Awesome Laser Tag Captions for Instagram 2021

Ah, laser tag has been a classic game for many people’s childhood — and even now — if we’re lucky. I used to play it back in the day and remember how much fun it was…until I got my back kicked by a girl. But anyway, you know what else is fun? Captions! (I mean seriously who doesn’t love them?) And that’s exactly what we’re giving you today: hilarious Instagram captions for your pictures from Awesome Laser Tag.

Laser Tag Captions for Instagram

1. Ready, aim, let loose. Whether you’re aiming for the top or outrunning your little brother, laser tag is really where it’s at.

2. It’s perfect laser tag weather.. 🔫

3. Check out these fun games to play at your next laser tag birthday party!

4. Laser tag. An amusement center or video contest where two players equipped with vests and guns shoot at targets and score points by tagging the vests of opponents.

5. If you can’t get enough of the crisp weather and roaring fires, we’ve got the perfect way to continue basking in that autumnal feeling: our indoor fall laser tag. Enjoy fast-paced action while sipping your favorite Starbucks beverage.

6. We’re all about the electrifying technology behind lasers. 🔥💥

7. This is a caption that will increase your reach and give your business a leg up.

8. Wishing you and yours a happy and safe Labor Day weekend #itsallfunandgames

9. Just tag your friends below _____________

10. Shoot for the stars and live out your wildest fantasies at this futuristic laser tag arena. With all new themed areas, you’ll love the arrival of summer as you venture into our space-themed arena. Positioned less than

11. Zap! Zap! Zap! We’ve got a great #BacktoSchool deal for all kids out there… laser tag is on us. 😃 Play up to 10 times, starting 9/9/18, online or mobile-only. Use

12. Go Team Laser Tag! Wherever your battles take you, prepare to face them with poise, grace, and 100% immersive digital awesomeness 😎

13. Split decision. Team up for the ultimate laser tag adventure at Planet Action Park @planetactionpark

14. Trekking through an urban jungle is no walk in the park. mapquest your way to our laser tag arena today.

15. I’m gonna go all black ops on this laser tag arena.

16. Grab a partner and head to Laser Quest. After you’re done, just remember—safety first! 😀

17. Fun and competition combined: where laser tag meets arcade games and great food. We’re all about letting you play hard while we take care of everything else.

18. Set your sights on laser tag tournaments, parties, and more at your nearest Rec Room. Go ahead; you’ve got this.


20. It’s time to put on your running shoes. Score a strike with our Prize Blaster Laser tag! ##

21. Hit the right target and tag some fun this weekend. Make it the best friday in history!

22. What’s your favorite board game? Mine is tag.

23. Zero in on endless fun.

24. A fun night out with friends can lead to colorful surprises. #teamcolors @laser_tag_chicago

25. Calling all adventurers to find the laser tag adventures in their community!

26. Hey, you! Get ready to battle it out in one of our death-defying laser tag arenas. Our locations offer the latest laser tag technology and visceral gameplay that will get your adrenaline pumping. We invite you and your team into ours laser tag

27. “Our namesake laser tag doesn’t just shoot straight up into the air, it blasts through your fears and hits your goals.” –Uncle Steve

28. Laser tag–bringing out the champion in everyone.

29. Have you tried an all-you-can-play laser tag pass? We have several options for you to play again and again.

30. Laser battles are better with friends

31. Grab your friends and join our space adventure 🤓

32. The fun begins when you step inside. Please step inside. 🎢

33. Just like you, this game is way too excited about the weekend.

34. don’t get tagged, play laser tag!”

35. Aesthetic looks good on you. Come to @LaserTagGardenWalk 5/19-5/21 for National Laser Tag Week.

36. So ready for Squad Mode laser tag this weekend !!!

37. Elite, professional, and laser fun.

38. Laser tag is the most fun you can have in one hour, guaranteed!

39. Experiencing the range of emotions that come with a summer laser tag birthday party and and and and and and and and and and and. 🤖

40. In a laser tag arena, you have to think fast and move even faster. AND it’s gotta be fun. That’s why we created our Lazer Maze Challenge.

41. Go rogue this weekend. Conquer the laser tag course. The only way out is through.

42. Welcome to Laser Quest, where you always shoot first and fast.

43. Step into our arena and play… for fun.

44. Our glow-in-the-dark sites are brighter, bolder, and more intense than ever before! Are you ready to enter one of our StarBrite laser tag arenas? Be sure to follow these laser tag captions to the highest level

45. Get ready for some fun tonight! Get 20% Off laser tag parties* #play #fun #twogirlsandamagicalnight #treatyoself #laser #tag

46. One of the many perks of being an adult is you can play laser tag for real. Which is to say, you don’t have to shoot your friend in the face when he pukes.

47. Hiding out in the laser tag arena with your squad is an awesome way to spend a lazy afternoon. Last one standing wins. #lazylaserfun

48. Engage and defeat your rival. Challenge your friends and claim your glory. How will you become the laser tag champion ?

49. It’s game on with the laser tag arena. To really set the mood, pick up our laser tag lights to project vivid images on any surface.

50. Sneak down to the laser tag arena and play a little game of hide and seek with your buddies. We’ll always be there for you!

51. This Labor Day, set out for a laser tag moment that you’ll never forget.

52. Lasers! Lights! Thrills! #lazertaglaser #zoneentertainment.

53. The lasers are hot, the fun is on, and you’re coming in second place. 👐

54. Laser tag. It’s the only sport where nobody gets hurt and everyone is a winner. .

55. It’s as easy as tag, you’re it. Get ready for a fun night out with laser tag! Let’s have a blast. Grrrr 😉

56. Laser tag, what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to go into the forbidden zone. Laser tag is open now at Lee County Rec!

57. Waiting for…the next laser tag tourney.

58. Who’s ready to break out the light-up sneakers and laser tag this weekend? 🎦🎈 Come on down!

59. Each player is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) bracelet which must be worn for accurate scoring. When hit by a laser in the arm or torso, players must put their hands on their hips in order to ensure that no cheating is occurring

60. Remember when you were young and games seemed so much more exciting? At Topgolf, you’ll never have to grow up again.

61. Sometimes all you want is a little bit of 21st century combat. #thefutureisfemale #squadgoals

62. It’s not about winning, it’s about fun!

63. Wanna play?

64. One step closer to nirvana. Tag! You’re it! Caps off to you, my friend. You just found the secret checkpoint and defeated the lazer tag champions. You go, boyo

65. Trick your kids into getting outside with laser tag! They’ll have so much more energy once they get their ootd on 😜 #laser #tag #kids #outdoors #energy

66. Laser tag’s not just about dodging beams and cheating death, it’s about bonding with friends, family, the person to your left, your right, above you, below you… #laserlife

67. And this is why you pay me the big bucks. Laser tag, here I come!

68. Loud and clear, an ultimate laser tag team is here for you! Have a blast while getting fit with friends and family at Game On Laser Tag Center!! #laserTagCenter #UltimateTeam #laserTag

69. Never let anyone else slow you down” – Malcolm X. Play laser tag as the cool fall weather kicks in!

70. Lazing by the pool? Eating ice cream with your bestie? Even just waking up to a perfect, sunny morning. Make sure to take some time for yourself this summer and get back to the basics with Laser Quest!

71. Thrilling arcade-like action, without all the arcade-like noise. It’s great time with friends at the Laser Storm ⚡️Time for you and your guests to shine ⚡️

72. Capture the feeling of adventure with these thrilling laser tag adventures.

73. Lasers! Lasers?!? #starwars

74. Fun isn’t just for the weekend‼ Tag a friend you have to play laser tag with this fall #Summerfun #LaserTag

75. Play laser tag this weekend, then proceed to play laser tag every weekend all fall *laser tag emoji*

76. Let the games begin ⚔️ *sirens 🚨in the background* #PlayLazerTag

77. Shoot for the stars and make your next get together at Breakaway the best party ever. #playlaserfun #capturethefun

78. Taking over the world, one game at a time. 🗝 #laser #tag #fun #lol #cool #cute

79. Play hard. Play laser tag.

80. Your mission, should you choose to accept it? Play laser tag at an arcade.

81. Laser tag—the ultimate kid rocket science rocket science activity. 🚀

82. Calling all warriors—the next match is about to begin. Here are the top plays of the week, brought to you by laser tag legends, Toto & Benji. Watch video @

83. Let’s go off script. We got this. #laserlife #entertaining #laserfun #familytime #stayandplay

84. Where adrenaline and adventure unite. Let the laser tag battles begin and get ready to capture some epic memories with your squad. …

85. laser tag birthday party ideas

86. Beam up another round of great times in laser tag! Pack a jolt of fun into your next party or event.

87. Laser tag is the best. It’s like tag, but with lasers! Play on.

88. Get your game on and beat the summer heat with a fun hair-raising laser tag experience you won’t want to miss! 😎 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 2018 Learn more here:

89. Laser tag is not for wimps! Be the team’s MVP and get in the next game with rapid fire fun! ##

90. Laser tag with pyramids

91. It’s never too late to start shooting for the stars—but it is too late to shoot crappy lasers. #lazertag #slapshot

92. Think you have a handle on the laser tag competition? Think again. With a new maze each week, there’s no telling what you’ll encounter as you fire up your strategy and take aim at this ghostly collection of fellow competitors

93. Learning to shoot lasers. _Gone are the days when you came here for fun.

94. The laser tag is calling, but these lasagnas are calling even more. We’ll be back soon. At Bandar Putra Indoor Theme Park now! @bandartm

95. Laser tag has been a pastime for decades! Since the ‘70s, it has been a popular sport all around the world! Visit our site to learn more today! ##

96. My friends and I enjoyed a really exciting laser tag experience. We got our pulses racing to the point where we were sweating bullets! It was a really great time! We all had a blast even though we took tons of risks! We were in real

97. It takes a solid crew to make a laser tag birthday party a blast! Celebrate a sweet kid with these party ideas from @luckystrike 🚀

98. Laser Tag is a team building exercise. It’s a great way to work with your child’s physical and emotional skills. It involves a lot of cooperation and holding back because you can’t shoot people when you’re in the same color zone! #

99. ☠️Throw on that heavy vest and grab your pals for a night of laser tag. Then, call the plumber and the fire department.

100. The best part of waking up is ___ in your sights. Can’t wait for the first round! #laserlife #laserblaster

101. Follow your instincts and lead your team to victory! 💥 #laserleague #capturemorefun

102. Buckle up, team. The lasers are about to start flying. . . . It’s battle time!

103. Beam me up Scotty. We are out of stun grenades.

104. Let the good times roll! The wait is over and laser tag is open. It’s time to bring back your favorite childhood game and introduce it to a whole new generation of kids and grown adults who never got to experience it in their youth

105. SHH! Am I invisible? Just kidding, follow me to Laser Tag zap zap zap!

106. All you need is a blaster, a comfy outfit and a fun friend or two to play laser tag with you.

107. LaserTag: It’s more than just a game. It’s a life experience.

108. Light up your game with our most spectacular laser tag experience yet. #funtimes #bonuslevels #lol

109. Here comes the bloodbath 💀 😈 #LaserLife

110. Laser fighters ready, go! 🔫

111. Making friends on the battlefield since 1981. 🎯

112. Let’s play. We’re here to unleash your competitive nature…and improve your aim. #lazertag

113. Let’s go on the ultimate family fun day! 🎲

114. Laser tag master here’s your chance to be the hero you always wanted to be — Hitting the #laserblaster @mallofamerica Mn #funtimes

115. We’re not just here to play laser tag. We’re here to play laser tag with you.

116. Wanna play? #IntoTheForest – @laser_tag_duncan on Instagram.

117. Ricochet, blitz, deflect! We’re ready for some more laser tag #LazerBlast

118. The battle is on as we prepare for an epic laser tag evening with our squad.

119. We can’t lose! Our laser tag arena is always a win—especially when the action happens at the laser tag birthday party you’re planning with us. 🙂

120. Let the good times roll. #lazer #lasers #laser #games

121. Laser Tag: Starting at $9.99 per game for two players; we also have the Star Wars Blasters that will take you beyond your imagination and into laser tag.


123. Trapped here with you, 500 tons of sovereign plastic, As we drift back into space. 🖥


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