enjoy a fresh supply of the sweetest strawberries the season has to offer 🍓

85. Just like the sweet strawberry, love grows and is ready to be picked.

86. Eating a Strawberry field 🍓 #freshfruit #veggies

87. Just discovered a grove of strawberry bushes! They were so juicy and sweet. Now, let’s go drink the juice right out the vine 🍓

88. Let’s go pick some berries at the patch!

89. Let’s go out and pick our own berries. Berries you pick yourself taste twice as good. 🍓

90. 🍓 Water tour captions for a water sports company

91. ­­­­­­Discover the joys of strawberry picking—the best way to get the freshest, best tasting strawberries. Picking gives you bragging rights, too. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

92. You have never tasted a strawberry until you have picked it yourself. Taste the season #strawberrypicking

93. Strawberry picking is in full swing at farms around the country. Follow along for what we’re doing with our fresh strawberries…

94. 🍓 It’s the Sweetest Day! 😎 Make it even sweeter with strawberry picking 🍓 on Oct. 14.

95. What’s better than a juicy, sweet strawberry from the strawberry farm? Nothing.

96. It’s strawberry season! Time to get out of the city and into fields. 🍓🍓#

97. Getting to pick your own strawberries is like knowing what’s in your food. It connects you to nature and the earth ✌🏻

98. Whether you’re driving through the rolling hills of East Coast or running through pine tree forests in Willamette Valley, #Oregon grows some of the most luxurious @Strawberry_Probs in the country. Stop whatever you

99. Strawberry season is here! Here are some of our favourite freezing-to-delicious recipes for how to put them to good use.

100. Strawberry shortcuts: the best way to put more of these berries into your day is to keep it simple – and that means sticking to this kind of preparation.

101. Strawberry picking this weekend is the picture perfect family day trip.

102. Keep looking for love after 40. #ageless #ilovegreencities #love #strawberrypicking ##

103. Nothing says “summer” quite like heading to the farm for strawberry picking. 🍓☀

104. Go ahead, get the checkered blanket and fresh strawberries… Enjoy a sweet morning at one of our farms.

105. Doin’ what I love at @piperandesuermusic’s strawberry farm…picking, jammin’, selling, bitin, twerkin…what a VIEW! 🍓🎶☀

106. Roll up and gather ‘round, friends. There’s nothing like a ripe berry picked in the summer sun. The sweetest times happen in the fresh air and sun-drip moments of summer.

107. Saying “good riddance” to our long days of summer. ❄️☃️ Have a berry good fall y’all!”

108. Strawberry season is here 😋☀️😜

109. Celebrating the first day of #fall favorites – cantaloupe, basil and fresh local strawberries 🍓🌿☀️

110. Hello summer, goodbye berries. We’ll see you next year! ⁉

111. Growing up we would spend weekends by the beach and go strawberry picking at a local farm. Just seeing fresh strawberries always brought back good memories and took us away from everyday life.

112. Strawberry picking is one of the most quintessential things to do in the summer🍓☀

113. Organic, Delicious, Fresh from California Strawberries – Farm to Table In-season. In-store.

114. Picking the best of the last #strawberries 🍓 before they’re all gone.

115. Nothing says spring like eating fresh strawberries.

116. How will you use these delish #PinkStrawberries 🍓 in your next meal?

117. How do you feel about strawberries 🍓?

118. Grab a fresh frosty from your local Patch & Pour farmers market stand tomorrow and treat yourself to the sweetest summer.

119. This summer weekend roundup is getting us into the harvest mood. How about you?

120. Let’s pick a berry fantastic summer together.


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