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Monday morning motivational quotes. You might not be that strong to start the Monday morning probably as it always marks the beginning of every working week. It does not really matter because what actually matters is the fact that you are happy about yourself. Your mind is free from every grudge and you are ready to do the work for the day.



We believe that your state of mind depends on what you are thinking and what you feed it with. If you feed it with negative thoughts, definitely you will see negative things but if you feed it with positive thoughts—there is no doubt that you will see positive outcomes in your life.

Read our newly written motivational quotes about Monday and apply the ones that are relevant to you to start your day with.
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Here are the latest motivational quotes about Monday:

Sweet Good Morning Motivational Quotes



1. You may not be happy in your heart; it does not mean that this world has ended or that this life is now against you. No matter the condition you find yourself, always hope that everything will be fine once again.

2. Those who find themselves in the forefront are those who believe they can, they are the gifted ones who dropped their fear and embraced courage because they got to understand that you can never achieve anything on earth except through courage.

3. You cannot achieve any good thing on earth until you do the right thing. No one has ever succeeded in new thing doing the old thing. You are the master of your life, train it and groom it and it will be shaped into your desired dream.

4. Nothing can make you feel bad about yourself except if you want. Any day of the week cannot stop you from enjoying yourself but the most important thing is when you are able to deliver the job as expected of you.

5. You may not like Monday because it is the beginning of the working day but always remember the numerous opportunities that come with it. There is no bad day the only bad day I have ever seen before is the one in the human mind about himself.

6. Gradually, you will become what you feed your heart. Wake up early every day and write down what you may like to achieve in a day—believe me, in no time you will begin to feel good about yourself.

7. No situation is unending, what matters most is to be able to reach what you desire, so be tough and find a motivation that keeps your smile. This Monday is a good thing so don’t be sad!

8. The strongest man is not that one with the greatest of strengths but that man who can think and be patient in controlling his temper and always do as expected of him. So be strong in mind and in the body.

9. The ugliest man on earth is that man who always frowns at people because it is Monday. Try and make everyone around you feel good about their own selves because your mood also counts in the life of the people who live around you.

10. Be sure that a Monday morning is a key that opens the door to the entrance of other blessed days of the week. Purify the content of your heart and in no time, you will begin to feel good about yourself.


Powerful Good Morning Motivational Quotes


11. Do not possess evil omens on your mind, because it really kills the mind and makes you lose confidence in yourself. Redefine your mindset and do the best you can. Good morning, be strong.

12. No one can bring you to a standstill if you really want to achieve in anything in this life—even in the presence of the darkness that shrinks the way to success; if you never give in to the challenge, believe me you will wake up one day and find yourself among the most prominent ones of your generation.

13. When life seems too tough for you and you feel like you are lost, close your eyes and touch your heart and then tell yourself that “I can do it!” your heart may tell you that you are weak but never listen to it because indeed you are strong

14. The best achievement on this earth is to achieve the purpose that brought you to this world; sit down and meditate to find the very reason why you are created; handle it with processes and plans until you reach your goal.

15. Follow your instinct whenever it suggests the right thing to you; it might be the beginning of your joy on this earth but you don’t know. As long as you are firm in what you believe about yourself; nothing can stop you from getting what you want.

16. On a special day like this Monday, do some exercise, put a smile on your face and dress properly for you to be addressed as the Prince that you are. Go to your working place and free your mind with everyone.

17. Only feeble minds keep malice because they are not focused, they waste their time backbiting others and this attitude shows how low they are. Always remember that “great minds discuss an idea, average minds discuss the event and low minds discuss people.”

18. Always believe in your ability because it really counts. You are the architect of your success; the way you handle it that’s how life will interpret it for you. I bet you strong that if you keep pushing forward, everything will be fine one day.

19. You become a greater hero when you see life difficulties as challenges which you can tackle squarely. Where have you put your faith that you become so timid or fearful that you may not make it in life?  Question yourself and find out your real problem.

20. You can’t blame your failure upon anyone—what you say to yourself is what really matters, take care of your heart because it is a machine that helps you visualize how your future will look, a guardian angel that cautions you about the risk you are already taking by not taking any risk.

Best Good Morning Motivational Quotes


21. You will be addressed the way you dress and nothing good will come your way if you continue to believe that you can’t do anything good in your life; place the crown of success on your head and believe me one the day you will smile.

22. Success locates only those who are ready. Show your helper how prepared you are because that’s what will give him the confidence to support you until you reach your goal; trust your ability because one day it will work for you.

23. Everyone you see enjoying today has in one certain time suffered. Do not think that you are alone; there are lots of people who are in worse situation than you. Always find a way to get out of difficulty rather than killing yourself been worried about insignificant matters.

24. Be wise and do things with patience. Always remember something and it is the fact that you really need two things to achieve greatness in life—smile and quietness. As you move forward in life; everyone will be shocked to see you flying.

25. Persistence and passion for something will later bring joy to you need persistence for something so that it will raise your passion for it and in the end, you will achieve great things. Do what you can do best.

26. Your faith really matters; without it, it will be very hard to get
what you want. Don’t give up at any moment even when you are dying
because it is an abomination to surrender to an enemy at the point of death. The worst thing that should ever happen to a human.

27. I am telling you right now that it is not easy to make it on this
earth—as you solve one problem, another one else comes in immediately and this is what tells how our fate is—we are created to solve problems.

28. You are better than you can ever think, so your success is
determined by the level of faith you have in yourself. We are not
created equal and the best way to relieve ourselves of any worry is to look down to those behind us and stop looking up to those above us in success.

29. The way you see a life that’s how it will appear to you. Focus on your target and never change direction until you get what you want. I just want you to know that the success you are been pursuing is already fastened in your hand.

30. No matter the condition always hope that one day everything will be fine, it is a fact that nothing lasts forever not even you. Don’t give up, it will not be long everything will come to be in your favor.


Inspirational Quotes About Life


31. Sometimes, things may not work the way we want it does not mean the end of life. You are so special and only you can help yourself discover that special gift installed in you. Activate it and explore the world with it because soon or late you will be celebrated.

32. Success is a thing of choice, if you really want to get it you will
need to be ready to face lots of challenges. Plan to the end and never
give up on your ways to success. No matter the condition always
remember that it is not permanent.

33. You need the courage to excel in life but courage without faith and focus is more like it does not exist. Plan your way up because if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.

34. Have conviction in yourself, trust in your abilities. Put more
effort into what you are doing already. In the long run, you will
overcome every obstacle that has been hindering you to succeed in life.

35. Everything in this life demands prayer but ordinary prayer without action is like a train without an engine. Do not make the same mistake that those before you made. Be in front of success with your power moves.

36. No matter what, it is always possible to be the change that wants to see, persistence is a remedy to a crook way to success. Courage is a hope that keeps you moving no matter how great the obstacles on your way are.

37. Determination, tells you how much you will later be happy when you finally arrive at your goals. Dream big and solve big problems that are exactly what makes you a man. Be a decisional maker otherwise, a decision will be taken for you.

38. Weakness and cowardice bring disgrace to a man. If you must
succeed in this life—be ready to act like a man or become a man. Life is not waiting for anyone and time is a sword it is either you use it to cut something else or you are cut into pieces with it.

39. Don’t be discouraged in anything you are doing; people will surely discourage you—it is normal but what matters is the fact that you don’t listen to their petty talks.

40. Dream big and never give up. Now you should know that it is not easy to achieve anything on earth—you need to tie your belt firmly. At a time, success will come your way and it seems like you are already there and suddenly vanish again. Don’t worry; it may be that your time will come soon.


inspirational morning motivation quotes



41. Only a faithless person is not motivated by words of hope and
courage. Don’t worry, there could be wealth with them today while you are in sorrow and agony—how much more in the nearest future you will find yourself among the wealthiest and happiest ones of your generation.

42. Don’t give up, fight to the end even when it warrants your last
breath. It is not shaming to die for your freedom and what your beliefs stand for. I am assuring you that even in the midst of failures if you believe in yourself—one day you will make it.

43. You don’t need to do horrible things to make it in life; always
focus and summon the will power to want to become great in life,
believe me, it will not take you up to a year things will begin to be

44. Wipe away your tears and do the right thing. It is possible that you have done a lot of things just to make sure that you are not stranded yet you keep failing. Let me remind you of something; every human has his or her time and when it comes, you will smile best.

45. Be focused upon that which you conceived on your heart. Always remember that nothing happens to a man except that it has come to teach him or her lesson that will soon or later bring glad tidings for them.

46. Have a dream written down on a sheet of paper and follow it up every single day. Gradually as time goes, you will find a better reason to smile. Feel relax and never give up no matter the condition you find

47. Don’t lose hope to achieving anything on this earth, no matter how tough your life is if you keep on pushing, one day things will be fine and you will begin to reap from where you have sown. And there will be no reason to panic again.

48. It is not easy to keep waiting for the right time but one thing is for sure about doing so—when the long-awaited success comes, you will enjoy it till the end of time. It is an everlasting success because through prayers and endless effort, you got to the promised land.

49. You might have been going through lots of problems in your life but
what matters most is for you to not lose hope in the fact that one day, you shall overcome the entire obstacles that have been hindering your path to success.

50. Don’t fear the future because already it is not meant for cowards. It is meant for those who always believe in themselves. You are the standard of what it means to achieve your dream in this life—do that.

Inspire your mom this season. It is really worth it.

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