The Year Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings


Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings for a Lover

Falling in love with someone is not enough. Communication really matters in any relationship and one of the ways we communicate these days is by texting beautiful messages. We have brought to your notice, beautiful messages that can help strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Here we have prepared enticing messages for you to text.

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1. Where everyone sees hate in you, I see a faith that gives me confidence in you. I love you.

2. There has always been a way out of every difficulty, in my case; you are the way sent to me.

3. Whenever the rain of your love falls on me, I feel the tenderness of a new beginning. I will never stop loving you.

4. You clothed me with your love when I was stripped in pain; you took away my shame when I was exposed to the world.

5. Your love splashes and wets my heart with passion; it washes away my sorrow, cleanses my pain and purifies my soul.

6. When you touched my heart with true love, it shrinks like an eyeball. I truly love you.

7. What lives in me is hotter than fire, but calmer than ewe. You belong to me.

8. The love shaped heart, rains passion as clear as a tear. Your tears make me fear.

9. Falling in love doesn’t mean I will fall in lust. I have sincere love for you.

10. I have a million ways to love you; I’m ready to enrich your heart with ecstasy.

11. Whenever you water my heart with your love, it releases passion that can’t be found in the desert.

12. You are light; you illuminate my life with your smile from a million miles away.

13. I see you like an eagle flying around the jungle trying to peak a pray. I am a victim; my heart is gone with you forever.

14. No matter how hard I try to stay away from you, my heart will never let me be. I love you so much.

15. There is a tremor going in my heart, it has begun since the day I set my eyes on you.

16. My heart beats for you, my soul sings all because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

17. You are so nice, you make me mad whenever I see anyone besides you. You are my happiness.

18. I realized there is no way I can do without tapping love from your blossom heart. I love you so much.

19. You need to understand that pain is gain because there is no way we can escape it. I love you so much.

20. Could it be that I’m dreaming? Does it mean we are finally together? I can hear the sound of a heartbeat.

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21. She belongs to me alone; she changed my world and gave me every reason to smile again. She is my wisdom.

22. When she smiles at me, I see the world in a different way; I see reasons to be happy once again.

23. I can’t believe what my eyes see. Could this be a reality or what can I ever call it? She takes control of the heart.

24. What has happened to the woman I love that I can’t find her face on the ground? What will I say when the time comes to say I love you.

25. Will I ever be able to live without you? Will my life ever settle again? How long will I wait to see the love of my life?

26. Could this be real or breeze in the wilderness? Could this be happening to me or I’m just in the world of illusion?

27. I realized how hard it will be to cope without you; I realized how deep I fall in love with you, I realized you are the dream I care for.

28. Several times I have experienced things that are beyond my understanding; your love is beyond my understanding and imagination.

29. To the most amiable love of my life; to the woman that completes me; to the most amazing love of my life, I wish you bliss in your heart.

30. When I sat around the stream of love, you walk down to me to console my saddened heart, you told me I am strong and can face every challenge.

31. You always there for me. You were there at the time of sorrow, you were there at the time of confusion, and you trained me, suffered for me, and gave me hope to remain positive.

32. When the river of passion splatters, it pours on my face to see you clearly. When I walk in the valley of romance, you are the first angel I come across.

33. Take this necklace of love, take this necklace of joy, it belongs to you. You deserve to be happy forever.

34. Even when the well of success is too hard for you to dig, I will sacrifice my life to give you the strength to reach the depth of fortune.

35. When I steer through the window, I saw a glowing star smiling at me. I went closer to see clearly, and it was you.

36. The moon smiles at me, the stars dance for me, the sun shines for me, rejoicing how lucky I am to have you.

37. You are my fairy, you are my peace, and you are the most amazing lamp of love sent to me since the day I was born.

38. What a worthless world without you. I need someone that will touch my heart with everything that connects me with compassion.

39. My love for you amazes me too. Could it be that you have cast a spell on me? But a hypnotized victim cannot be aware he really loves an angel.

40. What is happening to me? Why can’t I stop thinking about you, how do I do to concentrate on other things in my life?

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41. What is the meaning of a life that counts you out of it? Why is it that I keep shedding tears whenever you are not around me?

42. I see you as the whirlwind of love, the way you jump, the way you move, the way you walk down the staircase leads to a joyful end.

43. When I walk down the road of love, I see many beautiful gardens smiling back at me, I see flowers dancing and singing until I see you the most beautiful flower in the garden.

44. How can I have a rest of mind when you are not around? How do I live well in life when you are far away from me?

45. I need you in my world; I need you to complete me. I need you to take good care of me whenever I am down.

46. You show me deep love; you gave me a good reason to love life. What am I supposed to do, to reward your sincere love for me?

47. No matter how old we are, I will always play with you like the other day we met under the apple tree. I love you.

48. I can see love falling down from heaven. I can see the leading one carrying your face exactly.

49. Could it be true that I have found the love of my life? Could it be that nothing can change my heart about you?

50. You are not a robot in my heart. You are alive, strong, active and important in my life. You make me happy all the time.

51. I thought life is peaceful because people entertain themselves, I thought it is fine to live in this world, because we have our closed ones around, but I realized it is the love you show to me that makes this world a perfect place for me to live.

52. I have found the kind of love I need in my life; I have finally reached the point I have been searching for.

53. Where has my heart gone, why do you have to live me shed tears all alone? How do I do without you?

54. Life without you is boring, it does not exist. Life without you will never live me happy. Why then do you have to leave me?

55. You should have told me how much you love me. You should have expressed your feelings about me, ten thousand years ago.

56. If I have my way to get to your heart, I will dwell in it forever. I will stay with you until love itself understands how much I love to express it.

57. Your attitude gives me every reason to smile a lot. Your gentle look is my confidence, your handsomeness is my strength.

58. When I see you sitting all alone in the garden, I realized how hard it is to live a separate life with you.

59. This bond is getting stronger every day; the wind is losing its balance against our love. Your gentle face gives me hope for a brighter future.

60. The other day, when it was raining, I got soaked in my garment, and suddenly, you appeared to cover me with your love umbrella.

61. Hello, and hello sweet lovely angel, this love cannot happen next. It must occur here on earth.

62. You make me happy every moment I see you. I want to hold your hands for the rest of my life.

63. The last moment we shared together was memorable, your innocence, your smile and willingness to see me forever were all expressed on your face.

64. How I wish I saw you the last time we departed. How I wish it wasn’t the last smile in that year. How I wish we can see forever.

65. Love is a great impact on the heart of the one that gives it. You are the only one, I love. Although, people think I am mad because I don’t listen to anyone again.

66. I may appear crazy or foolish to people, but it is true that I love you with my life. I can do everything for you.

67. You walk me down the road with your hands never leaving my waste. You gave me the feeling that heals a broken heart.

68. Although, I am still amazed at how we finally get along. I thought I was being hard on you not knowing I was building a strong feeling with you.

69. When you hold my hands, I feel more comfortable in life. I see the reason why I cannot stop thinking about you.

70. You are leaving me today. I hope you will still find the kind of peace needed in life. I wish you will finally become mine.

71. I know very well that people are fighting for you. I know I am lucky to be the number one man on your list.

72. The other day, you told me how important I am to you; today, I want you to know how ready I am to die for you.

73. I will always be fine with you. The pains you went through for me will never go in vain, I promise to be there when you need me.

74. Your happiness, your joy, your smile, your forgiving spirit made up every peaceful moment shared with you.

75. You are my happiness, you are my heartbeat and the one I will never forget in all I do.

76. Don’t forget how you have changed my life for good. Don’t forget how much you brought love back to my life.

77. The tears I shared for you were not in vain. The hopes you gave me are all passed. I miss you so much.

78. Even if I were to shed the whole tears in my eyes, if I were to cry for the rest of my life, it will change nothing if I lose you to anyone else.

79. Anytime you come around, I must confess, my hearts so much for you. No matter how hard I try to hide my feelings for you, I just can’t do it.

80. It is good to have you around me. It is my pleasure to be where you are all the time. I miss your smile so much.

81. There is no way I can lead a life without you. I am so used to you that it will be difficult to live on a day without you.

82. I am so much interested in you that I can’t even concentrate on my studies, myself, my soul and everything around me.

83. When the sound of your love is heard, the heart trembles, the feeble soul grumbles because it is rare to hear such remarkable sound.

84. It is my hope to be with you in this world, and when you finally accepted me, I felt like the whole world is paradise.

85. You are my smile. If you are sad, definitely, I will be sad too. You are my strength, if you are weak, I will be weak.

86. I can do everything to help you achieve everything you need in life. I can sacrifice my life just to see you happy.

87. You are my heartbeat; every single day of my life cannot go without me thinking about you. I wish you all the best.

88. I thought my heart is the hardest substance to love on earth until I met you, everything changed, I finally realized how love can move the mountain.

89. Years have passed, hours have gone, tears have dried and yet nothing has been able to stop me from loving you.

90. I will be glad to have you in my life. I will cherish you no matter what. You are my dream comes true.

91. Whatever it takes to give you that dream you have been after, I will do until you finally reach your goal.

92. I have a lot of dreams for you. I have a lot of joy in my heart because you make me smile all the time.

93. There is no day I look into your eyes; I see burning fire holding hands with passion. You are so awesome.

94. I hope you understand how much you mean to me, I hope you can hear the sound of my love for you.

95. My heart is beating for you alone, it is the most beautiful sound I have ever head in my life. I miss you.

96. You will forever be in my heart. I will hold you tight in a storm, in rain, in pain, in distress and everything that may disturb your heart.

97. I wish to let you know that love is bigger than how we see it. Life is mysterious but with love, it becomes interesting.

98. I want to dwell in your home. I want to be with you when no one is with you. I want to laugh, while you smile.

99. You are special. Believe me, there is no other girl like you in this world. I love you.

100. When I realized how much I have fallen in love with you, it occurred to me that I will always be yours for the rest of my life.

We hope you will enjoy these text messages, they are awesome, and for this reason, we are telling you to feel free to text anyone of them to your loved ones.

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