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when a guy says good morning to you

When a Guy Says Good Morning to You: Guys’ minds in a quest to establishing a new relationship are one of the most difficult things to understand by a woman. Most guys don’t come directly to tell you their intentions, this may occur naturally while others may do it intentionally; whichever way it occurred both make you feel stressed trying to figure out their real intention.

Sometimes, you will begin to think.

Does he like me?

Is he having a crush on me?

What does he really mean by texting me this early?

What if you could learn how to understand the content of their minds through texts?

In our third article about relationships, we are going to teach you how to unveil the intention of a guy through his text messages especially in the early hours of the day.

Follow these 3 golden steps to identify how he really feels about you.

When a guy says good morning to you what does it mean?

My aim to help make relationships easy for women has been a child in my mind for decades, so, I find joy doing so.

A fundamental approach is the Text Mechanism. Text mechanism is a way to decode the tactics of a guy who loves you but refused to reveal his intention.

Pay attention to two things

  • Reading the hidden meanings backing up a text message.
  • Knowing what to text him back to expose his intention.

When a guy texts you in the morning, there is a hidden psychological reason behind it—all you need to break the fence is to apply the step about to be revealed. Keep reading, I will soon release these golden steps.

How do you break down his morning text?

If you can properly breakdown the text of a guy in the morning; you are a step to revealing his intention for texting you.

Can we get started!

Step 1: Investigate his texting Behavior

Don’t miss out on this opportunity at all. As soon as his text enters, just calm down. Don’t think too much. Don’t even get obsessed with the contents of the text.

Another mistake you should avoid is to overthink how to text him back. Calm down your nerves; if possible take a cup of water to settle your nerves.

You have to stay calm so that the guy doesn’t lose interest due to the way your response came up.

It is time to become a psychologist. If you want to win the heart of the best guy, you must learn how to read minds.


Expanding the plastic means looking into his overall behavior towards you recently.

Does he recently visit you this day?

Does he laugh over any statement you make even when it is not funny?

Does he find joy talking to you for long?

How often does he text in the morning of recently?

How often does his text reach you throughout the day?

How is the speed of his reply to you?

The clues when carefully gathered together will speed up the chances of figuring out his intention.

The Verdict you must know and understand

  • A man texting you in the morning doesn’t mean he actually likes you another intention may be attached.
  • If he texts you almost every morning is a clue that there is a higher chance that he likes you.
  • If he quickly replies to your texts, it is more likely that he likes you.
  • If he texts you throughout the day, it is a clearer clue that he has feelings for you.

Even so, you need to take a step back, think deeply about his overall behavior especially around the week he suddenly started texting you.

Step 2: Figure out by your Current Relationship

Another name for Text mechanism is Text Chemistry, and one important thing about it—is Frame.

Frame stands for the background of your relationship.

Did you just meet recently?

or he suddenly started texting you despite you guys have been in the same area for long?

Normally, a guy may decide to text you in the morning, it doesn’t mean he has feelings for you but if the two questions above are in the affirmatives, it means he may have an intention to get your attention as lover or for a date.

What you should do

Use a psychological approach to change the context of the conversation.

Here are some examples to note:

Change the conversation from friendly to romantic to see how he will respond. You should be able to come up with more romantic words naturally depending on the context of the text.

Use the Golden Rule

Texting and flirting have a way of decoding the real intention of a guy. How to apply this rule is what is more important now.

How to apply the golden rule?

It is most common that a guy texts you good morning and nothing else.

Do you know why he does so?

He is using it as a chance to start a conversation with you.

How should you respond to a good morning text from him?

Text him back with an emoji attached, a smile emoji preferably. Example:

He: Hi, Good morning

You: Good morning (smile)

This is a technique called vacuum—it is a powerful tactic to unveil the intention of a guy.

In this instance, he rolled a ball to your court and you threw back the ball to his court by saying good morning with the emoji nothing else.

This means you have created a vacuum he has to fill. He will begin to chase you. Just wait for his reply.

Take note of the text messages he sends. This stage is very important because the more emotion involved the more likely he has feelings for you.

Check these two examples

Hey, good morning! How is the weather going to be today?

This message doesn’t hold any emotion to it since he is only asking about the weather condition.

What about this?

“Good morning? How are you doing? How was your night? I hope you had a sweet dream?

This example is attached to the emotion that he cares about you. He wants to know how you are doing. This is a clue that he cares about you. He is emotionally attached to you.

Red Light

I am a guy and I know guys can go an extra length to get what they want. You have to be smart along. Why am I saying this? Just because I listed some clues to get a guy that has feelings for you doesn’t mean a guy cannot fake all this.

Is he thinking about you?

If he texts you first thing in the morning, it means you are on his mind. This is a sure way to know if he is thinking about you.

A text in the morning doesn’t mean that a guy is attracted to you. Sometimes it may even be for a selfish reason, just to have you and run away, sometimes, it is infatuation.

You have to be calm in your decision, so play a safe game.

What do you have to do to figure out everything?

It may be that you already love him but not sure if you only have his attention, not attraction, you may want to act fast.

Use some psychological words to turn his attention for you into attraction. Just as I said earlier, you have to be smart about it.

These words will eventually make his feelings stronger and deeper for you. These words work on any man.

Many girls missed out on a lot of great guys simply because they don’t have these tactics in hand. You must learn to text a guy smartly.

Don’t make the mistake of turning off that great guy so that he doesn’t end up with another girl. It may result in you not having that amazing guy you have always dreamed of since you were young.

Are you going to let that be you?

The Golden Text you can send to capture a guy’s heart

The idea here is that you should carefully compose a message that will remind him of the good girl you are and why he has to consider the good he can gain by being with you. Let him realize that you are far better than the other lady in terms of integrity, smartness, and value.

If the reason why he left you for another girl is beautiful, it will make everything easier for you. Men are not kept by beauty because it fades away. the only thing that keeps a man longer with a woman is her personality.

Check out yourself. What are those qualities you have that beats that of the new girl? Recall those moments you shared that made him confessed that you are the best. What was your attitude that day? If you can remember, note it down and compose everything in the text before sending it to him.

Although you left me despite I don’t really understand why you left me. The only thing I could remember as my offense was that you were the only man I had in my life. You were the same man I respect the most then and now. I had to work on my attitude to respect you for the prince you were and still are, but suddenly you changed leaving me alone, ignoring the respect and love I have for you”.

This message may look simple but if you look deeply into what it means, you will realize that it is psychological touching. You will be able to draw his attention close to you. You will give him time to reflect on what he is now missing of love and respect that he can’t find in the new girl.

If the rude girl is the rude type, this is a plus for you to strike. You have to do a lot of research about the new girl to know what attitude she displays to your ex-guy. Through these few lines of text, you can start winning back the heart of your guy.

Red Alert.

If the reason why he left you has to do with a bad attitude you possessed, it will be a bit difficult for this text message to work. If the new girl’s attitude is better than yours, forget it, you are already a loser unless the girl changes her good attitude into bad.

We will continue to write more on how to hack your man’s heart to go crazily in love with you. We are here to help women win back their heart emotionally battered by men

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