Sweetest and Cutest Goodnight Beautiful Text

Sweetest and Cutest Goodnight beautiful text: read our latest goodnight messages to keep your ball of love rolling until you score the goal into the net. You know what? I don’t think that so far we have been disappointing you; we are confident because we have your feedback and has been our cutest companion since these days.
We are using this opportunity to appreciate you for the entire positive comments we have been reading; it really moves us to put more effort. We love you all.
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Here are the latest goodnight quotes:

Sweetest And Cute Goodnight Beautiful Text


1. I feel much concern about your night because it gives me a very big feeling of sweetness whenever I learn that your night was wonderful. Goodnight baby.

2. You may not know that I cherish you more than you think until one day; I will prove that without you my life is incomplete. Goodnight my love.

3. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I feel so great in me knowing that the most beautiful lady in the world is my wife. Goodnight my love.

4. Whatever it takes to show you how much you mean to me is what I want to do. I wish you a very cute and wonderful night. I love you, baby.

5. In you I want to dwell and lead my entire life because you are my dream comes true. You gave me one more chance to smile again. Goodnight.

6. You are my joy, the most handsome man ever. I love you like never before my sweet love and beloved angel—goodnight my love.

7. I will love you till the end of time and sacrifice everything just to make you happy; always remember that I know what I’m doing and I understand when someone truly loves me. Goodnight.

8. You are the best friend ever, my sweet husband, and the cutest father in the world. I cherish you with the kindest part of my heart. Goodnight my baby.

9. You are my sweetest prince, the true love the most handsome husband in the world. Goodnight and I must tell you that I miss you so much.

10. Your smile I have missed since yesterday even while we were in the same bed. I wish I could wake you up, kiss you so that you may smile at me; goodnight!

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11. It is my pleasure to see you smile every day of your life; it brings joy into the innermost part of my heart to know that you had a great night.

12. To the end of time, I will continue to admire you till the end of time; I will always be the one God has sent to put a smile on your face; have a great night’s sleep.

13. I don’t actually know how much I could appreciate you for the entire love you have been showing to me; I will always love you till the end of time. Goodnight.

14. May this day be the most beautiful day in your life; I pray that the Lord should touch your heart with His blessed Hand so that you will have a great night.

15. You are my flower; an epitome of joy and sparkling beauty. I love you like never before. Just want to say goodnight and I am hoping that you will have a great night.

16. Feeling more attached to you like never before; having seen the kind of lady you have become, my heart could no longer rest but to think about you—have a great night’s sleep.

17. You are my joy and an ocean of happiness. I believe in you and in whatever you told me because time without number; you have proven to me how truthful you are. Goodnight.

18. I will always think of you no matter the condition I find myself in because already; you are part of my existence. I love you more than you can imagine; have a great night.

19. To the one I love like never before, I wish you a very wonderful night that will bring you the entire best dreams in the world. Have a great night.

20. I wish you a very great night full of honey and chocolate. I wish you a night as cool as ice so that you will wake up in sound health tomorrow. Goodnight.

Good Nyt Wishes For The Best Lovers


21. I am wishing you the most heart-pleasing night that will bring endless peace and passion to your heart. I wish you a night with lots of bliss. Goodnight.

22. You are such an uncommon angel worthy of been loved and cherished till the end of time; I love you so much that it amazes me too. Goodnight.

23. For the rest of my life; I promise to always be with you no matter the condition so that you may understand how much you mean to me; goodnight my love.

24. Since the day I set my eyes on you, everything has become so cute and my past pains are nowhere to be found. I love you my love, goodnight.

25. I must tell you the truth about how your love makes me feel special like a princess; thank God I met someone like you in my life; I just want to wish you a very sweet night.

26. It is my wish that you should be right here with me so that I can feel the impact of what it takes to be husband and wife; so that the blessed tongue of yours shall whisper the most beautiful words into my ears. Goodnight.

27. I used to wish that we spend the rest of our life together been together in every single moment of this life; I wish you all the best this night.

28. I really miss you, your company, and that powerful smile that emanates from the blossom of the tree of cheerfulness in your heart. Goodnight.

29. The stars are so bright and the moon as shining as your heart; they all are smiling and singing all because of you, goodnight.

30. You belong to me and that’s why I can do everything just to make you understand that you mean the world to me; goodnight and I wish you the most beautiful sleep.

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31. Like the brightness of the star; your beautiful face shines all day long. As sweet as the sweetest chocolate, your smile mesmerizes my heart to the fullest level. Goodnight.

32. I used to think that the world is now corrupt that not even true love can be found until when I met you and then I realize how wrong I am to have ever thought so. Goodnight my love.

33. No matter the condition, I will always love to be with you to the end of time to show you how wonderful you have been since the day we met. Goodnight.

34. Loving you has been the most beautiful thing that has ever occurred to me; the reason is that every moment I shared with you wiped away my past sorrows. Goodnight my love.

35. No one will understand how much you mean to me until I am able to write your name on the flowing sea. I love you, my darling angel.

36. You won’t know that I am addicted to you in a 100percent manner until you notice how much I miss you in one second. Goodnight my beloved lady.

37. I don’t know how to thank you better for the kind of love that you have been showing to me; in every single second of my life, your thought will always reign in my heart. Goodnight.

38. I believe in one thing and it is the fact that you have been the most beautiful angel I have ever come across in life; have a wonderful night’s rest.

39. To the blessed angel that God has given to me; I want to wish you the best of nights and the best of dreams. I sent you 100 wishes; use one for a peaceful night and keep the rest under your pillow.

40. Time without number, you have proven to me that no one can stop you from loving me and this has been a very great feeling. You make me feel special my angel. Goodnight.

Great Goodnight Texts For Your Girlfriend


41. You are my joy and the most beautiful lady in the world; I want you to know that you worth been celebrated in every corner of the world, I love you—goodnight.

42. In this world, I have met lots of women but none is as special as you are—your uniqueness among other flowers of this world is so amazing. Goodnight my love.

43. If I can only tell you one thing on this earth it is no more than the words I love you because truly I do love you more than you can think. Goodnight.

44. Night to me is a special bliss and a great opportunity to remind your darling girlfriend of how special she is; goodnight my love.

45. I don’t want you to panic or get scared that I might betray you—never it is impossible for a heart that belongs to you to do so. Goodnight my baby.

46. You are my baby, my joy, and then my rest of mind. A cool-headed gazelle with lots of well-shaped body structures. I just want to say goodnight.

47. Goodnight to my beloved girlfriend; the one that makes me smile whenever I set my eyes on her. I truly miss you and will always do because you are a spirit of love. Goodnight.

48. I wish I can write in words the meaning of my love for you but the most painful thing is that even the best of adjectives cannot express my feelings for you. Goodnight.

49. I thought that I was a guru of love until I met a spirit of romance like you. I used to wonder about how you got the talent to turn me on—goodnight, my love.

50. If I were to say one thing about you with just one word; I will say you are sweet because every moment shared with you brought endless joy to my heart. Goodnight.

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51. This night, I am wishing you the most beautiful things on this earth in order to show you how much you mean to me; goodnight my darling love.

52. As strong as the hardest substance on earth; I wish that the protection that will be provided for you this night be stronger. Goodnight.

53. In this blissful night, may you find every single of your desire been settled for you without any setback. I love you, my prince.

54. Both the star and the moon are wishing you a blissful night with lots of smiles, kisses, and hugs that will bring boundless comfort to your heart. Goodnight.

55. No one but only God can take out your love from my heart; I have signed the covenant to always be with you until the end of time—wishing you a sweet night dream.

56. Not even a microsecond will pass me by without thinking about you because you belong to me; I just want to say goodnight, my love.

57. I will always love you till the end of time, and I will always wish you the most beautiful things in this world. Goodnight my beloved prince.

58. You are my hero and truly nothing will stop me from loving you now and forever. I wish you a cute night full of sweet dreams. Goodnight.

59. Everything about you pleases me because heavens and earth; only you have been the one I cherish most; have a very sweet night my love.

60. I cherish you beyond ordinary imagination and I adore you for what and who you are; I wish you the best on this earth. goodnight my beloved angel. Goodnight sweet dreams texts for dad

61. My dad, my hope, and the one God has chosen to be my selfless sponsor in this world. I wish you a very sweet night’s dream.

62. Dad, you have been working since morning and I feel that you need lots of rest because all this you do just to make us happy and achieve our goals in life; have a sweet nightdream.

63. I wish I can pay you back upon the entire goodness you have done in my life but the truth is that it is impossible to do so; all I have to say is thank you dad for your endless love for me. Sweet dreams.

64. The most beautiful thing that has ever occurred to me is you; how wonderful and amazing are you that you sacrificed almost everything just to see me happy in this life? have a sweet dream dad.

65. For the rest of my life, I will always pray to God to bless you for always been there for me; for your endless kindness that brings tears of passion to my eyes. Have a sweet dream.

66. No matter how the condition is; one thing that amazes me about you is that you work endlessly just to make sure that your children never sleep with hunger. Goodnight my beloved dad.

67. I wish you a very cute and sweet dream in this special hour of the day. May you be counted among the most successful people on earth!

68. If there is no other person on this earth to show me the meaning of what true love means then it means you are no longer on this planet. Thank you for forever be a good father.

69. The truth about this life is to find someone who loves you with all his heart—no doubt God is the One but the special person among mankind that loves me so much is you, my darling father. Sweet dreams.

70. I wish you sound health that has no limit and a wonderful moment that promises boundless peace and harmony. I am the luckiest to have you as my father. Have a sweet dream, sir.

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71. I can’t just stop thinking about you because you have stolen my heart away living me with an ordinary head in my bed. Goodnight.

72. I want you to feel relax because your guy is fine where he is; nothing is wrong with me but your love that intoxicates me; goodnight my beloved angel.

73. I don’t think it is necessary to sleep again since I already have your thoughts roaming on my mind; if I fell seek, your smile will hill me. Goodnight.

74. You are my sugary love, my chocolate princess, and my dwelling place. I love you more than the people who love to visit Facebook. Goodnight my sweetheart.

75. To you my beloved angel; this night I want to promise you that I won’t eat and sleep because you said you love me but if I slept forgive me—goodnight.

76. Since the day I set my eyes on you I have been feeling on top of the world to show you how much you are important in my life. Goodnight.

77. It is my joy that I met you in this life; because the previous ladies I met in life dried up my account but instead you fill it up why won’t I love you better than I loved them? Goodnight.

78. I wish I could bring the chicken for you last night but grandma who could not chew even fish insisted that I must give are the rest and I had no choice. Goodnight.

79. My one and only love; the only princess I have in my love palace. I want to assure you that no matter how those ladies paint their lips, they can’t stop me from loving you. Goodnight.

80. You are just the big lady I have been searching for that angel that can handle any stubborn guy that crosses my way. Though, I don’t want you to become a bouncer of love. Goodnight.

Special Goodnight Messages To Please Your Mother


81. Mom, truly I love you with the deepest part of my heart because no one can love me as you do but God alone. I wish you a very wonderful night.

82. You belong to me in every second of my life I will always be with you no matter the condition because when you were strong you never disappointed me not even know that you are weak.

83. I wish you all the best on this night and I pray that the Lord should bless you with everything you desire in your heart. Just want to say goodnight to my mom.

84. Since the day you gave bet to me; it has been only you taking care of me; I wonder the day I will be capable of taking care of you so that I will be named the real son of his mother. Goodnight.

85. You are so amazing the most beautiful mother in the world. My love and the best woman I have ever seen in this life; goodnight.

86. If I can tell you how much you mean to me; my life will have been better than how it is now because I am sure that you will be very happy to know that you mean the world to me; goodnight.

87. I am so lucky that God has chosen you for me as the best mother in the world. Even when others ridicule their mothers because they follow the culture permits; I will never disrespect you. goodnight.

88. Mom, you mean the whole world to me and I wish you can see the depth of my heart so that the true love I have for you will be revealed to you; goodnight mom.

89. I can’t stop thinking about you every day of my life because you have been there for me when I was weak and now that I am strong enough to take care of you. Goodnight.

90. You are my angel the most beautiful angel that my dad luckily found in this lifetime; how I wish I am with you I will seek your blessing. Goodnight ma.

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