Some Best Birthday Wishes For Elder Brother (2024)

Best Birthday Wishes For Elder Brother to Smile

Some best birthday wishes for elder brother is the new trending article on this site. Your elder brother is a key man in your life; it is for sure because in one way or the other he might have touched your heart. Even if there has once been a quarrel between both of you the natural love that exists between you cannot be overemphasized.



Here are some collected text messages for you to text to your elder brother during his birthday. We hope you will enjoy them.

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Some Best Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

1. I feel like a superstar anytime I realize that you are my elder brother, a simple kind of gem worthy of being emulated. I love you dear brother and I want to say happy birthday.

2. Truly, I am lucky to have you as a wonderful brother, a true companion, and a helper when I was nothing. I wish you a great birthday.

3. May the new chapter that has just opened in your life be filled with endless joy, and may you find rest in everything you are engaged in. Happy birthday big brother.

4. My joy is that the most beloved elder brother on earth is plus one; this will give me everlasting ecstasy in my life. Happy birthday.

5. Verily, I am so pleased to find out that my elder brother is a plus one. He gem of passion and lovely comfort. Happy birthday to you.

6. May the new day of your life be filled with endless joy and unending satisfaction that brings a boundless smile to your face. Happy birthday.

7. This new age will be a blessing in your life now and forever. I believe in you and that’s the reason why I am happy that you are plus one today.

8. Darling brother, I hope the cake is the best one in town. I want to show the whole world that my lovely brother is celebrating his birthday today.

9. I wish I could buy you the whole world, I wish I could show you the content of my heart for you because you are a wonderful brother. Happy birthday.

10. Since I was small, you never let me down, you never made me cry up till this time that I am grown up, and you still never cease to take good care of me. Happy birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother to be Happy

11. My dear big brother, truly I will love you till the end of time because since I was born, I have never seen a kind-hearted person like you. Happy birthday.

12. Happy birthday to the treasure of the family, the one whose words of wisdom gave us hope until we became somebody in life; happy birthday sir.

13. I appreciate all your efforts in my life from the day I started my schooling until the very day I graduated. I love you because nurtured me as though your child. Happy birthday.

14. Without you perhaps I would have given up on life for so long but because you stood as the real big brother that you are, God guided me through you. Happy birthday sir.

15. My regard to your immediate family. I appreciate you for the selfless love you have been showing to me, elder brother for you are so amazing.

16. May the Lord bless you for everything you have done not only for me but for those who were in similar condition with me, may your new day bring sunshine and prosperity. Happy birthday.

17. Dear big brother, you may not know how much you mean to me but truly, I must confess that you have changed my life for good, that God for having you as a brother. Happy birthday.

18. A lovely brother deserves a great day like this. Thank you, Lord, for bringing my brother to this world on this blessed day. Happy birthday.

19. Happy birthday to my hero, a rare gem in the realm of love and passion. I wish you were here I will have danced for you like never before. Happy birthday sir.

20. I believe in one thing and it is the fact that you will always remain the best elder brother in the world. Now, I have come to realize how important you are to me. Happy birthday.

Cute Happy Bday to My Brother

21. Happy birthday to the most handsome brother in the whole of the universe. I guess you are smiling right now but believe me, you are the best companion I have seen ever. Happy birthday.

22. My darling brother, I know you don’t know the depth of my love for you but the truth is that your sister loves you as though you are the love itself. Happy birthday.

23. God has chosen you for me as a guardian angel of my life; since the day I grew up and wise to realize that you are my elder brother; my heart became overwhelmed with passion.

24. You have brought a special kind of boundless passion into my heart. You have given me lots of reasons to want to make it in this innocent world. Happy birthday.

25. For the rest of my life, I want to be with you to sing for and to show you how much you mean to me. I love you, brother, because you deserve my heart.

26. I am giving you this flesh-called heart as a younger brother to you; you own it to take care of it because I am ready to put a smile on your face. Happy birthday big brother.

27. If this sky can become pages to write upon, I will have exhausted an ocean of inks without expressing the real depth of my love for you. Happy birthday, brother.

28. You are very special and that’s just the truth there is no doubt about it. I believe in the words you whispered in my heart. Happy birthday.

29. Happy birthday to the most amazing super that I have ever set my eyes upon. I love you for the simple life you lead. Happy birthday.

30. If I can prove one thing for you, it will have been the ability to show you the content of my heart. Perhaps, you may shed tears having realized that I love you to the core. Happy birthday sir.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother


31. When I was tender, you backed me and sang for me just to stop me from crying. You may not see it as anything then but to me, it means the whole world. Happy birthday.

32. My pleasure to say a big thank you to a major general of family love, the real backbone of his entire siblings. I love you big brother, just want to say happy birthday.

33. I wish you a very cute and beautiful happy birthday. You belong to me because blood is a thinker than water. I cherish you, my sweet brother.

34. To the best brother and friend ever, to the guardian angel God assigned for me, I want to thank you for the entire sacrifices you made just to see me happy. Happy birthday to you.

35. I may not be able to pay you back the entire good you have done in my life but I have determined to make you proud one day. Happy birthday.

36. Loving a simple and understanding elder brother like you is the most interesting thing I have ever experienced. Happy birthday.

37. I am willing to say a very big happy birthday to my dear brother, long life and prosperity. I wish you the most beautiful moments in life.

38. I wish you a new age with lots of joy and fulfillment. I ask God to continue to protect you against all evils. Happy birthday.

39. May this day of your life bring favor and luck to you, and may you be celebrated beyond your expectations, just want to say happy birthday to you.

40. I wish you a very wonderful new age, may it mark the beginning of your success and the most prosperous moments of your life. Happy birthday.


Best Message for a Brother on His Birthday


41. Brother today is your birthday though so painful that with the wealth God has given you, my gift may not be worth it but I am happy that these beautiful words are coming to you from me.

42. May this blessed day of your life be filled with lots of elations and endless compassion, passion, peace, and harmony, happy birthday dear angel!

43. I love you my dear brother and I wish you an awesome day ahead. May the Lord be pleased with you now and forever, happy birthday!

44. To God belong everything, to Him belongs the most beautiful things on this earth so I beseech Him to make your access easy to all your heart desires. Happy birthday.

45. I am so happy today the day a special brother was born, I pray that your new age is crowned in a platter of gold. Happy birthday.

46. Today is to me as though a planet called joy and happiness because the one and only elder brother I have is plus one. Happy birthday.

47. You mean the world to me, my angelic brother. Since the day I was born, it has occurred to me that no other friend like you on this earth—happy birthday.

48. With the most pleasing part of my heart, I am wishing you a very sweet and wonderful birthday. May you live longer than you cannot imagine—happy birthday.

49. To the sweetest elder brother, put a smile on your face because you are plus one today. Happy birthday, may the Lord see you through all your life affairs.

50. Just like yesterday, we celebrated your birthday; today I am willing to say a big thank you to you because you have always been a caring brother.

51. Long life and prosperity for the best friend and elder brother that God has granted to me. I love you so much, my dear father.

52. Wishing you a superb day ahead, on this special day of your life may your entire problems be brought to the lowest level, happy birthday!

53. I just want to say happy birthday to the handsome brother that God has given to me; I just want you to know that you are the best for me.

54. In my life, I have never seen a close friend like you before; I have never experienced a sweet moment like the one I have whenever I am around you, happy birthday sir.

55. You are to me like a flower whose fruits are joy, happiness, success, and peace. I love you more than you can ever think. Happy birthday.

56. For the rest of my life, I will always remember one thing about you—your kindness, brother truly I can’t just describe the level of your generosity. Happy birthday.

57. I want to be like you because you are a strong role model; I love the way you race in cars as though a skyrocket. Happy birthday.

58. Wishing you a new door opening, a new life full of boundless comfort. A day filled with the most interesting things of life; happy birthday.

59. You mean the world to me, the best friend that I have ever met in life the most handsome man, a brother that is worth millions of other brothers. Happy birthday.

60. With you, my life is complete because you have made me smile since the day I met you. Wishing you the most awesome moment ever. Happy birthday.

Sweet Happy Birthday Thoughts for Brother


61. You are my dream come true, the one that completes me whenever I am reduced to the core. I love you so much like never before. Happy birthday, brother.

62. If I have the power to bring the whole world for you a gift on your birthday, I will have quickly done that because you mean the world to me. Happy birthday.

63. You are sunshine, a sweet and wonderful brother who is ready to sacrifice everything for me; never in my life will I forget you. Happy birthday.

64. You are so amazing, dear brother. I used to wonder about the kind of heart that God has given you and that you are always ready to do everything for me. Happy birthday.

65. Like the brightness of the day, may your life be filled with endless light that shines till eternity, and may you be uplifted as you can never imagine. Happy birthday.

66. I want you to know that everything about you is so special that even words cannot explain. The love you deserve is always in the hearts of the truthful people. Happy birthday sir.

67. I am so pleased to have you as my elder brother because you are worthy of being proud of me. I will always cherish you until the end of time.

68. Having you as a gem in my life has changed my life for good. It is my pleasure to meet you in life as a great elder brother. Happy birthday.

69. This life will never be comfortable for me unless you are always by my side. I beseech the Lord to spare your life so we can always be together as an elder and younger brother.

70. May this awesome day in which you were born to this life be a great favor for you, and may the rest of your life be crowned with endless joy and prosperity. Happy birthday.

Fantastic Birthday Messages for Brother

71. To the one, I love with all my heart, to the most handsome elder brother in the realm of beauty. I wish you a boundless favor now and forever.

72. Wishing you all the best my darling big brother. Sincerely, I want to show you how much you mean to me but words cannot explain such content in my heart. However, you are the best friend ever. Happy birthday.

73. To a star that has no river in my heart among living brothers. To the gem of passion and kindness who brought me up as though his child, happy birthday.

74. I love you more than you have ever imagined, I cherish you more than you can ever think. You are my best friend and my closest brother. Happy birthday.

75. I want to thank you for everything you have done in my life because you are not bad. I am so lucky that I grew up to know you as my elder brother. Happy birthday.

76. If I could say something special to you, it would be been this cute word “Dear brother you are the best”. Just want to say happy birthday to you.

77. Wishing you a fantastic happy birthday, may your day be crowned with endless joy, happiness, and continuous peace in your heart, happy birthday!

78. I beseech the Lord to honor you like never before, may your days be filled with the most beautiful moment that brings comfort to your heart. Happy birthday.

79. Wishing you a lovely flowering success on this special day of your life; may you live long enough to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Happy birthday.

80. The meaning of brotherly love from a genuine companion in life; you are indeed a teacher of true love and compassion. I just want to say, happy birthday.

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