Best Sunday Morning Wishes for Friends

Happy Sunday quote for friends and family: is a good bulk of SMSs which when read and sent to your loved ones will surely hit the target you are up to. We have written it in such a way that you will enjoy sending it to those who matter to you from the deepest part of your heart. So, don’t worry just pick them and send them right away.

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Happy Sunday Quotes for Lover

1. May you be blessed and remain blessed as from today, happy Sunday.

2. Happy Sunday my dear, May you stay happy and blessed from today and through your life.

3. You always tell me you love me so much and I believed you because you do not just utter those sweet words but you also put them in action.

4. I have never seen another wonderful person like you. I will always cherish you, happy Sunday.

5. Happy Sunday my love, You are simply, too amazing and too good to me and my family, I love you.

6. I have been looking for a perfect opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me, but today is a special day to you that’s why I want to tell that you mean everything to me, enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

7. No one makes me feel better the way you do, you are a genius to me, happy Sunday my love.

8. Nothing will ever make me leave you, you have all my love in this word an in the after earth, happy Sunday my dear.

9. May the almighty god make your love shine brightly in my heart; I love you and will always do, and do have a good Sunday.

10. Each time I see you, you always give me hope in life and you are my pride in this world, I love you with all my heart, do have a great Sunday.

11. Happy Sunday, May the good lord you tenacious wisdom and courage to defeat your enemies, enjoy this beautiful day.

Happy Sunday for Quotes for Friends

12. May the good lord give you strength above your enemies, happy Sunday.

13. May today be a magnificent and splendid day in your life, happy Sunday my love.

14. May God almighty god watch over you and your family, happy Sunday my dear.

15. May the good Lord give you power when you are powerless, happy Sunday.

16. May the Lord grant you a cheerful spirit which will guide you through all your difficulties, do have a wonderful Sunday.

17. May the Lord help you lift all your heavy loads, do have a great Sunday as you worship the good lord.

18. May God enlighten your heart with good truth, have a magnificent Sunday.

19. May he inflame your heart with love and happiness; have a great Sunday, my dear.

20. May the good lord bless you and enhance your territory with joy and wonders, happy Sunday.

21. May he keep you from harm so you could be free from pain and sorrows, happy Sunday dear.

22. Happy Sunday dear, may you have all the joy and happiness of this beautiful day.

23. Happy Sunday, may the good lord give you all the blessings of this day to you and your family, enjoy his infinite blessings.

24. Happy Sunday my dear, as we worship so shall we continue to worship and praise our wonderful lord.

25. Happy Sunday, may your entire household continue to receive the blessings and wonders of the good lord.

Happy Sunday prayer

26. I pray to the lord that he should grant you wisdom and happiness, happy Sunday to you and have a great day ahead.

27. I pray to the lord that you shall rise in the middle of your enemy, happy Sunday my dear.

28. If you are going true a hard time does not mean the end of the world, happy Sunday to you dear friend.

29. As you set out today I pray that you find the happiness you truly deserve, happy Sunday my sweetheart.

30. I pray today your day will be filled with joy and happiness of your life, happy Sunday my love.

Happy Sunday Quotes for Mother

31. I am so happy to know that you are coming back home today because I fill something ells whenever you are around, happy Sunday to you dear.

32. You are special to me, I see you as my mentor for that I wish you all the best this special day, happy Sunday to you dearest.

33. It’s my prayer for you that lord should uplift you from today and forever, happy Sunday to you.

34. I pray to the Lord, this Sunday shall bring nothing less than happiness and joy to your life.

35. This faithful morning shall be the most wonderful morning in your life, happy Sunday to you my best friend.

36. I pray to the lord that today Sunday brings you more blessing and happiness to your life, happy Sunday to you dear.

37. My prayer for you today, May the Lord renews you and lifts you up, for the best, happy Sunday my dear best friend.

38. After today I pray that none of your enemies will look upon you again, happy Sunday to you and have a great day ahead.

39. From this very day, you shall never struggle in your life again, because the Lord has promised that good people shall not perish, happy Sunday to you dear friend.

40. From now on you shall Esperance nothing but happiness in your life, happy Sunday dear.

Happy Sunday Prayer for Brother and Sister

41. I pray to the Lord to shower you with his grace, joy mercy, happiness, love and bless you beyond your imagination, happy Sunday to your friend.

42. As you set out this beautiful morning I pray the blessing you don’t pray for befall you and your family, happy Sunday and do have a blessed day ahead of you.

43. Today you shall be granted with I freedom from the lord, not as I wish but as the lord wish, happy Sunday to you.

44. Be prepped for the many good things that are coming your way, because the lord will grant all your wishes today, happy Sunday friend.

45. From today you shall be lifted above, your enemies shall not see from this beautiful day, happy Sunday to you.

46. I personally beseech the Lord to bless and guide you from the evil of the word, happy Sunday dear.

47. May this morning be the beginnings of your blessing and from today you shall prosper in everything you do, happy Sunday to you.

48. I declare that this beautiful new day shall benefit you and your loved ones, happy Sunday to you and your family.

49. It’s another great and shining day for you to rise, may you overcome your difficulties, happy Sunday to you.

50. May the Lord bless you on this beautiful morning, because you are worthy of it, happy Sunday.

51. I give the praise to the lord, for spearing your life till now and I will continue to pray you, happy Sunday.

52. I pray to the lord to open the doors of success for you and your family from today, happy Sunday.

53. May you find all the reason to smile on this beautiful day, Lord I ask for your grace today, happy Sunday to you.

Sunday Prayer for Lover and Spouse

54. O Lord I need your grace today, bless me so that I can have the power to posh on in life, happy Sunday to you.

55. I pray to the lord to give you the strength when you need it most, and bless you beyond reasons, happy weekend to you dear friend.

56. You gave me another reason to smile, by spearing my life till today, glory be on to you, happy Sunday and happy weekend.

57. I beseech the Lord to grant you peace, joy, happiness, goodness and guide you through the right part, happy weekend.

58. May this fateful Sunday bring you the most goodness part of your life, happy Sunday to you my dear?

59. I plead with the Lord to forgive you for your entire wrongdoer, and elevate you, happy Sunday friend lovely friend.

60. As you set out today, I pray that all may be possible for now and forever, happy Sunday to you, friend.

61. As from this morning, the lord will begin to bless everything you lay your hands on, happy weekend to you.

62. From this blissful morning, I pray to the lord, to bless you beyond your imaginations, happy Sunday dear.

63. My prayer for you today, may the lord of mercy continue to shower you and your family love, happy Sunday to your friend.

64. I beseech the lord that whenever you call upon him, he should respond to you instantly, happy Sunday.

65. I pray that wherever you go today, the lord blessing will continue to follow you forever and ever, happy Sunday.

66. May this weekend be the most blissful weekend for to you ever, happy Sunday to you and do have a blissful day ahead.

67. It’s my prayer for today, may your morning be blessed, your afternoon be happiness, and your evening is peaceful, happy Sunday to you.

68. May the Lord fill your home with happiness without limit, happy Sunday my dear friend?

69. May the Lord bless you today as you set out, and I also pray that whatever you lay your hands on shall not perish but shall rise, happy Sunday to the best friend of mine.

70. Happy Sunday to my best friend, may the Lord bless you with endless joy forever.

71. Happy Sunday my dear, May your day be blessed as you enjoy this weekend with your loved ones.

Happy Sunday Prayer for Him or Her

72. May the good lord make you have a beautiful weekend, happy Sunday my dear love.

73. May you have a beautiful and amazing moment, happy Sunday sweetheart.

74. I pray that your day which is Sunday should be filled with beautiful and wonderful things, happy Sunday my love.

75. May your beautiful day be blessed with so many laughs and smiles, happy Sunday my dear friend.

76. May you have many beautiful memories as you enjoy this Sunday with people that are special to you, happy Sunday my dear.

77. May this day be bonded with love and happiness, happy Sunday to you dear.

78. May the Lord grant you all you desire in life, happy Sunday dear.

79. May this day bring you lots of good wishes from your loved ones, happy Sunday sweetie.

80. May the good lord make this moment be of good memories for you and your family, happy Sunday to you.

81. May you continue to be happy and joyful on this special day of yours, happy Sunday my dear.

82. As you enjoy this beautiful and peaceful with your family, may the Lord make it be a great memory for you and your family, happy Sunday my love.

83. It always make me happy to be with you every Sunday, I feel like I am the luckiest person to have you in my life, may we have a joyful day, happy Sunday, my dear.

84. Each time I recall about those beautiful memories of this beautiful day of yours which is Sunday have a beautiful Sunday, my love.

85. May this beautiful day bring you lots of happiness and joy to you and your loved ones, and may it bring you lots of good wishes, happy Sunday.

86. Happy Sunday my love, may this day be as lovely as you are, enjoy your weekend my lovely princess.

87. Happy Sunday to the loveliest person in my life, have an amazing day ahead of you dear.

88. May the Lord grant you love and happiness as you set out today, happy Sunday to you my love.

89. May the Lord lift you to be above of your enemies, happy Sunday to the best person in my life.

90. May this beautiful day be filled with joy and happiness in your life, happy Sunday to you my queen.

91. In this beautiful Sunday, may the good lord bestow his mercy and blessings to you and your family, happy Sunday?

Happy Sunday Messages for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

92. May this Sunday bring you more blessings and joy to your life, happy Sunday my dear.

93. May the good lord renew your blessing and joy as you experience this beautiful Sunday, happy Sunday my love.
94. May the Lord lift you above your enemies and perish them, happy Sunday my dear.

95. May the good Lord shower his joy and blessings on to you and your loved ones, happy Sunday.

96. In this Sunday may experience a good and lovely thing, enjoy your beautiful day and have a joyful Sunday.

97. May prosper in each and everything you do in life, happy Sunday.

98. May you be among those who will benefit from the Lord’s blessings, happy Sunday my dear.

99. May your doors be open as the grant you all you desire in life, happy Sunday my dear.

100. May your Sunday bring lots of happiness to you; may your day be filled with the light of success. Happy Sunday my love.

101. Thank God for this special day of your life; we are happy over here because it is Sunday. Happy Sunday lovely heart.

102. Happy Sunday my precious angel. I wish you all the best now and forever. May this wonderful day be a special one in your life.

103. I wish to say thank you for everything you have achieved for me in this world. You are always the best in my heart.

104. I want to wish you a fantastic weekend. Have the best of it with your wife.

105. Make this wonderful day work for you. I pray that your love will always last forever. Happy Sunday.

106. I am happy to be yours. You are just the dream lady that I have been searching for. Happy Sunday.

107. Wishing you this damsel Sunday. Flowers, beautiful treasures and lots of kisses and hugs for you.

108. Happy Sunday to you. I pray that your success will begin to manisfest from on set.

109. I just want to ensure that you are fine. Happy Sunday my beloved.

110. Thank God for the gift of a wonderful day like this. We are lucky to be together. Happy Sunday.

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