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Thank you for the retirement quotes. Do you wish to send thank you messages to those who wished you well on your retirement? Or you want to thank people for the gift or advice they rendered on your retirement? We have prepared these text messages so you can text them to your friends, colleagues, parents, and siblings. You may want to read this: Sweetest Coworker Friendship Quotes.

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Thank you on Retirement for the Wishes

• It is not everyone that has the heart to be happy on a person’s retirement despite it means the end of work. However, you all still have the good heart to wish me well. Thank you.

• For the entire people that wished me well, I say thank you may God reward you all.

• Thank you for the good wishes messages, I pray the wishes to come to pass.

• I cannot thank you guy less. You have shown how much you love me.

• There is no reason not to thank you all for all the wishes on my retirement.

• I am grateful for everything you helped upon. May the Lord reward you abundantly.

• Thank God I am finally relieved but I can’t go without thanking all my well-wishers.

• I am happy to have you guys around me. I pray the Lord continues to bless you. Thanks for the good wishes.

• May you also find good people to wish you well on your retirement.

• Retirement doesn’t mean suffering, it means great relief. I am grateful to those that wished me well.

• As you all wished me well, so shall the Lord continue to promote your endeavor. Thank you all.

• I just want to say thank you. Your kindness is beyond measure so thanks for your support.

• If I don’t show my gratitude, how then will I be happy about life? I am grateful for everything.

• May the Lord reward every tongue that wished me well. I appreciate sincerely it.

Thank You on Retirement for Friends

• Friends are the brothers or sisters that stand by your side in times of need. I am grateful for the role you played in my retirement.

• I can’t forget your kindness at all. May the Lord continue to ease your affairs in life.

• I thank you all for the happiness you have sowed in my life.

• Many have retired to sorrow but you all made me retired for the best.

• I am happy, as you made me honored and appreciated.

• Thank you for the great support that changed my life.

• I am grateful to everyone that made this day joyful to me.

• You are all wonderful friends. I can’t wait to hug you all. Thanks a lot.

• If not for your presence and endless support, I may not feel appreciated this day.

• I am happy because you all stood with me. I am grateful friends.

• Good friends ensure that your retirement is fantastic.

• The wishes you sent shall never be forgotten forever and ever. I am grateful to you.

• Your happiness will never end and your joy in life will continue to rise every single day. I am grateful.

• I want to thank my amiable friends for their great impact on my life.

Thank You on Retirement for the Gifts

• I was only retired but the gifts I received made me felt like a princess.

• Thank you for the gifts. I am happy just because you all supported me.

• Your support for this retirement is very important but the gifts are superb too.

• May your Lord reward you the way you made me happy with your gift.

• I just want to say thanks for everything. I cannot mention every good you have done in my life.

• May your Lord bless and protect you forever and ever. Thanks for the out warming gift.

• I love you beyond what you can think of me. I appreciate the gift you sent to me.

• May the Lord bless you with a great gift of a job. I love this surprise gift.

• The way you made me happy, so shall the Lord bless you abundantly.

• I will continue to appreciate you for everything. I wish you all the best.

• As you are here now, may you always find the rest of mind you desire.

• I am now in my next phase of life. Thanks a lot. I am loyal sirs.

• Giving out a gift to someone else, no matter how small it may be, signifies how much you care.

• May the Lord bless your hustles and make you happy the way you put a big smile on my face.

Thank You on Retirement for Mother

• You carried me for nine months, delivered me on hard labor and then suckled me for 2 years. I am grateful. Today marks my retirement, you still find your way to be here.

• There is no gift in life like a good mother. I am lucky for having this kind of mother. Thanks, mommy.

• May you live long to enjoy your stay with me. I can’t thank you as due, but I am grateful.

• There is nothing I can do that will surpass all the great things you have done in my life. Thank you ma.

• May your days last with me. I am grateful for the endless support on my retirement.

• I only retired but my income continues to increase. Mother, thanks for giving birth to me.

• If not because you gave birth to me, I will not achieve what I achieved today. Thanks a million times.

• May your days be filled with love, joy, grace, peace and harmony. I wish you all the best.

• You have done countless great things in my life. May you enjoy the fruit of your labor.

• I am retiring to take due care of you. Thank you for the selfless service you rendered when I was alive.

• Because of your prayers, I am retiring in great excitement. Mom, I love you.

• When you have a good mother, your retirement will profit you. Thanks to the best mother ever seen.

• I love you so much for the entire support. You have just burst my heart with your prayers. I am grateful.

Thank You on Retirement for Father

• I cannot find a good father like my dad again. The man that stood in storm and sun just to see that I am happy. Thank you so much, daddy.

• A father with a great heart. I am grateful for all your support in my life.

• May the Lord continue to bless you. I want to appreciate you for the great things of life.

• You are so nice, may your Lord bless you with happiness, may your Lord continue to bless you all the time.

• You have been so special in my life. You will continue to be the best father in the entire world. Thank you for your role in my retirement.

• You have been encouraging me to remain the best I can be. Today is the result of your words of wisdom. Thank you, sir.

• The most interesting thing about retirement is when you have a good father that stood by your side.

• The fact is that I cannot replace you with anybody. You are the best father this life has for me.

• A special father with a special method of training his kids. Now that I am retired, I did that for good and due to your great advice that profited me.

• When others are tired of their father, I was busy loving you, and then, you showed me the wisdom uncommon.

• May your day be blessed with happiness and joy. I am happy about the good wishes from you.

• Thank you so much my dear father. I appreciate all your effort in my life. I pray you find endless peace in your life.

• The wishes are nice, they boosted my morale and changed my life immediately.

• If I am to thank my dad, I can’t thank him as due. He has done a lot of great things in my life.

• I appreciate everyone for their wishes, but as for my dad, I am especially grateful for your blessed wishes.

• Thank you, dad, you have just blessed my life with happiness. I am happy for that.

• You have been so nice to me. I appreciate your love in my life. Thanks a million times.

• No matter how I try to appreciate you, it cannot be compared to all the sacrifices you made to make me happy.

Thank You on Retirement for Your Advice

• Sometimes, you may need good advice on your retirement but only good minds can do so. I am grateful to those who sent in their advice.

• Your advice worked and as such, I will always be grateful for that. May the Lord continue to bless you forever and ever.

• I wish to say thanks to those that put a big smile on my face. Your advice will forever take a great impact on my life.

• My regards to every soul that wished me well on my retirement. Thanks for the good advice.

• Wishes are like butterfly, I am grateful to those that wished me the best of lucks. I also appreciate your advice.

• For all that sent me good words of advice, I am grateful. I appreciate your good wishes.

• May the heart of those that care about me find endless peace. I am grateful once again.

• This day will pave a great way for you and me. We shall not regret coming to this world.

• My beloved, you are the best. I am happy for that piece of advice. I wish you more success in life.

• May the most amazing Lord ease your affairs, grant you joy and happiness in all you are searching for.

• When you have great people around you, it will not be difficult to be informed of the right thing to do. Thanks for those words that are uncommon.

• God will continue to bless you abundantly, you will always find peace and harmony in all you do.

• I will continue to appreciate you forever and ever. You are the best wife on earth. Thanks for your advice.

Thank You on Retirement for My Love

• The power of the light that comes from your eyes is so pure that I can’t resist them. I wish you all the best.

• May the most merciful God continue to be with you. I love the taste of your lips. Less I forget, thanks for the gift of my retirement.

• I am really grateful for the joy and peace that your words formed in my heart.

• Anytime I see your face, I become happier about my life because you are true, a great person.

• I want to say, thanks for everything, you are such an amazing person, and being yours makes me strong.

• The power of your beautiful face mesmerizes my soul and sets my heart ablaze with passion. I am thanking you for the wishes on my retirement.

• If I am to be strict about the whole thing, I can’t thank you less. You are one of the best that encouraged me in life.

• May your endeavors favor you. As you agreed to celebrate me on this day, may the Lord celebrate your success with the angels.

• Thank you for organizing the best retirement party for me. You ensured that my sendoff is superb.

• Can I be happier than this? On my retirement, you showed me the best you can do for me.

• When there is no shoulder to lean upon, your shoulders remain firm for me to keep my head.

• I will continue to appreciate your love in my life. today is one special day in my life. I wish you long life and prosperity.

• God will always bless those who wish others good. You wished me good, may you receive good news shortly. Thanks for your wishes.

• I may not be able to repay your effort in my life but my heart will always think of good for you. I am grateful for all the best you showed to me.

• Throughout my service year, you are the only woman that stood by my side. I am appreciating your support.

• May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly. You are such a great friend. I miss you completely. Thanks for your message about my retirement.

• To my beloved friend, woman, and wife. I want to show my gratitude for everything you have done in my life.

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