50 Cute Birthday Messages For Him And Her

It is a wonderful experience to find out that someone somewhere loves you and appreciates that you exist. This kind of gesture towards you from a special person you admire gives you a feeling of security, joy and endless love. It is good to celebrate our loved ones because it creates more credibility for us from them. From now on, never miss the opportunity to cheer up beloved people with our romantic birthday messages. Your satisfaction is important to us.

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1. My day starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. However, with you, my day becomes more loving to me. You are my smile and my joy. May your birthday start and end with the afterglow of our passionate love. Happy birthday!

2. bout you, from your cute eyes and a charming smile to your soft, caring heart and soul — I want every good thing of life for you, my love. Happy birthday!

3. Your first step into this world I believe is the most passionate moment to ever occur, a day when an angel was born to show love to those who are starved of it. You are the princess of my heart, the one that makes me smile, the epitome of beauty. Happy birthday to you.

4. Loving you is the best experience any man can have, a treasure that brings light into the darkness of a man’s heart. You are the true love itself, today is your day, so I pray that everything you want will come with ease. I wish you long life and prosperity.

5. I am passionately okay because you belong to me. On the wings of love, I chose to fly with you knowing that you will never fail me. I love you, may your new day be full of joy, success, peace, and prosperity. Happy birthday.

6. The angel that my heart speaks lots about, the pearl that gives me joy, a treasure that is pleasing to my heart. Happy birthday to you.

7. Since the day I met you, I have believed that you will be a great lover. Every moment with you is a lasting memory worthy of been kept forever. You are the best gift given to me and I wish you a happy birthday.

8. Your cute face makes me smile and forget my sorrows, I am lucky that you became part of me. The love you shower on me is blissful, cool and beautiful- above all most pleasing from a mortal; may your new age be prosperous and easy going.

9. Today is a special day in your life, may it be prosperous. You are good because your heart is full of love. Happy birthday to you my love.

10. You have become part of my life, I, therefore, beseech the Lord to protect you, enrich and empower you in this your new age until the end of time.

Cute Birthday Message That Will Make Him Smile

11. My superhero, the smile that comes from my heart salutes you. The tears dripping from my eyes honors you and the light shining on my face is in regard to the endless love you showed to me. Happy birthday to you my love.

12. With great joy in my heart, I celebrate you today which is special in your life. This is a great opportunity to show you how much you mean to me, even when no word can explain my love for you. I must say “happy birthday to you”.

13. The most important matter that borders my heart today is to see you smiling and be joyful in this special day of yours. Every good thing about life should be yours, may you live longer to achieve all your goals in life. Happy birthday my dear.

14. The father of my kids, the one that wipes away my fear of been oppressed, today is your birthday. The spirit of love shall descend upon you to give you success, joy, and prosperity.

15. The man of my heart, the treasure that I adore so much. Today is always special in your life; I pray that it should bring special honor into your life.

16. The day you were born, an angel came along with you to protect and guard you the newly born superstar. May your days be protected and guarded until you achieve every one of your goals in life.

17. See the diamond of my life, the pearl that puts a smile on my face. The reason why I am happy. The man I admire with all my heart. Happy birthday to you.

18. I will love you endlessly because you gave me a reason to stay with you. Every moment I spend with you gives me heart comfort. I have not experienced heart satisfaction like I do whenever I am with you. Today you are plus one may the rest your days be full of joy.

19. The coolest news I have in my possession today is this special day of yours. A day when an angel was born. Happy birthday to you my love.

20. All I actually want for you is joy on this special day of yours, I may not be able to present to you, the best gift today but my thoughts and goo wishes will leave with you for the rest of today.

Cute Birthday Message for Boyfriend to Happy

21. We are always together in thoughts and in spirit. You may not know but it is exactly the truth because you are my angel. The princess that means the whole world to me, no matter how far we may be from each other no one can replace you, my love. Happy birthday!

22. You are always on my mind and in my heart living in a hot built of love. I want you to understand that nothing can come between us except that it should make our love grow stronger. Today and always, you shall always be the light that shines in my heart until the end of time. Happy Birthday my sunshine.

23. With you, my path is smooth and easy-going. I have never regretted ever been with you because you are a special gem worthy to live with forever. I hope your birthday will be fun, full of love, joy, and a lasting memory. Have the best birthday ever.

24. This year, I pray that it brings back your lost glories, restores a fresh life that brings joy to the heart and build a good means to live happily ever after. Happy Birthday!

25. To live my life with you is all I desire, to spend my days with you is my pleasure. Your presence is always unforgettable; the apple of my eyes I love you. Happy birthday!

26. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are, I anticipate to; celebrate you like a princess and that is exactly what will happen. I love everything about you. Happy birthday!

27. Sometimes, when I ponder about how life would look in the absence of a special person like you, I do realize that it will not be cool. Now that you are in my life, I realize how much it means to have true love. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful angel.

28. No amount of gift can make me be satisfied until I make sure today is as special as the one we are celebrating. A special day for the Queen of my life, have a day full of joy, and may you be prospered to see your smile in the mirror!

29. The most painful thing that happened to me is that I will be missing your birthday today, however, I promise to make you see yourself as special as you are until we meet again, and I will make sure you are safe till we meet again. Happy birthday my Queen!

30. Today is a one in a million days of your life, I pray that you find all your heart desires fulfilled. May you find every affair easy and the rest of your days will be prosperous my dear angel. Happy birthday to you!

Cute Birthday Message for Him from Her

31. I hope you now understand that without you my life is meaningless? You are the treasure I have been searching for, my love the dearest friend I want to spend the rest of my life with. Happy birthday to you.

32. I can’t hide my feelings for you because it is impossible. Today is your birthday, so I want you to know how much you mean to me. I have a special number to surprise you with.

33. I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, and prosperity which will brighten up the rest of your days in life. You deserve them a lot because you are a special hero. Have a wonderful birthday!

34. Have a fantastic birthday! I pray that your new age is filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness, and the warmth of sunshine. May you prosper in all your affairs in life- Happy birthday to my angel.

35. May your year ahead surprise you with the happiness of heart, the deep feeling of love, and the most beautiful things of life shall be yours. Happy birthday!

36. On your day, I wish you good luck and easy life activities. I hope this special day will fill up your heart with joy, mercy, and blessings. Have a wonderful birthday, I want you to feel the joy of how much I love you. Celebrate happiness every day of your life. Happy Birthday!

37. The smile that comes from your face indicates how happy you are today – a special day in which the best part of my life was born. I am so lucky to have you as mine, the treasure that puts a smile on my face. Happy birthday.

38. Loving you does not have an ending with me because you are so deserving the most beautiful I have ever come across. The light of your smile takes me to where I have never been before. Having known about your new age, I send a cool happy birthday to you my dearest!

39. The calmness you cause on my innocent heart is chiller than the coolest chocolate. I can never regret ever having you as my love, my heart, and everything. You are the joy my sight has been searching for. The queen designed to suit my heart alone. Happy birthday!

40. The emirs whom my heart has for long been searching for, today is your day which is full of tranquility only the true lovers can perceive. I imagine myself celebrating your new age with you in the cave of love. I cherish you and wish you long life and prosperity.

Cute Birthday Message for Her from Him

41. My life begins with a part of you that can never be separated from me. I have grown up to be the man chosen for you. I love you with all the single parts of my heart. Have a great birthday celebration.

42. Nothing is more attractive to me than the powerful smile you give whenever your heart is filled with joy. Today you are so happy because it is so special to you. This is also my joy which I always wanted us to share together. Happy birthday to you.

43. Every day comes with its own special gift but your day has come with an uncommon gift that brightens up the earth with its light. I pray that your new age is a shining glory to the world.

44. My love, the only one I cherish and adore so much. The pearls of my eyes, the princess that took me where I have never been before. I am extending my joy to you- happy birthday day.

45. A day has come to celebrate a diva whose type is uncommon. A Queen with a special attitude worthy of emulation. All your smiles and kindness to the people will not go in vain. You deserve the most outstanding birthday in life. Enjoy yourself an angel.

46. I was speechless when I first met you, now I have come to realize that your presence in my life is worth been silent meeting you, you have filled my heart with happiness. I love you dearly, may your new age bring peace to you.

47. The most important thing to me now is to see you smile and happy. I want to see the rainbow of love dancing around your treasured self I love you, my dear angel. I pray that you prosper in this year as you are plus one today.

48. With your thoughts in my heart, I wish you every good thing that the earth contains. You are special so also you deserve a special celebration in life. I adore you my dear angel, have a wonderful birthday.

49. You are the light I see when my lamp has broken, you clear out darkness from my way with the love you have cheerfully in-planted on my mind. I see every good thing about life for this new age. I pray that your life goes with joy and prosperity.

50. Had it not been that you came into my life, perhaps I would have been starved death by love- what kind of powerful lover have you become that you changed everything about me. Now I can’t stop loving myself not even you. I appreciate your love in my life. Happy birthday.

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