I Love You Messages For Girlfriend From The Heart

I Still Love You Message for Ex Girlfriend

I Love You Messages For Girlfriend

I love you messages for girlfriend from the heart: Here are the latest text messages that you can send to your girlfriend to make her happy and fall more in love with you. You may have been thinking of different ways to prove to her about how she means to you. Now, you have just got that opportunity to prove to her that, there is no other girl that can stand between you and her.

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I Love You Messages for Girlfriend

1. She is my eternal love, and I am crazy in love because she has become part of my life. I forever have, evening passes and the world sleeps never minding the fact that a heavy load of passion is on the mind of an innocent lover.

2. I can wait for you to any length no matter what because I can melt your heart even if it is as tough as the iron of evil. I am the crazy one in love please find somewhere in your heart to always think about me too.

3. My feelings for you flow like a river, I look for you in every lane as the evening comes closer to the end of the day, and I search for you in the wind as the morning rises to light the world. I am as addicted to you as the Queen is addicted to her King.

4. Wearing saffron clothes, I became a supporter of hunting your love wherever it goes. I became a sincere follower because I saw you as a goddess of love. I am so much in the realm of love with you, hoping to live with you till the end of time.

5. If my appearance cannot attract you, I believe that my dark eyelashes will enchant you to always be with me now and every other time. Just like the coolness of the morning dew, I steal the garden scent just to make sure I smell well around the one that loves me so much.

6. Just because of you and I can turn into a roaring wind so that you may hear me better than I am deeply in love with you. I will become your handbag so that you will always find me as your companion always.

7. In every shining star above, there is a face that smiles at you, giving you every attention you need to enjoy the night. Love is everywhere, love is a companion, and love is a flow-through life. Let me be washed away by your love.

8. All my prayers are to find a lady who will intoxicate my world with her love and finally I met an angel like you so let my life be endowed by love so that I will dwell in your heart for the rest of my life now and forever.

9. I descend from heaven to find you. You are a boundless companion that touched my heart with passion. I will through complete faith live in your care so that my heart will find the rest it has been searching for. I love you.

10. Words are not powerful enough to console, stories are not interesting enough to distract my attention from you. Only you are the angel assigned to bring peace to my heart. You are my companion, compassion and you affect my whole being.

I Love You Messages to Girlfriend

11. Whether now or next time I will always love you. I cannot love any other woman again as my heart is already attached to you permanently. You are so sweet and I want to leave with you for the rest of my life.

12. No one can stop this river of love I have for you but God. I am sure that the Lord does not do badly; believe me, your love has been encrypted on my heart. My angel, love, and self-confidence. I love you.

13. You are my ecstasy, passion, love, joy, happiness, and compassion. I love you like never before and it will always be so for the rest of my life. You belong to me and I will always be proud of you.

14. When it rains, I want to be right there close to you. When it shines, I want to feel the heat along with you. When I cry, I want you to wipe away my tears. I love you to the core and that will always be what will keep me happy.

15. In you, I found the love that pleases my heart. In you, I found the beauty that I have been searching for. In you, I saw the kind of mother I want for my children. Super starlight like you. I just want to say, I love you.

16. To my dear love, I want you to know that my love for you does not have an end. I have prayed to the Lord to keep us together until the end of time. In the next life, I still want to be yours. You are my dream come true.

17. No amount of side talk can stop me from loving you. I am yours now and forever. You are the sweetest companion that ever occurred to me. I love you beyond the sky and will always do no matter the condition.

18. I miss you and everything about you. I miss the peace that your smile brings to my heart. I miss your kisses and the entire love that you showed to me. Now and till the end of time, I will always be there to love you more.

19. With you, my heart is filled with endless joy and as such I will always be there wherever you chose to be; you belong to me and I am yours forever. Loving you is like a blossom of peace and harmony. I love you to the core.

20. The days of my life without you are all bored because there is no sweet angel like you. I believe in you and the kindness of your smile brightens my heart. I love my life because it has you. Thanks for been there for me.

How Much I Love You Message for Girlfriend

21. The rain of love that falls on me gives me joy and focus on the true meaning of what compassion and passion stand for; it is my pleasure in this life that I met someone as special as you are—thanks for loving me.

22. My heart will always yearn for your love because your presence is an endless elation that keeps me strong in every time in this world. I will always be yours for the rest of my life because you are my beloved angel.

23. You are my jewel, a successful angel that God gave to me. You are such an interesting fellow the one that always puts a smile on my face; a sweet angel worthy of been celebrated more than a queen. I love you.

24. When I met you, my heart melted with passion and endless hope that I have found the right woman; truly it was so that I met the sweetest and bravest woman on earth. I love you, my dear angel.

25. You are such a special angel and I am glad that you came into my world. Thank you for everything you have done in my life I really appreciate it. A lover like you will always be in the front end of passion and compassion.

26. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see an ocean of sympathy kept for me alone. I am a lucky person because I found an uncommon angel that is always ready to make me happy. I do see your efforts in our relationship. Thanks.

27. Your s*xy eyes turn me on most especially whenever you wear your make up on your cool face. Naturally, your face is a blossom of beauty and gentleness. I so much love you to the core believe me.

28. As young as you are, I found in you what some adults lack. I found in your intelligence and a big dream. You are so special and truly you will always be without any doubt. I love my life because you are a partaker.

29. I don’t think there could be any other lady as caring and loving as you are; indeed I have been meeting ladies for so long but none of them is comparable to you. I am telling you right now that you beat them hands down.

30. You are my little pearl, a young adult full of life and energy. I don’t care about our age distance because you have the body of a girl and the mind of a mature woman. You will always be my favorite no matter the condition.

I Love You Messages for Ex Girlfriend

31. I am wishing you the most beautiful things in the world. I pray that the Lord shall honor you with whatever you want. You belong to me my dearest lady and I can’t do without thinking about you.

32. When I set my eyes on you, I felt a very deep love in my heart in a special way I have never felt before. I will always be yours no matter how far we may have gone from each other. I love you to the endless end.

33. I beseech the Lord to lift you up and keep you gently on a special height where no one can bring you down. Truly, I used to hear about true love but I have never tasted its power until I met you. I love you.

34. If you switch your love for me to another man, perhaps I will not be able to survive again. I will always live in deep sorrow because the only lady that loves me with all her heart is no more. Please, promise to always be with me.

35. Without you, my life will always be painted with pains and sorrow because I requested a unique lady like you from the Almighty. Here you are been granted to me as the greatest gift. I just want to say I love you.

36. When my heart was broken by those who don’t care, I raised my hands up and prayed to the Lord to send His Mercy to me and He sent you into my life; I am the luckiest guy to have ever met you. I love you.

37. Anytime I watch your pictures, I fall more in love with you. Indeed, the picture speaks more words than the action itself. I love the innocence of your heart I see in your image. I love the seriousness that flashes on your picture.

38. There is this thing I love about you, the coolness of your face, and your gentle nature. I love your stature and the height which the Lord endowed you with. I love your smile, intelligence, and faithfulness and understanding nature.

39. Truly, I have really missed you. I wish I could meet you the last time I left your city. I wish I said the last words of my love lines for you on that powerful day but unfortunately, we miss the whole thing and left without saying even a word.

40. To the most beautiful smile in the world. To the most beautiful flower of my life; to the sweetest girl ever met in this life; I hope you are doing fine wherever you are? I am just too happy to realize that you belong to me.

41. May the Lord continue to bless you in a special way you hardly understand. All your tears shall be wiped away in no time. I still love you but destiny has made the whole thing different.

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