Sweet Engagement Wishes From Parents

Engagement wishes from parents. Our parents without a doubt are some of the best people that we have in our life. They are so amazing that the kind of love and care they pour on us can leave us speechless for a very long time. These text messages can be good ideas for parents who want to cheer up their kids.

Engagement Wishes From Parents

Engagement Wishes From Mother to Daughter

• I understand how painful the feeling of leaving your parents’ home is on the heart but sometimes, we don’t have a choice but to face our fate. Today is indeed a chapter in your life to step up. I wish you a peaceful marriage ahead.

• You are able to bring joy to our life. we are happy about this. May the Lord continue to bless you forever and ever.

• My daughter, the queen in the house, how I wish you will stay with us forever but your husband’s house is more important.

• The Lord loves you and today He has opened another way for you to progress in life. We hope to celebrate with you soon.

• Wonderful things don’t come easily but when they arrive, the world will bow. Happy engagement.

• You are already planning to become a wife. I want you to know that marriage is best when you are patient.

• Your husband will offend you. This is certain, please be patient with him. May your heart desires be achievable for you.

• There is love, there is joy, there excitement everywhere all because of my little daughter. May you find the same in your husband’s home.

• A daughter with great character, a daughter with grace and a promising future. Happy engagement.

• Don’t be scared of marriage, it is like a normal life but lived with extra carefulness.

• May your new chapter in life lead you to a chapter far better than it.

• I want to use this opportunity to cheer you up on your engagement.

• A super little daughter. As you are so talented, may the Lord help you gain the best you want.

• I just want to say thank you for everything. I know you are my daughter but you are special.

Engagement Wishes From Father to Daughter

• Sweet daughter, how have you been since these days? This distance doesn’t allow me to see my beautiful little kid. Happy engagement.

• You have been able to prove to me that you can be a woman any moment from now.

• May the Lord bless your union, give you joy in the end.

• Marriage is a serious institution, so, tie your belt and be a good wife.

• You are always special, nice, lovely, and above all the best daughter in the world. Enjoy your celebration.

• When your daughter is smart or sensible, it is the pride of you the father.

• A daughter with an outstanding character is a gift from God. Keep it up for the rest of your life.

• Your Lord will continue to support you. With this move you took today, you made me happy in my life.

• On your engagement day, we are happy. Do you know why? It is because you prove that you are a responsible daughter.

• When you get to your husband’s house, behave well, respect him and he will be responsible to you.

• This new chapter is a sign that you can be a great wife. When you get married, please be a great wife and good mother.

• The news of your engagement has changed my life for good. I have been thinking of how to make you happy but only God brings husband.

• I realized how much you have made my life perfect. I prayed that you continue to enjoy every moment in your life.

• My heart is now at rest since the day I heard the news of your engagement. May we celebrate more of this day.

• The Lord that offered you this opportunity will continue to bless you forever and ever. I miss you so much.

Engagement Wishes From Mother to Son

• My son, you made me proud may the Lord open better ways for you.

• Congratulations on your engagement, this day will be a perfect one for you. Always and forever.

• May your day e filled with endless joy, happiness, and grace. I wish you all the best.

• The Lord will continue to protect you. Your new life will lead you to a successful marriage soon.

• A man should be patient with his wife. Be a good husband to your would-be wife.

• We have been praying for this day, May Allah blesses you with abundant happiness.

• You will always find a reason to be happy until the end of time.

• My love for you will never fade away. Congratulations on the true love you show to me.

• My dear love, may your engagement result in a successful marriage.

• I ask the Lord to bless and put a big smile on your face. Happy engagement.

• My precious son, the prince of the house. Enjoy this moment to the fullest.

• I want to shower you with happiness, joy, and perfect marriage. I bless you with my tongue.

• May you find a reason to be happy all your life. Congratulations on your engagement day.

• It is not easy for two people to accept to be together for the rest of their lives.

• May the Lord in His infinite mercy shower the new life you have taken with an endless blessing.

• I am so pleased when I heard that you are getting engaged with Jessica, may your wedding connects your souls together.

• I just want to celebrate your achievement. This is a great joy for me being your mother.

• The joy of the parents is to see that their children are doing well.

• The Lord that made this day a reality shall make the next plan perfect.

• May you not regret this decision in your life. Happy engagement son.

• I love your braveness. Braveness brings success that has been hidden due to fear.

• This is big news. Creating a path to get married is not easy but you are already on it.

• This wonderful news has filled my heart with joy and happiness.

• Congratulations on this perfect mission set by God. I wish you the best outcome.

• We are happy to welcome a new daughter into our family. Congratulations.

• May this day bring love and happiness to you. I wish you all the best things in life.

• My best wishes go to you two on this wonderful day. I prayed that you find rest of mind with each other.

Funny Engagement Wishes from Parents

Some parents are free with their kids and the kids in return understand that. If you are that kind of parent who is better, you can help your son or daughter smile on his or her engagement day. Here we have compiled some funny messages you can send to them.

• I am wishing my dear daughter a long life of romantic moments with her husband.

• Destiny will bring a lot of chocolate and lollipops to your table. Happy engagement.

• You are finally signed up for an official relationship. Congrats dear.

• Now that you found the right woman, please stop behaving like a child. Happy engagement son.

• Your dad has always been nice, and funny to me, please keep the inheritance up.

• I am free today, you can start arranging your trouble for your spouse soon.

• After engagement is marriage after marriage is enjoyment. Enjoy the bed, please.

• Congratulations. This is the pathway to your wedding ceremony.

• I just want to thank you for the way you have held on to my advice. Take good care of your man.

• Every blessed day will bring you the joy you never think of. I just want you to feel relaxed.

• Your wife doesn’t have a problem. May the Lord in his infinite mercy bless your home.

• So you both are serious. Thank God what I have been thinking is happening.

• I can’t wait to come to your wedding. I am grateful to the Lord for this wonderful news.

• You finally moved smartly, that’s exactly what I have been praying for.

• My regards to everyone that knows about this engagement, may the Lord bless you.

• May the most amazing Lord bless and protect you forever and ever. I wish you all the best.

• I pray for true love to exist between the two of you. Congratulations on this wonderful occasion.

• The Lord in His perfect mercy shall make this day a great day for the both of you.

• This wonderful day is making me blushing around. Hope it is true because I know how you use to joke.

• I didn’t know that my son will finally become a good boy. You are now a responsible man.

• For your dad to acknowledge that you are a responsible man. It means you really are what he called you.

• Your fiancée is your new ring keep her safe. congratulations dear son.

• Today, I am 90 percent happy for you. Congratulations dear. May your new beginning earn you a good end.

• Lord will always bless your union, He will uplift you this year in an amazing way.

Engagement Wishes From Parent Prayers

• My dear son, may the Lord continue to bless you to do more great things in your life.

• You made us proud, the Lord shall bless you completely and will help you climb the lather of success.

• As you now have proved that you are ready for marriage, may your Lord bless you to last longer with each other.

• As your father, my hope is to see you end up with the best husband in the world.

• You decided to make your family proud. This decision you took has always bothered me to tell you.

• More money, a more healthy state of mind, more understanding, and success shall be yours for the rest of your life.

• He that finds a wife will live to be grateful to the Lord. Congrats on your engagement.

• You are lucky to have found each other. I pray for the blessing of God to continue to shower on you.

• Our Lord will not get tired of you and your engagement will lead to marriage.

• You two are my kids. As your father, I bless your union with marriage, wealth, religion, and children.

• The Lord will continue to bless you in an abundant manner. Cheer, it is your luck.

• What gives me joy the most is the part that you have been so cute since the day I met you.

• The Lord that joined you will provide the wealth that will lead you to your marriage.

• Good news to my boy, he is now ready to put a woman in the house.

• You are now friends and lovers. The seriousness in your relationship has just been manifested.

• I pray the Lord promotes you in this world. You are always the most amazing daughter in this world. Happy engagement.

• I didn’t doubt that you will be blessed soon. I understood the kind of girl you are. Happy engagement dear.

• May your future be great. I wish you the most interesting things in life.

• The excitement written all over me is for the both of you. Congrats dear.

• May the Lord make this a precious reason for the both of you to enjoy life together.

• Despite you are my son, you are my good friend as well. I wish you the best of lucks.

• The Lord will bless you as you desired. The Lord will bless you with happiness that has no limit.

• Greet your fiancée, tell her we accept her into our family. Congratulations.

• Today marks the beginning of your success in life. Believe what I said and it will come to pass.

• So exciting for being informed about this wonderful plan. I prayed that you find joy in what you are doing.

• May the most precious Lord bless the beginning of your marriage story.

• Whenever you are sitting alone sad, I feel bad. Now that you found the one meant for you, I want to thank you.

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