Sweet Wishes on pregnancy and Congratulations messages for pregnancy

Sweet Wishes and Congratulations messages for pregnancy: Pregnancy is a miracle expected by the parents of the unborn child. It is good news which everyone will always welcome. Some people believe that texting pregnant woman congratulation does not worth it or it is insignificant to them. Great events are actually worth celebrating. Cute congratulations on the Pregnancy of Your Sister,

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  1. Congratulations as you expect a bouncing baby. We pray that it is delivered with ease as you expect the good news.
  2. A mother is wonderful, caring, loving and understanding. She goes through lots of pains and sacrifices to carry our burden for nine months—congrats for the good news.
  3. I beseech the Lord to protect the offspring in your womb whether male, female, and twin or single. Congratulations as you prepare to deliver soon.
  4. After the wedding our prayer is that your marriage be blessed with health, wealth and children. Congratulations for knowing that you are now pregnant.
  5. We wish you easy delivery as you prepare to drop the first child. I pray that the child should be a blessed child for the mother.
  6. Best of luck as you are now pregnant. Soon we are expecting good news about your newly born baby. Congratulations.
  7. One of the enhancer of marriage is to have children; as you become pregnant may the Lord deliver it safely and make it a blessed child. Congrats.
  8. I am so much happy to hear that you are pregnant; this is very good news. I am more than overwhelmed with endless joy. Congratulations my sweet angel.
  9. What good news will be better in marriage than to learn that your wife is pregnant? Such is the blessing of the Lord upon His creatures. Congratulations and I wish you safe delivery.
  10. Don’t be scared. Pregnant makes you a stronger woman because you carry yourself and another small head creature or creatures in you. Congratulations.

Beautiful and Wonderful Pregnancy wishes for sister

  1. We are extending our joy and happiness towards you as you wait becoming a mother. Congratulations for the good awareness.
  2. We beseech the Lord to make the expected child be a radiant glory in your marriage. I am so engulfed with endless joy as you expect your first child.
  3. To my beloved sister, your stay in a marriage has a lot of advantage to the nation in general. One of the impacts is the child you are expecting right now. Be a good mother and wife always.
  4. I am glad for you, be strong, happy, lovely, and nice and gentle. As you expect your bouncing baby boy or girl, I pray for God’s protection upon you. Congratulations.
  5. Great expectation around the corner, we are so much happy that you are now pregnant. Do have a safe delivery as you expect your angel soon.
  6. We wish you sound health, love and compassion as you look forward to the Mercy of the Lord about to descend on your family. Congratulations.
  7. I see an angelic baby crawling towards your chest, trying to feel some love from its beautiful mother. Congratulations.
  8. Enjoy the feelings of your love and anticipation for a new visitor coming to the family. I beseech the protection of the Lord for you—congrats as you expect the good news.
  9. Wow, it is amazing that you are expecting a baby soon, eat good food as prescribed, sleep well, don’t stress yourself and expect safe delivery. Congratulations.
  10. Wishing you a cool and healthy pregnancy. I was excited to hear this news as I also expect a wonderful and stress-less delivery soon. Congrats.

Child and Pregnancy Congratulations Messages for Her

  1. Wishing you a heartwarming congratulations as you prepare to deliver a blessed and Godly child soon. Hmm…My sister is now a real woman. Thumbs up lady!
  2. Don’t be scared because pregnancy is not monster but a great blessing coming to you from above. I pray for harmless delivery.
  3. It really touched my heart with great feeling of satisfaction as I learned that you are now pregnant and almost reach to labor. Congratulations as we expect a bouncing baby boy or girl.
  4. We wish you all the best in this season as you prepare to become a mother. We understand how you feel as you imagine becoming a mother soon. Congratulations.
  5. May the Lord that gives and takes bless you with this expected child and take away your entire sorrow. Congratulations.
  6. I wish you best of wishes today as you expect your newly born baby soon. I beseech the Protection of the Lord upon it from the womb till the end of time. Congratulations.
  7. May you find endless joy in you as you become pregnant and your expectations about the pregnancy shall be doubled in a unique and divine way; congrats.
  8. Wishing you a blessed delivery as you carry your pregnancy. Do you know one thing? You look more beautiful whenever you are pregnant.
  9. The feeling of becoming a mother for the first time is always great and interesting. Don’t be afraid, surely God will provide you with what to feed it.
  10. Wishing you love, happiness and endless success as you wait for becoming a wonderful woman and mother. Congratulations.

Cute congratulations on the Pregnancy of Your Sister

  1. In joy and happiness, we wish you all the best in your pregnancy. Hmm… sorry strong woman carrying load in the womb. It is normal so congratulations.
  2. Shaping a future full of expectations demands inclusion of both children. We are beseeching the Lord to bring your entire expectations to reality. Congrats.
  3. Blessing and mercy is about to descend upon your family; may the Protection of the most Merciful God over shadow every evil against it. Congratulations.
  4. We are overwhelmed with an unconditional happiness as you are expecting your little pearl. May your expectations be fulfilled for you by the One Mighty in Power—congrats!
  5. As you already are falling in love with someone you haven’t met, I pray that it should be deliver in sound health and safety. Congratulations.
  6. Enjoy your pregnancy alone as the little baby kicks in your womb. Wow, this gives me joy as it also reminds me that I was once in a womb alone. Congratulations.
  7. The Lord is your strength. We pray for your safe delivery soon and crown your efforts with endless wealth to cater for the child. Congratulations.
  8. Your rank is now lifted from been just a woman to been a woman with the duty to carry a baby for the next nine months. Congratulations.
  9. Congratulations for having heard that you are pregnant. It is not easy to be a mother so start great disciplinary actions on yourself right from now. Congrats once more.
  10. I smiled when I saw that you are now pregnant. I hope you now begin to understand what it takes to be a mother? Don’t worry, after the delivery you will still learn better. Congrats.

Nice Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

  1. It is great news to learn that my sweet little sister is now a woman preparing to become a mother. I appreciate the work of the Lord in you. Congratulations.
  2. The feeling of nurturing a life inside you is great and fantastic. It is very amazing that words cannot fully explain what goes on inside the womb. Congratulations to this queen.
  3. As you expect one of the worlds most exciting moment, always put your trust in God and never give up upon His Mercy for you. Congratulations.
  4. Been in pregnancy is as romantic as love itself. You are already in love with an unborn child and this gives you a strong feeling of excitement.
  5. You guys are wonderful would be parents and this feeling and expectations release great sense of satisfaction in me. I just want to say congratulations.
  6. Wishing you a life filled with endless joy and unending happiness as you expect an angelic child in your home soon. Congratulations.
  7. Your baby is a great jewel I believe because your eyes are glowing with love and compassion. As your father, I bless you by the power of the Lord for safe delivery. Congrats.
  8. Wishing you all the best as would be mother. May the Lord in His infinite Mercy be closed to you from every angle; Congratulations.
  9. You may totally loose the time you need for yourself but don’t worry as you will be given a gift that will make you smile for the rest of your life—congratulations.
  10. We are so happy to learn that our beloved daughter is now pregnant. Have a very great delivery as you are about to become a mother.

Sweet Pregnancy Wishes and Congratulations Messages for Her

  1. I hope you are enjoying the body change? We welcome you to the department of motherhood as you plan ahead to become a new mother. Congratulations.
  2. A wonderful phenomenon—pregnancy. It gives you a special kind of excitement you cannot comprehend. Congratulations as you expect the unborn child.
  3. Congratulations to a life filled with endless joy, happiness, peace and success as you wait for the delivering of a wonderful unborn child. Thumbs up.
  4. We hope to hear good news of a newly born baby soon. You are so wonderful and I am expecting the Blessing of the Lord upon you. Congrats.
  5. As your womb becomes sacred guiding a beautiful angel; I pray that his arrival from the divine world brings endless success into your home. Congrats.
  6. Happiness is not only been successful but some special feelings that you have having realized that you are becoming a mother.
  7. Every lady will learn how to appreciate her mother more when she becomes pregnant. It is not always game of fun but you just have to face the pregnant fun until you deliver your angel.
  8. You must be imagining how beautiful your unborn angel will look like…hmm such is a great feeling of excitement. Congratulations.
  9. Do you know one interesting thing about been pregnant? It makes you see the world in another view. Why? Because you are already creating another one in you. Congratulations.
  10. Pregnancy is another world on its own. It gives you new view about the world and changes you from been just a woman into been a mother. Congratulations.

Sweet Congratulations on Pregnancy Messages

  1. We are overwhelmed with great happiness as you began the race of becoming a mother. Remember one thing that to act as mother you need lots of discipline. Congrats.
  2. Pregnancy is a wonderful feeling, having it spares you time and money to buy books about babies. Congratulations.
  3. I want to wish you very belated congratulations as you embrace the path of motherhood. Wishing you the most beautiful things in the world as you hope to deliver your angel.
  4. Take care of yourself and make sure that you eat well. Remember that you are now two sharing one body. I just want to say congratulations.
  5. Every woman is special and even best during pregnancy because a new life is forming in you. It is a great feeling indeed. Congratulations.
  6. You might have been reading books about pregnant woman but how I wish you didn’t read because there can’t be a better teacher like experience. Congrats.
  7. We are happy that you are pregnant but our greater expectation and prayer are to hear that you deliver the baby safely. Congratulations.
  8. Your body is transforming every day, I know but it is doing so for good. Be strong and never panic as you carry the pregnancy for nine months. Congratulations.
  9. Wishing you the sweetest of moments in pregnancy. Having a baby is a special miracle and astonishing experience. Congratulations.
  10. As your family grows, I pray that part of the wealth and properties be inherited also by the unborn child. Congratulations.
  11. Your blessing has come; I pray that its delivery will come with ease and sound health. Just want to say congratulations.
  12. A great feeling overwhelmed my heart as you are expecting a new member in your home. Please, take care of yourself for the unborn child. Congrats.
  13. Your period has ran away because you are now in a new period just enjoy your pregnancy as you feel the baby alone. Congrats.
  14. Hahaha! It is my pleasure to be the first to say congratulations on your pregnancy. Do you know what that means? New clothes, new pampers, new food and new maternity leave.
  15. Wishing you an endless happiness on your pregnancy. We have been waiting for this very day and finally we made it. Safe delivering.
  16. Pregnancy is the only thing that differentiates between a woman and a mother. You are now at that point so enjoy yourself. Congratulations.
  17. I am pleased to tell say congratulations on your special state—that is pregnancy. Wishing you a life filled with comfort and sound health. Congratulations.
  18. You have been aspiring to get the life coolest gift so be happy as you expect that blessed day. Congratulations on your beautiful pregnancy.
  19. Pregnancy will change you for good as you will begin to feel biologically towards your unborn child. You are special so be glad with your condition.
  20. Be hold as you embrace the ways of mothers. Congratulations on your pregnancy as you are now a mother. I wish you all the best.
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