Romantic Sleep Well Wishes for my Heart

Sleep Well Wishes for my Heartbeat

Sleep Well Wishes

Sleep Well Wishes: It is our wish to sleep well and enjoy ourselves. It is another happiness to realize that someone, somewhere misses us and remembers to send us a good night wish. Be that special person to the one you love by sending our messages to them.

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Precious Sleep Well Wishes for Him or Her

  1. Goodnight and remember to dream big. As it shall come true if you follow your dreams with hard work and a strong will.


  1. Remember to tell yourself something good about yourself before you go to bed tonight. This will help you believe in yourself to do big things tomorrow. Goodnight.


  1. We may be miles apart but it stills soothes me to know that we’re sleeping under the same start tonight. Goodnight my dear.


  1. They say every day is like the beginning of a new life so as you go to bed tonight, be prepared for whatever tomorrow might hold. Goodnight.


  1. I love you like a fat kid loves cake. I love you like roses love rain. Goodnight and sweet dreams my love.


  1. I wish for nothing more than to fall asleep right in your arms so my night will be filled with blissful dreams. Have a peaceful night my love.


  1. Every night after a long day, your body deserves the reward of good sleep. That is why I want to say goodnight and sleep tight.


  1. It’s a bad time already. As we prepare for bed tonight, I want you to open your heart to all the blessings the new day holds. Goodnight and sweet dreams.



  1. Today ends in a happy note so sleep well and dream all night. It is easy to fall in love with you and much easier to maintain such a feeling. Goodnight my princess.


  1. Even the longest of days must always come to an end. So I bid you a beautiful goodnight with the hope of putting a smile on your face.


  1. May the cool night breeze sing you a lullaby till you fall asleep ad keep you comfortable till the day breaks. May your dreams be as bright as the galaxy of night stars.


  1. The best part of sleeping next to you is waking up next to you. Goodnight to the queen of my world. Sweet dreams my darling.


  1. May your night be filled with dreams about the wonderful things you’ve always wished for. Have a lovely night my drear.


  1. The more time we spend apart, the more I realize how hard it is to live without you. I can’t wait to see what the next day holds for us Beautiful dreams my number one.



  1. Goodnight, my queen. I want to always be there to make you happy, inspired, and motivated Sometimes I don’t know why I just love you for no reason at all.


  1. I don’t mind staying up all night just to stare at your beautiful face while you sleep. You are everything I need right now. Sleep tight, my sleeping beauty. May tomorrow bring more happiness and laughter into your life.


  1. Goodnight beautiful. I pray your sleep is peaceful and that you wake up in the morning filled with radiant energy. You’re as important as anything in the world to me.


  1. There are many nights to come and I still haven’t found the perfect words to soothe you before you go to bed. It is my duty to always make you happy and I am proud of that full-time job. Goodnight angel.


  1. The news came from heaven saying an angel has been missing for quite a while now. I just wanted you to tell me the truth. Who really are you? And why do you make my whole life seem like a blessing and eternal bliss? Goodnight.


  1. I want to make sure every moment spent with you will be enough to make a happy memory. What I feel for you is much more than love. I wish you a very good night filled with dreams and wonders.

Awesome  Sleep Well Wishes for Him or Her


  1. Goodnight to the most amazing lover and trusted friend. You are the most important person in my life and you make me feel happy and lucky to have met you in the first place. Sweet dreams my love.


  1. I will love to be with you for the rest of my days and nights. It’s your face I always want to see and touch. You are in my dreams as well as my future. Goodnight to you and have a wonderful good night’s sleep.


  1. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman and the angel of my dreams. Thank you for always been by my side. Goodnight to you my love.



  1. I think of many ways to appreciate a wonderful gem-like you in my life. Goodnight to the loveliest woman I have ever met. I want to wish you a wonderful day tomorrow filled with laughter and happiness.


  1. Goodnight to you my dearest angel. May the heavens open up tonight and acknowledge one of theirs. I can’t wait to see your pretty face again. You color my life with your smile. Sweet dreams babe.


  1. Goodnight to the one and only trusted a friend. You mean every other thing to me because of your smile, personality, and wonders. I love you and want to be always there to support you even in the worst times.


  1. I want to wish you a lovely night because with you smiling, my mind is at peace. Goodnight to you my love. Sleep well and sweet dreams.


  1. You need a long night’s rest after a long day of ups and downs. I want to dedicate the millions of stars I see outside my window to you for being so dear to me. Sleep tight.


  1. Hey there, I just wanted to remind you that I am always here to make you happy and contended. Sweet dreams and many more blissful nights like this. Goodnight.


  1. I feel unlimited feelings, affection, and admiration for you and it still makes me feel like the most insatiable man on earth. I just wanted to say goodnight to the most valuable gem in my whole wide world. I love you with all my heart.


  1. I would love to take you around the world tonight so you can discover the deepest part of my soul and find the most beautiful feeling buried for you. I am going to make sure nothing comes in between you and me. Goodnight to you my dear.


  1. Many nights, I wish to thank you for always been with me and giving me a hand and leading me through life’s toughest experiences. You, my dear, have always been the reason for my happiness and satisfaction. Goodnight


  1. I have no doubts about the million magical feelings and emotions I have kept safe for you within the depths of my heart. You have been a dream come true for me as you are all I could ever ask for. Goodnight sweet dreams my dear.


  1. I have been a prisoner of your heart for as long as I could remember. I always thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful and unbelievable gift in you. Goodnight dear, may your days be blessed with all the good luck and good times you will ever need.


  1. Hearing your cute voice reminds me of what happiness is all about. When I can’t seem to stop praising God for making me happy and contented in this world. You are the light that guides me and the gentle breeze that puts me to sleep. Goodnight my princess.


  1. Tonight as the stars are shooting across the sky, it is another night to dream big and wishes that God fulfills it. I have a strong feeling for you that will test the hands of time and this makes me fall much deeper in love with you. Goodnight my love.


  1. I want to wish you a splendid night and many more to come as we close our eyes to sleep tonight. My dreams are a reflection of yours and even in my darkest moments, I will still be able to feel safe and inspired by your company. Goodnight and sweet dreams my love.


  1. I fell in love with you and everything felt like a classic love tale straight from a William Shakespeare collection. I want to fall in love with you over and over again for making me feel happy and fulfilled at all times. Goodnight to my beautiful one.


  1. Goodnight to my one and only heartthrob. You always take my breath away with your kindness, love, and affection. I am today, to love respect and adore you. In your eyes, I see a bright future for both of us. I love you till forever comes. Goo night


  1. You, my dear, have always been in my thoughts, my memories, my heart, my aspirations, and my future. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Goodnight to you my dear. May the Lord always be with you? Goodnight dearest.

Great  Sleep Well Wishes for Him or Her


  1. Just a quick reminder of how you bless me with so many uncountable feelings and happiness seems to be a part of my life. It is an unfathomable experience to be with someone like you. You are indeed a blessing and I just wanted to say goodnight. Goodnight babe.


  1. I am so thankful for meeting such a kind-hearted person that is also fun and trustworthy. You are unbelievable for been such a good-hearted person to everyone you meet. Like magic, you came into my life with a spell that I can never be able to break free from. Goodnight and Godspeed.


  1. I wish to spend the rest of my seconds with you beside me and facing the world with love and courage. I am going to spend the rest of my life counting my blessings and I think that is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Goodnight my princess, sleep well, and sleep tight.


  1. Having you in my life has always made things better for me. You have made my life better and I appreciate you more than any other thing. The strength, trust, courage, and determination that you ooze makes me fall in love with you over and over again


  1. You make me happy every second, every minute and every hour of the day. When I am with you, everything seems unbelievably perfect as you are the only one who makes everything magical. Goodnight. I wish you all the best things in life.



  1. Goodnight to a knight in shining amour. I wish to see your lovely smile on many more days and many more nights to come. Have a great night love, you deserve it all.

Best and Beautiful  Sleep Well Wishes for Him or Her


  1. I wish to dedicate this night to the most interesting person in my life. Loving you is like a story and it seems like it can only have a happy ending. Have a wonderful night and a great rest. Goodnight my dear.


  1. I wish to say goodnight to the most amazing and charming person in the whole wide world to me. I wish you a thousand more sweet dreams and a million more. Goodnight and sweet dreams to the love of my life.


  1. If only there were another million ways to show you how amazing you are, I will go to any length to prove it to you, my dear. It is an unlimited array of beautiful blessings and endless bliss of falling so madly in love. Sweet dreams and sleep tight.


  1. It’s a good time to say our praises and wishes as the stars come out to shine its graceful rays on this night. It is a good time to appreciate and love you even more for being every source of happiness, trust, and affection. Goodnight babe.


  1. Goodnight to you my lovely sweetheart, my teacher, my love, my most trusted friend, my heartthrob, my joy, my princess, my queen, my gem, my wealth, my life, my blessings.


  1. I can never have any other feeling as stunning as the one I have right now. It makes me feel very happy and longing for more. The love I have for you is worth a billion stars above the skies and a billion diamonds buried underneath the earth’s crust. I just want to wish you a merry night filled with sweet dreams.


  1. How to make love so impossibly perfect is nearly unbelievable but you have made it so easy. Your love eclipses the darkness of my saddest days and it is important to be appreciative and thankful. Goodnight love.

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