Proper Things to Ask Girlfriend 2021

Things to ask girlfriend. As a shy guy or a guy who is not too loaded with romantic words or questions. I have prepared some questions for you to start an interesting conversation with her. Remember, girls, don’t like to stay with boring guys, if at all you are the “I’m mature” type, at least learn how to make a good gist with your girlfriend. If you are still interested, keep reading this article to find those articles.

Things to Ask Girlfriend

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

There are various ways to start a conversation with a girl. If you don’t know, you don’t know. However, it is not too late to learn.

  • Say hi, and praise her beauty
  • Comment on her hairstyle
  • Tease her by praising her or telling her she is Queen Elizabeth
  • If she is your girlfriend, tell her she is the most beautiful queen on earth and start your conversation.
  • Smile at her and say good morning.

Well, this is just a takeaway tip for this article, can we go for the main topic right away?

The best questions to ask your girlfriend

You love this girl so much and all your attention is always focused on her. You cherish her like moonlight so, you are also thinking of questions to ask her on your next date but don’t even have an idea. Here are some interesting questions you can present to her.

What’s your favorite color

Women generally love this question and it is because colors are romantic symbols. Most women love pink as their favorite color and as such, they will be happy to share their interests in color with you. I have asked many girls I came across both normal friends and girlfriend about their favorite colors, some of them love pink, some love blue and black and others love brown.

You need to know the favorite color of your girlfriend in order to make it easier for you to buy her a surprise gift having her favorite color attached.

What Do You Love Most About Me

I have heard about girls that fell in love with a guy’s voice, some with how he talks, some with how he dresses, while others fall in love with the talent of the guy. As a matter of fact, girls have various reasons for falling in love with a guy. As a guy, you may want to know what your girlfriend loves about you, it is not bad.

Do You Love ‘Love Songs?’

It is hard to meet a girl that doesn’t love ‘love songs’. I haven’t sung a love song to my fiancée before but I am sure she will love it because I have already seen that she loves songs and entertainment. Maybe you want to know more about your girlfriend, you can as well present this question to hear what she has to say.

What Makes You Happy the Most

Every human has that one thing that makes him or her happy the most. You have it, I have it, definitely, your girlfriend has it too.  If she tells you about what makes her happy, it is your responsibility to improve on how to continue to make her happy. This is indeed a healthy question to ask.

Are You Scared of Injections

Perhaps you want to go funny. Fine, there are some girls or boy-girls (Fearful boys) that are afraid of injections. Who knows if your girlfriend is also scared of injections. You can find out to know.

What Is Your Best Subject in College

Maybe you are both graduates now and you are short of words but don’t want the moment to stay bored, you can ask her to tell you about her favorite subject in school and why she loved it. This is an interesting conversation for couples.

What Is Your Favorite Fruit

When we ask questions about health, there is a psychological influence that comes to play. You feel somehow okay at least you love to stay healthy all the time. Now, someone is offering you the opportunity to give some opinions about what makes you stay healthy and why you love that thing.

Do You Love Football and Why

Most girls love football, maybe you haven’t noticed that about your girlfriend recently, you can ask her if she loves football as a sport and why. You can go to the extent of asking her about her favorite club and player.

Who Is Your Best Musician

Most girls have their favorite musician so this question is ideal to start a conversation with them. I love girls, for one thing, their unique pearl-like nature, so, I love having most of my conversations with them. They are the best companion you can ever imagine. So, if you have the skill of tempting them to make a gist with you, definitely you will enjoy every moment with them.

What’s Is the Cost of Your Hairstyle

You have to be careful here. Look at the hairstyle first before asking her. If the hairstyle is cheap, keep mute, it is not proper to ask her such a question but if you see that her hairstyle is beautiful and looks expensive, you can ask her. This is a suggested way to ask her “Wow, this your hairstyle is beautiful and at the same time looks expensive, what is the cost? “ she will get blushed and will want to tell you about it.

Tell Me More About Places You Have Visited

You are planning to know her interest in outings maybe a trip for adventure, picnic or fun things. Fine, you are right, you need to know your lady or girl so that you both can feel more comfortable with each other.

What’s Your Nickname in College

Most of us have the nickname our friends used to call us when we were in college. It may be funny or a kind of carrying some motivation. My friends used to call me the graduate when I was in college simply because I used to use big vocabulary in most of my talks. Your girlfriend may have a reason why her friends gave her a nickname, you can ask to start a nice conversation.

Have You Ever Been Bullied in School

When you were in college there is a possibility that you were once bullied by a classmate, this can be an interesting topic for both of you. You can both have fun recalling the bullies you were not even supposed to take as anything. I can remember my first day in college, I was kept in the same seat with two boys who tried to bully me but my thunderous voice and the full force of retaliation scared them away. Anytime I remember that day, I smile alone.

Which of Your Friends Do You Love Most

Every girl has her bestie and she will be glad to discuss her matter with you. This is because she is always excited about her. She just wants to say every good thing about the girl she is so much interested in.  As a guy, you have to acquire the skill to help your girl feel excited anytime you are both together.

How Many Followers Do You Have on Instagram

Maybe you don’t know she has an Instagram account but later you are aware. Ask her the number of her followers. The answer she gives will determine how you will be able to support her about the account. If she doesn’t have many followers, you can help her on how to build more followers especially if you are a digital marketing expert.

Do You Know How to Swim

Swimming is one nice exercise most people don’t care about but if you really want to feel relaxed, just learn it once and for all.  A lady can be a very good swimmer and yet you don’t know about it because you didn’t ask her and you haven’t gone swimming with her before. So, asking her will let you know if she can do this interesting sport. You can both go swimming together if she can swim.

What Is the Most Interesting Story Anyone Has Ever Told U

Storytelling is one of the best routines every human loves. The way it is narrated, the suspense and tragedies that are in stories make them more fascinating. Maybe someone has told her a beautiful story she will never forget, from there you can learn new wisdom and lessons.

Can We Go Out for a Trip

Going out with your girlfriend is fun. You can visit new places together or enjoy your time as you wish based on your country law. I have seen a lot of couples traveling together enjoying their time during the trip. You can do the same if you so wish.

If You Are Given the Chance to Wish for One Thing What Will It Be

Your girlfriend is human so, there must be one thing she wishes to get done if she can. This challenge will cause her to tell you what she wishes to let you know perhaps you may be of help. Helping each other in a relationship can further strengthen your bond.

Why You Should Ask Her These Questions

The problem of many relationships is that there is no good channel of communication. They don’t sit together to discuss issues, no rubbing of their minds together and this makes it hard for them to understand each other. Asking your partner these questions will help you know them better and as such, it becomes easier for you to cope in your relationship.

Benefits of These Questions

  • You will get to know each other better
  • You can achieve your goals together
  • You will learn a lot of things together
  • You will pay a visit to common places together
  • Your moments with each other will be better than ever as you improve in how you deal with issues.
  • There will be peaceful Coexistence between the lovers as they get to communicate to know each other better.


When you ask people questions about themselves that’s when you can relate well with them. As a guy, getting to know your wife shouldn’t be a big deal.

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