Best Safe Trip Prayer Messages 2021

Safe Trip Prayer Messages Trends

Safe Trip Prayer Messages

Safe Trip Prayer Messages: Are you planning to text a safe journey message to someone that is about traveling or already on the trip? We have got your back here. We have prepared these prayer messages for you so you can easily pick one and send it, to your loved ones.

• Dear sister, your trip is for a good mission, may the mission be successful, may the journey be filled with the protection of God.

• Prayer is the master key that can open every door. As you sail in the sea, may the mighty Hand of God take up the end of the sea safely.

• The mercy of God shall remain with you in this journey and will still not leave you after the trip. I wish you a safe adventure.

• May you find peace and harmony as you travel through the road. Your intention for this trip shall be achievable by His grace.

• We appreciate God for the gift of life, we as him to send an angelic companion to you as you take off for this flight.

• Any predicament coming your way in this journey shall not reach you. You shall be protected by God and His angels.

• May the Lord in His infinite mercy grant you a safe journey.

• The speed of your car will not fail you, the steering shall not break and the wheel of your car will not blow off. Safe journey.

• My wishes for you are many, but this trip is more important in my heart, I pray for a safe landing for you.

• Dear Lord, there is no one that has the kind of power you have, please protect my sister from all harms in this trip.

• Safe journey my precious sister, may you find this journey the easiest ever and the next shall be easier.

• As you enjoy your trip, may you alight at your destination safely.

• The fact remains that I will miss you deeply but my prayer is to hear that you arrived safely.

• I have a serious love for you, may the Lord bring you to me safely, may the angels of God protect you throughout the trip.

• I am wishing you the best trip ever, journey mercy my dear.

• Your love in my heart rise like a wave but never falls. This is my major concern about your journey, may the Lord take you home safely.

• Your flight shall not be delayed and your trip shall not result in your death by the mighty power of God. Safe trip.

• As you are exploring the world for this good mission, I pray that the Lord protects you against all evils. Have the best experience on this journey.

• I am so glad you are already on this journey at last, may the Lord promote you, grant you success and the inspiration to make it a memorable one.

• You have your reason for traveling, may the Lord make it the best of reasons in the world. Have the nicest trips ever.

• I appreciate your love for me as my elder sister, I also pray for the most amazing things to happen in your life. Safe journey dearest sister.

Safe Trip Prayer Messages Trends for Friends

• When you have a good friend, you have found success in disguise. I really value our friendship, may you alight in peace.

• The problem of fuel will not be yours on the high way, any mistake that could cause an accident shall be erased before you take off by God’s mercy.

• Despite I love you so much as a friend, I still want to see you for millions of years to come, may the Lord grant you journey mercy.

• You have always been a precious gift in my life because since the day we became friends, things have changed for the best, may you arrive at your destination praising the Lord.

• My prayer is to see that you are always happy. I appreciate your friendship and will love to enjoy more of your time with me. I beseech the Lord to grant you the safest trip.

• There is no doubt that when two friends are together, the world becomes a beautiful place to be. I want to see you soon. May your trip come with ease, peace, success, and a more prosperous life.

• There are lots of reasons people travel, may your mission for this journey never fail. Have the best trip ever.

• A friend like you is not easy to find in life, may the Lord return you safely after this journey. Goodness and mercy of God shall be with you.

• A friend that can sacrifice his time for you is hard to get but in you, I found such a friend with great impact. Safe journey.

• We ask the blessed Lord to bless and promote you soon. As you wait for your result while you travel, happiness shall be the end of both results and the trip.

• I have the best friend in the world, so I pray the Lord grants him the best journey mercy in the world today.

• My love for you is unspeakable, may your trip come in praises and honour from God.

• I have prayed to the Lord to protect you on this journey, I ask God to bless your mission for this travel.

• I am missing you already, may you come back to us in good condition better than you left us.

• I am happy that I have you as my friend. Your impact on my life is simply the best ever. I wish you the safest journey.

• May the Lord bless your journey, grant you a successful mission on this trip.

• I am waiting to hug you again so we can continue the beautiful friendship that keeps us together.

• My wishes for you in this journey are two: going and coming back to my arms. I pray for a peaceful encounter throughout the journey.

• Smile, and be rest assured that I will miss you but my mouth will not be tired of wishing you the best.

Safe Trip Prayer Messages Trends for My Love

• I pray for a successful journey for you, I can’t wait to see that beautiful smile that emanates like gold from you.

• Go well and have the easiest journey. My God will protect you, relieve you of any stress throughout the trip.

• I always cherish every moment with you. I can’t wait to welcome you in my arms once again. May the Lord make your journey a merciful one?

• May the grace of God follow you to protect you in this journey? I wish to see you right before me so god-bless your trip.

• Lord, provide my wife with journey mercies; bring her safely to me so that I can hug her once again.

• My prayer for you is that the Lord should preserve your soul, grant you a successful journey.

• Lord, I love him so much, please be with him from the time he steps out of the house until he arrives at his destination.

• Lord stay with my love forever, not only in this journey, not only at her arrival. I wish you all the best.

• Lord, you are full of compassion and grace, we need your grace and compassion for the trip of my love.

• Do not allow my wife to encounter misfortune on her way to her destination, if she does, please be with her.

• Turn the heart of the evil men away from the vehicles of the traveler today and forever. Protect my husband on his way.

• I call upon the Lord that assigns guardian angels, please protect my beloved woman from the evils of the road.

• Command your angels to stand as our assiduous companions throughout our journey. I also lay the life of my woman on your hand.

• As the love of my life sets out for this important journey, lord, be her protector; guide her, gist with her through your angels.

• May the Lord protect you from the danger of collision on your way to your home. I love you.

• Dear Lord, clothe my love with the mercy of protection, take her home safely as she travels through the earth.

Safe Trip Prayer Messages Trends for the Daily Prayers

• We call upon God to keep us away from sin in this journey, bless us with happiness and protect us from the evils of the hands of mankind.

• Send your angels of mercy to us, provide everything we need in this journey, return us home safely, and preserve our souls from the danger of explosion and fire.

• By the name of God I wish us journey mercy, by the power of God I hope for assiduous guardians from the angels.

• Lord, do not forsake us if we encounter any misfortune on our way. lord, we call upon you to be by our side when there is no hope for help again.

• In case we encounter an ordeal on our way, please send heavenly help, preserve our souls, and do not let our children be affected by the shock of our unfortunate experience.

• Lord, you are the seer, the strongest, please grant me clear sight and a strong hand to handle the steering with great grip.

• Keep my heart steadfast to the right decision while I drive, have pity on my family that is innocent of the sin I made in secret, do not waste them along with me in this journey.

• Teach how to move my car safely, bless my heart with the light to make the best decision that will prevent collision and fire.

• Do not burn us to ashes, do not break our limbs, do not take away our sights as we travel in hope of getting home safely.

• We have no protection of our own, and that’s why we depend on you o Lord, please bless us with journey mercy.

• Keep the hand of our driver strong, do not allow the wheel of our car crash, keep us away from harm and bless us with the most peaceful trip ever.

• Lord, give us than perfect reason to be happy on our journey, bless us, protect our mission, and return us to our family safely.

Trends of prayers for me

• Forgive us our sins, do not allow our car tumble on our way, return us to the house in good condition.

• Do not let us regret this journey, any evil that may meet us on our way, please come to our rescue in a miraculous way.

• We may go safely but we cannot guarantee a safe return, O Lord, please bless us with your protection.

• Lord, when I am down or in danger, do not hesitate to come to my rescue, when my car is at high speed, please protect it from tumbling.

• I commit the life of my family upon you in this journey. Please protect us and bless us with the protection preserved for this journey.

• Every danger coming my way on this journey, Lord wave it away from my way and provide me with the safety of a successful trip.

• I commit my wife and children upon your hand, bless them, protect them, and bring me back to them in peace.

• Any means through which a person can crash, we pray the Lord hinders it from today’s heavenly agenda and replace it with a safe journey for everyone on any road today.

• May this flight be placed on the hand of a mighty angel who will guide my pilot to the right path. Safe journey.

• Seek for your grace in this journey, provide me with flawless driving, guide my eyes to see the road as it should be seen.

• I am not strong on steering Lord you know but I have no choice but to drive my family, please Lord, send your angel to drive us through the road.

• May the position I chose in my journey benefit me. I wish myself the best all the time.

• I ask God to bless me with the wisdom to manage this trip appropriately. I wish myself the safest journey of the year.

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