Some Beautiful and wonderful I Miss You Brother Quotes

I Miss You Brother Quotes for Beloved Brother

I Miss You Brother Quotes
Our brothers are special in our lives as they also play some unique role that we cannot explain why they do so voluntarily. They stay for us and wish they can fight for us until the end. Our brothers whether younger or older are just too fantastic that we don’t want them to leave our side no matter what; they are just too sweet.
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1. I use to misplace things and yet feel pain for sometimes and then resume my normal life but since the day you left us my wound refused to heal.

2. Many things you have done in my life that I cannot possibly pay you back. I remember those days you hug me whenever I am hurt.

3. I will forever miss you because you are the most handsome brother I have ever met in my life. I love you, cherish you and I miss you more.

4. A day without you is like a sea of sorrow so painful and now that distance has separated us, I wonder how to cope with my life.

5. I miss your smile, your companionship and the entire advice you used to give me. I love you so much.

6. If I can make everything easy for you I will do but I am God who decides destiny. I wish I can just make us stay together forever.

7. I am willing to be yours forever as your younger brother. I love you and pray that we shall meet anytime soon. I miss you.

8. I have never seen a younger brother like you before in my life; you make me happy almost all the time. I miss you.

9. Your love has changed my life completely and made me a generous younger brother; I miss you and the entire love you showed to me.

10. For the rest of my life, I will always find every reason to appreciate the effort you took to make me somebody today. I miss you.

Cute Missing Brother Quotes from Sister

11. You are special and I have never seen an elder brother like you since the day I was born. I am just very lucky to have you.

12. Maybe in the next life, I might see someone more special to me as a brother but it can never be on this earth again.

13. Thank you for the entire love you shower on me. Thank you for the compassionate assistance you rendered for me. I miss you.

14. You may not know how much you mean to me until you come back home and see how faded my face is for missing you.

15. You are the most beloved elder brother to me and this is more reason why I will always remember you for life.

16. Meeting you on this earth really changed my life and as such I will always appreciate your presence in this world. I miss you.

17. To the best friend I have, the only true friend that wishes to sacrifice everything for me. I must tell you that I really miss you.

18. You are the most handsome and most amazing elder brother that I have ever encountered on this earth. I miss you.

19. I am so lucky to have a handsome gem like you as my elder brother. I am wishing you all the best wherever you are. I miss you.

20. Missing you is never in any way easy. It gives me pleasure to want to stay with you forever in every second.

Some Beautiful I Miss U Brother Messages

21. I pray that the distance that separates us be closed anytime soon. I can’t just hide the fact that I love you so much. I miss you.

22. To my beloved brother, distance might have taken you away from me but it cannot change the way I love you. I miss you.

23. You changed my life for good since the day you become part of it. Believe me that your love will always remain in my heart. I miss you!

24. You are the best brother I have ever met in the whole of my life. I grew up to learn great things from you. I miss you.

25. I miss everything about you. Believe me that I miss your words of wisdom, your motivating attitudes. I miss you beyond extraordinary.

26. I never knew that a brother can still act like a father until you proved me wrong. I really miss you, my dear brother.

27. I miss your smile, your play and the crimes we have committed together. I miss your happiness and anger.

28. I hope to see you soon, indeed a brother like you is difficult to find on the surface of this earth. I love you so much and miss you truly.

29. You are the most beloved brother to me, the one I cherish with all my heart. I just want to be with you forever, I miss you.

30. Day and night your love is always on my heart as the best friend and brother. I wish you are back from school. I miss you.

31. I wonder how miserable my life will look without you by my side. I wonder how the world will have been so dull without you in my life.

32. Your presence on this earth sets the environment ablaze with the fire of passion and love among the people. I have never seen someone as special as you are. I miss you.

Touching I miss My Brother Quotes from Sister

33. When I left your place, I knew that I will miss you but I just have to leave because there is no choice other than that.

34. I hope to see you anytime soon. I love you and it is simply the truth. All through the night, I can’t sleep until I think about every moment we shared.

35. I love you always. You are the most beloved person I have ever seen so amazing and wonderful. I miss you.

36. My heart will always carry your thoughts forever. I wish I can just stop thinking about you but it is impossible.

37. I wish I can find every single reason to make you happy. I love you so much that no one but God can explain the depth.

38. Your absence really touched the entire family member. We will never forget you until we meet again. I miss you.

39. I love you so much that I can’t stop thanking God for making you my beloved elder brother. I love you so much.

40. There are different kinds of friends and brother but I have never seen a friend and brother as kind as you are before. I miss you.

41. I really miss every moment I shared with you. I miss those golden moments we gist together. I miss your anger and your love.

42. I know very well that I have been this stubborn since these years and now I am ready to show some level of humbleness. I miss you.

43. I can’t possibly tell why I quickly lost my weight as soon as you left but I believe that the love between two siblings is powerful.

44. I know very well that you are no longer with mother. I guess I will be bored after the holiday this time around. I miss you.

Some Powerful I miss You Brother Quotes

45. Thank you for the entire chocolate you gave me. I will also miss you for this reason above because I can’t do without it.

46. You are my chocolate brother, tasty and lovely. I just want you to know that I really care about you. I miss you too.

47. To the most handsome brother in the world, the only person I think is more handsome than you are is Joseph the dreamer. I miss you.

48. I miss your smile and I can’t sleep every night because you are not here beside me. I miss the pillow play and almost everything.

49. Wishing you a glorious day wherever you are right now. I just want you to know that you are greatly missed.

50. My life is full of love and inspiration because you are part of it. It is a very wonderful world having you around.

51. Maybe I am just created to be the luckiest brother on earth because having you as a brother is simply the best. I miss you.

52. Here on earth and in the hereafter, I pray that nothing should separate us. The love that exists between us is of God.

53. To my kind-hearted elder brother, this life is full of ups and downs but it doesn’t mean that man will not survive. I miss you.

54. Wherever you find yourself, always remember that there is always hope on this earth. Believe that one day everything will be fine. I miss you.

55. You may not understand the depth of my love for you but I want you to know that I have really missed you.

56. I hope that everything will be fine soon. Just don’t give up on whatever you believe in. I really miss you.

57. Your love in my heart will continue to glow with light because you are special. You are the special gem the world needs. I miss you.

58. Anytime I remember your words of wisdom, I shed tears all alone and hope that soon we shall meet again.

59. I love you so much so believe me. You are the best elder brother I have ever seen in my life. I love you.

60. For the rest of my life, I will pray for my elder brothers to excel in life and in the hereafter. Brother, you are part of them.

I Miss You Brother Quotes to Remember Him

61. Having found a wonderful and sweet brother in my life, everything becomes so cool. I will forever love you. I miss you.

62. Your love will continue to grow in my life. I may not know how to make you happier but you are just wonderful.

63. Day or night your thoughts will always be there on my mind. I love you so much that I can stop thinking about you.

64. I realized how much you care for me and that brought tears to my eyes. I love you; cherish you with all my heart. I miss you.

65. Today is special because it promised to let us see anytime soon. I love you so much, my lovely brother.

66. It really brings tears to the heart to have found someone as special as you are as my most beloved elder brother, I miss you.

67. Thank you for everything you have achieved for me since the day I was born up till this very moment. Just want to say I miss you.

68. You are special, sweet, wonderful and lovely. I wish you the most beautiful things on this earth. I miss you.

69. No matter how far we are, I will not forget you. I will always pray for you and nurture your thoughts in my heart.

70. Love is not complete until it is shared between two family members. I miss you deeply from my heart dear brother.

Some Cute and Beautiful I love Brother Quotes-I Miss You Brother Quotes

71. You are the best brother I have ever met on the surface of this planet. I love you, miss you and want to be yours forever.

72. The most beautiful thing that has ever occurred in my life was that I came to realize that you are my darling brother. I miss you.

73. Wonderful days in our life are those days we stay together, play and achieve alongside. I miss you so much, brother.

74. I wish to meet you anytime soon. I want to resume the long learned wisdom once again. I miss you so much.

75. Since the day I realized that you are my brother, everything has been so sweet and lovely. I miss you, my sweet angel.

76. Each and every day I miss you dear brother for you were special. You actually mean more than what words can explain.

77. I miss you each day, every day and almost all the time. I love you every day, every time and all the time.

78. In this life, everyone has an angel guarding him but I have one extra angel watching over me and he is called brother. I miss you.

79. I want you to know that the gates of memories will never close and how much I miss you no one can explain.

80. Days will pass into the years but we will live to remember those great memories we shared together. I miss you.

Missing You Messages for Him to Honor Him

81. I did not only miss your handsome face but equally miss the act to talk to you. I miss your intelligent approaches to life situations.

82. No matter what, as long as I breathe nothing can stop me from remembering you. You are too expensive to forget.

83. I shed tears whenever I am saying goodbye because I came to realize that the most painful goodbyes are those that are never mentioned or explained.

84. We never realize that God going to call your name but we do love you because your birth touched our heart in a wonderful manner.

85. Sometimes, I can’t just believe that you are no longer around me until we meet again to depart more. I miss you.

86. Tears can no longer express how sad I am since the day you left this world perhaps I will express my pain through the tears of blood. I miss you.

87. What eyes have seen will not make them shed blood they will only shed water and salt. I miss you, my super friend.

88. You took along with you my joy and happiness; you left me in sorrow forever. I won’t forgive you until we meet again.

89. We so much love you but the Lord loves you more. The Lord cherishes better than we do. I miss you, dear brother.

90. Anytime I think about the entire moments we shared together, my heart comes full of pains and I cannot comprehend. I miss you.

91. I want you to put a smile on your face every second of your life. I miss you more than you think.

92. To the most beautiful face I have ever seen in my life, I love you and hope that in no time we shall come to see again.

93. Little by little I began to miss you until I miss you a little more and then a little most and finally miss you a whole lot.

94. Just like the drops of water, I miss you gradually until I could no longer stand the weight of missing you again.

95. The ones that mean a lot to us don’t walk away—they walk beside us every day. I will continue to miss you until the end of time.

96. Truly, I wish you were here. I wish you could just come and wipe away my tears. I love you beyond the sky.

97. Whenever I say your name, I try to hide my tears but the pain in my heart cannot be stopped for any reason. I miss you.

98. I can’t stand the feeling that a year will go without you. I miss you so much my dear brother the one I cherish with all my heart.

99. Truly it still baffles me that you are gone but I will always be grateful to the Lord who took you away from pain.

100. It pains me so much to realize that you have to go through these pains and in the end gave up the ghost. I miss you.

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