The Best Safe Journey Messages 2021

Safe journey messages. Are there any of your loved ones that are on a journey and you wish to text him or her some beautiful messages to wish them a safe journey? Here are various messages you can easily send to them to wish them all the best.

Safe Journey Messages

Safe Journey Messages for a Friend

• Dear cute friend, you are on this journey with the hope to arrive safely, may your desire be fulfilled for you.

• Safe journey the most amazing friend I have in this world, you are my bestie so, I can’t wait to receive you.

• As you are on this precious journey, my prayer is for us to see again so we can enjoy our moments together.

• I wish my beloved friend a safe journey without any attack, kidnapping, and many more, may your days be crowned in peace and harmony.

• May your life be surrounded with what you desire of good, all your dreams shall be fulfilled for you by His grace.

• I am happy for you as you are traveling to receive your appointment letter. I pray for a safe return.

• You are crossing the border today, may the Lord see you through and guide you to your destination.

• I want to say good morning to my friend with value and honor, congratulations on your appointment and safe journey.

• As you take this flight, may the Lord’s Hands hold the hands of the pilot to help you fly and land safely.

• Wishing you a miraculous journey with lots of testimonies to come. Have a nice journey dear.

• The value of true friendship is found in you, and this really makes me happy whenever I set my eyes on you.

• When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t see you so I was sad because there is no one to call mine.

• May this blessing of God reach you in this journey, may the Lord bless your mission for you.

Safe Journey Messages for Mother

• Dear mother, dear is no companion that can be as caring as you are, I wish you long life and a safe journey.

• People that lost their mothers are regretting why they didn’t spend a lot of time with their mothers, but I am happy that we have always been together. I wish you safety on this trip.

• As you are traveling, may the angels of safety, wellbeing, and good health follow you to your destination.

• The Lord shall bless your mission on this trip and happiness will not be your burden throughout this journey.

• I just want to thank you for always being a good mother, I am really worried having realized that you will be traveling today, and by the way have a nice trip.

• What can I do that will be up to the whole sacrifice you have made all because of me? I can’t wait to see you again.

• When I was a baby, you took good care of me and made me happy when I was sad. You are a pillar of joy in my life.

• I will always be grateful for everything you have done in my life, you have been so special and for sure you are the best mother on earth.

• As this trip is commencing shortly so shall your safety commences and reigns until you get to your destination.

• My beloved mother, in this world, as far as I am concerned, you are the best mother ever and I am wishing all the best.

• Sweet mother, I wish you all the precious things in this world and the safest journey ever.

Safe Journey Messages for Father

• Ever since I was born, no father has been as amazing as my dad, today, he is on this blessed journey, and may the Lord bring him back for us.

• Lord, I commit my dad’s life in your Hand, please safeguard him, protect and bless him abundantly.

• We are missing you already, and our prayer is that this journey shouldn’t be a point of no return.

• May you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour. You have been so kind to us and we will never forget you. Safe journey daddy.

• Dear father you are the prince the Lord has given us and your impact in our lives have pushed us to the highest mountain of success in life. We pray you meet us safely.

• We are missing you seriously as we are hoping that you will join us soon. We wish you a safe journey and a blessed achievement.

• Your presence is a blessing and your absence is a lesson for us, we will never forget you forever and ever. We wish you a blessed trip ever.

• Having a good father is the most important thing that a child may need for upbringing. Dad, you are our own inspiration, we wish you the best in this world.

• May the Lord continue to strengthen you for us. Like your kids, we need you to be there for us for a long time. Safe journey sir.

• Lord, all I am asking from you is a safe journey for my dad. Please, return him on the wings of your blessed angels.

• We are blessed to have you because I haven’t seen a father so special like you before. Safe journey daddy.

• May your eyes see success in your journey, may the angels of mercy accomplish you till your reach your destination.

• May beloved dad, you have been so nice to me since the day I was born, you have been taking good care of me without a single charge.

Romantic Safe Journey Messages for Her

• What if I told you that she is the ocean of love that was sent to my desert? She has filled my heart with exceeding joy.

• Whenever she smiles, diamonds and stars come out of her eyes and then mesmerize my heart for her alone.

• You are the only castle of joy in my heart after God. I swear, I love you so much and this is the truth from my heart. Safe journey.

• This journey has taken my joy away; I can’t wait to reunite with you anytime soon. I love you so much the queen of my life.

• My beloved precious angel, the woman whose presence is my joy, the heartfelt bird that comforts my heart.

• Your smile is a big light of compassion; this is why I can’t love any other woman better than I love you.

• May your trip comes with safety, may your heart desire be achievable in this journey. I wish you the best of lucks.

• My dear wife, your honor on my mind is heftier than Everest. I can travel to the sky to show you how much you mean to me.

• I could hear the voice of your heart in my heart yesterday but today, you are so far away that I can’t even touch you.

• I realized that you are more important than this journey. Good morning, and enjoy your trip until we meet again.

• Dear, your love is a blessing raining from above, I will bath in it until my last breath. A safe journey always.

Safe Journey Messages for Him

• My king, my love and gold of honor. I just want to let you know that I am in deep love with you. Have the safest journey ever.

• May this journey profit you and every other trip to come shall be more profitable by God’s grace.

• Dear love, my happiness comes from the bottom of my heart all because I found you. Have the safest trip.

• My heart will not stop missing you even when you are back from this journey. I just want to see you.

• I have prepared a lot of gentle kisses for you, I can’t wait to receive you in my arms. I love you so much.

• My dear love, you are the star that shines in my eyes and when peoples ask me who you are I will say my queen and happiness.

• Who can stop me from loving you, aren’t you the only true love that is sent to me? I love you my darling.

• Good news that I found you but bad news that you will soon be leaving for a long time. I miss you so much and hope you find peace and harmony.

• Lord, you are the best protector; I want you to protect my husband throughout his journey.

• As you fly, I pray the angels fly along with you. Here are my cute kisses too, please enjoy them on your trip.

• I can’t wait to receive a cool hug from you. Today is cold so I need your kisses to keep me warm.

• Your love is like a precious gift from above tapped from the blossom of passion and compassion.

• Have a safe trip dear, I will continue to love you for every love you show to me. I will love you for being a strong supporter.

Safe Journey Messages for Sister

• My sister, my mistress, and my first friend in life. You are on this journey today, I wish you the safest trip ever.

• My love for you will never end because it is found upon blood and bond. I am happy that you are paying us a visit. Safe journey.

• God knows how much I have missed you. I am so glad to have you in this world. I could remember your kindness when I was small. Safe journey sister.

• I have found happiness in being your younger sister because you are a mistress full of discipline. Thank you ma.

• Whenever I hear your voice, I become motivated because your charisma is powerful. This is the reason why I can’t wait to meet you.

• Whoever has a sister like you have found great joy in this world. I am grateful for everything you have done in my life.

• I am so proud of you because you are a great sister and mentor. Your mission is to go and teach morals today, may you alight safely.

• The Lord will not forsake you for you are going for His mission. I pray you find peace and harmony in your entire endeavor.

• How I wish you are here to keep me busy with your words of wisdom. I miss you and hope you return to us safely.

• Enjoy this journey, be careful and talk less on the bus. These virtues of travel can be of great help. Have the nicest journey ever.

• I just want to thank you for the role of great mentorship in my life. You have a great impact on my life so far. Have a precious journey.

• Get to your destination safe, enjoy yourself with the rest of the family.

• This trip will last for a while but the mercy of God is longer so I wish you journey mercy.

• How I wish you don’t have to travel soon, but never the less, you will be missed so much.

Safe Journey Messages for Brother

• Handsome big brother, I wish you will still be here with us. Have an impressive journey all the way. I wish you a perfect day ahead.

• May you find stress free journey and the Lord shall bring you home on the wings of His angels.

• I really enjoy the time we had together and you reminded me of the old young days. Have a safe journey dear.

• My blessed brother, spend time with you is special, and having you around gives me joy, I really appreciate you so much.

• More love, more blessing, more appreciation in this world. I am glad for everything you have done in my life.

• May your day and night be covered with the protection of God to see you through this journey. Have a journey mercy dear brother.

• I am so happy for you and your love and care for your younger sister has made her went far in life. I am glad I have you. Safe trip sir.

• I can’t wait to thank you abundantly may you find peace and harmony in your heart always and forever.

Safe Journey Messages for My Loved Ones

• The fact is that love cannot explain the way I miss you guys. I have been so lonely here and hope to see you soon.

• Am I a lonely man or what? I still can’t believe none of you is here. Please come back and make me smile.

• Your love is special on my mind. I swear, I miss you guys and hope we will meet soon.

• If you are scared on your journey, communicate with your Lord and tranquility will enter your heart.

• I will be expecting your call as soon as you land, have a safe flight brother.

• I am always happy to be with you because you are always a good companion. May you land safely.

• The Lord will continue to bless you forever and ever. I am seriously missing you.

• Our loved ones are the ones that will take us to our grave when we are dead. Lord, I beg you, every one of my loved ones on a journey, bring them back safely.

• I pray you find peace on this journey cheaply. As you embark on this journey, the Lord will see you through.

• May this journey be full of fun for you and the rest of your teams. Have the safest trip, dear love.

• I know I will miss you guys but please come back early to wipe away my tears. Have a blessed journey.

• Your lives are in the Hand of the Lord, may you find it easy to reach your destination.

• Extraordinary memories will not be excluded on your trip. I pray you find your way to a greater height.

• I wish you the most amazing things in life, congratulations on your call to the bar, and have journey mercy.

• This trip shall be full of joy and laughter, your heart desires will not fall into the pit of regret. Have a cute journey.

• I am always proud of your companionship, but this journey is already snatching you away from me. I hope you enjoy this trip with your colleagues.

• May the Lord supply you with His aids and safely for the entire journey. I pray that you meet us in good health.

• May the mercy of God encircle you forever and ever. This trip will not be the first and last. I wish you double honor throughout your journey.

• May we meet in many more occasions, I can’t wait to receive your presence because of the love I have for you.

• I am glad that you are the most amazing person this life has brought to me. I miss you so much and hope for a greater height in life. have a secured journey.

• I have always wanted to see you and now you will be here soon. May your flight arrive with the blessing of God.

• It is nice that I have met you in this wonderful world. Thanks for every good thing you have done in my life.

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