What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend 2021

What should I talk about with my girlfriend? Don’t be surprised that some guys are short of what to talk about with their girlfriend. It is normal, some people are not naturally gifted to talk to ladies, and they have to learn it. Maybe you once had the opportunity to spend a moment with your girlfriend but didn’t know what to say, I am sure you will not like the same opportunity to pass you by. It could be the reason why you are on this platform who knows?

What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend

I have prepared a lot of topics and the gist lines you can talk with your girlfriend and for sure you will find them excited. Let’s take a tour of the romantic quest with your girlfriend in order to strengthen your relationship bond.

Before I mention anything related to what to talk about with your girlfriend, I will first of all clear some grounds for further detailed contents that will actually help you get better relating with ladies.

What You Shouldn’t Say to Your Girlfriend

There are things you shouldn’t talk about with your girlfriend. Let us deal with those talks first and then we head to the main topic for a better understanding of the whole topic.

You are too emotional

Wow, this kind of talk is too abusive to anyone including you. It is understandable that someone can be emotional but it is not polite at all, to just say it to his or her eyes harshly. What we can’t take shouldn’t be given to someone else. There are in fact some specific times you shouldn’t tell your girlfriend such words. You don’t tell a woman she is too emotional while you are arguing, or disagree with a matter.

Imagine you just lose a contract and someone tells you—you are overreacting. How will you feel? This is the reason why you should be empathic with your lady and then try to understand their feelings too.

If at all you still want to let her know she is too emotional, you can tell her politely. You can say things like—everything will be fine, just be patient.

Don’t Praise Your Ex Before Her

Some of us make the mistake of praising our ex before our current girlfriend. This is bad as it affects her emotion and enthusiasm. She feels like she is not special to you. You don’t have any right to praise your ex before her no matter what she must have done. You are telling her that you regret having her even though you didn’t tell her directly, action speaks louder than voice.

Don’t Condemn her Body

It baffles me how some guys will come up with silly languages about their girlfriend’s body. Although some of these guys say these things innocently but still they have to learn how to describe the body of a girl to her so that she doesn’t lose her self-esteem. An example of what you shouldn’t tell a girl about her body is—you are becoming fat like a pig these days, what are you eating? Oosh! It hurts a lot she may not cry in your presence but I am sure she will near suicide in her absence.

Respect Her Conversation

One of the best communication skills you can ever have is by giving a listening ear to what a person is saying and then respond with respect. How do I mean by this? Your girlfriend has been talking to you for several minutes, you are busy operating your phone and in the end, you responded “Ok” “Hmm” “Fine”. Imagine if such attitude is pushed towards you how will you feel? Listen to your girlfriend why she talks to you and reply to her with good words.

You Don’t Insult Her

How can you have a girlfriend you claim to love and respect but when there is a misunderstanding, the next thing you want to do is to rain abusive words on her? Firstly, it shows you are not mature enough to handle a woman and secondly, it means you are a failure as a boyfriend, so you cannot be a good husband and father. Insulting your partner according to research is classified as a destructive approach to misunderstanding. It destroys a relationship quickly.

Don’t Disrespect Her Friends

Her friends may be precious to her than you can ever imagine so disrespecting them could hurt her deeply. If you really respect her, respecting her friends no matter what shouldn’t hard for you to do. Many guys make this mistake and it doesn’t speak well of them.

Don’t Disrespect Her Family

No matter how you hate her family members, you don’t have the right to disrespect them. Don’t use any negative words on them, just be calm and patient, focus on your girlfriend and stop hurting yourself with how you think his family members are to you. Many ladies are very close to their family so directing any negative word towards them may break your relationship.

Don’t Humiliate Her Before Anybody

You saw this lady and proposed that you love her, why then would you want to humiliate her before anyone? You are in the midst of your friends and suddenly the only thing you can do is to humiliate your own girlfriend?  Be mindful of the signs that she is not happy with what you say and stop as quickly as possible.

You need to select your words while talking about her in the presence of your friends. A good example of this was when a lady forgot to add salt to the meal she prepared for the husband and his friends. Fortunately for her, it was the husband that tasted the food first, so he immediately called her and said “Darling sorry, I forgot I told you not to add salt the other time, please add it now since my friends are around”.  He saved his wife from embarrassment. This is what maturity is.

I have explained some examples of things you don’t say to your girlfriend. Let us look into what should I talk about with my girlfriend.

What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend

Talk about these things with your girlfriends.

How is your business doing

Your girlfriend may be an ambitious person, perhaps she has a business she is running, you can show some concerns about how the business is going. If she needs encouragement, you can help her with it and if it is financial support that she needs, you can as well render it if possible.

Can We Take This Relationship to the Next Level

You can discuss how you can take your relationship to the next level. As you get used to each other, a time will come when you will like that you get married to your girlfriend. You can talk with her if she is ready to take the relationship to the marriage level.

You Can Discuss Her Health

If your girlfriend is not too well, you can talk about her health and the steps she has taken to ensure that she finds relief. Show her love and care at this critical time, stay with her and suggest if she can go for a medical checkup as may be necessary.

Ask her how she is doing

Asking about a person’s well-being allows them to trust you better. You need to portray the attitude of caring for people not only your girlfriend. You can help your girlfriend become happier so that she can be proud of having just by asking after her wellbeing.

How about this coming Holiday

A holiday is a very fantastic moment because you will be out of work, there will be enough time for you to visit different places together. As part of the plans to know each other better, you can ask your girlfriend about how you both can spend your holiday together. The places you can visit and the kind of fun you intend to catch.

What You Like and Dislike

A good relationship counselor will advise you and your partner to discuss your likes and dislikes and then guide you on the next steps you are supposed to take to ensure you can prevent future conflicts and attract peace and harmony.

Ask her about her family

Most ladies are deeply close to their families. This is the reason why I cautioned above that you shouldn’t say any disruptive word towards her family. This act can kill your relationship instantly. If you actually want your relationship to become stronger quickly, ask after her family.

Talk About Life and Fashion

Women love fashion so much and life is about fashion too. When you get to understand that your girlfriend loves fashion, this is a good opportunity to start an impressive conversation with her. She will be quickly excited to discuss it with you.

Talk About Her Favorite Place to Visit

As part of the conversation, asking your girlfriend about the favorite places she loves visiting will make your relationship more romantic. You can suggest you both visit one of the places for a picnic, outing or for fun. Being acquainted with what your partner loves will make your relationship grow better.

Talk About Her Hairstyles

Ladies can adore what they are interested in so much, this is a weak point to quickly get the key to their heart. If you can praise the hairstyle of a woman, it will hit her nicely in the heart. Pardon my grammar, I intentionally desired to put it that way. Your girlfriend will be happy that you are talking about her hairstyles, how you love them, how they make you feel, and why you want her to continue to give you more hot hairstyles.

How Do You Feel About Me

It is necessary to recheck how you both feel for each other. It wakes up already dying feelings. You will be surprised how your girlfriend will reconnect with you just because you ask her about her feelings for you. She can equally ask you how you feel for her recently and then you get to know each other better.

Discuss the next birthday

It may be that her birthday is fast approaching, it is necessary you both plan how you want to celebrate or mark it. This act will engage you together for a while and you will be glad how the bond between you becomes stronger.

Talk about your expectations in your relationship

Some people don’t bother to define their relationship. If you jump into the water, there is a possibility that you will jump out immediately. First of all, discuss your expectations in your relationship, understand what your partner wants and needs in the relationship so that you both can work towards making these expectations a reality.

Ask Her About Her Day

You don’t just act like you don’t care, it hurts ladies so much if the one they love is not showing any concern about them. As a gentleman, you should ask your girlfriend how her day is going and what she can do to improve her day. There is a possibility that she had a bad day but if you don’t ask her she may not tell you about it.

Ask if She Had Any Romantic Dream

This may not start a long conversation what if she had a bad dream she doesn’t want to talk about. I remember when my fiancée told me that she had a dream that I raped her, oh my God, I can’t even rape a baby dull. However, it was emotional so much conversation was not found.

Ask Her What Her Next Earning Power Will Look Like

Stop asking girls premature questions like what were you aspiring to become when you were seven. It doesn’t sound sweet innocent ear of a standard girlfriend or a premium babe with an awesome personality. Discuss how she is planning to increase her earning ability if she is interested in telling you, the conversation will start immediately.

How Are You Coping With Your Parents

Maybe her parents her somehow an obstacle for what she loves doing, you can ask about their relationship with her to indirectly check if she is already thinking suicide.

If you are a great boyfriend anyway I don’t think your girl will ever think of suicide because you will be her heaven on earth. She will not think you f living with you no matter what happens. So, asking her about her relationship with her parents will cause her to give you vital information on how to help her cope.

Motivate your girlfriend

Sometimes your girlfriend may have lost her self-esteem. All she needs to regain it are words of encouragement from you since she so much loves you. Tell her how she should do to overcome her depression, remind her how happy she used to be if possible remind her of the day you once saw her being very excited about This attitude of yours can comfort her soul and then relieve her of the pain she feels in her heart.


Selecting what to discuss with your girlfriend is both psychologically and morally important. These two factors affect our relationship in a way that could either make it last long or destroy it immediately. This is the reason why I started the article by pointing out things or topics you shouldn’t discuss with your girlfriend. The psychological and moral effects of every discussion must be visualized before engaging yourself in it. If you want to save your relationship, learn how to select your words.

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