Amazing Thanks and Sorry Quotes for Lovers

Thanks and Sorry Quotes for Him or Her

Thanks and Sorry Quotes


Thanks and Sorry Quotes: It takes only one word to tell people thanks, but the power that comes with it carries a lot of weight. It will not reduce a person’s respect to thank people after a favor. On the other hand, telling people is also good because it can quench an already set fire in the heart. These two words have a great impact on human life and should be observed.

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Thanks and Sorry Quotes for My Love

1. I just want to thank you for everything you have achieved in my life, and to say I am sorry for not be able to report to you since the day I left.

2. Sorry for the things I did that hurt your feelings, I am sorry for all I have done that keeps you sad. I will never do so again.

3. Thanks for the true love you have been showing to me, you are one special woman I can never forget. I love you.

4. You are my love, the special wife I cherish with all my heart. You mean a lot to me and I am sorry for hurting you.

5. Thanks for your ideas, thanks for your love, and thanks for the way you treat me all the time. I love you.

6. The most interesting day of my life is the day I met you. Since that day, my heart has always been filled with happiness.

7. Thanks for your true love, I will always be glad to have you in my world. I love you and it is the truth, there is no lie about it.

8. Thanks to the most beautiful woman in my life, she makes me happy and I am glad about this. Thanks to my darling wife.

9. I am happy today because you decided to live with me in peace. Thank you for being a good husband.

10. I appreciate your love for me, it is one of the amazing things that I can’t deny. Thanks for this wonderful moment of my life.

11. You are lovely, you are special and I am happy to have you around my life. I am sorry for many things and thanks for everything.

12. Sorry for the songs I didn’t sing, sorry for things I didn’t say and I will always thank you for being a fantastic husband.

13. I appreciate your ways, they are the most lovely moments I do love to share. Thanks for your precious support in my life.

14. You may not understand why I appreciate you this much, you came into my life and changed everything.

15. I want to thank you for the happiness you brought to my life, and to celebrate you for the rest of my life.

16. You are my joy, the true love of my life, and the one I will never forget forever. You mean so much to me and I am glad about it. Thank you.

17. What a special man you are, and your love gives me that happiness that makes me relax. I love you and it is the truth.

18. What makes me love you the most is that I had the privilege to be with a wonderful man like you; I love you.

19. To my sweet angel, I will always be yours all my life and will be with you for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything you have done in my life.

20. I realize you are blessed and above all the most amazing man I will always be proud of. Thanks for everything you have done in my life.

Thanks and Sorry Quotes for Wife

21. My dear wife, you mean a lot to me and I am proud of you anywhere. I am sorry for every I caused you. I love you.

22. You have to forgive me for I didn’t mean to hurt you for any reason. I miss you and it is the truth. You make me happy all the time.

23. 23. I am sorry for what I might have done that caused you pain. You are so sweet and I will be happy if our love lasts than expected.

24. 24. If you don’t forgive me, how do you want me to feel? I am so much happy to be with you all the time. I love you.

25. 25. You are always good to me and it is the reason why I still can’t believe I hurt your feelings. I love you and it is the truth.

26. 26. You don’t know how much you have changed my life since the day we met, if you can’t forgive me, there will be a problem with my health.

27. 27. I love your smile and that’s why I couldn’t sleep all through the night because I can’t wait to see you soonest.

28. 28. You make me happy so tell me what will be my fate if you can’t forgive me. I love you my joy. I love you.

29. 29. You have been so lovely, and I want to be with you as a supporter and caretaker. I love you, my darling woman.

30. 30. You are my woman the one that is meant for me alone. I love you and it is the very truth. I miss you for all of the care. I am sorry.

31. 31. No matter what might have occurred between you and me, I just want to say I am sorry. I love you and it is the real reason why I woke up today.

32. 32. You are lovely, nice, and above all a woman of special love. Thanks for being a nice woman and I will love you forever.

33. 33. What a special wife with all the qualities I need in a woman. I will forever be yours all my life. Thank you for your good wishes.

34. 34. You may not understand the way I feel about you, I am so much happy to have you in this world. You are good and I miss you to the core.

35. I miss you so much and thanks for every single moment we shared together. I love you so much.

36. You are the best wife in the world and my happiness comes whenever I set my eyes on you. Thanks for being there always.

37. Your smile is powerful and that’s the main reason I so much love you with lots of passion. I am sorry for hurting you.

38. You have to overlook my mistake; I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please, forget about the past so that you can have the time to forgive me.

39. You are so cute and I love you so much that nothing will stop me from doing so. I miss you like never before.

40. You are lovely; your presence is one of the most amazing things that occurred in my life. I don’t want to separate from you at any time.

Thanks and Sorry Quotes for Mother


41. I am so sorry dear mother; I don’t know why I had to behave in such a manner towards you. Please forgive me.

42. Mom, you have always been with me since the day I was born. I love you because there are no other reasons to stop loving you.

43. You have been a very serious-minded mother; you are cool and above all the most amazing mother in the world.

44. You make me smile all the time because a mother like you is very rare. You are nice and I will always be happy forever.

45. You are so sweet because you give me anything I wanted. You take good care of me. thank you so much, mom.

46. I will always be grateful that I have a wonderful mother in my life. She is a mother like no other. You are my best friend too.

47. When there is no one to lean upon, I always have you around. This is the reason why my prayer is to see you live long.

48. I cannot appreciate you dear mother, because there is nothing I can do that will be equal to all the sacrifices you have taken all because of me.

49. An amazing mother who gave up everything just to make me happy. I love you so much dearest mom in the world.

50. You are a special mom, I will always be proud of you all the time. I will be glad that I have you like the best mother here.

51. Sweet mothers were born on the day you were born, no wonder you are always there for me. I miss you ma.

52. Thanks so much, mommy, you are more interested than the movie show, you are brighter than the brightest diamond.

53. I love my mom so much that I cannot live on a day without thanking God for giving you to me. I am sorry for all the pains I might have caused you.

54. When no one wanted to hear my voice, you were the only one that was ready to listen. Thanks so much, mom.

55. You are always on my mind because your good impact follows me everywhere. Thanks for being a lovely mom.

56. I am happy right now because my mother is already here to put a smile on my face. Thanks, mom, I never doubted you will be here to feed me.

57. The only woman I am very confident about is my mom. I was very sure that she will pay me a surprise visit and she did.

58. A mother with a true love for her daughter. A mother like pillars, she has always been by my side as helper and supporter.

59. I just want to thank you for the love you show to me. I am happy because you are my best friend and most beautiful mother.

60. You are so sweet and I love your way of life. I am happy to have you as a mother because you are true, a true mother.

Thanks and sorry quotes for father


61. Thanks for all you have done in my life, thanks for being a good father, and thanks for forgiving me.

62. I came to realize that the love of a father is so deep for the kids. He goes out in search of food, and livelihood for the children.

63. You are a responsible father, the most amazing leader in the world. I will always be grateful to you sir.

64. Father is the sweetest person in the world. You are all I have and the most beloved dad in the universe.

65. Thank you so much, sir, I really appreciate the payment of my school fee. I depend on you and the Lord has just fulfilled my mission through you.

66. You are so nice, above all the most interesting father in the entire world. thanks for everything, I really appreciate you for all you have done in my life.

67. I miss you so much and hope to see you. I love you beyond the sky because you love me above the sky. Thanks for the care and protection.

68. There is no other man like you in my world. The most amazing mother in the entire world. I am happy to have you as a father.

69. You are so lovely, and I will never forget you all my life. You are so great, so nice and the best ever seen.

70. Dear father, I owe you a lot even when I know I cannot pay you back. Thanks for all you have done in my life.

71. May the Lord bless you with everything you need. May the Lord protect you as you have been protecting me.

72. I love you, dad. You have been so kind to me since the day I was born. I know I cannot pay you back, but you are so special.

73. Thanks for the most amazing father ever seen. I am so much with you as you are my joy, love, happiness, and the best.

74. What a special father you are like a diamond, so rare. I miss you so much and will like to thank you for your past support.

75. Sweet fathers are rare; you can never see them in the market. They are found in your life. Thanks to my dad.

76. There is no doubt that my dad is a superhero. Mom was so lucky to have you because you are the best for me.

77. I will always love my dad, I will miss you forever as you have been a good father since the day I became wise.

78. As soon as I recognize you as my dad, I felt a deep joy in my heart as I was told. I confirmed this day that it was true.

79. Daddy is my choice, happiness, and the most beloved person. I will never forget you because it is not even possible.

80. I love my dad as though the most beloved in the world. what am I saying? He is the most wonderful father ever seen.

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