40 Sweet Good Night Messages For Him


Goodnight messages for lovers, girlfriends or our family members are one of the trending texts that are mostly shared between them. You are lucky to have stumbled into our domain. We will spoil you with romantic words. You may also like g50 goodnight paragraph for her or I miss you my love- goodnight messages for him

Sweet Good Night Messages For Him

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This night is a blessing for you so be calm and feel relax because it is especially for you—a night of joy for the one I love with passion, my heart and everything I value. I wish to be with you right now because you are my dream come true. Goodnight!

Loving you is a like a precious stone it gives me joy which I cannot possibly comprehend. I wish I can let you understand how much you mean to me the most interesting man I have ever met in my life, goodnight!

When I was growing up, I only heard about what true love means but have never experienced it until I met you I came to realize how truthful it is that true love still exists. You are a special kind of love I will never forget in my life; I love you!

The joy that trends on my mind is because you love reigns in my life; it is a great privilege that I found you and this gives me a strong reason to want to spend the rest of my life with you. I cherish you with all my heart, and will like to say goodnight my dear love!

The grace of the Lord has really found me for meeting an angel like you in my world. I used to think that there is no true love again until now that I experienced it from you—a special gem hard to find in life, goodnight my love!

My wishes for you are so many that I can’t possibly finish listing them for you but all I want you to know is that my heart now belongs to you; it cries and bleeds for your love. I swear, no one can take your part in my heart because I love you truly—goodnight!

I wish you could understand the level of your love in my heart, a man after my eyes the one I cherish so much and ready to die for; please do not leave me for I am completely in love with you. I just want to say goodnight baby!

I have been searching for a man who will love me with all his heart and care for me with every passion that comes with this beautiful world. You are my heartbeat the fuel of joy God has given to me, my pleasure and passion goodnight!

You always make me happy whenever I find my way to see your handsome face; a rare gem of love the most interesting man I have ever met in my life; now and till the end of time I will cherish you, goodnight!

With you in my life everything will be fine because you are not sent by man but God Himself. I wish you are here to wipe away my tears but distance has done so badly to me my sweet angel. Please baby, do know that only you my heart chose to be with—goodnight!

Goodnight Love Quotes For Him

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I think about you endlessly every night because I cherish you with all my heart. You may not know how much I miss you but the most painful thing is that even now I can’t see you. I wish to meet you soon my love—goodnight!

The Lord is your strength in every single moment of your life so I don’t want you to be scared because you are protected by God through my passionate prayers for, as you close your eyes may the peace of God descend upon you, goodnight!

Right now I think about you in my heart because I respect your presence in my life; it has given me the most achievement and this will not just go in vain. I beseech the Lord to protect you against all evil, just want to say goodnight!

Go to bed and put your trust in God for He never fails His people. May the Lord bless you with endless joy and makes this night a peaceful one for you and whatever you lay your hands upon shall come with ease—goodnight love!

Dear Lord I am very grateful for this peaceful night and for the privilege you gave me to enjoy the morning time. Baby, as you are about to lay down on your bed I ask the Lord to replace your stress with maximum relief—goodnight!

When the prayer is said to God, He listens to it and returns it with blessing, may this night be restful for you and may the comfort of the pillow favor you absolutely. I pray that your entire world be full of joy. Goodnight my love!

As the sun shines upon the world and makes it bright, may your world be full of light too. This night is a special one, I ask the Lord to make it restful for you—every moment of your life shall come with complete peace. Goodnight!

In my heart I pray for you to excel in life and to be crowned in the crown of blessing and prosperity. Whatever it takes to be prosperous in life, mat the door be opened for you starting from this night until the end of time—goodnight!

In this world I found myself, I learnt something and it is to love and be loved in return. Thank you for loving me, I pray that your entire desires come to pass. Now and forever you will find no reason to shed tears but of passion and joy. Goodnight baby!

I was speechless when I met you and the reason was because you were too charming even up till this moment, I can resist your beauty, may your days be increased with piety and prosperity and I wish you a perfect night!


Sweet Good Night Messages For Lover

I am writing this note to you this night in order to make you understand how wonderful and charming you are. To me, you are the most handsome man I have ever set my eyes upon since the day I was born. I love you and will like to say “goodnight dear!”

If everything seems too hard and you don’t know what to do again, I just want you to understand I will always be there for when I’m needed most. I will continue to love you until love is tired of been used just for you alone. Goodnight!

May the blessing of the Lord descend upon your home this very moment of the night, it gives me joy to want to hear from you but sadness was returned when I realized that you are far away from me. I just want to say goodnight!

Leading a life with you is one of the most enjoyable experience ever because it brings continuous joy to the heart. It puts smile on my face and makes my heart grows in complete love for you. I just want to say goodnight!

In you I found my love because you are a divine creature specially made for me alone. You are a prince of heart the one I cherish with all my heart. Never have you given up upon me because the love I have for is beyond what you can describe. Goodnight!

You are my star, the absolute joy the Lord has given to me—an epitome of joy and happiness in my life; it is not easy to find your character but here I am today with you as lucky as a gazelle that escaped from the lion’s den. Goodnight!

You are my only prince the treasure that I adore with all my heart, cherish from the deepest part of my heart, love from the sweetest part of my heart and will like to keep forever from the strongest part of my heart. I just want to say goodnight my heart!

It won’t be okay I said when a person like you is out of a woman’s life—believe me; you are the kind of man every woman will like to keep for herself forever. A day without you is only by the leave of God to survive it. Goodnight love!

My night and day some huge parts I have dedicated to think about you, to remember those beautiful moments we shared together. I believe in your words when you promised and all were fulfilled in no time. I love you my sweetheart. Goodnight!

There is no other reason why I cherish you this much than the fact that you are so kind and sweet to lead a life with’. Baby, I want to spend the rest of my life with you because I am yours so please take me away to the land of love—goodnight!

Cute Ways To Say Goodnight Over Text

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It gives me a special feeling whenever I set my eyes on your charming face. Although, it is not easy to resist the power of your presence because it light comes with a passion that melts my heart. You are my dream treasure and I love you so much. Goodnight!

In the garden of love, I cherish you the most because you are that lily that never stops to entice me; you are an outstanding treasure among millions of diamonds in the world. I grew up in love with you and will like to stay in love with you until the end of time. Goodnight!

Believe in my words because I am saying them from a heart that is truthful to you. I want you to know that I can’t love any other man as I do to you because your thoughts have taken over my heart and left it without space for any other man—goodnight baby!

When you came into my world, it changed from good to best. Indeed you have shown me how beautiful it is to find the right person in life; a genius lover (me) likes you, won’t you put smile on your face? I cherish you endlessly, goodnight!

It was not that easy when I was living my life alone avoiding every man. I knew I was not too comfortable but had no choice than to live on my own. But now that I accepted you to test if there is still true love, you have proven to me beyond doubt. I love you my baby, goodnight!

I adore you my dear treasure, the reason why I am smiling right now. I believe you must be tired now but still due to the unconditional love I have for you, I can’t help but to reach out to you in my words perhaps they may bring a sweet night to you—goodnight!

You belong to me and only you I will love for the rest of my life. I cherish you my dear angel with complete passion. You are that light God assigned to bring joy and happiness back into my life; baby, I can’t stop shedding tears because after several years of heartbreak—you amended my heart. Goodnight!

I will never forget you in my life no matter what may happen between us because you have really made an unforgettable impact in me which will last forever in my memory. I really enjoy your entire company in my life; just want to say goodnight!

I wish you understand the level of your love in my heart; perhaps you will be shocked and ask if there still exists an angel like me. I will try my best to make you happy in every second of your life; I just want to say goodnight my love!

In this special night, I am willing to hug and kiss you because you are the only true love I found among several men. Thank God we are married today, I pray that your reign in my life lasts till the end of time. Just want to say I miss you—goodnight!

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