100 Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend

100 Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend

Long Distance Relationship Messages


Long-distance simply means operating or traveling between distant places: if carefully applied in a relationship, it becomes a long-distance relationship—meaning that a person is operating a relationship with another person from a distant place.

Often this type of relationship demands lots of trust and true love to maintain otherwise, it will not work. Still, you don’t need to panic because there are several tips to guide you in maintaining a long-distance relationship one of which is by texting your partner some messages to rekindle the passion that exists between both of you.

We will focus only on the text messages tips in this kind of relationship since our niche is strictly on text messages rather than relationship tips.

Here are the latest text messages to send to your loved ones:

Cute Things to Say to Your Long Distance Boyfriend

1. I am missing you like my heart feels to touch the sky and I wish I’m right there with coz you are my joy and happiness.


2. No matter how long you are not close to me, it does not make any difference my baby; coz I just want to be with you forever.


1. I miss everything about you starting from your smile to the charming face you wear on yourself. Forever, I will always love you.


2. You are the guy that makes me smile, the true love I met in my life. And I wish this distance never separates us, I will have been the happiest girl.


3. From the bottom of my heart I cherish, as I am coming close to you please wait for me. It is just a matter of time and I will be there with you.


4. It pains my heart whenever I think about and you are nowhere to be found; it kills my soul when I sleep all alone without you.


5. I miss you, baby believes that I truly miss you. I thought I could stand alone in the middle of the darkness but I realize the light is missing.


6. All my life I want to spend with you—you are my joy, peace, and happiness that the Lord gave to me. I miss it like a diamond.


7. You are a treasure that can never be replaced in my heart; you are the angel that puts a smile on my cheeks. I love you.


8. The birds are flying in the sky but I have no friend to say ‘how are you? There is nothing I can say but to say I miss you.


9. Every day and night I think of your step by step never want to skip a second from that truth. You are my beloved angel, my love.


10. Lord is good for giving you to me. You are the one I set my eyes on from the innermost part of my heart. I miss you.


11. I wish I can be right there before you to see the light of your face. To be the one to put a smile on your face.


12. Every day, I cry like a baby just to see the love of my life; and I hope that everyone will notice this on my face. I miss you.


13. Every day and night, my heart is full of the light of your thoughts—coz you are so close to my heart. I miss you.


14. For the rest of my life, for everything that you have done in my life, I will always be happy being with you and distance will not be my problem.


15. From the bluest part of the sea, I realized that I have found the most handsome man in the world. This is the reason why I will never forget you.


16. I will always be there for you, I will always be happy to have you around because you are part of my days.


17. Days have passed, hours have gone and I cannot see the love of my life; I will always be there for you.


18. I will always think about you baby; because I am so addicted to you and I wish you are just right here with me.


Some Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes for Him

21. Loving you is my wish for many years passed and now I found you in my life; glory to the Lord. I miss you.



22. When I came to realize that I cannot do without you by my side, I shed some tears of passion. I will always think of your baby.



23. My life is full of happiness since the day I met you until now I am sad because you are nowhere to be found.



24. Loving you is peace of mind for me. Living around you makes my heart grows beautiful. I will always love you.



25. No one can stop me from loving you or thinking about you. I will always carry you on my mind every single day.



26. A day cannot escape without me thinking about you. This is because I am deeply addicted to you. I really miss you.



27. I wish I can just find a way to always be with you. I wish it is possible to stop thinking about you. Baby, I miss you.



28. I can’t forget those beautiful moments we have shared together on this earth. I can’t tell why you are far away—so amazing.



29. You are my love and pride. I am so much in love with you my sweet boyfriend. I can’t do without thinking about you.



30. To this wonderful guy whose distance has taken me away from my sight; I wish you know how much I miss you.



31. Your love has changed my life; it has given it a reason to shine like a star. I am thinking about you like chocolate sweet.



32. The space between you and me is not large because just like fragrance your heart is close to mine. I miss you.



33. No matter what it takes to wait for you I will do. I will always stay in the shadow of love to receive you in light.



34. Your thoughts are now permanent in my heart; they make me feel relaxed whenever I think about you.



35. Loving you is a first-degree impact, a mission that will never get me tired of. I derive joy in thinking about you.



36. My life is full of ups and downs until I met you God stabilized everything tell me why I won’t think about you.



37. Just like yesterday, I was as sad as a wet chicken beaten by the rain. I was so much lost because there was no one like you besides me.



38. I know very well that the Lord sees me and cares for me and yet can’t stop thinking about you. I really miss you.



39. I want you to understand that this distance has weakened my spirit; this is more reason why I shed tears whenever I think about you.



40. Every moment shared with you has had a significant impact on my life. It has a great impact that makes me think about you.



Long Distance Relationship Messages for Him

41. Distance is just miles they have nothing to do with the kind of love I have for you. I hope you can do the same.


42. I hate the fact that there are thousands of miles between us but it does not stop me from loving you more and more.


43. I can confess that I have really missed you to the extent that I shed tears every night but I am sure my love for you never changes.


44. You are handsome, cool, and easy-going. I miss those sweet moments we shed together. I just can’t stop thinking about you.


45. Now or forever, your thoughts will always dwell in my dear heart. I really miss you to the core of my heart. I love you.


46. Missing you is very painful but you may not know. I just have to make it known so that you may understand how I feel about you.


47. Make me happy by your presence. I am thinking about you right now and I want you to be sure that I love you.


48. Wherever you are, always remember that I am somewhere thinking about you. I really miss you, my angel.


49. You are my dream, the special guy I have been praying for God to bless me with. I really miss you, my sweetheart.


50. You are a darling worthy of been loved until the end of time. I think about you with deep passion and compassion.


51. My life is incomplete without you but still, I will wait for you. I will remain with you and stay until we reunite, I love you.


52. Loving you is the best feeling this year. Thank God that I have you as a boyfriend. You are so kind and I miss you so much.


53. With you, my heart became so sweet that I don’t need to take chocolate again. Your thought alone is enough a cup of honey.


54. Day and night I think about you, microseconds and seconds your thoughts roam in my heart, minutes and hours I remember you.


55. For the rest of my life, I want to be wherever you are; I wish I can see your face any moment from now, I love you.


56. I wish you good health wherever you are. I wish you can see through my heart to identify the wound in my heart for missing you.


57. Many don’t understand my condition; they only complain about why I am losing weight every day. I really miss you.


58. You are my first love, my sweetness, my love, and endless passion. Thinking about you is my pleasure.


59. You are cute and handsome. Thinking about you is equally sweet and beautiful. I miss you so much, dearest.


60. I wish I can open my heart for you to see; I wish you understand the depth of how much I miss you.


Quotes About Long Distance Relationships and Trust

61. There is no day I set my eyes on you but this feeling of joy and complete happiness overwhelms me. I miss you.


62. You belong to me. You are my love and endless passion. I wish I can always be there with you to keep you happy.


63. Day or night, I will always find a reason to appreciate you for the rest of my life because you are the best guy ever. I miss you.


64. You are the most beautiful person in my life the one I cherish with all my heart. I just want you to know that I miss you with passion.


65. Trust me; I will always be there for you. Loving you is a great gift. I will not betray you for any reason.


66. To the most beautiful guy in the world, I want you to know that you are always remembered in my heart. I love you.


67. Your thoughts are always assembled in my heart. Your love will always be the one I cherish most among humans. I miss you.


68. I will never stop loving you because I am not ready to lose someone special like you. I love you so much.


69. Wishing you the most beautiful things in this world is always on my mind. I love you beyond the sky as I think about you.


70. Maybe I was not lucky and suddenly a distance of thousands of miles came between us. However, I will not forget you, sweetheart.


71. You are my beloved boyfriend, and I am assuring you that nothing will stop me from thinking about you a minute.


72. To the most handsome guy in the world, days have passed and yet I can’t see your face. I wish you all the best.


73. My heart is full of love for you so tell me how possible it is to stop thinking about you. I love you beyond the sky.


74. Loving you has always been the reason why I keep thinking about you. It will never change because you are my dream comes true.


75. You were right when you told me that I will miss you. Now, I have come to realize that it worth it to wait for you.


76. To my beloved angel, I wish you are close to me right now. I love you and will not stop thinking about you.


77. Distance has nothing to do with the way I love you. Until you are back and you will always meet me in same love condition for you.


78. I will never for one day change; I will never stop thinking about you even for a minute. You are simply the best guy for me. I miss you.


79. I am so much proud of you. I mean it because you are the sweetest event that has ever happened in my life.


80. How I wish you know how much you mean to me. You see, I want you to understand one thing—it will never be on my agenda to betray you.


Some Inspirational Quotes for Long Distance Relationships

81. Don’t get tired of us; always remember that I will always be there for you. I will always be yours forever.


82. To my beloved handsome guy, I wish you understand how much you mean to me; I wish you are right here with me.


83. Living a life of happiness has to include you in every second. I miss you with due respect and want to be yours forever.


84. Distance is not constant in a relationship but the most important thing is to always have each other in mind.


85. I may not be with you right now but I am with you in my heart always. I just can’t deny this fact at all.


86. Whenever you feel like you want to give up, always remember the first day we met and how we love each other.


87. Once in a while, I will always reach out to your heart to make you feel secure that I will never betray you.


88. No matter what, always feel free to let me know what you need and want; though I will try my best to figure out what you need most.


89. You are my dream, my heart through which I think. Glory to the highest God for bringing you to my life.


90. With you, my heart is beautiful and fabulous. I love being around you. Don’t give up we shall soon meet once again.


91. I will always be there for you no matter what happened between us so take this worry out of your heart because the distance is insignificant.


92. When I said I will always find somewhere in my heart to love you, it was simply the truth from my heart. I miss you.


93. I will never love any situation that will separate us; I will always be patient with you until we meet again.


94. Look into the sky in the night and you will see me right before you. I am that shining star smiling at you.


95. Before you close your eyes, look beside you and you will see the shadow of my love for you. I am waiting for in your dream.


96. Whenever you miss me, just replay the most beautiful conversations we had together. I also do the same here.


97. An audio recorder cannot represent a man. A lovely angel like you cannot be replaced by someone else.


98. You are the most handsome person that I have ever met in my life; the one I cherish with all my heart. I wish to see you soon.


99. Wherever you are, always remember one thing that nothing is impossible. We can make it and we can actually see.


100. My love for you will find no reason to wash away. It is a great force that refused to leave my heart. I miss you.

It is not easy to still find that true heart that is willing to be with you even in a distance of million miles. You can always keep up to date with your lover using our messages as a means.


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