Always My Heart Beats for You Poem

My heart beats for you poem. Falling in love with the right person makes life more amazing to live. You will be happy to have come across these text messages to send to your lucky man.

My heart beats for you poem

My Heart Beats for You Poem for him or her

• My heart beats for you. You are my life. I love you so much. No one in the world could ever replace you.

• My heart beats for you. My love is true, and I would give my life for yours. You are mine and I am yours. No matter where life takes us, my love will never die, just as the sun will come up every morning to light up my world again. I love you with all my heart and soul and cannot wait until we are together again.

• I could never describe how happy you make me. The way you look at me and smile, the feeling of your lips on mine, all of these things keep my heart beating for you. I can’t imagine going one more day without you in my life. You make my heart skip a beat every time I see you. You are the love of my life.

• I love you. You’re the reason my heartbeats, and every time you pass by me, it flutters without warning. I can’t help but smile at your presence, and everything seems new again when I spend time with you. As much as I want to hold on to all these feelings, they fade away quickly as the day goes by.

• Your love is like fire, a burning desire so powerful I feel my soul swell with want for you. Cannot begin to describe the euphoria that flows through me every time your eyes lock with mine, every time we make love when you tell me you love me. Your love makes my heart dance –a passionate leap into eternity!

• Together we make one heart. Each of us strong and beautiful on our own, yet even greater together. You inspire such passion in me, it doesn’t matter if you are beside me, or across the ocean. I love your face, your body, your heart and your soul. My desire for you burns as if we were already together again. If only I could hold you tight against my chest and breathe in the scent of your hair. I hope this message finds you well and full of life.

• You are the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. We have come so far and I look forward to every day by your side. I could spend a lifetime telling you how much you mean to me, but all that matters is I love you and I will always be here for you. My heart beats, For you.

• Your love is the sun that makes my world light up. I love you so much and I’m literally lost without you. To know me is to love me, so I have no doubt that my heart beats for you.
• My heart beats because I love you.

• Do you know you’re my heart? I feel it in my chest. When I think of your smile, or how beautiful you are, Or the way that you can make me blush when you whisper in my ear. The way that I’m happier than ever before, to be able to love you, is indescribable. When I see you for the first time of the day, my heart skips a beat and starts racing like a billion airplanes. When we hug goodbye at the end of the day, my heart goes sad.

• When I whisper in your ear how much you mean to me, my heart beats loudly as I wait for yours to do the same. When you call me baby, my heart races wildly as it longs to consume you with every hug and kiss. In your eyes I see the future and when your voice caresses my ears, the sound of a song that makes me whole.

• You are my everything. A smile from you could conquer the world. And when I’m with you, I am home and at peace. You bring out the best in me and show me how beautiful life can be. Our love is magical, and without you, there is no me.

• Your love is like a song that I can’t get out of my mind. I hear it in my head all the time, and when I am near you, the tempo triples. It’s a melody that makes me want to dance to your heartstrings. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

• My heart beats for you, I love you so much. I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my everything and my soulmate. I can’t stop thinking about you. When we fight and makeup, the whole world stops for me. We need each other so much, there is no I without you, there is no me without you.

My Heart Beats for You Poem for Lovers

• I have only known you a short while, but my heart has known you all my life and it beats for you. You are my world, the very air I breathe, the reason I live, you complete me. There is no one I would rather spend my days and nights than listening to your voice, looking into your eyes, and feeling your touch.

• There are no words that can express my love for you. My heart beats so that you can continue to live. I cherish your smile and love how I am the reason it exists. My breath is taken away every time you gaze into my eyes or touch my hand. There’s nothing else in the world that compares to being in love with you.

• You are my heart, my soul, you are everything to me. Without you, my world would be a cold dark place. I love you with all of my beings and without you, everything would be meaningless.

• There is only you in this world that I would spend every day loving, cherishing, protecting and holding. For although my heart beats, it does but for you. There aren’t enough words to describe the love I hold for you; it can only be felt in my heart. So deeply in love with you, I am that day by day I fall even more passionately in love with you.

• The moment we met the world was a better place. The most amazing personality, an angel sent straight from heaven. The love I feel for you is beyond things of this world. I never have to ask or make anyone else care because when I look into your eyes you light up my soul. And I fall so madly in love with you.

• I love you more than any word can say. I love you more than every action I take… The touch of your hand, the love in your eyes, even the sound of your voice makes me shiver with anticipation. I love you too much for words alone, but when I say that I love you, it’s because it’s true. Every time that I say those three words; It’s because they come from my heart. So, to let you know how much you mean to me, I will do anything for you.

• My heart beats for you. My arms yearn to hold you tight…My life has no meaning without you…my body needs you so…My love for you grows stronger each day.

• Here are some reasons my heart beats for you: you make me smile, happy, and comfortable.

• As your heart beats for someone special; as you search and dream for true love, know that my heart beats only for you. I will keep searching my whole life to find your kind of love, a love that can last forever. A love that grows and never dies. My heart beats for you.

• My every thought, my every breath, my very soul belongs to you. My heart beats faster and harder for you the second that I wake up in the morning and the second that I fall asleep at night. My heart belongs to only one person, and that is my everything. My sun, my moon, my stars; here are many words to describe you – but in the end there comes one simple word: love.

• Is your heart beating faster? Is the blood racing through your veins because you think about me? Does your heart race when I slowly walk into a room? My love for you could fill more than oceans and lakes, but why do I just want to hold you in my arms and keep you safe, always and forever.

• My love is like a rose that blooms with every moment. From the first time I saw you, to the special days and times we shared. You’ve shone so brightly in my life, that I could not imagine things without you. I want to hold your hand and kiss your lips for all our days. When I look into your eyes, My heart begins to race. I am so happy that you found me. Your love has created a whole new place for me to be.

• I love you with all my heart, I love you very, very much. When we kiss I get butterflies, and when we hug I feel so happy. I am so proud to call you mine, and finally, be able to say that I am truly loved.

Sweet My Heart Beats for You Poem

• My heart beats for you, every second of my life. I love you endlessly.

• My heart beats for you. The steady pulse of life that I feel in my veins is because you are a part of me. Without you, the beat would cease and I would be dead. I love you more now than words can describe. My love is so huge that I’m afraid to tell you how deep it runs!

• You are the love of my life. I want to spend every day with you until death does us part. You are my best friend, lover, confidant and soulmate. I feel like every day is our first together. Every moment together feels special as if we’ve just met for the first time all over again. I know now that my heart beats for you.

• You make my heart beat faster and I can’t get you out of my mind. I can’t wait to see you when we finally feel free to let our love take flight.

• I want you to know how much I love you. A true romance, With every beat of my heart. I love you more than the sun bright yellow and red. More than blue of the ocean when winds are still. More than a twinkle in starlight on dark night. More than ever before in my life. You fill me with happiness that I can’t express Because it comes from within my soul. It feels so good to be loved by you! You’re always in my heart.

• My love for you my darling could not be any greater. I have finally found the one who completes me. There are no more questions, no more doubts just this feeling of being complete with your love. I look at you and my heart skips a beat. Your smile is all it takes for me to melt like butter on a hot summer day.

• Here’s an old poem I wrote for my wife, my heart beats for you.

• There is nothing that compares to the beating of my heart. I think of you, and my heart does flips in my chest, smile in my eyes, and joy everywhere. There are so many things that I could say about you to describe it all but there are no actions or words that come close to describing how much you mean to me. You pervade every bit of existence and nothing can compare.

• There is a place deep within my heart where only you can go. There is a feeling so warm and glowing, it seems to shine from within. If I ever lose sight of this place deep in my heart, I will search to find my way back to you. You are the one person who truly understands me, and every thought I think. You’re my soul mate, my partner in crime…… love.

• My love for you is gradual. It grows stronger with every passing day. I could never imagine a day without you, knowing that there isn’t anyone else in this world that holds my heart. You are and always will be my best friend, soul mate, lover and rock. I am very blessed to have found you and share so many years with you. As the years go on I love you more every day.

• The moment I saw you my heart skipped a beat, I knew right then it was much more than lust. You stole my heart and chased all my demons away, you became my truth and broke all of my walls. From the moment I saw your face my life changed for the better, but when I heard your voice that’s when I knew it was forever. I love you more than words can ever express!

• I love you with all my heart and more! Never doubt it! I want to grow old with you and spend every day together and never be apart. You are the most amazing man, husband, dad, son, friend, and lover that anyone could ever see in a lifetime. I pray that we are together forever.

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