Sister I love U Quotes to Send to Sister

Sister I love U. Sisters are one of the most vital members of a family and are loved by the other members too. Your day is never complete without expressing some affection for a loving sister. Here are some that will surely brighten her day.

Sister I love U

1. Life is sweeter ever since you were born. I love you my dear sister, wishing you long life and prosperity, as you make it into this world.

2. I love you, my dear sister, you are the sun sunshine of my life, your arrival brought happiness and joy to my life. Wishing you all the best in life.

3. Thank God for your beautiful life sister! You have added another beautiful year today, I love you.

4. You are my lovely sister and my best friend, my heart is always comforted seeing you smile. I love you and wishing you many happy returns.

5. I still hold your beautiful memories of siblinghood, you have always been an adorable sibling, and there is no doubt that your future will be very bright. I love you, sister! Wishing you more beautiful years ahead.

6. Having a wonderful sister like you is a huge blessing to my life, you came along at a beautiful time and your birth was a great blessing to the family. Wishing you all the blessings of life, I love you, my dear sister.

7. Dear sister, you are my life and my paradise, I’m the happier person today because my dearest sister has added another beautiful year. I pray that God continues to protect you and make your beautiful dreams come true.

8. When you came, you took all my sorrow and sadness away, dear sister you are truly an angel sent from above to make life beautiful. I love you.

9. I need not look for happiness somewhere, you are my happiness. I love you, my dear sister.

10. You have brought laughter and happiness to our home; you are such an amazing sibling! Thank God that brought you to this family. Wishing you happiness today and each other day of your life. I love you dear sister

11. You are the beauty that illuminates my life when I need light, you came and everything became beautiful. Wishing you long life, good health, and prosperity. I love you, sister!

12. There is no better thing to do today than to celebrate this beautiful day with you, sister. I love you to the adorable sibling in the whole world.

13. I love you, sister! Relax and have great fun because today is another happy day, there are lots of cookies coming your way.

14. Today I have decided to switch off my phone so I can have enough attention to celebrate this beautiful day with you. You are such a special and lovely sister. I love you, my dear sis.

15. I love you to the joy of my heart, wishing you all greatness in life.

16. Hurrah! Sister, it is your birthday, May this day and many days to come brings you joy and happiness.

17. Sister! You don’t know how much happiness filled my heart seeing me grown into adulthood. You’re the beauty of my soul. I love you I love.

18. Thank God for your good life sister! I love you.

19. Dear sis, I’m very happy to be a brother to an obedient and adorable sibling like you. Ever since you were born, you have always put smiles on our faces. I’m very proud of you and I’m wishing you wonderful life.

20. You are the greatest gift that life has offered me. You are so nice and lovely, you make my life complete. I love you sister.

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21. I prayed for a lovely sibling and God answered my prayer and gave me a precious sibling like you. You are the most adorable sis in the world, thank you for always putting a smile on my face. I love you, sister! I love you.

22. My happiness today is that you are becoming the man that I have dreamt of; your life is filled with beauty and love. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous life. I love you, my dear sis.

23. You came and wiped my tears away, I love you my lovely.

24. If I’ll pray for any other things in life, I’ll pray to have more siblings like you. The lord has made you so beautiful, thank you sis for bringing beauty and peace to our home.

25. There is no better gift life has given me than you, I am very happy to have you in my life, I love you dear.

26. I hope you always find happiness in your life, I love you with all my heart Sis, I love you,

27. You are precious to me because you are the heir apparent to my kingdom, I love you, dear.

28. I pray to God today, as you make it successful into this world, he should also give you the strength to fight the challenges on the word.

29. You are my delight, my world, my happiness, my joy, my dreams come true, I love you, my love.

30. I give thanks to Lord every day for giving me such an amazing and lovely sis, I love you sweetheart.

31. Her are plenty of chocolate for you, I want to see you smile all the time because your smile is my happiness.

33. I don’t know where to start thanking you for filling my days with endless happiness, but surely am grateful, I
love you, dear.

34. Your thought and smile nourish my soul, and my spirit rejoices in you my, I love you, dear.

36. I wish you all the best on this birthday, may all of your days in the world be as fantastic as you walk into it, I love you.

37. I never know that the lord has a plan for me like this I am so happy for you, happy days ahead dear sis.

38. When I walk up this morning I sore the sun shining so bright, I wish you peace as you are reborn today, I love you.

39. You gave me reasons to be thanking God every day, may you find a reason to thank god someday, I love you.

40. To my one and only dear sister, endless happiness, joy with grace be open you today and forever, I love you, sister.

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41. I have escaped the insult of life today that you were born, May you be happy in all days in this word, I love you sister.

42. Today I pray to the Lord to protect you from any group of evils out there, I love you sister, and do have a great day ahead.

43. You are the light that reflects my word, I pray you live longer than me in this world, I love you sister

44. Happiness, joy, has overtaken my sorrow immediately you were born; thank you so much for coming into my life.

45. I can’t wait to see you ground up; my prayer will always be with you my dear sister, I love you.

46. Each year that comes has a lot of joy and happiness in it, May this beautiful year favored you, I love you, dear sister.

47. I have prayed for this particular day to come; I wish you long life, less enemy, high happiness, I love you sister.

48. One day my little boy will become a man, which is one of my best wishes for you on this special day of yours, I love you, dearest.

49. I must say you blessing to my life, you are not just my boy but my hero, may no evil eyes see you throughout your life, I love you sister.

50. You are my pillar, and I am your building without you am no were to be found please stay with me to end, I love you sister.

51. We promise to always be there for each order, I hope you haven’t forgotten, because I will never live alone, I love you, sweetie.

52. Nothing will ever take you from me, because you are my world best, and source of my happiness, I love you, dear.

53. From the day you were born up till now, I always feel proud and thankful to the lord that broth you to me, to wipe my tease, I love you so much I love you my best and favorite sister.

54. To have a word in your hand you need to work head, but I have you in my life already am okay, I love you, my lovely sibling.

55. This was specially made for you so enjoy it and have fun, its your day my happiness, wish you many years in return.

56. I have been thinking how my word could have been without you, thank goodness you came on time, I love you, dear sis.

57. No matter worth remember that I will always be there for you, because you are my eyes, and you know so well that with my eyes am lost, I love you sister have wonderful years ahead of you.

58. Seeing alone gives me endless happiness and joy, which encourages me to do everything to make you happy, may you be happy all through, I love you sister.

59. My boy you are plus one today, may you witness many more in grace, joy, and happiness, I love you dearest.

60. It’s not so easy to face the world, when you arrive I notice that everything changes, you are my strength and power, I love you, my love.

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61. Indeed you are a blessed sibling; immediately you were born everything starts to fall into place, I am so happy to have you in my life, I love you, sis.

62. You are my beloved sister, and I am your beloved mom, together we are unbreakable, I love you, dear, I love you.

64. Today I want you to make a wish, because each and every wish you make today shall come true my love, I love you sister.

65. I can see the sign of happiness in you, I beseech the Lord to continue to shower his blessing on you forever, I love you, dear sis.

66. I especially make this cake for my beloved sister, I hope you like it? Because I want you to be happy as much as you can, I love you, my love.

67. No matter what it takes to make you happy on this special I will not hesitate to sacrifice everything for my love, I love you sister.

68. I always loved you but today I love you more because you are my one true love, I love you sister.

69. My wishes for you on this wonderful day of yours are, good health, grace, happiness, richness, and peace, as you celebrate this day, I love you, my love.

70. You are the light that reflects my world, you are also my happiness, my love, my dream come true, I love you more my
dear, I love you, sis.

71. My love you are the road that leads to my success, thank you for coming into my life, I love you, my sis.

72. I always pray for you, in my dream, morning, day and night, for the lord to make you one of the best sister in the word, and I believe that lord I called upend shall grant and answer my prayers, I love you my one and only true love sister.

73. There can be no other kind of sibling-like you. The memories we have shared together make it all feel impossible to believe. You are my one in a million. I love you

74. From the deepest parts of my soul, I want to express my feelings to you in such a way that I can feel fulfilled. You are the most important person in my life.

75. You are my support, my strength, inspiration, and the perfect role model there is. I just want to thank you for everything you have done to make me feel special. You are special too, I love you, sis.

76. You make me believe in so many impossibilities with all the love you have shown me, my dear sister. You have been always there to care for me. If this isn’t pure bliss, then I don’t know what it is.

77. I have broken so many barriers in my life because of the radiant ways you show examples. It is something of joy to know that I have someone like you to call a sister.


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