60 Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages

Sweet Good Night Wishes for my Love

Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages

Our loved ones are always in need of us to express our love which we have for them. Especially in the night when they may feel too lonely, unfortunately, many of us have not noticed it. Love messages give our relationships with our spouse a nourished life span and keep us moving in absolute peace and passion. You may Like these: Sweet Happy Birthday Soulmate Poem, Happy Birthday Wishes for him or her.

Here you are, in a palace that produces and establishes romantic love messages that can change your love life for better. I love messages is ready to take you to a world of passion where you will ever be happy to visit. These are some of our romantic good night messages for you.

A Short Romantic Story For You

So, Sultan saw Lazizah coming from the golden valley which was made of love, this is my princess coming he said as he smiled having understood that Juliet will surely make him happy. Juliet, who was so happy to see her prince Romeo quickly ran to him and hugged him passionately because they really have missed each other since the last night.

Shortly after a while, they both held hands and moved quickly to the love garden where they used to share their passion. “I love you!” Sultan said to Lazizah while looking into her eyes deeply. Lazizah was so happy and overwhelmed while tears of passion fell down her chicks. I am so lucky to have found you my love, hero, and heartfelt angel, Lazizah replied to him.

Here are some good night messages for your loved ones:

Love Romantic Good Night Messages For Him

  1. My dear husband, the only man that puts a smile on my face. This night has come already with countless passions which I have specially ordered for you. I am sending my goodnight kisses, hugs, and affections to you. Good night darling!I am willing to be with you every second of my life because you are a real man every lucky woman will love to have. You shower me with an endless passion, wiped away my tears, and gave me countless reasons to be happy always. Goodnight dear! There is a love factory in your heart where you produce all kinds of love to please me your woman. Ever since I have meeting people, I have never met a unique man like you. With you, my life has always been filled with love. I just want to say goodnight, my hero!This night is so cool and nice to have a very sweet dream. Before you close your eyes to dream about us, I will like you to look in the sky- you will see the shining stars smiling at you. The moon is pleased with you and wishing you a great good night!

    Loving you in every second is an antidote to my sorrows. I have dedicated my heart to love you and to cherish you forever. Good night baby!

    Every night, I sleep with your thoughts in my heart because you always leave a great impact on the deepest part of it. You motivate me in the day and make me smile every night, I love you. Good night my prince.

    The night is a bed of roses diffusing the best fragrance ever made for true lovers. I hope you are enjoying yourself in this blissful night? I want you to dream about me so I may feel the sweetness of the beautiful night in my heart too. Good night love!

    My life is incomplete without you. I am your missing rib, the one you have always searched for. I wish you every good thing in life my heartthrob. Have a wonderful night dream!

    I pray that the Lord of the night bless you and crown your efforts in the day. Have a nice dream. I also want you to know that without you I am incomplete. Loneliness is upon me right now and I can’t wait to see the brightness of your face. Good night!

    I have every reason to be happy because you are in my life. You gave me the love I have always cried for. I love you with passion! This night is specially designed for you I want you to have a cool sweet night dream!

My Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages

  1. My sweetheart, day time is gone and the night is here. I am about to send you the sweetest kiss and hug ever so that you can fall asleep with my thoughts in your heart. I love everything about you. Good night. You are the light that shines in my eyes. I love you and cherish you the way you are. The morning time may be stressful but I am assuring you that this night will be fantastic. All you need is just a dream about us. Good night sweetheart! Through the day we have been together sharing our passion. But now I am really missing you and can’t wait to see your face once again. You are a vessel of joy that I cannot possibly do away it. Have a wonderful night my love!Love is part life, without it, life will be incomplete. I am so happy that I found you as my love, so life goes on smoothly. My dear prince, always remembers that you are the reason why I smile and live. Good night!

    With your cute smile, I am satisfied. Every time I go to bed your thoughts flow in my heart. I want you to do the same, so we can meet in our dreams in the land of love, this night is cool, be happy and sleep tight!

    In the morning, a cup of coffee can go a long way to keep you active, however, in the night, you need a lot of kisses to keep you warm. Here I am sending you lots of kisses this night to keep you warm. Good night baby.

    Having seen your beautiful face, my heart jumps over and over. I am so lucky to have a strong heart chamber, perhaps my heart chamber will have torn apart with the pressure of the love I have for you. I need you in every second of my life. Have a sweet dream tonight!

    The love of my life, I lean my heart on you trusting that it will be protected from been broken. Every night, I can’t stop thinking about you. All I always wanted is to be beside you every time so I will not suffer the pain of missing you anymore.

    I am so speechless wondering about the great love you give me. I used to think that no one can love me the way I want until I met a superhero like you. If every man can be like you, the world will be a better place to live. Good night baby!

    The most interesting thing that God has done for me is giving you to me. I will live to always love and cherish you, admire, and care for you. Receive my cool chocolate kiss and wrap yourself with my warm software hug. I love you, good night!

Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages For Him

  1. I am not always hesitating to tell you every good thing that comes to my mind about you. I love to tell you that “I cherish you!” that “you are the best and everything to me!” but what I hate to tell you is “good night!” because I can’t withstand the emotional pressure of missing you. I have no choice but to say “good night my darling!If I can create an unlimited page of a book, I will rather write I love you till infinity, yet I won’t be satisfied. However, I can assure you that my love for you is more than an unlimited page. My love for you is “super unlimited!” Good night, sweety! In the valley of love, you are the best passerby I have ever met. You came into my heart to dwell in it. You built a castle of love in my heart and established the fountain of joy. I am so lucky to know and love you. Good night!If loving you is a seasoned film, the part of our love will always be repeated times without number. I won’t allow any other scenes to be shown but ours alone because I can’t risk getting off your reach. Give me this night, to extend the extent of my love to you through electric kiss and hug because email cannot do the job. Good night D!

    Every now and then, my love for you never changes, because there is no man like you in my life. You are such a unique man designed to establish the trend of love in my mind. Every second, your love impacts vibrate in my heart. Good night sweetheart, I love you!

    Giving you my heart does not cost me a microsecond, because you deserve it and will always be my heartbeat. I am extending my greetings to you this night to display gratitude for the love you gave me, good night!

    If you need someone to lean your hands on, I am always there to hear you out. You have become the jewel that my heart needed and always wanted to be with. Night has come, and I want you to close your heart to see us both in the world established with love, joy, grace, fortune, and prosperity. Good night, my angel I love you.

    Less I forget tonight, just want to say I love you. Missing you is causing love fever already on my heart. I hope you come over so my sickness will be gone soon. I love you once more, good night!

    For the passion you showed me, I say thank you. For the care you give to me, I say nice meeting you. For the joy you built in me, I say take this cool kiss. For the change you brought to my life, I say to have this warm hug. Good night baby!!!

    Even if I used millions of words to describe you, my words will never end because I have pleaded with God to give me a creative mind that never gets tired of sending you beautiful good night messages. All this I do because of you. I love you!

Short Romantic Love Story for him or her

If life is without you, I don’t think I can spend a few more seconds on the surface of this earth. Sultan told Lazizah. With so much joy in her heart, she smiled at Sultan and shy away saying stop teasing me! Sultan insisted that he meant what he said. After a short while, they both stood up and headed to a diamond palace where all their subjects have been waiting for them to come. Every corner of the palace was built of treasures as bright and beautiful as diamond, ruby, bronze, gold, and jewels. Beside the throne of the Sultan, is a bed of roses shaped in the form of love.

This is the love we have been sharing my dear love, I am so lucky to have found you. Ever since the day you came into my life, I became an honored queen. These are the words of Lazizah to Sultan, who was so pleased with them. You are mine today and till the end of time, he replied. No woman can replace you in my life.

Romantic Love  Good Night Messages For Her!

  1. Every single night comes with its own blessings. This very night comes with thousands of blessings and I have directed some of them to you. Among them are joy, success, prosperity, grace, and peace. I pray that your night comes with love. I have decided to live all my life with you, even now that I’m lonely- your thoughts keep me strong and agile. Loving you is an antidote to my sorrows; do have a cute night dream! In you, I found my joy, love, children, strength, and the zeal to push further in life. Have a great night’s dream. I hope you will be fine until we meet again to continue the chapter of our love story!Every man will never be tired to find a sweet lover like you though I’m not ready to share you with anyone. Had it been that you could see how smile filled my face right now, you will feel the impact of the power of your love in me. I will also like to say goodnight, my dear!

    Wonder began in my life the first day I met you, you became part of my joy a sent angel that keeps my day and night-active. Good night!

    There is no one that can tell the story of our love as we do. I believe in what I’m saying because I found in you a shining glory that will light up my night- a light of love shining from your heart to mine.

    There is a rose flower glowing in my heart, a flower that germinates love, passion, cherished, a love that brings peace to the mind. Before you sleep, tonight- the dream of us around this wonderful flower.

    If you step out of your doorsteps, go a bit forward towards that evergreen garden of yours and look to the sky, you will see a treasure smiling at you. It is called the night moon it feels like to greet you.

    If love is a color I will choose red because it represents love. If love is a flower, I will choose rose because it symbolizes sweet love, if love is a person I will choose no one but you. Good night!

    I can never fall in love with another shouldn’t be you. I love you with my heart and pray that the Lord brings joy to your heart this night.

Brief Romantic Love Story For You to Smile

Sultan was a great man who can give any woman the best love ever. He was so skillful that people come under him to learn how to love. One day, when he was walking along a river filled with milk and silver like fish, he saw a letter on the floor beside the river bank which read: “O my darling Sultan, I can’t do without you for you have taken every space in my heart! Now I am left with endless love burning in my heart. You are the Hero of my life and I love you so much.”

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