Special Good Night Sms for Friend


Special Good Night Sms for Friend


Special Good Night Sms for Friend: It is an old tradition for friends to reach out to one and another either by paying visits or meeting at a normal point where they used to meet. However, this modern-day, communication is now easy and cheap, therefore we can easily contact our friends through phone calls, social media, or SMS such as these wonderful ones you are about to read.

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The night is a special time for good friends to remember one another for the great moments they shared together in the day. Here I am, reflecting upon the words of wisdom I learned from you today. A great friend indeed you are. Good nit!

As the glory of the sunshine, you are so dear to me. I admire the brightness of your face this gives me a reason to smile and be proud of you wherever. You are a damsel charming friend. Thanks for all your supports in my life, have a sweet dream tonight.

This night I hold in high esteem for you because a gem like you deserved to be treated with love and romance. People may call us friends but to me, you are more than a friend. You are a special angel full of life. I ask the Lord to continue to increase your health. Good nit!

Sometimes we may not know how good God has been to us for blessing us with a kind heart friend. You are so great my dear friend. Don’t be surprised, I am really missing you right now. I hope you will be fine night?

You are part of the reasons why I smile right now the jewel of my heart. A good friend like you is rare to find. You are sunshine that shines my heart with sympathy a kind-hearted friend who sacrificed his chance for me to achieve my dreams. I will never forget you my dear friend, good night!

In this special night, I am sending you the life comfort that never ends because you are too much my dear friend. You may understand how high I rate you as a friend. I cherish you even more than how you expected. Good night friend!

I ask the Lord to bless my good friend this night for been a true companion when I need him most. Look at the sky and you will realize that it smiles at you wishing you the comfort of this night. You are a darling. Good night!

Looking into your eyes, I found a bliss that can never be overridden in my heart by any other feelings. You are a special gem, a lovely companion. I really miss you when you went away. You may not understand how much you mean to me but I bet, you are my best friend. Good night!

I love the bliss that comes with your friendship. You are a success and a gift that will ever be appreciated. You are my joy the gem that sweetens my heart. Thank you for all you are done in my life. I just want to say goodnight my friend!

Friendship is true when it involves you because you have proven to me that nothing can stop us from helping one another when the need arises. From the beginning of my heart I agree with you—a dear friend I trust you because you are trustworthy. Good night!

 Cute Goodnight Messages For Friend


No matter what life may bring, a dear friend always stays positive for no adversity that lasts forever. I want you to put a smile on your face in any moment of your life. I love you the best friend God gave me in life. I wish to say good night my dear friend!

A friend like you is very rare to find in life and that is why I’m so astonished to realize your type still exists. How many friends can do what you have done in my life? Now and for the rest of my days on this earth. I just want to say good night!

In the bliss of this night hour, I beech the Lord to grant you all your heart desires. You are a wonderful friend to always be around. Since the day I met you, my life has changed for good. Now and forever, I believe within me that no other friend can replace you in my heart. Good night!

You are such an amazing superstar because with you I found rest in my heart. Whenever I recall all the moments we have spent together as friends, I smile because you really made all of my days. A moment with you is like a thousand years of entertainment. Good night!

My joy as a man started since we were together as friends in our tender ages. I remembered we fought, quarreled over little things but even with all these rough times, our love as friends never changes—this is the sign of what true friendship can represent. Good night!

You are so cute my dear friend. Having you in my life has motivated me to achieve lots of great things in life. I have come to realize the roles you played in my life—now I want to appreciate you for the good friend that you are. I hope your day was great? I just want to say good night!

My softness of heart began when I met you—indeed you are a role model. You are the kind of friend I have been praying for and thank God you right now my best friend. This night, I am begging the Lord to lay your head on the best part of your pillow, good night dear!

The special likeness and love I have for you, any other friend cannot get. I have chosen you as my number one companion among every other man. You are worthy of been promoted in my heart because when I needed you most, you stood by my side. Smile this night, for all, is well!

Right now, I am thinking of the entire moments we have shared together which brought joy and happiness to my heart. I also thought of those awkward moments that brought tears to our eyes. I realized that a friend like you is uncommon—good night!

This night comes with lots of blessings so grab them and never lose even one. You are so wonderful my sweet lovely friend. I know I may sound funny but who else will I be funny too if not you. I am already used to you, my friend. I just want to say good night!

Sweet Goodnight Messages For Friend


My joy began since the first day I set my eyes on you. I wonder what kind of friend that you are because you almost sacrifice everything just to see me happy. I think at this stage, we are now more than friends; we are two brothers from different mothers. Good night!

For the rest of my life, I will always appreciate your impact in my life, because you have changed me for good since the day you came into my world. I wish I have met you a long time before now perhaps, I will be farther in life where I am today but all glory returns to the Lord, I just want to say, good night friend!

If I can show you how much you mean to me, there will be no appropriate amount of pages that can contain the words awaiting the description. You are so special and I hold you in very high esteem. I cherish you so much as a friend. Good night!

You are to me like a rose flower, a fresh lily that smells nice every time. Your beauty is so astonishing that even girls like you admire you. My best friend, I hope you had a great day? Anyway, I want you to find comfort on your pillow this night, so you can be strong the next morning. Good night!

I don’t actually know how to appreciate you because I’m so short of words for all the amazing things you have done in my life. Your complete reward only God can handle it. I will try my best never to make you regret ever having me as a friend. Good night!

With you in my life, I found comfort and passion within my existence. You are a God sent angel, thank you for all your great advice. I love you my sweet friend and I want you to know that, no matter how distance may separate us, your thoughts will never escape my heart. Good night!

You are a treasure worthy of being proud of and that’s why anytime I hang around with you, I feel so excited not because I want to but because I’m with the best friend in life. Night as come, I beseech the Lord to make it a soft path for rest. Good night!

Since the day we became friends, you have taught me what it means to be selfless and kind to the people. You are my best friend the most interesting angel I have ever come across in life. The light of your smile alone is enough to keep us as friends forever—good night!

I enjoy the best of my days whenever I hang around with you, but since the day you left my area I have been missing you. I miss your words of wisdom and your supportive lifestyle. How I wish I can reach out to you in person once again, my endless tears will have been wiped away forever—good night!

This night as come with a light that can cover the entire darkness of a person’s life. I recommended your address for it, so be ready to accept the glory of God that is about to descend upon you. I just want to say good night!

Cute Goodnight Prayers For Friend!


I ask the Lord to bless and grant you all the good things that come along with the blessed hour of this night. I beseech the Lord to grant you the comfort of this night and to energize you for the day activities ahead. Good night friend!

You are my good friend so it is my right to pray for you this night. Open your heart to my prayers—I ask the Lord to shower your entire life with success, lift your status up and upgrade your income with the endless figure. Good night1

This night I can’t sleep because your thoughts never cease to flow in my heart. I wish you the best in your coming exams. Never get tired of research for everything will soon come to be easy. I ask the Lord to help you excel in all your doings in life. Good night my friend!

May the joy that emanates from the heart of a mother that just gave birth be equivalent to what you feel right now as you read my text, I ask the Lord to open your brain to understand everything you wish to know and to bless you with the wisdom to lead the people, good night!

I cherish you with passion my dear friend because you are so amazing. Thank you for your support in my life, if you were not beside me the other day perhaps I will have been put to shame. I love your lifestyle. God bless you, just want to say “goodnight dear!”

You are my dream friend because you have fulfilled all that I expect from a good friend. I rarely mingle with people but when I met you I could not help but befriend you. May the Mercy of the Lord be upon you, good night!

I could not comprehend when I met you—because you were so amazing the starlight that shines on my heart. I beseech the Lord to grant you long-lasting success now and forever. You are a cute diamond and I adore you with passion. Good night dear!

You are a light that lights up our relationship as friends. Thank you for all your patience with me—if you hated me, you will have been tired of having my type in your life, for this reason, I beseech the Lord this night to endow you with comforts and success. I ask God to protect you now and for the rest of your life—good night!

I appreciate your impact in my life; therefore pray that you find all your heart desires fulfilled for you. I admire good friends like you because they are very rare. I just want to say good night!

Having you around me is a great success; I want you to know that you are very important to me. I pray for the best for you in life, goodnight!

Romantic Goodnight Messages For Friend


I have really missed your shining face—that cute smile of yours that mesmerizes my heart and gives me the satisfaction of what been a friend with is worth. I just want to say, good night friend!

You are my darling friend a jewel that gives my heart a reason to be happy. I cherish you my dear friend more than you can ever imagine. Goodnight friend!

You are a wonderful friend, a lovely angel the most interesting person I have ever met in life, the first day I set my eyes on you I knew I have found a true friend. Goodnight!

I am happy to have met a gem like you in life because with you my heart is always full of joy. You are a God sent an angel who changed my life for good. I will continue to admire you as a friend for the rest of my life—goodnight!

You are such an amazing angel the one that brings a smile on my face, loving you as a friend will never come with any regret I believe you are a trustworthy friend. I have tested your time without number, and you passed excellently. Goodnight!

Goodnight a great friend. I want you to know that a good-hearted person like you is not easy to find in life. I must tell you that you are so amazing, wonderful and cute. I appreciate your efforts in my life—goodnight!

We met probably God wants us to help one another up, and thank God you have been supportive since the day I met you. Thank you for being a good friend. This night, I ask God to bless you with all the good things in life. Goodnight!

I just want to reach out to the best friend night. A night full of joy emanating from the blue eyes of the cherished friend. I will continue to be your friend until the end of time. I just want to say, goodnight friend!

My heart is already attached to you so no other friend can replace your position on my mind. I am so used to you now that I see you as my blood brother. I just want to say, goodnight to the best friend in life!

With you in my life, I find comfort that has no bound by the leave of the Lord. You are a special angel that puts a smile on my face. Now and for the rest of my life, I will cherish even as a blood brother. Goodnight!

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