2020 Short love text messages for wife or husband

Short  Best love text messages for wife or husband


A husband and a wife are known for their tireless efforts to keep each other in love forever. This kind of effort is normally found in a home with two partners who love each other genuinely. There are many ways through which couples show love to each other, it could be through s*x, k*sses, hugs, calls, text messages and so on. For these listed means of showing love above, we have decided to provide love text messages for wife or husband.

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1. The love of my life is plus one today, may we continue to live to show more love for each other for the rest of our life.

2. Day and night are not enough for me to love you better; I will always cherish you for being a very special human in my life.

3. I will prepare your favorite for you; it is for sure that you are one of the most beautiful people on earth.

4. Having you a partner in life raises my charisma, it gives me confidence that I am safe. Thank God for everything.

5. To my husband, I want you to know that you are the one I love the most among every other man in this world.

6. There is no reason to smile when a beautiful wife is not at home. May the Lord bring you back safely.

7. I will never get tired of showing my sincere love to you because you are all I have in my life. I love you.

8. I need you around me like never before. I am happy for you because it is obvious I will never let you down at any moment.

9. Thanks for the good words you spoke to me. They are words that change a life. I am in love with an angel.

10. To the most handsome man ever seen, I hope you are enjoying this night as expected. I love you so much; you are the prince of my heart.

11. The way of life is the way of success if you are lucky to find the right woman on the same path. I love you.

12. You are the dove of my heart, your beauty is so enticing that my mind blows whenever I set my eyes on you.

13. An excess beauty angel as you are; your presence is so powerful that I will always adore you for being my love.

14. Being in love with a special man is always my focus, meeting you automatically fulfilled my dreams. I love you.

15. If there is anyone that can argue that I don’t love you, he or she has told a big lie, you can see your love written all over my face.

16. The feeling of satisfaction I use to have any time I set my eyes on you is enough to be extremely happy about.

17. I have been so nice these days according to people. I have to confess to you that your good attitude has been affecting my life.

18. I have a lot of confidence in you. I can keep my home with you because a good mother and best wife like you are not here.

19. You are the root of my happiness sent down to me by the Source of joy and good life—the Lord in His highest rank.

20. I wish to be with you day and night, I wish to see your face shining like a star. I wish to touch your soft skin. I love you.

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21. The unique love you show to me makes my heart grow stronger and now I can face every challenge in life just to make you happy.

22. I am happy for you like a love bird, you came into my world and wiped away my sorrow. I will always be yours.

23. No one can stop me from loving a good man. I have seen every good thing about you and hope you will always be mine all the time.

24. A moment with you is ecstasy, a minute with you leaves me with joy and great happiness. I love you, dear.

25. Sweet angel, how I wish you are here to keep me warm. I wish to curdle you from behind and give you the best hug ever.

26. You are my happiness, the only sweet love I have in this world. I wish to be with you in every moment of my life.

27. Anytime I set my eyes on you, I feel like hugging you. Long before we got married, I have been trying to let you understand you are my paradise.

28. I see a garden in you. I see a pleasure that brings calmness to the heart. You are my fountain of love and passion.

29. As water rushes out of the fountain, so is your love for me. indeed, I am the luckiest man on earth. I claim it.

30. You will never understand how much you have changed my life for good since the day we met. You have always done everything for me.

31. You gave birth to me, you nurtured me and gave me a free smile that everyone cannot get. I love you.

32. Loving you is something that blows the mind. I wish I am like you, beautiful, religious and intelligent. I love you.

33. A chaste woman like you is rare. Your faithfulness is an outstanding love I cannot forget. I love you so much.

34. The dream I have for you makes me happy all the time. This has shown that I am in deep love with an angel.

35. Your special smile is very powerful, sometimes; I do find it difficult to make you understand that you are a superstar.

36. The most enticing moment I experienced this year was the first day we hug. As my wife, I felt like I was in nirvana.

37. You are the Garden of Eden of my life. You have everything I need in this world. I wish you all the best.

38. The very moment I set my eyes on you, I realize that you are the best for me. I wish you all the best ever.

39. I am lucky to have you as a wife. Your kids are the best because I was able to select the best mother for them.

40. You are my beloved husband, the only true angel that I cherish the most. I wish you all the best on this earth.

41. May you find endless peace in your heart. Your day and night shall be blessed in an extraordinary way.

42. I love the way you smile, I love your happiness as it is one virtue that really affects my life positively.

43. The most important thing in this world is to be happy in everything you do. I am so much happy with you.

44. You are all I have in my world, you are so cute, lovely, and above all the best woman of my life. Thanks a lot.

45. I need you to know that being a good condition is one of the most precious things that has ever occurred to me and you are that comfort.

46. When you need a shoulder to lean upon, don’t forget that I will always be there for you. Thanks for everything.

47. She is my dream. I told God about her and He chose her for me. She will always be the most beautiful gift in my life.

48. When you find a good wife, your life will be good all the time. She will help you when you need her the most.

49. A woman of love is a woman of joy. A woman of happiness is a woman that supports her husband always.

50. You aren’t my slave, you are my partner and I will always be happy to spend the rest of my life with you.

51. Thanks for being there for me. I will never let you down for any reason. Thanks for the smile that never hides.

52. You are my assurance, my pleasure, the only true love I have on this earth. Thanks for the joy your presence brought to my life.

53. I will be there when things are good or hard. We are meant for each other, and therefore, it is my responsibility to stay with you.

54. In the time of sorrow, you were my wings, in the time pain, you were my relief. I am lucky to have you.

55. Thinking of you makes me happy all the time. I shall be glad all the time because you have been so nice to me.

56. I needed a blessed woman that will influence my kids with a good attitude, I found you and saw every virtue needed in a woman in you.

57. You are my moonlight, with you, I see at night. You are my dove, peace bird, cool-headed angel. I love you.

58. Thanks for being a calm angel, you are the best man I wish to live with for the rest of my life. I love you.

59. Having found you as a gorgeous and lovely wife, I am ready to do all my best to make you happy all the time.

60. Many promises, by His grace I shall fulfill for you. I will be glad to live with you all the time. I love you.

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61. Having found a precious person like you, I felt like loving you for the rest of my life. You are the best for me.

62. I miss you though, I miss your beautiful song, your love is very special and I will always thank God for you.

63. Focusing on loving you sincerely has always been my watchword. I want a situation where your face is the first I see in the morning and last before I go to sleep.

64. My heart races like a speed of light anytime I set my eyes on you. I am happy because you are my dream and joy.

65. It is possible that I will never forget you all my life. I wish to let you know that you are my happiness.

66. It is not easy to find a woman that is ready to do everything for you. I am lucky to have met you. I acknowledge your precious character.

67. If everyone can live the way you do, life will become a good place for everyone to live. I love you so much.

68. Whatever it takes to ensure that you are happy is what gives me enough energy to support you in everything you do.

69. Your face is that of light, your brain is so sharp and that’s the reason why my kids are very brilliant. I love you.

70. Today, tomorrow and forever, I will never let you down. You are the only special angel that will always be mine all the time.

71. Having found you in this world is one of the most precious things on earth. I will be with you when you need me most.

72. Glory is to the Lord the best. He alone gives the best and He has given you to me. I wish you all the best.

73. There are many reasons why we must be proud of you, I hope to see you happy all the time because you are the best.

74. Thanks for every moment you shared with me. I am all yours, you can take good care of yourself all the time.

75. Whenever I need you, I see you right before me; this gives me more confidence in you because your type is rare.

76. A rare gem, full of beauty, full of love and passion, I wish to keep you warm tonight. When you are back, you can have me.

77. You are a tree of passion; your seed is the true love you show to me. I cannot even deny how much I love you.

78. The aura of the love I have for you is so immense that I cannot even control myself whenever I set my eyes on you.

79. Thanks for being there for me, I will not forget you all the time. I will be with you all my life. Thanks for everything.

80. We are meant for each other, definitely, we shall be happy together all the time. I wish you all the best.

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81. The Lord in His infinite mercy shall bless your womb, screen it against all evils and grant you success in this world.

82. The way of love, the way of patience. If you want to enjoy your life, love and be loved. I wish you happiness.

83. Always remember that your love in me is like a plant. It grows every day by the water of your passionate smile.

84. In the ship of love, I will hold you tight. I will not let go of your hand so that we can reach the end of love together. I love you.

85. I have found you like true love and support, this is the reason why I will always be yours all my life.

86. There is only one thing I need from you, a glance of honor that will keep me strong throughout the day.

87. You have been so special to me, and I wish to let you know that being in love with you is the best feeling ever.

88. Hold my hands; look into my eyes and say “I love you’. Come close to me, and hug me forever. I love you.

89. You make my day fantastic by the special love you normally show to me. I can’t wait to let you down all my life.

90. Yours is a blessed face full of love, sunshine finds happiness in your eyes because they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

91. I can’t wait to meet you soon. I want to be the reason why you are happy. I want to carry your kids in my arms.

92. When there is no pillow for you to lay your head, always remember that my laps are made for you alone.

93. If you need a shoulder to keep your head, I have always told you that mine belongs to you. I love you.

94. Thanks for everything; I am happy because you are part of the reasons why smile never leaves my face. I love you.

95. Do you know that you are the finest bird in the realm of love? In a million queens, only your face is important to me.

96. Look at her, so gorgeous. When your woman is the reason why you are happy to thank God for the gift of life.

97. Your woman is a blessed three; never forget to put a smile on her face all the time. You are the pearl she has.

98. All my aim is to see your face this morning because I believe there is love in it. Love is what makes me smile.

99. Thanks for being a very precious person; I really appreciate you for every single day of my life. I love you.

100. Come and hold my waist, it belongs to you. I am your wife, you own me so enjoy every bit of me like a yummy cake.

Read and text our messages; they are all composed for that purpose. You have every right to text the messages to your loved ones. Your wife or husband will surely appreciate these quotes. We are looking forward to composing many more.

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