Sorry Messages For Hurting A Girlfriend

Romantic Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

Sorry Messages For Hurting A Girlfriend


Sorry Messages For Hurting A Girlfriend: I am sorry to girlfriend message will surely with lots of confidence bring back your lost lover. Are you tired of begging her on phone or with other means and she refused to listen to you? Don’t worry because you are now on the right website to make your dream come true. We have compiled different kinds of apology text messages for you to post to your girlfriend to win back her love.
It may seem impossible but believe me, because it will surely be more shocking to realize that these same text messages will do the magic. We have written lots of messages previously which we believe you may also love: Powerful and lovely mother’s day quotes or Romantic Birthday Message For A Boyfriend.

1. For those things, I didn’t say, for those songs I didn’t sing and for those flowers I failed to buy: I am saying I’m sorry my baby.

2. There is no way rain will not fall on the dried land at least once in a while. I have done this mistake already and I want you to forgive me because to err is a man and to forgive is divine.

3. Life without you will be too difficult for me to live. This is more reason why I have to seek your happiness so that I can be happy once again. I am sorry.

4. I never mean to hurt you because since the day I set my eyes on you I vowed that I will not be the one to make you cry but unfortunately, you are crying today just because I erred. I am sorry.

5. To my beloved girlfriend, with a bruised soul and a beaten heart I am begging you to forgive me so that I can show you how much I love you once again. It is not easy but a great heart like you can.

6. Today or next or wherever your thoughts can never live my heart because they always keep me going. I really regret ever hurting you please forgive me.

7. I am sorry to have reacted in such a way I was just been too scared to lose the most beautiful gift that God has given to me.

8. I am sorry that I didn’t send you a birthday message; it wasn’t my wish to have failed to text the most important lady in my life. I am really sorry once again.

9. I am sorry to have ever taken for granted our moments together, the texts from you, and those special treatments you gave to me.

10. I am sorry to have let you down. My heart is now broken, swollen, and stumbled in sorrow. Forgive me, my sweetheart.

Sweet Sorry Messages For Girlfriend


11. Until you forgive me I may not remain the same again. Since the day we had fight my spirit has been down and seems will never rise again.

12. I am not perfect but still, I am that same guy that will always want to hold hands with you now and forever. I’m sorry.

13. No matter how I want to make myself feel comfortable once again, my keeps breaking into pieces because you are still angry at me. I am sorry.

14. It is so painful that I am the one that hurt you. These tears rolling down my cheeks are for real. Because I am seriously hurt forever making you feel sad.

15. I regret ever raising my hands on you. It is so painful that I don’t know how to forgive myself. Please forgive me and let my heart rest in peace.

16. This heaviness on my heart is killing and I may not get myself until you decide to accept my apology, I am sorry please I want you to forgive me.

17. Forgive me I said once again. Only your forgiveness can make me smile once again. The thought of how I hurt you keep coming back to my memory to hurt me in return. I am sorry.

18. My dear angel, I have really missed you since the day we had the misunderstanding. I can’t stand the feeling of living without you.

19. The network in my heart has been snatched away by a great wind of sorrow. Please forgive me so that my peace will return safely once again.

20. It is so painful to have seen you in that mood. I wish I was not born to witness the day your eyes will be filled with tears of sorrow caused by me. I am sorry.

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21. Forgive me if the pains I caused to you. I never wish to let you down because you are my dream come true but I wonder how those things happened in a twinkle of the eyes.

22. I know you have the right to be angry being my girlfriend but still, you just have to forgive me so that the story of our love will continue.

23. To my beloved girlfriend, I don’t know where to start pleading from but if you can just overlook the past and accept me as I am.

24. I am so sorry because I never meant to hurt you but in the end, it happened that I brought bruises to your heart. I am sorry.

25. I am sorry for making you felt like I don’t care about you. I love you and it is just the truth because I hurt you out of a careless action.

26. I am sorry for ever betraying your trust. I know very well that it hurts but it does not mean that I don’t love you.

27. I made a mistake because I am mortal but I hope that you will forgive me because you are a superstar. I am sorry, please forgive me.

28. Your presence in my life has given me more than a hundred reasons to always be happy until now that you are angry at me, I feel like this life is odd. I am sorry.

29. I am sorry for looking so horrible the other—such is the result of anger. I am sorry for ever shouting at you.

30. How I wish I can travel back to the previous times we have spent together so that I can delete the past hurts I have caused to you.

Cute Sorry Quotes For Her From The Heart

31. I am sorry for the entire tales I said to you. I never wish to hurt you but to make sure that our relationship last than expected but unluckily to me, I got it all wrong. Please forgive me.

32. I am so hurt in my heart and what pains me most is that I am willing to see you so that I can hug you once again. I am sorry.

33. I wish I can always be with you forever until now that this situation came between us. You belong to me so please forgive me.

34. Time without numbers I have been trying to make sure we always live in peace but fatefully I found you getting angry at me; please forgive me.

35. I wish that the honey will always be available every time but today the bitterness of the other side of this world has caught up with me. I am sorry.

36. It is human to err and divine to forgive. I am sorry to have really hurt your heart. You are my sweetheart the most beautiful angel ever seen.

37. It is more stupid hurting you than to repeat the same mistake twice. I am really sorry to have gone this far causing pain in your heart. I am sorry.

38. Loving you will never stop occurring in my heart because you are so special to me; I am sorry for hurting you. I love you more than you can ever think.

39. Now I have come to realize that I made a very great mistake by hurting you please give me the second chance to prove to you how important your thought is in my heart. I am sorry.

40. I may not be able to turn back the hand of a watch but truly I really messed up for raising my voice at you. I am sorry, please forgive me.

I Am Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

41. How I wish I never woke up to hurt you but unfortunately it has happened and there is no other thing I can do. I just want you to forgive me.

42. I was so weak that I couldn’t fulfill my promise to you please don’t be angry. Forgive me my dear angel. I love you with all my heart.

43. I am not perfect and what transpired between you and me is the sign of the truthfulness of the fact human is created to err and forgive. I am sorry.
44. You are beautiful and deserve to always smile and happy but it is so painful that I deprived you of these wonderful virtues. I am sorry.

45. Those silly things I said the other day was altered because I was afraid of losing the only best gift I have ever received in this life. I am sorry.

46. Just like dreams, it occurred to me that I have driven us apart; though my greatest hope is to see us always together for the rest of our life.

47. There is power in the words ‘I am sorry’ only a few lucky ones recognize and use it. Please, pardon my action and accept my apology.

48. You may be angry but I am pleading with you to forgive and forget if possible. Think about the beautiful moments we have shared together.

49. I don’t have the power to lose you because I am already addicted to you. Every day of my life cannot end until I have thought about you. Please forgive me.

50. I thought I will be better off alone until now I realized that I can live without you by my side. Please forgive me and accept my apology.

Cute And Love Romantic Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

51. How I wish you know how much I have missed your presence in my life—I wish you know what pain it has caused me living alone without you. I am sorry baby.

52. You are so special and truly this is what will always remind me of the great impact your love has brought into my life; I regret ever hurting you and now wish that you may find a place your heart to forgive me.

53. Forgive me, my darling angel. Truly, I must confess that you are the apple of my heart that same girl I cherish with all my heart. Please forgive me and forget the past if possible.

54. Since the day I set my eyes on you, I have never been disrespected by you but it pains my heart so much that I can’t stop shedding tears for hurting you without any reason.

55. I am sorry my dearest love. I can’t forgive myself if you eventually refused to pardon and call the past the past. I am sorry my sweetheart.

56. For the rest of my life, I will always try my best never to hurt you again. The stain of the pain I went through trying to console myself for hurting you hurts me in returns. I am sorry.

57. You are my love the one I cherish with all my life; since the day I set my eyes on you, I knew you will be the lady of elegance but unfortunately, I hurt your heart. I miss you.

58. I betrayed you and caused disaster in my heart. I thought I could live without you but now realize that there will be no me without you. I am sorry.

59. You are my girl and my prayer is to see you happy in every angle of your life. I miss everything about you and hope that you will forgive me.

60. Please, baby, give me this second chance to prove to you that I really regretted my action. I am sorry for everything I caused you. Please pardon me.

Nice and Sweet Apology Texts For Girlfriend

61. I have caused you too much pain by my lies. Please forgive me for ever hurting your heart. I am so deeply immersed in sorrow now because I hurt you.

62. Loving you has always been the best thing I have ever experienced even after the misunderstanding between us. I am sorry please let’s come back as one. I love you.

63. Since the day I broke your heart, I believed that I have lost your trust but the most interesting thing is the feeling to want to be with you once again.

64. I am hoping that you may find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I am promising you right now that from today I will never repeat what transpired between us. I am sorry.

65. Sorry for having been hurt by my action. In the beginning, I thought that the action will favor us both not until now that I realize that it only brings tears to your heart. I am sorry.

66. I can’t make any move right now because I am scared of hurting you further but I wish you know how sorry I am for having been the one that made you cry.

67. I have come to realize that nothing is good about life; if there is anything praiseworthy about telling lies then it is the fact that it gives room for disaster. I am sorry.

68. You make me cry whenever I remember how much I have missed you. I wish I didn’t quarrel with you perhaps I will have been the happiest guy on earth.

69. Please forgive my past action, I may not be perfect to make you laugh always but I want you to know that your presence in my life is a great impact. I miss you.

70. I am so sorry for ever been protective and this will always be one of the most beautiful mistakes I will always be proud of. I am sorry.

These messages are very interesting to be sent to your wonderful girlfriend when you hurt her.

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