Sleep Well Messages for Her to Smile

Romantic Sleep well messages for her

Sleep Well Messages

Sleep Well Messages: You might be a thousand kilometers away from her and you know lonely you might become this night. The love you share is enough to keep you warm tonight. Here are some Sleep well messages to make her wallow in sweet dreams.

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1. I wish all the angels and fairies in the world to fly over to your bed and keep you company throughout the night. I
miss you with every vein in my heart. Sleep well, my dearest. 80 Powerful Good Night Happy Quotes.

2. Making you happy has always been a dream come true. With you, my quest is complete and my future is the brightest.
Words cannot begin to describe how much I feel about you. Sleep well, my love.

3. Thinking about you every day has become a habit of mine. It’s funny that it makes me think about you even more. I think you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Sleep well and have sweet dreams, my queen.

4. Thank you for always been there to make me happy all the time. Believe me; I know how lonely it is when I’m going to bed without seeing your pretty face. I can’t wait to do that tomorrow. Sleep well love.

5. There are many things I would like to tell you before you wander into Dreamland. But not worry, just stare into the night stars through your window and make a wish! You are my biggest wish babe. Sleep well.

6. If I wanted to be a pilot, I will fly around the stars and beyond just to see you happy and smiling always. Your joy is my joy and there can be nothing that separates us. I want you to sleep well and I wish you sweet dreams.

7. If I could make a wish today, it will be that you are the only face I see when I go to sleep and when I wake up. You mean everything to me and that is an understatement. Sleep well, my queen.

8. Happiness is peace, love, care, motivation, support, trust, kindness, selflessness, harmony, sweet memories, hugs, and kisses. With you, it is evident someone can have all the best things in this world. Sleep well, my angel.

9. I just want to tell you to Sleep well an dream about me so I wouldn’t have to be lonely tonight. I wish you will never leave me because I wouldn’t know what I will do without you.

10. If love was a fantasy, then you are my Lord of the Rings. If love was a mystery, you are my Gone Girl. If love was science-fiction, you are my Star “Wars” just trying to let you know how I feel tonight.

Sweet Sleep Well Messages for Her

11. There can be no other way to describe happiness if it’s not looking to your eyes and noticing the millions of stars just like the one outside my window tonight. I love you, babe. Sleep well.

12. Imagining your pretty face is enough to wake me up from my bed this morning. Thinking about your laughter is enough to make my day. Imagining the scent of your hair is enough to make my night. I miss you, babe, sleep well.

13. You bring me peace and love like no other has. I feel like I owe you my life and that’s why I am ready to do anything for you, my love. Sleep well.

14. I don’t think there is another way to express my love for you because any time I climb a mountain for you, I feel like it’s never enough to satisfy you. I miss you and want to be with you for a million nights.

15. There is no better time to tell you how much I feel if not the night time when the stars bare me, witness. You make me go crazy and if this is what to feel like to be crazy, then I want to remain like that forever.

16. My heart is at total peace anytime I see your beautiful face asleep by my side. I know it will be difficult sleeping for me tonight, but that’s okay. Sleep well my lovely one.

17. You are my dream and my fantasy and I know it might sound crazy but you are every breath I draw and every beat of my heart. I want you to know that with your love, I feel stronger to face any fears. Sleep well, my angel.

18. I know you work a lot because of how determined and courageous you are. Tonight, I wish you a good night’s rest so you can be fresh for another day. You will always be in my thoughts.

19. Before you go to sleep tonight, I want you to know that by morning, all your worries will be blown away into the wind.  I just want to always see you smiling. Goodnight and sleep well.

20. Every second with you, I cherish like a chest of diamonds. The memories you give me is enough to make the most captivating love movie ever made. Spoiler alert, it didn’t en like the Titanic.

Best Sleep Well Messages for Her from the Heart

21. I made a couple of mistakes in life and then God blesses me with a path towards your heart. You are full of care, love,
understanding, and kindness. You are full of it all. Goodnight babe, and have yourself a wonderful sleep.

22. You make me smile every day, every hour, every minute, and every second! A night without the perfect scent of your skin brings my world to a dark place. I wish you a good nights’ rest.

23. Like an angel, you bless my spirit with all the good tidings any man can ever have. In your glittering eyes, I see my future and my dreams come true. Do have yourself a wonderful night’s sleep.

24. You are the best decision I will ever make. The joy you give to me makes me go to heavens and back for you. I love you to a million galaxies and beyond. Sleep well, my dear.

25. I became lost without your presence. How much more have you made me miserable without your love and care? There is no word in the encyclopedia and dictionary that is quantifiable enough to describe how it all makes me feel. Goodnight.

26. Sleep well and sleep tight. Dream about us having a perfect life. I see it like that because I can seem to ever know or remember the imperfections. Loving you is an amazing experience. Goodnight.

27. All I want to do is sleep now and see you in my dreams. I want to dream about us laughing, playing, kissing, and hugging you. Goodnight and have a splendid night rest.

28. If love was a crime I am willing to be jailed and detained in the deepest dungeons of your beautiful heart. I love you forever and a day more. Sleep well and sweetest of dreams to you.

29. There are times where I feel the world is a dark and cold place full of sadness and sorrows. Albeit this is true sometimes in life, I always remember I have you and that puts a smile back to my face. Goodnight my queen.

30. Falling in love with you is the safest jump I have ever made in my entire life. It’s like a bank safe buried deep underground where no one else could get to. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Special Sleep Well Messages for Her to Happy

31. It’s going to be a very long night without you by my side. I think about your love and it is what keeps me sane and at peace. The feeling I have for you is much more powerful than love. Have a goodnight’s rest.

32. Wishes, they say are like horses and I want to gallop through the scorching deserts and blistering mountains to get to you wherever I may be. I want to wish you all the sweet dreams of the night. Goodnight and sleep well, my love.

33. The most interesting thing about you cannot be described with any word. Instead, it can only be witnessed, cherished, and experienced. Do have yourself a lovely night’s sleep.

34. Like the gold and diamonds of this world, you are the most valuable thing that has ever happened to me and I am sure there are only two other things that will be able to top this feeling; Still You.

35. I just want to wish you a good night’s rest as you go to sleep tonight after a long day of haste. Sleep well and dream all the way, you deserve any good tiding that comes your way.

36. Tomorrow is another day to conquer life’s obstacles and a step closer to our dreams. My dream is to always be with and you see you smile. Sleep well, my dear love.

37. Thinking about the memories we share is like reliving a lost one. The love I have for you is big enough to take us to the end of the world and back. I can’t see you again so happiness will return to my heart. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

38. I have made a pact with an angel so she can gather her friends and come keep you company tonight. Do have a wonderful night’s sleep my dearest one.

39. I want you to relax and enjoy the beautiful and windy night as if it comes to us. I pray for all your wish to come through and many more good tidings as the sun emerges from the horizons by morning. Goodnight babe.

40. I want to enter the deepest parts of your love and make sure I surrender to all my doubts and uncertainties because you have proven to me that you are the best thing that can ever happen to someone like me. Sleep well, my queen.

41. What is happiness when it’s experienced without you? What is wealth when it’s not spent on you? What is peace when I can’t have you? I love you and cherish you, my love. Sleep well and sweetest of dreams.

42. When the sun lights up the world by morning, I want you to know that’s how my hearts light up whenever I hear your voice, see your smile and perceive your scent. It’s time to sleep well now, can’t’ wait for tomorrow. Miss you babe.

43. Your face gives me the motivation I need for my day-to-day activities like thinking, sleeping, planning, and dreaming. There are many ways to make you happy and with time, I will make sure I do all for you. Goodnight dearest.

44. The love I have for you is like the waterfalls in Niagara. Strong, gracious, and everlasting. I want to bless your night with sweet words to make you laugh because your happiness is mine as well. Have a wonderful night’s sleeps filled with dreams and blessings.

45. I pray for every single laughter you bring to my face to be as everlasting as the crazy love I honestly feel for you deep inside my heart. Thank you for always been there to keep me focused and confident. Sweet dreams babe.

46. Sleep well and dream big. It’s all I wish to say to the angel of my life. You have indeed become my spirit and my eternal soul mate. My love for you is strong enough for you to carry us to the end of the galaxies and back. Goodnight angel face.

47. As the rain comes and refreshes the earth, that is how your presence comes to refreshes my thoughts and aspirations.
Our love is deeper than the Pacific and stronger than a thousand men. Goodnight babe and sleep tight.

48. Goodnight to the perfect woman and the most valuable person I have ever met. Wishing you the very best of blessings as you wake up and face the challenges tomorrow brings.

49. I am happy to always remind you every night of how important you are to me. It’s a feeling always meant to be cherished.
Goodnight to you dear.

50. Tonight is the night the heavens open up and all the wishes and blessings are granted. Guess I’m going to be dreaming all about you all night. Sweet dreams.

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