Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for Sweet Lovers

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for him or her

Sunday Quotes and Sayings: Sunday is one of the best days of the week but it often reminds some people of Monday which they don’t like. However, Monday is just a mindset. If you fill your heart with joy and positive thinking, every day will be fantastic to you. We have garnered enough messages for you to enjoy sending to your loved ones. These messages are promising and will compel your lover to fall in love with you. You may also like to read other messages such as these: Simple but Hot Good Night Messages for Girlfriend, 50 Beautiful have a Nice Day Sms for My Love.

Sunday Quotes and Sayings

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for boyfriend


1. It is nice that whenever I look at your face what I see is more beautiful than the flower of rose.

2. You are my lily the one I love to touch the most. You are like fish in the glass, so free no worries.

3. I love you more than the Sunday itself. It gives me the inspiration to want to bless you with kisses.

4. I wish you the sweetest Sunday ever. A Sunday is more blessed than a sweet bar of chocolate.

5. I will not lie, you are the sweetest guy I have ever tasted. You taste like vanilla I swear. Happy Sunday.

6. Happy Sunday to the world funniest guy, your talent of comedy will not kill me one day.

7. I love my Sundays because they are always spent with a nice man like you. You are more than sweet.

8. You are a cherished angel, a pure angel with endless joy. I miss you so much and will always do.

9. Thank you for all you have become. I will always find peace in as much as you are in my life.

10. You are a perfect match for me. I need to let you know that without you I will be sad. Happy Sunday.

11. Before you go out today, make sure you lock the door; otherwise, the goats will entertain today again.

12. Anytime I see you, I am always filled with joy. I wish you all the best ever. Happy Sunday.

13. You are cool, you are handsome, may your day be filled with lots of laughter. Happy Sunday.

14. What a nice guy you are, pure, sweet, wonderful, and above all the most precious to me. I love you.

15. Happy Sunday to those that really matter. You are one of them and you better than many guys for sure.

16. I decided to put a smile on your face this morning to show you how much I have fallen in love for you.

17. Your face is so beautiful that I opened my mouth and finds it difficult to close. Happy Sunday.

18. I need you to understand that you are the coolest guy in the world. I wish you all the best.

19. I am willing to have a hot hug with you this morning but it seems I am yet to make hays while the sunshine.

20. Thank God I found you, your smile alone is nicer than the best perfume ever. I love you.

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for Girlfriend

21. I swear I am yet to find a beautiful girl like you. You are more precious than a diamond. Have a coffee Sunday morning.

22. My aim today is to put a smile on the face of the most beautiful lady in the world. Have a nice Sunday.

23. Loving you is the sweetest thing I have ever experienced. Thank you for all you have done for me.

24. I love you more than just the way you feel. You are like a princess in the castle of my heart.

25. I want to dwell in your heart so that I can hear the beat of the sound of your heart love for me.

26. I cannot sleep because your thoughts have accumulated my heart and set everywhere ablaze in it.

27. Thank God for always being there for me. You are better than many people to not all though. Lolz.

28. Have a nice day queen. Ensure that your day is full of chocolate sunshine and sweet banana bliss.

29. I want to say thank you for smiling at me, it is the reason why I am still happy up till this moment.

30. I wish a sweet morning glorious light. May the spirit of a new day slap you with success and prosperity.

31. Have a nice day sweet angel, you are cute, smart, and perfectly endowed with good structure. I love you.

32. I miss you like never before. You are just the best for me and there is no doubt about that.

33. What a nice girl you have become. A wonderful, precious, nice, and intelligent girl. Have a nice day.

34. When I realized we are perfect for each other, I decided to take some fried chicken and sweets and potatoes. Sorry for not inviting you.

35. All I want you to know is that I am willing to make you happier than ever. You are the cutest in the world.

36. Wishing you the best ever. You are more beneficial than ever. I love you so much. Happy Sunday.

37. You don’t understand the best language of my body, it is that uncontrollable dance you see whenever I am with you.

38. I don’t know why I always find it difficult to be myself whenever I am with you. I love you so much.

39. What a precious angel, indeed, you are better than all the treasures in the world to me. I love you.

40. I was awakening this morning with the thought of kissing you, the next thing I heard was a dirty slap from mom.

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for husband

41. My dear sweetest man on earth, I hope you had a fantastic night’s rest. I am wishing you all the best this morning.

42. Sunday is synonymous with a smile, I hope you will not frown your face at me today. I love you though.

43. I am already yours, so there is nothing you can do than to accept me the way I am. I love you, dear.

44. Happy Sunday to my boy. Don’t forget this week is mine so I have the right to call you any name.

45. I have never seen a friend and sweet husband like you before until I walked down a restaurant and saw a monkey. Lolz.

46. Anytime I go to the zoo and see a monkey eating the banana, I smile and say my Hubby too loves eating it as well.

47. I respect you so much and that is why you have got the privilege to have me all for you. If not, who are you?

48. I will still be coping with the way I miss you but it doesn’t change me from being naughty to you.

49. You have all it takes to be mine forever, I love the fact that you have been the best for me. I love you.

50. I can’t just be there while you are not minding me. You know me very well, I will not prepare your favorite if you don’t come back home today.

51. Wishing you what it takes to be happy and nice. You are just the most amazing man in the world. I love you.

52. I am thinking of a sweet day to be yours. You have taken over my heart like never before. I love you.

53. I am so much in love with you. It is my pleasure to have seen the most man in this world being my husband.

54. The other day I saw you with plenty of rubber bands, I burst into a laugh. I thought you wanted to play with them.

55. I know I play a lot, please Mr. Man don’t take me for granted and can unleash the bomb I have in me. I love you.

56. Having found you as the lily of my heart, I am ready to make you happy. I wish you give me that chance.

57. Don’t you see how cute you are? Nice having you in my life for you are sweeter than all I have tasted before.

58. Dear husband the most handsome guy in this world. I love the kind of smile you cast on me.

59. Good morning sweetheart. You are the best strawberry in my life. Eating you up will do the best.

60. It is nice having you in this world; you are more precious to me than my smartphone. I love you, sweet love.

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for wife


61. Sometimes, I will just look at you and say, I love everything about you. You are the chief lady of my heart.

62. I can do anything for you except that I cannot slap a soldier for you, you are the cutest angel.

63. I wish you all the best in this wonderful time. You are all I have for me. You change me from being silly to being sillier. Lolz, funny wife.

64. If I roll you one slap from my Bluetooth, you will understand that I am the man and you are the woman.

65. Please, I am press out here; can you please send me some kisses through your Whatsapp? Just want to say happy Sunday.

66. If I lied what will it profit me? I don’t know why this babe finds it difficult to believe me this day.

67. But the other day I lied to you was to get some delicious stew and chicken cooked for me. I need you so much, but today I am sick.

68. I will always be there for you, please forgive me for the trick of getting that money from you. My sincere confession.

69. The other day I told you I was sick, it was because I need some cash from you. I hope you understand.

70. I will always be there when you need me the most. You are just the best man for me. I love you, my angel.

71. You will always be the best in this world because you have been the reason why I can’t shy away from love.

72. What a nice day with you? You have taken over the whole of my heart with every single thing I have.

73. You are the most handsome man in this world. You are more than just a man but the best ever.

74. What a nice day my lovely angel. You are perfectly meant for me. I will never stop loving you all my life.

75. I will never forget the first day I set my eyes on you. You are the most beloved wife in this world and I will always love you to the core.

76. I love you beyond this world and will always do all my life because you are the best in this world. I love you.

77. I need you to understand that the depth of your love in my heart can swallow the tallest mountain in the world.

78. It is my pleasure that I love you and I will never regret that for the rest of my life, you belong to me.

79. With this world for you and me alone, I will always be happy to be yours forever. Have a nice day.

80. What a special angel you have become? You will always be the one I cherish all my life. I love you.

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for him or her


81. I never want to stop loving you because you are the one I cherished the most. I will always have your time.

82. Indeed, you are the best for me. I love you, my dear angel, you are to me like the sweetest chocolate in the world.

83. Who will make me happier than this if not you? You are like a man of fun full of life. I mean Mr. Beans.

84. What a gorgeous lady you have become? It has been long I saw you and no wonder you are now more precious.

85. I just want to be yours all my life. I wish you the best in this world and the hereafter. I miss you, my dear.

86. What a nice angel, I am so much in love with you because you are the best for me. You belong to me.

87. With the way, I cherish you, with the love I have for you and everything you need in this world, always be rest assured that there is someone who can’t do without you.

88. Your face is as bright as the most shining star. I love you to the core and the love is more than just mere talk.

89. I have seen many people in this world and none of them is as nice as you are. Believe me, you are the number one angel.

90. What a blessed day ahead. The reason is that you are the sweetest person in this world. I love you, my dear.

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