Apology Text for Her to Reconcile

Apology Text for Her for Second Chance

Apology Text for Her

Apology text for her is written for you to text to those that are very important to you. People that mean a lot to you, are those you don’t want to lose at any time. Maybe you both had a misunderstanding, it is necessary to send an apology letter to them. Let us look at these apology texts together and pick our choice. 70 + Saying Sorry to Someone You Hurt, Amazing Thanks and Sorry Quotes for Lovers.


Apology text for her to smile

1. Your ability to apologize when you are wrong will bring about peace in your relationship. When we are in a relationship in which the couples don’t apologize, it means such a relationship will work.

2. Couples are advised to learn how to apologize to each other. It is normal that we hurt each other, but it is not normal to decide not to apologize.

3. An apology is one of the most amazing acts in a relationship, it helps to shape it into a better journey. Learn how to apologize.

4. You can always win an argument but it doesn’t add value to your life. You need to forgive each other for peace to reign.

5. I will rather say I am so when I hurt a person, I don’t know how to pretend that I am not sorry while it is written all over my face.

6. In as much as I have promised never to hurt you again, just believe me. I apologize for all that happened and I will never forget you again.

7. It is so unfortunate that I am the one that hurt you. I need you to forgive me and accept my apology.

8. You should now know that I am so much in love with you. If you don’t accept my apology, how do you want me to cope?

9. Missing you has always been the reason why I am happy but it baffles me that we are having a tough time together. I am sorry.

10. I wish you will accept my apology because I am really sorry. Forgive me and play with me once again.

11. Take your time, I am ready to wait forever if that’s the condition for you to accept my apology. I am sorry.

12. My heart has been aching since the day I hurt your feelings. It will take only your forgiveness to make me happy once more.

13. I will hug you forever as compensation for hurting your feelings. I am really sorry and it is the very reason.

14. I was afraid of losing you, I am sort of being jealous. I will always love you no matter the condition.

15. I was too selfish to realize that I have been hurting you when I never knew the meaning of the pain I have been causing you.

16. My heart is bleeding right away because I realized that what made me hurt you does not worth it. I am sorry.

17. I am willing to amend my ways so that I will not have to offend you again. You know I am in deep love with you and that’s the best for you and me.

18. I must let you know that you are the most important person in my life. I am so much in a deep love for you.

19. You are not happy because I am jealous, don’t you know that I don’t want to lose you for any other man? I am sorry then.

20. I am sorry, I know I overreacted the other day, I am sending this apology text to you so that you may forgive me.

Good morning apology text for her


21. I will not be tired of telling you that I am sorry until you finally accept my apology. I miss your laughter.

22. I know I am not perfect, I know I am not different from who I used to be, but I can guarantee you that I am sorry right now.

23. Please give me another chance to spend the rest of my life with you. I know very well that it will hard to believe that I am really sorry this time around.

24. You have the right to be angry at me if I err, but you need to forgive me for the sake of the love that exists between us.

25. Having you in my life is all that matters, I should have made you my number one priority. I am so sorry angel.

26. I made a big mistake by telling you to leave. This is an action I will never forget for the rest of my life. I am so sorry, please forgive me.

27. You are the only true female friend I have, my wife, and the queen of my life. I just want to say. I love and please forgive me.

28. I am sorry, is my watchword until you finally accept my apology. I wish you lots of love and happiness.

29. If you don’t forgive me, how do I make a living without happiness? You need to consider my wellbeing too.

30. You don’t know what makes me happy whenever I set my eyes on you—your smiling face of course. Please, forgive me so I can be happy again.

31. Not being in a good mood with me makes my heart breaks; I just want to see you happy all the time. I love you.

32. I just want to remain your best, the most amazing woman in my life. I wish you understand how much I love you.

33. Sorry for all my lies, sorry for not being truthful for once. I realized such life is not good and I am sorry for everything.

34. I cannot blame you because you are human and a woman for that matter, you deserve love, you deserve care and softness. I am sorry.

35. I am here to say I am sorry for everything. I am sorry for hurting you, I am sorry for blaming you unnecessarily.

36. I am sorry for all the horrible moments I made you passed through, I am sorry for all the pains I have caused you.

37. Now that it takes the only prayer not to lose you, I have come to realize how much you mean to me. I am sorry, please forgive me.

38. You have to forgive me so that I will be able to turn a new leaf with you. I promise never to let you down again.

39. I really want you to know that I am very sorry. I am sorry for everything. You are so sweet and I will be glad if you forgive me.

40. I am sorry for all the moment I made you sad. I have come to realize that you are the only woman that can take good care of me.

Apology text to her from him


41. Dear sister, I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted to make you sad. Please, forgive me. You mean a lot to me.

42. You will not believe my love is still strong for you. I am sorry, please overlook my mistakes and give me another chance.

43. Having you is one of the most amazing things in life. I love you and miss everything about you. I love you to the end.

44. You don’t know why I cherish you this much, just like yesterday; you have taken over my heart with your lovely smile.

45. You need to forgive me for hurting you. I don’t know why I had to hurt you. Please, forgive me and I will be glad forever.

46. I’m sorry, the truth is that I need you in my life. I am really sorry for everything that has ever happened between you and me which hurt you.

47. I still hope to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you will be glad to accept my apology. I love you.

48. Meeting you was a blessing, accepting me was grace but having hurt you is like a curse to me. Please forgive me.

49. I want to dwell in your heart tonight but your anger with me will not spare me more than a minute. Please, I need your love once again.

50. I never intended to make you sad in any way. I am so much in love with you and it has always been so all the time.

51. Do you know why I have not been active since yesterday? It is because my happiness is angry at me. I am sorry, dear.

52. I just want to wrap you around my chest again, I want to feel that lovely moment once again. I am sorry.

53. I will never give up on you because I have found you. I will only suffer some emotions pending the year you decided to forgive me.

54. I am really sorry, but I don’t want to spend another night without you, please come back home. I miss you.

55. You know what? You have to rescue me because I can no longer sleep peacefully since the day you left.

56. I am sorry for your lost, if I have listened to you, perhaps the goods will be safe. Please, I am sorry.

57. I want you to know that there is no me without you. There is no entertainment when there is no joy. I am sorry.

58. You are special, being in love with you completes me. I am sorry and I cannot forgive myself until you do.

59. Dear angel, I know I have offended you enough, please give me another chance to be with you forever. I miss you.

60. Without you, I will not be happy. I will not be that strong without you as you mean a lot to me. If someone you love with all your heart is not happy with you, there will be no happiness in you.

Beautiful apology text to her


61. Only if you know how much I am used to you, I am sure you will have quickly forgiven me. I am sorry.

62. I understand that the world needs us separated but I need us forever. I am really sorry, please forgive me.

63. Telling I am sorry means the world to me. It may be nothing when said to the world, but it means a lot to me.

64. Please, don’t be sad, I just have to let you know that you are more than special. I need you all my life. I miss you to the core.

65. Your love is always on my mind. You are sweet and for you not to forgive me, it means I will be sad for too long.

66. Dear love, you know I never wanted to hurt you. It has never been my way to hurt a woman. Please, accept my apology.

67. You don’t know why I have been trying to reach out to you, I love you, you are cute, nice and lovely.

68. Missing you is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened in my life, but the most painful thing so far is that I hurt you.

69. You may not know why I have chosen to remain with you all my life. I am in deep love with you and it is the truth.

70. All I want to hear from you is ‘I accept your apology’. I will be the gladdest on that day. I am sorry.

Cute apology text for her

71. I am quite happy that I met you in life, it is one of the reasons why I will always love you for the rest of my life.

72. I just want to say, thank you for everything, thank you for the most amazing things you have done in my life as a human.

73. Sorry for all my actions that hurt you. I will try all my best never to hurt you carelessly again. I miss you.

74. I miss your love, I miss your beautiful face and the gentle heart with which you live with me. I am really sorry.

75. Do you know why I so much love you? It is because I am in deep love with you. I love you and it is the truth.

76. I wish you more and more love in life. I hope you will enjoy this special moment of forgiveness so that our love will be stronger than ever.

77. There is no doubt you are all I need in my life. you are the special number the Lord sent to me. I am sorry.

78. The truth is that true love stories don’t end, there must always be a way out of every situation. I am sorry.

79. Do not allow our misunderstanding to punish our soul by being too far away from each other. I love you.

80. For all the time I hurt you, for all the pains I caused you and for the things I didn’t say or do to make you happy, I am sorry.

We purposely prepared these text messages for you, so that you can actually text them to the woman you love the most. An apology is a fantastic thing to do, so enjoy texting messages to those who really care about you.

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